Redemptive Gift Boundaries

Canton Jura in Switzerland has always been a big draw for me.  

It is the youngest of the Swiss cantons and was birthed with a fair amount of contention.  Since nation did not expand through war to add Canton Jura, it had to be formed through taking some land away from Canton Bern and Canton Solothurn, neither of which was excited about the involuntary donation.

When I went there this week, it was quite obvious where the borders of the canton began.  You could see the architecture change quite abruptly as I crossed the border into Jura. 

There was only one problem:  according to the map, I was still in Canton Solothurn!

In other words, the political boundaries were not drawn in accordance with the spiritual realities.  Clearly the bulk of God’s original designated area did make it into the political entity now called Canton Jura, but some of the true Jura land (as determined by God) is still in Solothurn and some in Bern.  The likelihood of there soon being a correction that aligns the spiritual and political entities is slim.

This is not unique to Canton Jura.  We have it on a very large scale in Texas.  East Texas is Giver land, as is Louisiana.  East Texas really should be part of Louisiana, but because the Sabine River provided a convenient state border, cartographers and politicians goofed and left a huge Giver portion of land under the administration of the Prophet government of the state of Texas. 

The problem is even more acute in much of Africa.  The borders of “nations” were established by European negotiators looking at the geography of a region on a crude map.  There was no sense of the natural divisions of the land, and even less awareness or interest in the tribal heritage already in place.  Time and again, God’s pre-determined territories were casually divided by the ignorance of colonialists.

The problem is quite common in the US at the level of municipalities and counties.  Often the original jurisdiction is enlarged repeatedly through annexations resulting in a single government entity which is over a hodgepodge of redemptive gifts.   This is especially the case with Exhorter governments which tend heavily toward acquisitive tendencies.

The consequences of a mismatch run the gamut.  On one extreme you will have enduring conflict between a neighborhood and the city government because they simply don’t speak and listen in the same “key of music” and certainly don’t share the same values. 

In a less toxic manifestation, you will simply see a “failure to thrive” label on a neighborhood which can, over time, cause it to spiral down into significant decay. 

On the positive side of the spectrum, there can be a fortuitous synergy of the gift of the land and the gift of the government which would cause a particular neighborhood to sparkle, even though it lacks visible resources to justify its enduring excellence. 

The point is simply that as we work with land and with the communities on the land, we must remember that God was there first.  He determined the redemptive gift of the land.  The communities that have emerged on that land over the centuries may or may not correlate tightly with God’s original design.  Thus we cannot afford the luxury of uncritically embracing the social boundaries, assuming that they are accurate.

A more careful examination of the structural and behavioral nuances of the communities in question may well give us information that can be used to construct a more accurate and excellent strategy for healing the land and for releasing the treasures God placed there. 

Copyright October 2010 by Arthur Burk

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5 Responses to Redemptive Gift Boundaries

  1. Corinne Sekinger says:

    Hello Arthur,
    First, thanks for all this STUFF! Some of it is still under the STUFF catagory for me – although I feel like I understand it deeply – as I am working on writing up a whole load of “stuff” that started a couple of years ago, which I now start to see as being intensly linked with land/design/timing issues… well, you wrote this stuff in Switzerland where I live!! Although I am reading this 2 years later, my land process began two year ago and was so important that it catapulted all sorts of things (sadly negative at the time) but with an overwhelming open door to heal very deep wounds and expose personal traps. It has been a painful journey, but rewarding. Now 2 years later, I had to very clearly re-own the land stuff and am in the process of researching your material, seeking God, and researching the lands history spiritual/physical. Each thing I get, something inside says “woa!” Then, “so what? Compiling this into something to build stratagy even for the next step of prayer, is what I’m working on now. I looked for the Redemptive Gifts on Land CD… dont see it in the store. I am highly pregnant and may have looked over it… cringe – if that’s the case, VERY sorry – hope I can find it!!!!!!! By the way, there seems to be a significant amount of people – now – who are getting download concerning their “families land” – inheritance, land of forfathers, significance of the land of ancestry – squandered inheritance… hmmmm… i will keep looking though the blogs! THanks again, C

    • Arthur Burk says:

      So fascinating to hear your comment about people and land.

      I think the album you are looking for is Redemptive Gifts of Cities.

  2. marta says:

    Been reading a lot of your post on land…Icould probably comment on each one 🙂 this one reminds me of a time when the Lord called me to pray at the spiritual gates..(I am a prayer walker and have walked hundreds of miles praying over land) night H.S. woke me up and said go to this specific city to pray and i said..Lord, that’s strange it’s not a gateway of the city..( telling God what is and what isn’t).anyway…He said get our your map..and I i looked i saw it wasn’t a gateway in the city but at the county lines..:) then he followed and said…I never said specifically the city ..”..then I realized it was the county gateways he had me going to…yup..mans boundaries are not God’s boundaries..I often have to think…if we were to look from heavens (upper atmosphere)..there are no lines drawn on the earth as we see on our maps. His boundaries are not ours.

  3. Teresa Brown says:

    I am fairly new to Sapphire Leadership Group and thus I have been reading your archived articles. In reading this one I am curious as to another article that may expound on “the redemptive gifts of the land”.

    Thank You, Thank You for posting these articles in such a pure & honest style.

    Teresa Brown, Pembroke, NH

    • Hi Teresa. Welcome to our wild and wooly tribe.

      We don’t have anything else available at this time, in writing, on the redemptive gifts of cities and land. If you are a newbie, you probably don’t know that we had a big web fiasco last year, this is a new website, and much has not been reloaded on the new site yet.

      The short version is that we feel that every piece of land had one of the seven gifts from Romans 12 imprinted on it, and it shapes the culture of the community that forms on the land. So, for example, everyone knows that the feel of NYC is quite distinct from Chicago or New Orleans. Different land, different gifts, different culture.

      We have an eight CD album called Redemptive Gifts of Cities that goes into great detail of how to determine the gift of your land, and then what to do to cleanse it, and to leverage the deposit God has placed there.

      It is available in the product store.


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