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Preparing for the Unknown

For those in the post WW II generation (like me), the level of instability in the world today is unprecedented.  Of course our forefathers would sniff in disdain at that statement, but the fact remains that my tribe has not … Continue reading

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Punctuation Kissing

Well, the new blessing has been posted on the home page of our website.  It addresses the twin issues of punctuation kissing and punctuation prayers.  Megan still has not gotten over my unusual position on the twin topics, and is … Continue reading

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Principle of Reality

I took a class recently before testing for a government issued license.  The instructor illustrated the violation of the Principle of Reality in such a big way it left a burr in my saddle that has not gone away in … Continue reading

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Unexpected Return on Investment

I had a situation come up recently that was going to require some focused, sustained prayer — the kind I am not terribly good at.  I am more of a SWAT team guy.  I can roll out on a crisis … Continue reading

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Reconciling to Community

Today is the 10th of March.  That means we are in the beginning of a 20 day window for reconciliation with community. A few years ago, God highlighted the fact that the four change-of-season dates were intense occult festivals because … Continue reading

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When I was in South Africa, we recorded a number of the events.  Niell has been working hard editing them and getting them ready for distribution.  We have released four of the six albums so far here in the States.  … Continue reading

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God’s Artistry

Dr. David Levy’s new book Gray Matter is now available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. On the surface, it is the story of a surgeon who very tastefully erases the line between the secular and sacred as he … Continue reading

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