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Overcoming Procrastination Part 4

OK.  So we looked briefly at those who have no decent work habits, then considered in detail those who couldn’t start a project and lightly touched on those who couldn’t finish one. That leaves a whole lot of people who … Continue reading

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Overcoming Procrastination Part 3

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the people who can’t start their projects, are the ones who can’t finish them. There are various reasons for that, but let’s drill down on one very specific niche group.  Some people … Continue reading

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Overcoming Procrastination Part 2

My hair dresser says there are two kinds of people in the world:  those with curly hair who hate it because they can’t manage it, and those with straight hair who hate it because it isn’t curly and cute. It … Continue reading

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Overcoming Procrastination Part 1

On one extreme you have people who we call “driven.”  They simply can’t stop until the task is complete. Regardless of whether the task is a report for the boss, or a book they are reading for fun, the results are … Continue reading

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Steps to Intimacy Part 5

What is the difference between working like a Hebrew slave and being in Marine Corps boot camp?  Only one important thing:  Dignity! The new recruit who is being yelled at to push harder when he is already sure he has used … Continue reading

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