1st Option for 6th Head Authority

In order to create greatest possible impact through this blog, please start by identifying some areas in your life where you are certifiably stuck.  The four most common are a bad relationship with a specific person, a facet of your body that is not cooperating with you, economic barriers or some area where you simply cannot make progress in your relationship with God. 

There are other areas where we may get stuck, but selecting real life situations from one or more of these categories will make the next seven exercises more transformational for you.

The foundational principle here is that the visible, tangible world (the areas mentioned above) is secondary, and the intangible world (the things we will discuss) are primary.  When there is a growing pattern of being stuck in the visible realm, we need to become more proactive in the invisible realm, in order to move from the negative 6th head to the positive side. 

How we respond in the invisible realm will, eventually, if we are faithful with our 100,000 small choices, hugely change the visible realm.

The first area that is clearly under our control when our external world is out of control is how we respond on the soul level.  There are three areas to consider:  character growth, skill development and inner healing.

So a real life illustration:  we receive a letter stating that our streaming video company is going to discontinue streaming our 900 video clips in about 20 days.  That means we have to find a new server, reformat each clip, change the URL, upload it to the new server, and change the link on our website.  This represents hundreds of hours of labor on our part.  We just changed servers four months ago. 

This is a win/lose.  I can see why it makes sense to the other company to make their change in policy, but we lose badly.  And I am powerless to change the decision, the time line or the amount of labor it will take to execute this task.

But I am not powerless in the area of my soul.  First, a reality check:  did I lose my peace?  Yes, slightly.  But on a scale of 1 to 100, I only lost about five units a peace. I am doing a whole lot better than I would have five years ago.  Hooray.  Some growth happened somewhere.

Second, is there skill development that can take place here?  Yep.  For sure.  In the process of digging through the mess, we found out some very significant things about the nature of technology in this industry and the changes that have taken place over the last three years while we were plodding along oblivious to technological changes.  We will not just find a new server, but will transition out of a primitive modality into the mainstream and possibly even to the cutting edge. 

This (growing in skill) is something I can do.  The other company cannot block me from growing here.  Suddenly the win/lose is not totally a loss.

Third area to check is inner healing.  I used to really decompensate when someone made me feel powerless because the current event landed on old bruises, so my reaction was disproportionate to the current event. 

On this one, I certainly felt powerless.  I briefly flirted with a lawsuit, even a class action lawsuit over the breach of contract, but that only lasted a few minutes.  Overall, I handled it very much in the present.  This assault did not land on any old bruises.  Hooray again.  I have been healing in this area too.  Nothing surfaced here that needs to be worked on.

To summarize:  I am utterly unable to change the win/lose dynamic in the natural world.  They win.  I lose big time.  However, as I apply the first option for responding (six more options to come) I can see an area where I am not powerless.  I seize that option and grow in my skill.

Now hear me well!  My internal response to THIS situation in the invisible world does not change THIS situation in the natural.  However, my refusal to accept the natural as the sole playing field, allows me to earn authority OVERALL against the 6th head that tries to render me powerless, stuck and blocked. 

If I make a lifestyle of shifting my focus from the natural realm to the invisible realm every time I am trapped in a win/lose, and I often find a way to go forward in the invisible realm, this lifestyle will eventually result in the positive 6th head of Leviathan manifesting in the natural realm in my life.

Moving from the negative head of Leviathan to the positive head is the result of lifestyle changes, not deliverance.  In order to make progress in this realm, we need to develop eyes that look for and find areas where we can progress in the invisible realm.  Do this enough times and the natural realm will slowly begin to come into alignment for your forward progress.

Do it even more times and you will experience the natural realm opening up and making a way where there does not seem to be any possibility of there being a way forward. 

And THAT is where life becomes fun and you experience substantial joy in getting out of bed each morning.

 More next time.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

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19 Responses to 1st Option for 6th Head Authority

  1. lila1jpw says:

    I’m grateful for Maggie’s comments because they caused me to go through the whole thread.

    I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to find safety in a box. Yeah, I’ve nursed bruises from a childhood-on-the-move and thought I’d be safer by ignoring my physical surroundings and playing head games. Reviewing this thread has given me a paradigm shift (aka “repentance” or “pulling down a stronghold”) that was long overdue.

  2. ruthann777 says:

    I read this earlier and then a perfect situation came up to work with these three nuggets of wisdom. My grocery money once again is most of the way gone and it is not even half way through the month. This has been happening for four months now. So first I checked and realized this really has stolen my peace more than I realized until I took stock. I am sure alot of emotional energy has been used to try to combat the fear and other emotions welling up. Next, yes I definitely see an opportunity to build skill, in fact that feels like the wonderful answer to help solve this problem, more energy into skill building in planning and shopping. And thirdly, and most importantly I realize I do have a need for inner healing for the fear of lack. This is wonderful! I especially like that this is so much better than merely “rebuking fear” which seems to come back in my face like one of those blow up punching bags. I look forward to reading the rest of the lessons and applying what I learn. Praise God!!

  3. Brad Mackey says:

    PLEASE show me how any of this has ANY scriptural basis. Or ley lines. Or portals. Be careful not to add to the Word. Revelation 22:18. And by the way in response to a comment of yours from a previous blog: Just because something is new doesn’t make it wrong. If it adds to The Word, has no basis in The Word, and/or doesn’t line up with The Word, it is wrong

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Hey Brad, is this a hit and run comment or are you willing to discuss this with me for a while?

      • Brad Mackey says:

        No, not a hit-and-run comment. I just simply want to know what you’re basing your teachings/beliefs on from a scriptural standpoint.I took a few minutes to look up leviathan references last night. All I found was two references to sea creatures and one reference to those who didn’t believe. I understand you teach about turning the negative into a positive head. What’s with the visible and invisible realm? And some of your other terms? Ley lines, fragrance portals. I was always of the belief that ANY teaching should be able to be traced directly back to scripture. I have no intent of getting into a battle of wits and Scripture. The Bible defends itself. I simply want to know what your Scriptual references are for your teachings.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Thanks for your response. First question: have you listened to the set on Leviathan? I have about ten hours of teaching on the seven heads and I lay out verse by verse the theological foundations for it.

          Second, are you married?

          • Brad Mackey says:

            No, I have not listened to any of your teachings on the subject of Leviathan. And yes, I am married. I am not sure what that has to do with any of this. I would like to the passages from Scripture that you lay out in your teaching about Leviathan if you could please share those with me.

            • Arthur Burk says:

              Brad, what you are asking for is unrealistic. I have an audio teaching available at this time, not a book. I simply don’t have the time to give you a written document when you are unwilling to listen to the audio. My Biblical basis is laid out there.

              Second, I asked about your marriage because your hermeneutic does not match your life. In all probability, you were married by a pastor, priest or rabbi or some sort. I would like to challenge you on the Biblicity of that. I cannot find anywhere in the Old Testament or New where clergy officiated at a wedding. With all the mass of priestly regulations in the Mosaic Law there was never even a hint that the priests should be involved even a little bit in the wedding ceremony.

              I see no command in Scripture and no example in Scripture of the religious caste being involved in a wedding at any level at all. Even at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, there is not even a hint of God officiating at the wedding ceremony.

              So if you want to take a very narrow view of Scripture that we can only do those things that are spelled out in great detail, how can you justify weddings being conducted in the name of God, by clergy?

              Isn’t that unbiblical according to your standard of Biblical interpretation?

              • maggie says:

                I was just surfing the blog and come upon this …so true , nothing about marriage laws in the Bible….this has set me free today. The Catholic church cursed me and my family ( not meant to offend Catholics just a fact of life!), because my parents were married in a registry ! Huge religious curse ! So much pain as a result, set free today! God has turned my mourning into dancing, He has put off my sackcloth…..my glory will forever sing, and frolic with Leviathan if that’s ok,( as I listen to the anointed words on those cds and allow changes to come , joy always up ahead)….

  4. Kathy Stanley says:

    This all makes so much sense, and is confirming what I have been sensing in my spirit all week. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have these things to read and digest. God does provide and we can see growth- thank you Arthur and Megan and all the staff for doing what is so needed and staying with it, I cannot wait to move forward with this. Thank you!

  5. Heidi Harris says:

    How does this differentiate from “looking at the positive” or “glass half full” philoshophies? Do you find that people who DO tend to always find and rejoice in the positives walk in 6th head authority, or is it just rejoicing in defeat/victim mentality?

    • There is a world of difference between optimism and strategy. Many times optimism is simply a socially acceptable form of denial. Here we are walking in intense reality as we acknnowledge the the immediate reality of the natural realm while we are activating the greater realities of the spiritual realm. Optimism is an emotion and a choice which may or may have any basis too it. Whereas the spiritual realm is rooted in the power of God’s principles and when we activate principles, we have a confidence, optimism if you wish, that in the fullness of time there will be a return on investment because that is the nature of principles.

      Optimism can be likened to a placebo. Spiritual principles would like a medication that actually brought about a chemical change in the body that would, eventually, result in better health.

  6. It is party time! God set me up with a fast ball over the plate and I crushed it.

    Megan has been working on the template issue for our new website. As you can imagine, being the gloriously original person that I am, I fit very poorly into all of the standardized pigeonholes the world so generously offers me. Web templates are no exception.

    So we have wrestled with this one issue more than any other. Go with company X which provides 400 templates to choose from and they are easy to modify, but they don’t offer an audio download option, or go with company Y which offers a paltry 26 free templates plus a few more at $300 to $900 a pop, but they offer the downloads and supposedly massive tech support.

    We went with the second option which means doing a lot of modification to a template. That brings us to more choices: pay them to tweak, use volunteers, or have Megan learn all she needs to of HTML and CSS to do it inhouse. Problems on all fronts.

    Today we got squeezed more and more. Option after option got taken off the table as we drilled down to the specific next step. And my soul was merrily doing a high energy tap dance on my “cut and run” button, which is still somewhat connected, unfortunately.

    But I did some of our famous White Knuckle Christianity and stayed in the game, while my disobedient soul was frantically stuffing essentials into its grab-and-go bag. I probed Megan repeatedly in every imaginable direction about a feasable way to create the boxes inside boxes that we need to express what is in our irrepresible (and uniquely shaped) spirits.

    FINALLY I hit gold. She mentioned in passing that it is easier to resize and delete boxes than to creat them in an empty space. I said, “OK. Let me say it back to you. We start with their template that has at least six boxes inside the main box and you can delete four boxes on this page and stretch the rest, reduce it to three boxes on the next page, five on the page after that, and every page can be unique?”

    She said, “Absolutely.”

    “And it is quick and easy for you to do this? It does not require a learning curve? We are not going to get into the browser problems where boxes don’t end up in the same place on different browsers?”

    She said, “Absolutely.”

    So there you have it. She is pestering tech support right now to be sure the template I like has enough boxes to start with. And if so, we are golden. All it takes is a little subtraction on her part and a stretch-0-matic machine to reshape the boxes that are left and I can have all my pretty little dreams marching across your monitor in the near future for considerably less than the national debt.

    Now walk through this. The problem was Father-filtered. I could not earn authority here if it was easy. So God graciously dispatched the devil to set me up with what APPEARED to be a win/lose situation.

    My soul choked, but my spirit hit the overide button and stayed in the game. In the end we found a win/win solution in the natural. So I solved the immediate problem, but in the process of that, I added another one unit of authority toward my goal of 100,000 win/win propositions, so that when I hit the mile high boulder on the road to possessing my birthright, God will make a way where there is no way.

    Now soul, GO UNPACK THAT BAG! We are staying put.

    • Sue M says:

      Thanks for the language. I have found myself in several situations over the past few months that in the past would have sent me into a tailspin, shutting down my soul. I knew I was making progress, but making progress is hard to visualize until you come face to face with a losing situation. One of my first thoughts in the last situation was wondering what God had for me in His economy, since I know that nothing is wasted in His economy! Guess that is tangible evidence of progress!

  7. Julia A says:

    If you do find out that you did lose your peace for, let’s say half an hour- in order to do better in that area in the future- do you concentrate on improving (building up) your emotional grounding?

    • Working on your emotional grounding would be one approach. Another would be to look for the lie vs. the truth. For us, the lie was that we were being impoverished by HighWind’s decision. We believed that we would have a massive workload reformatting all of our Window’s Media files to Flash. However, when we did some checking, we found that Windows Media was yesterday’s format. Flash is today’s. But there is new protocol out there that is tomorrow’s protocol. Quite without knowing we were doing that, we ALREADY converted ALL our video files to that format for the iPod project we did earlier this year. So we will leapfrog from the past to the future and the work is already done.

      So when I see the truth that God simply used this company to nudge us out of the dark ages into the cutting edge stuff, it suddenly takes a lot of the angst away. Reframing an event around God’s perspective is another way, in addition to working on emtional grounding, to find your peace again

      • Julia A says:

        So, it is approaching a situation from a position of a son – looking beyond the immediate/perceived pain and knowing that everything you deal with comes from the Father and for a very good reason.

        • Tracy says:

          I like to think of it less as the “rollercoaster of life” (defeatist and white-knuckle) but rather, much more, as the great adventure that we embark on with a loving Father who not only shields and protects but who also adds spice, colour and a fresh mercy every new day. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

  8. Rosa Miller says:

    That is so amazing. A short time ago, I was asking God , in regards to financial stuff, ‘why does this keep coming around to bite us?! I know the economy is bad, but Gods economy is not .What am I not learning here?’ We have prayed thru every curse we know, and then some ! And I so distinctly heard in my spirit..”change the way you respond to it”. Later that week, I felt an unexplainable shift, and its as though I heard something ‘crack’. It would take too much space here, but since I read this post this morning, God has been showing me how many things have started to change since then. Some may be minute…but nontheless, its a shift. Arthur, you just gave me language for it.

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