2nd Option for 6th Head Authority

 The premise:  when we are in a win/lose situation in the natural, we need to look for areas in the invisible realm where we do not have to lose.  When we find those areas and walk them out, it will change the spiritual climate over the long run, and the change in the spiritual climate will eventually manifest in the natural realm by our no longer being in situations which leave us trapped, powerless or stuck.

 After looking at character, skill development and inner healing, (the first option), my second area to leverage is spiritual authority.  Is there some way where I can gain spiritual authority by my having a right response to the pain of being blocked in the natural?

 I did a seminar once in a Teacher city which had a shocking level of defiant rebellion.  The seminar sold out early and the Christian procrastinators in the city were furious that they could not get a seat.  We had people announce to my staff over the phone that God had told them they were supposed to be at the event, so they were just going to walk in without paying and have a seat regardless of the fact that it was sold out.

 Well, my options were not great.  I didn’t want to have to set up guards to carefully screen everyone to be sure they had registered, and I sure didn’t want to have a big ruckus at the event.  So I pretty much had to just let them come in and have their way.  It was a win/lose situation.  I could see no decent way to change the natural realm. 

I was not blocked in the spiritual realm, however.  I looked at their behavior and boiled it down to a rights oriented world view, a spirit of rebellion and overt defiance of human authority.  

That meant that to come in the opposite spirit, I needed to major on my responsibilities, focus vigorously on serving my King, and overtly model to the people at the event what it looked like to synchronize tightly with the King, rather than expecting Him to synchronize with me. 

These heart choices I had to play out in the natural world, and I did.   

While those choices to come in the opposite spirit to the seminar-crashers had some immediate impact on the spiritual climate of the event (and possibly the city, since these Christians were a microcosm of the city’s government), the bigger issue is progress on the 6th head of Leviathan.

I refused to allow the natural world to define my playing field.  I was blocked there, but I moved to the invisible realm and found a wide open playing field where I could define a win/win/win.  My King won because the spiritual climate of the event was better.  I won because the spiritual climate was better.  The attendees won because the spiritual climate was better.

And because I carved out a winning proposition at that event, it added some more authority in the area of the 6th head, making it less likely that this kind of scenario would play out in the natural world in the future.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to 2nd Option for 6th Head Authority

  1. David says:

    I am interested in the information posted. However, I want to make sure that I am clearly understing what is being communicated. Where can I begin? i am in the process of evaluated the spiritual climate and stringholds of the community in which I minister. Terms such as “teacher city” can be apropriated from Acts 17. But, does that mean all areas are referred to as Teacher Cities? A starting reference may help. When speaking of gaining authority… Does not our authority come from our relationship with Christ? I am just beginning to deal with some issues tat appear in my region, but would like some basics of cleansing the land ect.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      David, the starting place for you would be to go to Free Audio on our website and listen to the set Redemptive Gifts of Cities. That will give you a foundational understanding of the concept.

  2. Trish Smith says:

    How does this fit with the 4th head where in order to access the positive head it is important to directly confront the defiant sinner and not enabling their rebellion?

    • There is a time for both. When we face a problem, we work through all the different possibilities and decide which point we will leverage at this time. So two situations that may appear nearly identical, may evoke widely differing responses from us depending on what we need to accomplish.

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