Monkey in the Right Ventricle

Dr. Tracy has persuaded the software to get up and walk and talk and dance and she had the time to take a first pass at the first EKG.

Here are a couple of excerpts.

Dr. Tracy.   “For the first analysis we concentrated on only ONE chamber and mostly ONE lead.  In this case it was the Right Ventricle and lead 111.

“Now firstly and generally I want to say this. Only at ONE point in THIS particular EKG did the Spirit prompt me to look at the WHOLE EKG and that was just after the start and it correlates to you calling the spirit of this person to attention- WOW for a few seconds we have an absolutely ordered and pristine EKG. Crisp clear like a soldier in salute.”

My clarifying question.   “Let me say it back to you.  I think what you said is that when I called their spirit to attention, there was a positive, measurable, verifiable, NON-SUSTAINED, change in the overall function of the heart.  Is that a valid paraphrase of what you wrote?”

 Dr. Tracy.    “EXACTLY what I am saying, every nuance and every abnormality whether in the physical or spiritual realm took on the form of “as it should be” in that moment. It couldn’t hold it together but for those seconds it submitted to an authority and an order!!”

This is what I call “proof of concept.”  Our hypothesis was that the human spirit could act upon the physical heart.  In this one situation, there is an unambiguous YES.

There is also the obvious fact that it could not sustain the correction.  BUT we have opened a world of possibilities regarding the future for spirit/heart interaction.

As she looked at the right ventricle, she said this.

“This Right Ventricle never really seems to find its rhythm, line or length, the complexes and deflections are not consistent across the rhythm strip and they fluctuate as other parts of the heart are addressed.  

“There is no physical abnormality in that RV per se (doctor hat) but the monkey running up and down that wire is giving the RV a workout it neither needs nor wants. In time it will cause fray.”

Another valuable piece of information.  From a biological perspective, there is no problem with the RV, but because of the “monkey” messing with the electrical impulses, there will be, eventually, an identifiable physical wear and tear.

Obviously, in time, we need to identify the monkey and then see what can be done to evict him.  That would bring the RV up to zero.

The follow-up question is whether or not, at this stage in the game, the spirit in conjunction with the Holy Spirit can turn the clock back and undo the impact-to-date on the RV.

To me, what is interesting about this is that I know the person’s journey.  They have had some varied experiences with structural authority.  Now they are learning to walk in moral and spiritual authority and it is a great journey, improving by the month.

The RV is the locus of Jesus Christ in the fractal of four, and He is about dominion.  So the picture fits.  In daily life, dominion is functional, but hardly exceptional.  In the RV, things work, but are not exceptional.

Now it so happens that we took this client through deliverance the very next day.  I can’t remember whether there was any junk in the RV, but it will be fascinating for Dr. Tracy to look at the follow-up EKG (without knowing who it is) to see what she says about the RV during and after deliverance.

In the immediate future, Dr. Tracy will look at the right atrium on this first EKG to see what she finds there.

Why do we do this?  Because there HAS to be a better way.

What if half our heart disease is from spiritual roots, not diet or high pressure lifestyle?  What if spiritual roots could be identified and healed with spiritual tools instead of the pills or the knife?!

What if we are talking about YOUR heart?

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First Cardio Tests


On Monday, Lisa, a coronary cath nurse, drove up from near San Diego and filled our white board with a long lecture on heart function and dysfunction while I interrupted her sporadically with my odious, “But what if . . . ?”

During lunch, Megan, Roxanna and I digested, processed and dreamed a bit.  Then we settled in to do our first round of cardio tests.

My current model is that the heart represents the fractal of four:  Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom, in the order of the blood flow.

Roxanna had flown in from Colorado for this.  She is a retired nurse with major ER experience, so a ten lead EKG was old hat for her, and she taught Megan along the way.

We had three guinea pigs on standby.  The process was very basic.  They would sit still and give us a baseline of the soul/heart behavior.  Then I asked their spirit to go to each chamber of the heart, assess its condition, then ponder their relationship to the relevant portion of the Godhead while there.

It was extremely basic.  We simply wanted to see whether there was any variation in heart behavior when the human spirit was being directed.

One interesting issue was that each one of the three reported some pretty gnarly stuff in one or more chambers of the heart.  That was a bit of a surprise since the three collectively have had hundreds of hours of ministry.

They were available for Tuesday morning, so we wired each one up, and took them through deliverance for the things relative to what they had seen. There was quite a variety of issues.  Demons of course, but also significant trauma bonds to time and land, some offices that were being held up, as well as some essences that needed to be returned to their rightful place.

Each of the deliverances was between 30 and 60 minutes, and we had them wired the whole time, so that should provide a LOT of data.  Possibly the first time someone had an intentional deliverance, while doing an EKG!

So we have six EKGs now that have been sent off to Dr. Tracy for her to inspect and report back.

We expect some input next week.

The million dollar question is how dramatic and how precise the EKG traces will be.  Are we looking at very minor nuances, or substantial patterns?

In a dream scenario we would be able to – in time – read the spiritual condition of a heart before any heart procedure and clean it up!

If you are going to have a triple bypass for biological reasons, wouldn’t you want to have that surgery with fewer critters in your heart, rather than more?

Time will tell how precise or imprecise this tool is.

For now, we rejoice that after a year of talking and planning, we have begun.

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Confusion as a Weapon

We war.

God wars.

We often war differently.

I am still amused at the discrepancy between Joshua’s effectiveness and God’s in the Battle of the Valley of Aijalon.  Joshua pulled off the biggest miracle in all of human history, short of the resurrection of Christ.  He meddled with the cosmos and created a day almost twice as long as normal.

A miracle of staggering proportions.

The objective was to kill more runaway Canaanite soldiers.  It was God’s objective that Joshua was pursuing.  But it was Joshua’s idea to extend the day.

God was monitoring all of that, and although He honored Joshua’s request for cosmic adjustments, He noted that Joshua’s heroic strategy was not effective in getting the job done.  Canaanites could run faster than Hebrews.

After all, this was the land of the giants.  Apparently even ordinary Canaanites had a long leg gene.

So God broke out His God-sized sling shot, ordered a supply of Canaanite-appropriate hail stones, calculated the speed of the runners, the distance from origin to target, and God The Ultimate Sniper calmly picked off more enemy soldiers than Joshua’s men did.


Joshua could have just ordered up some hail to begin with, but he opted for the Draconian approach which didn’t really work as well as God’s more nuanced method.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

Watch how God does warfare and see what is portable to your situation.

Take the tool of confusion.  God gets a lot of mileage out of that one.

-At the Tower of Babel, He scrambled the languages of the world in order to stop their anti-God agenda.  It worked.  Genesis 11

-In Gideon’s battle, the 300 men had no hand for a sword.  They held a trumpet in one hand, a torch in the other, and they used their vocal chords as their third weapon.  God worked through the sound and light to cause confusion in the camp, so the enemy soldiers turned on each other until the army fled.  Judges 7

-At the battle of Mikmash, God sent “total confusion” on the Philistines before Saul and his army got there.  But it was an amazingly selective confusion.  There were a lot of Hebrews who had previously gone over to the Philistine side in an effort to simply survive.  On that day, the Philistines had confusion and were killing each other, but the Hebrews had clarity of mind and reneged on their commitments to the Philistines and went back over the King Saul.  1 Samuel 14

How’s THAT for surgical strikes on the battlefield!

-God did a rerun of that movie, causing the Moabite and Ammonite armies to forget that they were there to take down Judah.  They destroyed each other so thoroughly, King Jehoshaphat and his troops didn’t even have to do a mop-up operation.  They simply gathered up the spoils of war and went home.  1 Chronicles 20

-David used confusion as a curse on his enemies.  Psalm 70

-And finally, Jesus used it in his trial at the Jewish kangaroo court.  Mark 14

So read those stories, see what the conditions were which merited the use of this particular tool, and then see if there is some situation in your life where the weapon of confusion used against the enemy would be appropriate.

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Medical Research Strategy

It is Saturday morning, July 1st.  I am back from the three nation whirlwind tour of Europe with a really solid feeling of good seed on good soil.

Running in the background was the medical research project.  It really caught me off guard and showed how absolutely pernicious low faith is.  I KNOW God said this is a year of harvest.  But I EXPECTED only two or three people to respond to my appeal for medical readers.

Low faith.  Reminds me of the pastor who called his church members to a special prayer meeting to pray about breaking a drought.  Only one person brought an umbrella!

In my case, in spite of no umbrella at my prayer meeting, dozens replied.  I have built a big old spreadsheet and am in the process of contacting each one and finding out how to build this out.  Clearly God has very big plans and I need to start peddling furiously to catch up with HIM.

Our strategy in the research is to look at the existing research that has been done in a particular field, to find the evidences of the human spirit or the Holy Spirit.  When a researcher does not have a grid for the spiritual, they call the odd data “outliers” or “artifacts.”

For the most part, we don’t need to do fresh experiments. There are billions of dollars of well documented studies which we can explore to find the evidence we need of the spiritual factor involved.

Then we will develop a hypothesis for cleansing or healing or empowering and have our wonderfully willing guinea pigs test them out.

At present, we have formed six teams.

The first is the cardio team.  We believe there are immense treasures – and spiritual defilement – in the heart.  We will start running EKGs this month since we have a top-of-the-line doctor ready to work with us in interpreting them, to see if we can find patterns that indicate spiritual dynamics.

The second team is the brain team.  There are endless things to explore there.  We will start with the thalamus and add the hypothalamus and the pituitary.  I would love to have a deeper understanding of how those three partner.

Recently the Lord had me do some spiritual work on my thalamus and the changes in how I see the world and how I process fear have been immense.

The third team will look at autism.  There is such an abundance of information out there on the biological dynamics.  I suspect we can find some spiritual spots here and there that will enhance the physical tools that are already in play.

The fourth team will look at prenatal and perinatal issues.  Our material is all years old.  It is time to get caught up with the latest fun stuff.

The fifth team will look at autoimmune issues.  If ever there was a medical topic that is primarily spiritual, it would be this!!  We will begin with Hashimoto’s since I already know a certain amount of spiritual dynamics of the thyroid, so that will give us an edge as we feel our way along in a new field.

The final team is hospice.  Jacob is a great example of someone who knew his time had come, who finished his business, then released his spirit.  For the most part, our spirit is evicted from a tired shell that just can’t manage any longer.

I wonder if there could be some training for the spirit in the 30 years leading up to death so that we could die with ease and dignity, without assisted suicide or physical ugliness of most deaths.

So there we are.  A wonderful team of people reading the granular research done by others. Project managers keeping the different teams moving forward with some degree of focus, without being so neat that we miss the treasures.

And me looking over the shoulder of the different team leaders, asking the relentless questions that will result in some solid results, not mystical mythology that is becoming altogether too prevalent in the Christian community today.

Starting each of these teams will be predictably messy.  No concerns there, but we would value your prayers for keeping them inspired through the uninspiring slogging seasons.

I am still working through the list of volunteers from our newsletter, seeking to find the right spot for each reader.  Lots of work still to do in placing all these treasures.

But my heart is singing over this new level of harvest in the Mercy Season key of music.

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Eavesdropping on Some Demons

Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree?  Of course you do.  A very familiar story.

Now do you remember the context?  I sure didn’t.  Recently someone unexpectedly asked me a question about the fig tree and I decided to go back and reread the passage before answering.

I was quite surprised that the context included the comment about those who really believe could toss a mountain into the sea.  I shrugged it off.  I am simply not there.  Nor, frankly have I had any urge to relocate mountains.  I am broadly fine with them on dry land.

It is one of those passages that seems to be a paradox.  I see the words, but it doesn’t seem to work for me on Monday morning.

Or maybe it does.

I had occasion to do some deliverance later that same day.  I discovered an unexpected cluster of critters in an unexpected place.

I spoke to them and told them it was game over and ordered them to hit the road.  Not a single one made a move to lace up their Nikes.

After a generous five seconds, I asked them why they were still there when I had given them unambiguous orders.  They came back with the same old, lame old I have heard 1,000 times.  “Because we can.”

At which point I hit the play button on my standard rant about the death and burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ from Nazareth and the fact that there was no asterisk or footnote on the end of the statement, “It is finished!”

Therefore, I didn’t just hold the trump cards, I held all of the cards.  And their expectation of staying was just an illusion.

Before I was done, they left.  Nothing new or surprising about that.

What was quite fascinating was the fact that when we were done, Sally reported hearing a conversation among them to the following effect.

“I really don’t want to leave but he believes that.  He really, truly believes that and we don’t have a chance.  I so don’t want to go, but he absolutely believes that . . . ”

Quite amusing.  The little varmints were nicely confirming the word God spoke centuries ago.

So there we are.  These ginormous blocks of granite that the locals call mountains are not much at risk of having to do a change of address while I am in town, because I don’t really believe I can toss them around like a tennis ball.

But you want to talk about the finished work of Christ on the cross, and my “believe software” is the premium elite platinum version when we open the app called “The Efficacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.”

I not only believe, they absolutely know I believe and that there is not even a hairline crack in my belief software that they can exploit.

Such fun.

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From our Austrian office in Innsbruck

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23 Years Old

Yesterday was the 23rd birthday of Plumbline Ministries/Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. I spent some time pondering the last 23 years.  Here are some of the things that randomly bubbled up.

-Crazy, wild, messy.  As I look back on all the weird twists and turns, there are a lot of regrets over missed opportunities, wrong perspective, broken relationships, bad choices, messed up timing, and running away from things that might have made me stronger if I had stayed and fought.

-Crazy, wild big exposure. It seems really incredible that there are offices in seven nations and a footprint in 110 nations, considering the absurdly small beginning we had.  This is only God, not anything to do with wise planning on my part.

-Long term impact.  The devil has been trying to kill me ever since I was knee high to a tree toad and just can’t seem to work around the angels God has assigned to keep me alive. But even if he did manage to send me Home, it would be simply impossible to extinguish my impact in the world.  There are ideas from SLG strewn all around the world in so many different streams of the faith, and those will keep on speaking, long after I am gone.  It is really kind of funny when I think about it.  All the demons in the world cannot undo the release of those ideas into the Body of Christ.

-High impact ideas.  Redemptive Gifts, Nurture Your Spirit and Alien Human Spirits are probably the most high profile ideas.  Three widely differing impacts, but each of them transformational.

-The Steady Freddies.  The teaching on the spirit of jealousy is still landing deeply with new people and explaining a lot of oddities in their lives.  So is “Overcoming the Victim Spirit.”

-Sleepers.  I am still surprised that “Relentless Generational Blessings,” “New Spiritual Authority,” the podcasts and the teachings on business principles never got much traction.

-Unmeasurable.  I wonder how many babies have received nurture in the womb with our tools.  More to the point, I wonder what will change in world history as a result of some of them.  If that is all I contributed to making the world a better place, it would be very gratifying.

-Biggest disappointment.  I have never been able to get anyone to invest in learning the Bible with the same zeal as they invested in educating their soul.  A basic university class usually involves three hours a week of classroom attendance, followed by three to six hours a week of homework.  And it is not just busy work, but hard thinking work, designed to restructure their worldview.  Oh for a handful of people who would invest six or more hours a week for four months in drilling down hard on a single topic in the Bible to master it.

-Sweet memories.  Recording “Baby Blessings Joy,” unexpectedly, at the direction of the Holy Spirit.  That remarkable baptism in Houston.  The day I recorded the redemptive gift of Mexico and my spirit came into alignment for the first time.  Receiving the revelation of the Mercy Season in Wembley, England.  My time alone with the Lord in December of each year.  Being surprised by the “Blessings of Job” insights.  Some stealth projects.  All the times the Holy Spirit hijacked my mouth unexpectedly.

-High point of last year.  Surviving.  It was the third toughest year we ever had.  But in the midst of that, we successfully started the live streaming videos which have been transformational for many.  I think the Defiance series in the Worship and Warfare section was one of our best deliverance teachings, especially the one on the marriage covenant.

-The big surprise.  God’s statement in mid-December, that 2017 would be a year of harvest, then seeing the staggering turn around in short order.  Still in awe of how easy it is for God to change things.

-The engine.  There can be no doubt that the majority of this is due to generational blessings pursuing me and to the vast amounts of prayer you have poured into my life.  I am so grateful to you.

-The work team.  It continues to be small, but they outperform any other team I have ever seen in terms of passion, precision and power.  It has been a delight to watch each one grow, year after year, first healing, then unpacking their treasures.  Special kudos to Megan who published her first book last year.

-A deep joy.  I have changed the way a lot of people think.  We are more than just a new idea factory, although we churn out our share.  There is more to the Sapphire Tribe than being healed and bringing healing to others.  It is hard to quantify, but there are people who see God very differently than before they met us.  Many more who see themselves differently.  Some who see nature or their job or their nation differently.  Some have experienced a whole worldview change as they come out of slavery and explore sonship.  This is very special for me.  If people can see their world differently, they are most of the way to transforming it.  This is more important than people learning new data.  And a LOT of the Sapphire Tribe has experienced that mindset shift of moving from slavery to sonship.

It has been a wild and wacky 23 years.  And there are no signs of our getting our act together and becoming anything other than wild and wacky.

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Wholeness Week

A year ago I was listening to a faith healer who was quite passionate about his walk.  I only remember one sentence from all the stuff I listened to.  He said something to the effect, “If you have a healing service, and only half the people you pray for get healed, DON’T STOP AND DEVELOP A THEOLOGY OF FAILURE.  Just schedule another healing service and see if you can get a couple more healed.”

Fascinating perspective.

That is where we find ourselves at this stage in our quarterly live streaming video times of Worship and Warfare.

In October of last year, we had our first round of five “mass deliverance” sessions.  There were some results, but they were modest.

In January we had another five days of deliverance teaching and ministry.  By then, the spiritual connectedness of the tribe was so far higher than before.  The teaching was much more forceful.  And the results were vastly greater, especially in the warfare against Lilith, and for marriage covenants.

However, the stark reality is that only a fraction of the people listening got transformed.  I wish it were more.  It wasn’t.  Some people came with the most intense commitment, tracked closely and were not touched by the Spirit in any measurable way.

That makes me very sad, since “the least of these” matters to the King and to me.

Nonetheless, we will go forward with another series, reaching much further than before.  The five in January were well tested teachings with a solid track record.  Here, we are overtly pushing the limits of what we know, speaking into areas where we have very modest success, if any at all.


Because Peter got out of the boat, that’s why!

When the 12 were called, there was no full disclosure statement.  They had no idea how far they could go in terms of spiritual power.  The only way to find out was to experiment and test the limits.

James and John got busted for trying to go over the line, calling down fire from heaven. Other than that, no one seemed to be scolded for taking the initiative to reach further.

So instead of developing a theology of failure to explain why so few were changed the last two times, we are going to develop a theology of growth and see if in the last three months, our corporate faith has grown to the point that we can move a rock or two farther than last time.

On Monday the 10th, we will tackle the problem of spiritual structures in the brain that keep certain portions of the brain from coming on line with the rest of the brain, and other structures that keep the spirit from engaging with parts of the brain.

On Tuesday we will tackle the area of defiled dreams, especially those where there is shape shifting.

On Wednesday the theme is vicarious bondage where you are tied into something that happened decades or centuries ago to someone else, but it is crippling your body or soul or spirit.

On Thursday my excitement is so high for dealing with this one.  There is an access point in the brain stem that seems to let in Leviathan on an ongoing basis.  People who have repeated infections need that opening closed.

And on Friday we are going to tackle the “holy grail” of modern science which is repair of the DNA.  I have some thoughts about the fractal of four and the four amino acids involved in DNA.  We don’t know if my knowledge of this fractal and our corporate faith is enough to move this rock at all, but we are going to pull a Peter and try to get out of the boat.

The only way to find out how far we can go is to try something new.

After all, that is what we are about — revealing new colors of the polyvariegated wisdom of God.

Love to have you join us with your passion and your pain for one or all of these.

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