Soul vs. Spirit Nurture

A group of us was sitting around the day after a huge celebration of our Great King, just savoring the event and letting conversation drift comfortably.  Someone asked me about how to stop nurturing the soul so they could focus all their attention on unpacking the treasures of their spirit.

It was one of those Holy Spirit moments when a finished idea leaped off my lips when I had never thought about it before this way.  Ya gotta love it!

Hanna was there so I used her as an illustration.  She was designed by God to be an artist who sees heavenly truths with her spirit and expresses them through graphics and other means.  This gift lay dormant for a long time, then was discovered.  For a couple of years now, she has been learning how to use graphics to express what her spirit sees.

BUT graphic design is a soul function.  She works in the Mac and Adobe environments and was marginal in her skill set at the beginning.  Recently she took a series of classes to learn how to leverage her Mac to better effect.  Then she took an Adobe Illustrator class so she can design original things she has never been able to capture before.  And now she is taking an InDesign class to that she can find all of the right, fast ways of getting where she needs to go, to express what she sees in her spirit.

So all of the soul training is valuable and she wants much more.  But the point is that she is training her soul to be able to express the immensity of her spirit better. To the degree that she invests deeply in her spirit, spending time with God, immersing herself in the Word, having people minister to her spirit, or any other spiritual discipline, that will draw her closer to God, but will leave her with a minimal impact in the Kingdom of God.

On the flip side, if she were unaware of her spirit, but had a finely honed graphic skill set, she could produce good secular products but once again have only a minimal impact on the Kingdom of God.

Only when her spirit can see heaven’s pictures and her soul can express them in earth’s languages will she be dangerous in the way God intended.

The deposit of God on our spirit determines what sector of the Kingdom we are designed to impact.  The deposit of God in our soul, is designed to empower our spirit to effectively express itself in the culture, in a transformational way .

This is the beauty of the two portions of our being working together.  The spirit leads with a heavenly message and objective.  But the soul has to be adept at something to enable the spirit to have as large an impact in the culture as God intended.

Here is another picture.  I am also a change agent and a passionate subject of the Great King.  What I see in my spirit I communicate with words, not graphics.  My verbal abilities as a word smith are soul skills designed to help my spirit express its wisdom better.

Now, I can improve on that if I were to train my soul more.  For example, I have thought for years about taking a week long training at a clown school to learn how to be a silent clown, communicating everything that is in me with actions and facial expressions not words.

I would also love to take a beginning acting class, to learn how to keep my body in synch with my message more completely.

Being a good actor or a great clown would not, in and of itself, change the world for my King.  However, if I were to learn a little or a lot about either of those two skills it would enable my good communication skills to become even better.  And if my soul could more dynamically communicate the truths that are in my spirit, I would be a more noble subject of the Great King, because I could bring more to the table for Him.

In short, our spirit is supposed to be served by our soul.  Most of the greatness in your spirit will be held hostage by your soul until you develop your soul more thoroughly.  That picture you see in your spirit will need the artistic ability of your soul to be able to express it.  The song in your spirit needs some soul skill in music to be able to express it.

So hone all of the skills God has placed in your soul, but do it understanding that the soul skills are designed to express the message of your spirit.

When your spirit has unpacked the choice treasures that God has placed there, it will use the skills of the soul to bring those tools to the town square in a transformational way.

THIS is a Noble Subject of the Great King:  someone who has a message from heaven (in his spirit) and can express it powerfully in this culture (with his finely developed soul).

Anything less than that is merely a loyal subject, not a noble subject.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

On the Quarterdeck, Anaheim

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8 Responses to Soul vs. Spirit Nurture

  1. Wow, wow, wow!

    This is such a timely read! Thank you so much for writing this artical! I’ve been pondering whether or not to take a video camera overseas to capture what Jesus is doing. On one hand I could see how video could be a distraction from ministering to people. On the other hand I saw how the footage/stories captured overseas could really encourage, challenge and stir faith in people back in my home town.

    Although, I’m still not a hundred percent sure that I will take a camera, this revelation through you in this article has greatly encouraged me to become very, very dangerous from here on out.

    I’m more of a quiet man, so the impact that takes place may never be heard of in the mainstream tv, but maybe in the mainstream of heaven, millions of lives will be impacted to live in deep intimacy with Jesus in the way He designed.

    Blessings my dear friend! Keep shaking the earths’ lies with the Truth of God!

  2. Deena Brackett Kelley says:

    That explains a lot. I had let my drawing and painting abilities sit on a shelf for years. I was given a visual while listening to the blessing -God love in times of loneliness. I knew I was supposed to put what I had seen in my spirit on paper with charcoal. That drawing became the basis for a painting that was accepted in a juried show called Jesus the Light. I knew the Lord was making a declaration. HE declared me to be an artist at that point. A couple of years have gone by with no more “visions” for drawings or paintings but I kept hearing………..just paint. Paint the niches of beauty you see. Paint what gives you joy. Just paint. So I shall paint with assurance that the Father knows what and when. I hope my skill set will be well developed so I can partner with Him at that time.

  3. Jeanie Rose says:

    Love this format, Arthur! And, super article.

  4. Rosa Miller says:

    This is an interesting topic….I would love to hear some examples from others as to how their soul expresses what is deposited in their spirit, and what part of the Kingdom is impacted through that expression, and how they discovered and unpacked that.

    • Jeanie Rose says:

      Rosa, I’ve recently gotten back to photography and that has led to some simple video making. So energizing and satisfying! I’m learning a bit of Photoshop but my goal is to get pics that don’t require any fiddling. This challenge has me looking much more intently at everything and, in the process, finding lots to celebrate.

  5. Chris Albany South Africa says:

    Great forum for interaction! Thank you.
    We have found exactly the same thing while validating the spirit in ministry time. The soul feels somewhat left out and my questionis “is there anyone who clearly sees the dividing line between soul and spirit?” We end up validating the soul where the soul is working well with the spirit. The balanced relationship is what is most important.
    I was thinking about personality types am really excited about being ‘Impulsive Expressive’ (I made this up myself which suits my creative gifting and it sure beats melancholic, sanguine and choleric which sound more like dreaded diseases) My grandson Roark is also Impulsive-Expressive and if we are to be child-like to SEE the Kingdom I believe we can all benefit from it.

    Arthur, I would just love to see you clowning! The idea is hilarious…. I am convinced it will add a new dimension to your repertoire and enhance that multi-variegated personality God gave you.

  6. Heidi Colquhouon says:

    Arthur Burk’s comments are like cold water to a thirsty soul. He makes me think and re-think everything. I love that. Just when I feel my mental muscles getting flabby, he comes along with new insight. God bless you Arthur for your many gifts and for sharing them.

    In Christ,
    Heidi Colquhoun

  7. Rosa Miller says:

    This blog will definitely be one that I will be following ! I love the never -ending challenge of Plumbline, to reach ever higher, dig ever deeper, to know and glorify God our Great King. Thanks, Arthur, for that. The way I view life,and circumstances and how I look at people, and am beginning to be able to see their design, is changing, and life is so much more positive for me. Love the blog. I look forward to seeing how the messages from heaven will begin to be expressed in my world. Blessings, Rosa Miller

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