When You are Really Stuck

A pastor called me recently and asked about a parishioner who was stuck.  The young man in question has a good work ethic, reasonably consistent character, has been through a lot of prayer for the seven curses, but simply cannot get enough economic momentum to get adequate housing for his family.

The pastor asked for more insight into which of the seven curses might apply but instead I proposed that this might be the 6th head of Leviathan.  (See “Joy Unstoppable” the series on Leviathan’s seven heads). 

This head deals with motion/flow/progress.   The most common surface manifestation of trouble in this arena is when traveling becomes a complicated process — you know, ticket confusion, middle seats on the airplane, Old Leather Lungs sitting right behind you, and lost baggage.  Another high drama manifestation is when transitions from jobs and homes are really unnecessarily long and messy.

But the most common manifestation of the negative side of the 6th head is when someone is just plain stuck and there is no forward progress at all in many areas of their life.  Either there is a definable, unmovable obstacle, or there is just an endless swamp of meaningless trudging in front of you.

This is not from God.  God often allows us to be in really tough situations, sometimes for a long season, but there are things which can and need to be done during that season so you progress through those seasons and actually do come out the other side. 

I will be doing a series of blogs this coming week on the subject of the 6th head to break the whole idea down into bite sized pieces so we can see where the options are, when it appears there are no options. 

OUR King always has one more move.  And if we are subjects of the Great King, then it behooves us to learn to see the resources before us as He does, instead of only seeing the obstacles the enemy wants us to see.

Noble subjects are not powerless.  They moved out of the powerlessness of being a loyal peasant, into a position of nobility by finding the available (but not obvious) resources and leveraging them with skill. 

When we have been in the place of feeling powerless for a long time, it is too easy to enter into agreement with the enemy that we really are, rather than agreeing with the King’s reality.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to When You are Really Stuck


    I have been studying some of your teaching in order to understand where I find myself
    I started with the seven curses I am a giver but one who puts comfort & security ahead of God’s agenda
    I am not a mercy but see mercy in my generational line – fear of man & buying gods favour are part of my behaviours.
    However the 6th head of leviathan seems to me to best explain
    1. Whenever I renovate it generally goes radically wrong with constant delays & work needing to be redone I end up needing to manage every step of the process which takes up a great deal of time & emotional & physical energy
    2. Spiritaully I am stuck my spiritual growth & intimacy with God has been stagnant for quite a while.
    Am I correct in believing it is the 6th head.
    I am very task orientated and can put the one before the many.
    With regards my current renovation needs to be redone which risks damaging a new kitchen. I believe God has provided a builder I know & trust to do the work but I am concerned about my behaviours. I believe I need to trust God’s provision & just brief the builder on the job & leave it to him. Am I correct is there anything else i need to do.
    I understand starting now & continuing i need to apply the 7 options for the 6th head .

    More importantly with my spiritual growth. Is there any relationship between Midianite curse & 6th head & 1st head (I am great at just doing enough). There seems to be a number of things I need focus on I’m not quite sure where best to start. Could you clarify the best starting point from which to build


    • As you can see there are a lot of different dynamics at play. God is infinitely creative and wherever you start, He can make His way through the different variables. However, I would ask Him point blank which issue He would recommend you start with. Usually His answer surprises us. Sometimes He goes to a thing we consider trivial, while leaving the badly broken things for later.

  2. Rosa Miller says:

    I cannot wait to read more in the coming week… maybe I should wait until Friday or so to read the rest, then I can get the whole enchilada at one sitting…but then…who wants to wait till Friday..there is so much hope once I ‘got ‘ it that I am not powerless, and it starts with knowing WHO we are. LOVE it!

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