6th Option for 6th Head Authority

I have arranged these different tools in a sequence from low impact to high impact.  These last two are by far my favorite ways to redeem a win/lose situation.  For this one, let’s start with a story.

I was in Argentina on a ministry trip and the return ticket got botched so I had to remain in the nation for another week.  THAT was a big loss to me and I couldn’t see that anyone won — it was just negligence in terms of the booking.  (This was long before I knew anything about the victim spirit — even though I had a bad case of it).  My hosts arranged for me to spend that time in the Hotel La Plata in the city of La Plata.

Now that little sentence does not capture the picture well.  La Plata Argentina is a Teacher city.  It is also a Masonic city.  There is no temple in the city since the city itself is the temple.  It was laid out with precision and malice.  The public parks, streets, government buildings and underground tunnels are part of the symbolism that creates the temple, inviting the demonic to reign.

A Teacher city that is not redeemed has a spirit of death over it.  A Masonic city has a spirit of death over it.  Freemasonry attacks the lungs in particular.  So I was going to spend a week in a Masonic, Teacher city with a double spirit of death, and I had a bad chest infection before I went to the city.

I was not a happy camper.  I communicated the above to God, reminded Him of the sacrificial ministry I had done in the weeks before this event, and then politely asked if He had misplaced my personnel file and was unaware of the nasty jamb I was in.

God ignored me so I wandered around town, immersed in a feeling of powerlessness, found a pharmacy, self-prescribed an antibiotic for respiratory problems and wobbled back to the hotel.  I don’t know what was in those pills in addition to the antibiotic, but it knocked me out cold in minutes.

Six hours later, I awoke in the middle of the night and God was there.  He shared some insights with me.  I got up, wrote them down, took a pill, went back into a semi-coma and did it all over again six hours later.

For several days God and the pills took turns and at the end of that time, I had the outline of the leadership material that I have been building on for years.  It was a powerful, exciting revelation.  My spirit was filled with joy, although my body was not able to come into agreement. 

While the revelation itself was powerful and has touched many lives over the years, the biggest treasure was that I learned something new about God. 

My original framework for God giving revelation had to do with holy land.  I knew the Old Testament passages where God emphasized the importance of worshipping Him on the specific land He designated.  Scripture is clear about how defiled land offends God.  So with my limited theology, I had every reason to think that I would be far from God in a Masonic, Teacher city with a double spirit of death.  I expected God to meet me on holy ground in some city, or at least some building, that had been well cared for in the spiritual realm.

I was so wrong. 

This scenario was like David walking into Saul’s camp and taking the spear from by his head.

God got immense pleasure (and honor) out of making a public spectacle of the devil.  He accessed the treasures of wisdom in that Teacher city WITHOUT taking down the demonic stronghold.  With utter impunity He invaded the enemy’s camp and  helped himself to everything He wanted, since it belonged to Him anyway, since He put it there for me on the third day of creation.

Neither demons, nor pills, nor my tiny theology slowed my King, Jesus Christ down one bit.  He revealed a new facet of His nature to me in that city and I have been reminded of that story many times since.  God is not limited by the demonic stronghold.  In fact, “demonic strongholds” are an open invitation for Him to make a public spectacle of the enemy (Colossians 2:15.)

So next time you are in a win/lose situation, look around and check to see if there is anything you can learn about the King in this setting.  There is no such thing as a losing situation if you have discovered a new facet of our Great King.  You will come in the opposite spirit to victimization and powerlessness and the bondage of being stopped by the negative 6th head of Leviathan if you will major on discovering the King in the mess.

In basketball, you can score three points with a shot from far out.  In your battle to bring the positive 6th head to bear on your life, you can score far more than three points at a time, when you can learn something new about the King in what appears to be a losing situation. 

So I invite you to sound off.  I would love to have some stories about how you were in a mess (keep that part short — we are not press agents for the devil) and what new thing you learned about the nature of God in that situation.

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Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

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7 Responses to 6th Option for 6th Head Authority

  1. Annatjie Laurie says:

    We were on a 6 week holiday in Somerset West, near Cape Town. The moment we set foot there, things went wrong. To relate everything, would take pages and pages. Just suffice by saying that GOD WAS THERE FIRST! Each and every time God performed something miraculous in the midst of what could have been a disaster. He sent angels in the form of people to help out, to give a hand, and many, many more things. What actually could be described as a disastrous 6 weeks, actually turned out to be a time where I could celebrate the King! He gave opportunities which otherwise would not have been there, and I could laugh because of all the times the enemy tried to derail me, God showed up and made a public spectacle of him! I’m a bit late to comment on this. but none the less, I would just like to say, thank you Arthur.

  2. mark jenkins says:

    I’m 28, 6moths ago i got a pacemaker. i went through a rough patch i couldn’t get anyone to “believe with me” and trying every conceivable christian teaching i could get my hands on to try and shake this disease that had somehow attached itself to my body. anyway i eventually wake up in the ICU and in one of those moments they leave you alone i started weeping before God “what did i/ didn’t i do right/wrong etc…” and He spoke to my heart a word He’d given me the beginning of the year “what will you do when i begin to shake your doctrine?” right there i began laughing. when God answers its not always what you want to hear but it always builds you up. the last 6months i have grown so much i thank God! He is Faithful, Trustworthy, abounding in mercy and love.

  3. Irina says:

    I was trying to parallel park in a very congested, but beautiful, neighborhood. My daughter became my cheerleader and I put my years of experience aside and listened to her, believing I could fit our mini-van into a spot that required a smaller car. In the process of this mess, I scraped the car parked ahead of the space, leaving my blue paint on her white car. Because our King is noble, I left my card with a note on it. 20 minutes later I get a call from the owner of the car. She happened to be looking for a landscaper and thought I was offering my trade. It became a win-win-win because she got her car fixed at the Movie Studio Lot where she worked, while she went away on vacation, and my daughter got to see a live example of doing the honest thing even at an expense to oneself. I didn’t get a job out of it, but I got the immense satisfaction of her complimenting my honesty, which really is a compliment to Jesus’ way of living.

  4. Deborah Foster says:

    Today’s post struck me in such a deep place. I have been pondering it all day. I have been slugging my way through generational ‘stuff’ for over 25 years that I am aware of. Today in such a deep way I know that the number of years don’t matter–what matters is my KING–what He has taught me–how He has grown me and built me for His purposes. Tonight I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness and His goodness. He is Greater Than–always Greater Than. What a Glorious King we serve.

  5. Julia A says:

    I enjoyed learning that when I synchronize my King, I do not need a platform, ministerial credentials or a special place to introduce people to Him. I am a stay-at-home-mom and an educator to my three kids, not only do I educate them intellectually, I also help them unpack their potential and grow their spirits. I am free to go many places others might disregard as not spiritual enough- while I run errands or take kids to the park- I am always on the lookout for people I might be life-giving to. My kids minister to people without any religious rituals- it is a miracle to behold. The latest example of that has been a visit from my Mercy brother who left a changed person with joy in his eyes after spending two weeks with us.
    It is a joy to be instrumental in introducing people to the fragrance of Jesus for the first time, they might not even realize what it is, but will search for it because once you have tasted the real thing- you will never be the same.

    • Cher says:

      PTL for you and moms like you! We Christians can have a tendancy to look around and see all that is wrong with the world and the people in it, rather than opening our eyes to the opportunities set before us. The most amazing “ministry” I’ve had the honor of being involved in, has been the “re-parenting” if you will, of the young people my 19 year old daughter brings into our lives. After the Lord uses her to lead them to Christ, they are like sponges! It’s as though they are babes once again, taking full advantage of their second chance!

  6. Noeleen Dunn says:

    Twice in the last few years I have been involved in car accidents where people have driven in to me and damaged the car so badly that it couldn’t be driven. Both times I was amazed at the number of people who were there or passing by who cared and were offering to help. The first time a builder who was standing by his van offered his phone, advised me to call the police and was concerned for me. The second time (earlier this year) two police officers who had just come off duty were right there, saw what had happened and helped me move the car, called for an ambulance and an on-duty police officer to come to deal with the situation. No one was badly hurt which was surprising considering the impact. What I learned about the nature of God was that he cares for his children. I already knew but this was kindness in 3D, HD, surround sound that I couldn’t miss.

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