Egyptian Heresy and land

One of our Plumbliners has been working on her neighborhood for quite awhile.  She has seen some significant progress along the way, but there have been some odd setbacks as well.

The last setback was wonderful because it finally gave us the clue we needed to find the pattern in the whole community.  Without giving details of what happened (I don’t do press releases for the devil) the lady summed it up in a single word.  Twisted.

That to me suggested the Egyptian Heresy.  That is where things are upside down, inside out, backwards, etc.  A single incident of that does not prove a root cause, so we went looking for a pattern.

Here is my logic:  The Egyptian Heresy (covered in the Spiritual Warfare album) is a perversion of the work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit’s desire is to give us honor (covered in the Life, Dominion and Honor album).

So if I was right, there should be a fair amount of stuff related to honor (and the lack of it) in her world.  Sure enough we found a trail.  As she moved closer to her design, friends dishonored her.  Her boss did not have a clue who she was and what she brought to the table so she received no significant honor from her boss.  And her husband is a fine craftsman, but people cannot see the skill and excellence he brings to the table.  There were many other markers for the people and the community not being seen with honor that was due them.

Having said that, we also were able to quickly see that she had gained an immense amount of authority over this theft of honor that was pervasive.  Time and again, she had refused to accept the dishonor that was projected onto her.  Time and again she had pushed through pursuing her design, even when people did not understand her.

It is this that has given her the earned authority she needed to be able to push back as much darkness as was present in her community.  It was quite exciting to be able to look back on the last few years.  As she has accepted more and more of her design from the hand of God, brushing off the dishonor from people, she has become more and more dangerous in the spiritual realm.  These two ran in tandem.

Now that she knows that dishonor of God’s design is the key to the enemy’s stronghold in the area, she can move much more intentionally toward increasing her authority by daily celebrating design wherever she finds it, and she can war effectively against the root issue, but correcting things that are in violation of design.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

On the Quarterdeck, Anaheim

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2 Responses to Egyptian Heresy and land

  1. Lu-Ina says:

    Just the answer I needed that my King . Timing!

  2. Heidi Colquhouon says:

    Wow. That is so much like what is happening here. Sometimes we forget to look at the root causes as often as we should. I need to look at this with new eyes. Thank you again for the wake up call.


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