3rd Option for 6th Head Authority

One of my biggest challenges is discerning people’s true motives when I am asked to come somewhere.  The invitation to spend some time in a “retreat” usually means the family wants personal ministry.  The request to come do some land work in a strategic city, often means there is a businessman who wants his particular office to be cleansed. 

I was in one of those situations where the bait and switch had been particularly painful.  I had flown far at my own expense to consult with a businessman over a “strategic initiative for the city,” and when I arrived, things were not as they had been announced in the original dialog. 

I was sitting alone that evening at a restaurant table in a noisy hotel, watching the snow fall, feeling sorry for myself over having been conned one more time.  My passion to be life giving and my drive to advance the Kingdom all too often sets me up for some well-intentioned trips where I end up losing a lot while the other person wins.

In the midst of my pity party, God interrupted and asked me what was significant about that particular foreign city.  I told  him what I knew, and He answered that I was right.  Then He pointed out that I had strong authority to do damage to the stronghold in that city.

So I used it.

This is our third option when we find ourselves in a humanly concocted win/lose scenario.  While I could not change the businessman, his inappropriate way of handling things or recoup the time and money I had invested in the trip, I could use the authority I had in the city while I was there, to advance the Kingdom of God in some way. 

Another time I was at a rodeo.  The three drunk women in front of me were not making the world a better place.  But I could and did silently minister to the spirit of the little boy who was feeling quite bereft that night.

Part of being a noble subject of the Great King is having a highly portable, diverse array of earned authority in the spiritual realm, and being able to use it to advance His Kingdom, whether it is comforting a child’s spirit or attacking a city-wide stronghold. 

And every time I concede a situation in the natural, and allow the win/lose to play out, but I fight back in the spiritual realm, either tearing down something demonic, or building up something the enemy has damaged, I am no longer losing.

The win/lose situations in the natural are a big problem.  We don’t want to be continually trapped in those situations where we lose.  However, the solution for the problems in the natural realm lies in how we respond in the spiritual realm.

As we walk out our 100,000 wise choices in the spiritual realm, we will find that life’s traps in the natural cease to relentlessly pursue us, and that God supernaturally makes a way for us when there is no way, when the occasional big blockage confronts us.

For now, do a thorough inventory of the earned authority you actually have (not everything you wish you had) and be prepared to use it in some way, somewhere, around the win/lose situation which regularly confronts you.

Copyrighted October 2010 by Arthur Burk

Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

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6 Responses to 3rd Option for 6th Head Authority

  1. Carolyn says:

    Its been what I would consider a tough year with many situations in my life where I have felt powerless. I have been seeking for a new job things seem to be looking good only for everything to fall through at different stages, one organization contacted my referees without even calling me for an interveiw and never did call although all my referees gave good recommendations. Twice I travelled abroad leaving my daughter in the care of nanny’s and even covered the costs for my travel but, still did not get the jobs. In one of the interviews I ran out of time in the middle of a computer exam in which the time was contolled by the computer. After the latest interview at the end of September, I felt so powerless and stopped my intense fasting and prayer for a new job and asked God what he was trying to say to me. I thank God because about the same time, this blog began and I read about going into the invisible to change a lose/lose situation to a win/win situation. I work for an organization where I am entitled to a car for personal use but for the year I have been here, I haven’t been driving because the cars are manual transmission and having always driven automatic tranmission vehicles, I was not confident of my abilities to drive a manual transmission vehicle. On reading the blog, I felt in my spirit that I could use my leverage in the invisible realm and trust God to overcome my fear and request a vehicle. My request was granted but I had to pass a driving test using a manual transmission vehicle. The examiner found me to be a moderate drive, and I am now driving a manual transmission vehicle. I thank God because I was able to win in this situation and now I can drive myself albeit causiously to work and back and not have to depend on the organization’s drivers. Although this is not directly related to my job search, I feel a great sense of progression in my spiritual life as I have overcome the fear of driving manual transmission vehicles. I have learnt a new skill. I thank God for using this blog to impact my life.

  2. Narola Grady says:

    Thank you, Arthur. Lots to think about, especially on those days where I feel trapped by circumstances. I’m going to go back and make a list of significant events (good and bad), and then examine what God gave to me and how He taught me through those events. I appreciate the challenges and the practical how-tos for replacing negative thought patterns.

  3. Brenda says:

    Thank you, Thank you for opening new windows of insight into life and understanding God’s ways that are impacting my life in profound ways. God bless you in all that you put your hand and heart to.

  4. Joyce says:

    How do you find out what your earned authority is?

    • The topic of earned authority is explored in the teaching “Redemptive Gifts of Individuals.” Go to the Prophet CD. After studying the concept there, you can look through the story of your life and see how God has taken you through particular situations so you can develop specific flavors of authority. You have what you have, but if you don’t recognize it as such, you will not use it strategically, so that is why I recommend you study that teaching in detail.

  5. Trish Smith says:

    This is awesome!

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