Prayers for the Giver Gift

At the beginning of the year, I shared my plan to focus on the theme of courage in this blog during 2015.  It is now August and my production on that theme has been negligible.

Part of that has been because of the intensity of the year’s work schedule.  But some of it has been that there simply is no grace for the topic at this time.  While the systemic lack of courage in the Body of Christ is a matter of grave concern for me, it is clear that this wine needs to age a while longer inside me, before being expressed.

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To See Or Not to See

Blog Post by Megan Caldecourt

There were many nights where I would run in a panic upstairs to sleep on the couch in the living room.  I had another nightmare or was startled awake by audible voices.  I was known by my family for being very sensitive and imaginative.  It didn’t take much to scare me.  And those nights running up the two flights of stairs to the living room were especially scary because I was sure something was following me.

Neither my parents nor I knew what to do with my experiences.  We didn’t know anything about defilement on land or how to deal with critters or any of the many things that we now understand about the spiritual realm.  So, I opted for an alternative solution, which was to turn off the sensitivity as much as I could.

Things did settle down for me quite a bit, though it took many more years before we did enough spiritual work to put an end to the nightmares.  But I did an excellent job (unfortunately) of disconnecting the nighttime experiences from the rest of my life.  I willingly embraced the idea that I didn’t really have that kind of discernment and so I didn’t see or hear things.

Yet, as I continued to grow in my spiritual journey, I felt more and more the sense that something wasn’t right.  The desire to see the spiritual realm started to grow.  My spirit knew I was made for it, and all my attempts to shut it down couldn’t completely silence the voice.  I carried that longing and sense of “I am supposed to be able to do this” for a couple of years until recently when I listened to the teaching by Arthur Burk called Developing Discernment.

The teaching gives a framework for different kinds of discernment and throughout the presentation Arthur validates those who operate in any of the five areas.  What stood out to me the most were the practical tools he shared for developing discernment in your everyday life.  It was at this point that I realized that now was the time to redeem and unpack this part of my design.

So, I went for it … with some amount of trepidation!  But one of the things that has been special in my relationship with God in this process is the building of trust.  I began with an act of my will to acknowledge that His design was good, and now I am beginning to believe it with my heart.

The tools work.  Over the last few months, my discernment has sharpened considerably.  I have been practicing discernment in a variety of ways and I am seeing and sensing things again.  I am building confidence that the gift does exist and it is not something to be afraid of.  One really fun point is that God is unpacking a particular niche of discernment that parallels a major part of my design.  And there is more peace in my spirit because I am not fighting a part of who God made me to be.

And frankly, I don’t know exactly where this road will lead!  I am the kind of person who has one foot in this world and the other across the threshold in another world.  I have a feeling that I am only scratching the surface so far.  But I am ON the journey now instead of refusing to take that bend in the road, and I know that God knows His business.

I wanted to share this story for anyone else who has had a negative experience with the gift of discernment.  For me, it has been a process of first accepting the good of what God has made and then actively pursuing the development.   The material presented in the album on discernment was a huge boost forward.  Arthur helped me see the value to the Kingdom and gave me a path to walk on to unpack it.

If you have not listened to the album before, I highly recommend it.  You can find it on the Sapphire Leadership Group website as a CD album or audio download.

Be free to be you!

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LAC Blessings: Irene #4

Irene met with her ministry team today.  There was a lot of data put forth because the family line is rather messy.  In the first hour there was a clear pattern of the Aramean, Moabite and Midianite curses emerging.  Hardly a surprise.

The mystery, however, was why they should be able to stick when these curses are old information.

The team continued being systematic in ruling out all sorts of things, such as gender attachments, birth order, land, and office.  This far it was all about principles, and the tools they had were working nicely, albeit slowly.

Suddenly one of the discerners on the team got an elbow from the Holy Spirit to ask further about a very ordinary incident in her life.

It was the breakthrough question.  The “ordinary” incident that they normally would have walked right by held an enormous clue.  It was not ordinary.

That was the beginning of the supernatural flow.  Once they knew which rock to look under, they challenged a series of other situations and a flood of information came forward that confirmed it:  the hook was in her birthright.

By that time, they had confirmation from the demonic as well which started to choke her.  Nice of them to validate the process.  The team shifted gears and hacked and whacked for a while.  There was quite a menagerie in her and some of them had to be evicted in a particular order.

One was greatly protected by a structure, but since both Irene and her team had just recently listened to a scorching presentation on structures, they took it in stride, dismantled it, and booted the critter.

In the end, we don’t know for sure whether the job is done and she is free.  We will wait for the measurable, verifiable, SUSTAINED change to emerge.

But on the surface, it looks as though our global team has done a stunning job.  You pressed in.  The Holy Spirit supplemented the diligent investigation of the ministry team, and the one question exposed the scam because of your prayers.

Thanks soooooo much for engaging in this process.  There is room for discernment and anointing.  Some people would have been able to see that issue instantly and cut to the chase.  But when a local team does not have that level of authority, the collective power of community is able to make a big difference.

You Noble Subjects are awesome.

Copyright October 2016 by Arthur Burk

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LAC Blessings: Irene #3

In Luke 7, we read the story of the Widow of Nain whose son was raised from the dead.

This story is in stark contrast to the raising of Lazarus.  With the latter, Jesus executed a carefully orchestrated plan in order to make a huge impact in the Kingdom.

Here, the resurrection appeared to be almost an aside.  Jesus was on His way to do something, and He just happened to see the intense grief within the cortege.  As an act of compassion, He stopped briefly, returned life to the son, and the son to his mother.

At any given time in our prayer life, there is room for both strategic reasoning and general petition for compassion.

Irene has had a long season of getting beat up while she seeks the Lord.  I know her story and a couple of the recent heartaches are quite intense.

So today, let’s pour out our compassion toward her.  Think of all the times when you have been stuck, having played your heart out and your best is not good enough.  Then ask Christ to show her the same compassion He did that widow.  Ask Him to set her free or reveal the place where the hook is, so that her pain can be replaced with the joy of thriving.

Copyright October 2016 by Arthur Burk


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LAC Blessings: Irene #2

In II Samuel 21 Israel experienced a deep drought while David was king.  Initially he thought it was natural, then he realized it was going on too long.  When David sought the face of the Lord, God told David exactly what the source of the problem was and how to remediate the generational sin involved.

We, together with Irene, are seeking God for a clear answer as to where the enemy has managed to get a hook in her.  As with David, there is a messy generational heritage.  As with David, there is a heart to seek after God.  As with David, she is willing to face any issue and address any sin, her or her forefathers’.

Let’s press in for clear revelation from God as to what the issue is, since it is offending Him as well as her.

Copyright October 2016 by Arthur Burk

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LAC Blessings: Irene #1

Now the king of Aram was at war with Israel. After conferring with his officers, he said, “I will set up my camp in such and such a place.”

The man of God sent word to the king of Israel: “Beware of passing that place, because the Arameans are going down there.”

So the king of Israel checked on the place indicated by the man of God. Time and again Elisha warned the king, so that he was on his guard in such places.

This enraged the king of Aram. He summoned his officers and demanded of them, “Will you not tell me which of us is on the side of the king of Israel?”

“None of us, my lord the king,” said one of his officers, “but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the very words you speak in your bedroom.”   II Kings 6:8-12  NIV

God has all knowledge.  And He is infinitely capable of communicating the essential knowledge to the people of God so that there can be freedom.

Pray that God will reveal to Irene’s deliverance team this week the specific details of the enemy’s strategies against her, so that God’s warriors can set her free.

Copyright October 2016 by Arthur Burk

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Project Life #3

Solomon has been out of town for a while.  He reneged very quickly on his promise to only deal with his direct reports, and he has micromanaged from a distance relentlessly.

During this time, many of the ground level workers adopted a position of either ignoring his emails and staying on the tasks assigned them by Nehemiah, or lightly pushing back, telling Solomon that they had other priorities.

The net result is that there has been great peace in the office, much work is getting done on the core project, and Solomon’s actual leadership has declined significantly in two weeks!

One other interesting development has been the emergence of a third leader from the rank and file who has seen the need for a new protocol at one point in the developmental process.  He saw the problem, envisioned a solution, shared with his peers and superiors, and went to work implementing it.

Real leadership, well above his title and pay grade.

Nehemiah has kept a steady hand on the team and the project.  At this stage of the developmental process, glitches are a frequent occurrence, and he has handled them with poise and wisdom, thereby increasing his de facto leadership in the team.

Solomon is due back soon.  No one knows what will happen when he shows up with grand new vision.  Will he be aware or clueless of how his leadership has melted away?  Will he look for a scapegoat to fire so as to reassert his manhood?

Everyone knows the possibilities.  No one is preparing in any particular way.  They will see what happens and roll with the reality.

So here is where we pray for God’s will to be done, without having a clue what that is.  Things are sufficiently soft with investors that a few wrong moves on Solomon’s part could result in the closing of that office.  Solomon has a lot of career legitimacy on the line here.

On the other hand, if he can accept the fact that his team is really pretty competent, they could deliver an industry leading product.

What is God’s will?  No clue.

But we are on safe ground when each of us prays from the perspective of our own earned authority, that the life of God would flow into this company.  sapphire-business-dna-noble-subject-blog

Copyright September 2016 by Arthur Burk

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Coming ‘Round the Bend!

This is Megan and I am delighted to report that the content of my new book was delivered to my proofer for the “final eyes” round.  YAY!  And there was much rejoicing.

I wanted to share with the tribe that the last three weekends of work have had uncommon grace on them for flow and productivity.  I have basically done the entire content layout in two weekends (this does not include the cover).  This means all of the fonts, and little decorative graphics, all the many paragraph and character styles, the table of contents, and pull quotes … and so forth and thusly.  Book layout is no small task, especially if you do it well.  It is just a lot of technical work, and plenty of opportunities for glitches.  There were a couple of slow-ups here and there but nothing major.  That was a tremendous gift all in itself.  It has been quite a while since I did a book layout so I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get in the swing of things again.

I believe that your prayers kicked in BIG time.  My debt of gratitude is immense!

I don’t think there are many authors who do the whole process themselves, so I bit off a pretty big piece in this grand undertaking.  But one thing that is gratifying is that the whole book -for better or for worse! – will have my fingerprints through and through.  This Mercy loves an ecosystem!

The last big piece on my desk is the cover.  The graphic design is done, but I still have to come up with something scintillating and gripping to go on the back.  That needs to happen sometime between now (Sunday late afternoon) and this coming Saturday.  I might get a start on it this evening.  It’s either that or grocery shopping.  I am sure that Philip (my parrot) wouldn’t mind going without his breakfast blueberries for a good cause, right?

Thanks again, my friends, for your joyful investment that has helped things to flow so well!  I am hopeful to get the book off to the printer in October.


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