7th Option for 6th Head Authority

By far, the most exhilarating way to transform a win/lose proposition into something glorious is to reveal a facet of the nature of God to the other person, causing them to voluntarily change their behavior.

Christ was a master of this.  Sometimes He was fairly gentle and sometimes not.

At the Last Supper, Peter was fussing over the perceived win/lose of “The Master” washing his feet.  Christ calmly informed him that there was a bigger picture that Peter was not seeing and this was not an exercise in humility on the part of Christ.  Peter’s instant capitulation and over-compensation have been a source of mirth for centuries.

On the other end of the spectrum was Jesus revealing himself to MISTER Win/Lose, AKA Saul of Tarsus.  The speed with which the master of genocide became the head evangelist in the Church is again, a testimony to the skill of our Great King in overcoming the 6th head problems.

Granted you and I are not quite in the same class with Him.  Thinking on our feet under pressure does not always result in strategies as exquisitely appropriate as His strategies, but nonetheless, this tool is within our reach from time to time.

I received a fabulous e-mail today about this.  The doctors did an exam on a baby in the womb and they observed that the bones in the chest and the limbs were not growing. This was, in their opinion, a “fatal condition” so they proposed their standard lose/lose solution to the problem.  

The parents and grandparents opted out of that solution and began to speak to the child’s spirit, instructing it to direct the body to grow bones.  In TWO WEEKS, the chest bones and limb bones had come fully current with the rest of the body.  The doctors have completely changed their position and are joyously nurturing their ‘Miracle Baby.’  A revelation of the power of God turned people with deadly intent into nurturers. 

Ya gotta love it!

I was privileged to do this recently when I was in South Africa.  This time the “perpetrators” were the White Christians who were rather toxic in their attitude toward President Jacob Zuma. 

I painted a big picture of what God was doing over the last 16 years.  In the transition from Apartheid to the current representative government, God brought forward Nelson Mandela, a Mercy man from the Xhosa tribe.  The Xhosa are Ruler and the combination of the Mercy’s finesse and the Ruler tribe’s historic gifting to develop good systems, made him a wonderful choice for a transition period that was complex and unprecedented in human history.

He was followed by Thabo Mbeki who was also from the Xhosa tribe and he continued the restructuring of South Africa’s administrative systems. 

THEN the Master Strategist of the Ages — who was fully aware of Mr. Zuma’s checkered past — brought in an Exhorter from the Zulu Exhorter tribe to rule the nation prior to and during the World Cup.


Very simply because one of the things that the Exhorter can do well is to enhance the presentation of something.  God has determined that it is time for the world to change their view of South Africa.   So He took control of FIFA’s decision-making process and ordained that the 2010 soccer World Cup would be held in South Africa.

Now the World Cup is the most watched event in human history.  Our King used the excuse of the World Cup to bring hundreds of thousands of people to the nation, while also allowing hundreds of millions from around the world to watch it via television.  God wanted the world to see that the nation which had been so reviled by the world in the past, was no longer the same nation. 

He brilliantly used the Exhorter giftings of the President and his Exhorter tribal roots, in order to put on an extravaganza for the world to see.  And President Zuma did! 

I would not say that my audiences completely fell in love with their president after that change in perspective, but I do think that some of the edge came off their angst as they were able to see the president’s office of their nation being controlled by God, not by the ANC, and being used for His purposes. 

These opportunities do not come to me very often, but it is extraordinarily gratifying to be able to reveal the nature of my King to someone who is in an adversarial posture and to watch him or her change their view of a natural dynamic because they see the nature of our King more fully.

When I was young, I was taught the power of logic.  We tried to show our opponents the truth of a situation and we found to our chagrin over the years, that truth is often not a very compelling change agent. 

On the other hand, on those occasions when I can reveal nature of the King, people often change in the natural, plus I gain great authority in the spiritual realm as I move toward empowering the positive 6th head of Leviathan.  It is through taking opportunities like this that I will arrive at a place where the hand of God propels me forward and obstacles vanish like dew on a hot summer morning.

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

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6 Responses to 7th Option for 6th Head Authority

  1. Jocuri says:

    I’d like to say that you always offer valid information and I have been an fascinated reader of your site for quite some time. I wanted to say thankyou really 🙂 for all the good work you do!

  2. Irina says:

    I had a similar insight that Megan mentioned. While driving on the freeway, the car in front of me was plastered with bumper stickers that made it very clear how the person felt on a variety of subjects. I could guess how they voted and even what food they preferred. I thought about how easy it is to pick sides and thus not live in tension with win/win. Then today I realized that the message that we have everything we need in life and godliness is one of the ultimate win/win messages! In the context of struggle and complexity, I have what I need to wrestle towards a win/win. I also have what I need to learn how to present a facet of the nature of our King in the face of what may look like a hopeless situation.

  3. Sonya Hass says:

    In this post the Exhorter portion stood out. Never thought about it the way you explained it. I had been wondering what was the reason I was at this church playing an organ. My education in music was nil only what I had taught myself which don’t really count in these churches. I know it had all been orchestrated by God down to the last detail. He had prepared all what I needed (Chorded music) years before. I was in awe how he moved me. But I wondered what was the reason he wanted me here playing. Then the words in your blog about exhorters enhancing the presentation of something. Ding! The reason I was there was to enhance the music. I had been praying that the sound of heaven would flow through the music and speak to the spirits of the congregation of how great a God we have and move people to want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. So to give my King more noble subjects, He moved in by a back door and went right to the front of the church. Surprise the King is here! Our King, Jesus Christ is awesome. He moves in very unique ways. Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture.

  4. Megan Caldecourt says:

    In reading this post, I saw a connection between two parallel tracks. When we chose either win or lose, we are making a choice of opposites. That chosing of one option over the other shows up persistently when we refuse to hold things in tension – see the good and ignore the evil, or vice versa. I think that unwillingness to embrace the uncomfortable world of things we can’t understand will also block us from seeing win/win solutions. The more we are willing to grapple with complexity, I think, the more capable we can be of seeing such amazing win/win solutions as Jesus did. I had not seen that connection before!

    • Scott Harada says:

      Megan, that is an astounding and astute observation. I think that I have always looked at win/win as a unit and never considered it as two things in tension. I think that our culture regards compromise as the pinnacle of success and win/win to be a rare and aberrant bonus. And yes, we need to be profoundly intentional in embracing tension/complexity/redemptive pain in order to get to the treasures. Thank you, Megan. Thank you, Arthur.

  5. Jana says:

    Being a proud South African, I can only thank God for the opportunity that we had to host the World Cup. Yes, we know the world looks differently at us now. But even more profoundly – we look differently at ourselves too! It had a big impact on the African continent too. The Kenyans were so proud, you’d say they hosted it.

    Your insight on our presidential issues are astounding. Thank you for sharing that (again). It is comforting to know that God is in control. I, for one, changed my perspective on our government. 🙂

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