1. Warfare: Mother/Daughter Conflict

There is a lot of friction between mothers and daughters that is due to poor circumstances or poor social skills.

That said, there is another group of people where one or the other has really solid social skills, deep connection with the Lord and His principles, but no matter what, they can’t get resolution to the conflict.

Our experience is that there is usually a pair of critters in one or the other that is sabotaging the relationship.  Almost always, it is Leviathan in the cerebellum.  Then there is a demon or an AHS in the parietal lobe.  The combination of these two will block all the soul and spirit work that either or both do.

On Monday, January 23rd at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time, I will be doing deliverance prayer for all the women in the SLG tribe and their extended family, seeking to free them from those critters so they have a reasonable chance to rebuild a relationship.

I invite you to join me with your authority and passion at that time.

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How Much Can the Tribe Do?

The Sapphire Tribe has been transitioning from individuals with a common focus to a community with significant collective, focused engagement.

The first major milestone was the first live stream we had.  For the first time, I felt the emotional connection with the Tribe globally for hours before the stream.  It was mostly a feeling of giddy excitement colored with some nervousness.  There was a new bright sparkly toy on the shelf and people were looking forward to playing with it.

As we got into the presentation, the engagement shifted away from the medium onto the message and you tracked closely with your spirit through the spiritual ebb and flow of the ideas.  Communion was very special that night.

Last week, when we had our quarterly week of Worship and Warfare around the theme of Defiance, you engaged with me in a new way, joining your authority with mine, intensely. It made a big difference to have a global agreement as we were doing global deliverance.

The results have been dramatic. Lots of people experienced significant freedom on the spot.  But what was really exciting is that we extended the deliverance to everyone in the Tribe, whether they were there or not.  And we have reports of people who experienced the deliverance when we were doing it, but didn’t listen to the archived teaching until days later.  Clearly God honored our petition.

AND we include our extended families in the warfare.  Here too we are getting reports of transformation in those who have no particular interest in Sapphire, but are related to those who do track with us.

On Wednesday, I was celebrating what God was doing and proposed that we test the waters and see what was available to us.  I referenced some Noble Subjects on the coast of New Zealand who did not have good enough Internet reception to watch the live stream. We asked God politely if He would be interested in connecting a lot of people who are in rural areas or with old infrastructure.

And He did.  Fantastic stories of technological impossibilities came back, as God honored our request.

So clearly, we bring something to the table with our collective authority.  We have no idea what the limits of our authority is, so we must test them by reaching for more freedom.

Here is the current plan.  Most mornings, I meet with one or more of our intercessors for a time of warfare.  We are going to start including the Tribe some days in specific deliverance prayers.

We began today.

We warred against the Moabite curse which is expressed by leaders exploiting their followers instead of building a platform under them.  We cried out for perspective to those who thought they had to endure it, and for freedom from demonic and human bondage.

It will be interesting to see what kind of measurable, verifiable, sustained change that prayer had with just three people against the critters in the whole Tribe!

Going forward, I invite you to join us.  We are not going to broadcast, but one or two days a week, I will send out a two paragraph blog, announcing what the topic will be for the following day.  Our prayer times are at 8:00 a.m.  I would love to have you join us in bringing your authority to bear on the deliverance effort for the whole Tribe.

This is very new territory for me.  It is so much more natural to work one on one where I can see the individual and tailor my presentation to the situation.

But, if God is making grace available for a larger, group deliverance, let’s do it.  I do absolutely believe that it will make a world of difference if you are agreeing with me from around the world.  This is a Tribe, not one person.   We got results last week, because it was a shared investment of all our earned authority, focusing on an issue around the world.

For now, if anyone felt a release from the prayers about the Moabite on Friday the 20th, I would love to hear.

Meanwhile, figure out what time it is in your neighborhood when it is 8:00 a.m. in California and watch for the next blog that announces a theme.  lac08-noble-subject-blog

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When You Feel Disconnected

Take the test.

-Have you ever been in a crowd of familiar people but felt utterly disconnected from that community?

-Have you ever had a profound experience with God, but when you looked back on it months later, it was just data lying flat and there was not a particle of a sense of connection to it?

-Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself?

These are just a few faces of disconnect caused by Death.  Death is an entity, a spiritual power (See Revelation 6:8).  This is distinct from the event where our body stops living.

The Spirit of Death creates a pseudo time line for us which causes us to feel disconnected from everything God designed us to be connected to.

This audio clip is an extended warfare prayer you can use to separate yourself and our tribe from this false time line so we are only on the time line God designed for us before the foundation of the world.

When we are on God’s time line, we can embrace a sense of destiny.  When Death and Sheol are able to intrude a virus into our spirit, we feel disconnected at best, and struggle with futility at worst.   noble-subject-blog-unleash-power-of-your-story

From Disconnect to Destiny 

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Noble Subjects at War with the Culture

Did Tom Brady order the footballs deflated?

No one knows because the legal case was not about the footballs.  Very swiftly the legal debate became about some very different issues and the only thing that was established by the entire court case is that the NFL has better lawyers than Tom Brady.

This is normative for our current culture.  Real issues are swiftly obfuscated by a smog of words about peripheral or irrelevant issues.

The Washington Post complained bitterly about this recently.   They did some investigative reporting showing that since Mr. Trump’s election, foreign power players are heavily booking rooms at his hotels, whether they use them or not, as a way to curry favor.

In other words, it is the same pay-t0-play scam as the Clinton Foundation, only the hotels are for profit.  In both cases, people who wish to influence the US government are finding a way to channel money toward the personal wealth of a government official.  Admittedly, renting hotel rooms you don’t use is utterly legal, but the motive behind the game is still suspect.

The Washington Post story was broadly ignored by the other press.  But the Internet was alive with commentary on the fuss between “Hamilton” and Mr. Pence.  This story had little substance and much emotion and bias, but it was carried by many news sources around the world while the substantive story was ignored.

President Obama bitterly complained that this last campaign was highly distorted. In the past, there were agreed upon facts which served as a basis for vigorous and even hostile debate about what should be done about that state of affairs.

In the last election cycle, there was so much false news and distortion of information that much of the debate was about what the facts of the matter were, not what should be done about it.

His point is very well taken, although he hardly has any high moral ground in terms of the accuracy and completeness of the information his government has made available to the general public.

All that to say, in the midst of a broad collapse of intelligent discussion of real issues, the Noble Subjects at SLG have an opportunity to differentiate from the culture and build a brand as people who are worth listening to.  That will require vigorous discipline to avoid getting sucked into the prevailing distorted discussions and a habit of diligence to find the actual facts of a matter before speaking AND the ability to reason from principle to stimulate valuable discussion around volatile issues.

Against that backdrop, consider the narrative in I Chronicles 12.

Israel was in crisis.  The king that God had publicly selected through the prophet Samuel had been killed in battle.  So had the crown prince.  Those loyal to the deceased king had crowned one of his other sons king, as was culturally proper in the dynastic traditions of that day and time.

But it was not as simple as the succession of kings.  There was also in the picture an illegitimate child from the wife of the Ammonite king, Nahash, who had been in and out of the court of King Saul, always surrounded by controversy.  Lately he had been operating a terrorist group in the wilderness.

Meanwhile, because the terrorist was highly charismatic, and because the former king had been quite inept and capricious in certain facets of his administration, some of the populace backed the terrorist as the new king.

This, of course, was at the very least an act of treason and most likely would precipitate a civil war.

All of this was happening in the aftermath of crushing defeat by a chronically hostile neighboring country, leaving Israel with a shattered army and a moribund economy.

On the one hand, there was little reason to think the new king would be able to defeat the foreign invader with any more ease than the previous king.  The outlaw was quite brilliant with his guerrilla warfare and had achieved some storied victories against the neighboring barbarians back in the day.

On the other hand, starting a civil war when you have barbarians at the gate is hardly an inspiring political move.

Furthermore, the charismatic terrorist had an unsavory reputation with women, and tended to gather around himself some very rough characters.  If he was promoted to king, he would undoubtedly fill his administration with the riffraff who were loyal to him but who had no political experience whatsoever.

The nation’s first experience with the emerging oligarchy was sufficiently distressing that the tide of public opinion swung in the direction of the populist who had charmed his way into the hearts of many.

So there was an illegitimate gathering of the movers and shakers from the various tribes who were willing to back him in a civil war.  Each tribe’s contribution was measured in numbers of bodies.  The disparities were remarkable.

The tribe of Zebulon, which historically avoided the lime light, sent 50,000 warriors.

The tribe of Benjamin which had backed the former king had 3,000 people come unofficially since the tribe was officially with the dynasty of Saul.  Still, that was an impressive break from precedence, since it meant those 3,000 could not go home for the duration of the civil war, lest they be killed for treason.  Their families were at risk, and their lands were surely expropriated for this courageous act of independent thinking.

The claimant’s own tribe, the largest in land and population, sent a paltry 6,800.  He had some powerful enemies in his home turf.

Interestingly the tribe of Issachar was listed as follows:  “Men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do— 200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command.”

The body count did not matter.  All that mattered were the numbers of leaders, and they were leaders not because of military expertise, but because they could assess the messy situation and know the right way forward, through all the smog of propaganda.


I neither know nor care how many people consider themselves part of the SLG tribe.  But I sure would love to contribute 200 thinkers to this current culture of opinionated twisted thinkers.

With that in mind, I will be posting concept articles from time to time.  I will deliberately frame them so that there is not an easy “right” answer.  My objective is to equip you to ponder, discuss in depth without rancor and to learn the art of leadership through making hard decisions that will earn the respect of those closest to you.

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LAC Blessings for Revelation Feedback

First, a caveat.  In my interim reports on Facebook, I think I mixed up some of the names and reports.  I obviously used all fictitious names in the blog and may have gotten something backwards.  But for this blog, I have checked carefully

Jeb:  At the time, we thought we had an insight that would help.  The reality is that it produced a violent negative reaction.  We tried twice and only made things worse.  Yesterday I had a new idea to try.  His team prayed with him today.  It was one of those where the seer on the team saw a great deal, but Jeb saw and felt nothing.  Time will certainly tell whether there was any movement.

Jeannie:  We did get a big insight that brought immediate change for her.  It doesn’t seem to be the key to the whole project though, so we keep on pounding.

Jackie:   Not a flicker of a new idea for her.  I talked to her today, reviewing what I knew of her story line.  I felt like God brought my attention to the redemptive gift of her beloved grandmother.  We are all in agreement that the grandmother was a saint, but how that relates to the health problems is beyond me.  We are at quite the impasse.

Mindy and Cindy:  I didn’t get a new idea about heart issues, but I talked to Mindy and found a significant data point from her past that had not yet been addressed in her cleansing work.  We dealt with that, and she has gotten significant relief in the last few days, but not a sense of a stable situation.  I have not had a chance to talk to Cindy.

Sharon and Marjorie:  I had an opportunity to explore with Sharon my idea for healing a back.  We did not do anything, because the idea was so far outside the familiar territory, that her inside world needed to ponder it.  No chance to explore with Marjorie yet.

Sooo . . . it was not a slam dunk, magnificent, over-the-top success.

On the bright side, we had thousands of readers across the five days plus many this week.  That kind of excitement about the project is very encouraging.  Our tribe is maturing wonderfully.

Failure to get more revelation is a surprise.  I wonder if some of it is because I was in pretty intense mode, getting ready for the Texas event.  Would the results have been different if I had spent an hour or two each day, just listening?  Quite possibly.

Or is it simply that we need a greater concentration of firepower to get critical mass?  We will certainly do something different this coming week as we return to our model of one issue for the whole week.

One other angle is the fact that there is obviously still room for research!  Revelation alone is not carrying us as far as we need to go.

We fail a lot in SLG, but we do our best to fail forward.  No one was hurt in this experiment  – just significantly disappointed.  But we tried, and we will keep carrying these hurting people on our hearts.

And we will hit it again on Sunday with a new project.

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LAC Blessings: Revelation #5

In the last couple of years, we have become amazed at the spiritual dynamics of the spine. We have learned much about deliverance and the spine, getting good results, quickly.

That said, we look very good compared to those who know nothing about the spiritual dynamics of the spine!  Put us in second grade.  The preschoolers think we are hot stuff.  We are a long way from a Nobel Prize in spiritual spineology!

That is why I am closing this week of revelation prayers with a request for insight for two women I know personally.  Both Sharon and Marjorie have a specific anomaly in their backs.  Each is different.  Both have endured much and paid much to the medical professionals to no avail.

At present, they simply accept a certain level of pain and carry on with life.  Neither has any hope from any medical professional about getting to the root of the matter.

That doesn’t set well with me.

The anatomical problems have no known bio-mechanical cause.  Therefore, if it is not natural, it must be spiritual.  As complexly spiritual as the spine/pelvis is, it makes a lot of sense that there are 4,000 facets of the puzzle we have not discovered yet.

So why not this week?

Let’s go out with a bang!  Pray big.  lac-noble-subject-blog

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LAC Blessings: Revelation #4

Mindy and Cindy have had heart problems for years.  The doctors have loaded them with meds and begged them to consider various intrusive treatments.  Both ladies have weaned themselves off a lot of meds.  Both have been threatened with imminent death by the doctors, for decades now, as a result of their not submitting to the medical procedures.

Only problem is, both are Noble Subjects with an international engagement in the Kingdom, and they are too busy being life giving and transformational to conveniently fit death into their schedules any time soon.

Meanwhile, life is a roller coaster for them.  Both have really good seasons where their hearts behave nicely. Both have no security that their hearts will behave on any given day. Both have some known minor triggers which they can usually avoid, but it is clear that there is something above and beyond the known triggers that messes with their hearts.

Both have had a lot of ministry.  Neither would claim to have it all together.

The randomness of the variations in the heart suggests that there is something besides lifestyle and emotions affecting the heart’s functionality.  I know both hearts have been damaged, but the fact remains that both hearts work quite nicely for extended periods of time, before going sideways.  There is surely a spiritual component here, whether from their internal world, or from outside, that is contributing to the illogical results.

Please pray that God would guide us to the specific verses in Scripture that would illuminate the underpinning of the spiritual dynamics of the human heart.  If we found that key starting point, I believe that a great amount of our research on the heart would accelerate.

Mindy and Cindy are hardly the only people in our tribe with non-standard heart malfunction.  lac-noble-subject-blog

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