When I was in South Africa, we recorded a number of the events.  Niell has been working hard editing them and getting them ready for distribution.  We have released four of the six albums so far here in the States.  The other two are in the pipeline.

My reason for releasing them here was simple.  Maybe even simplistic.  Much of it is new information.  Even if you have listened to the redemptive gift teaching we released 11 years ago, there is new, valuable insights in these.

However, a friend of mine, Brett, gave me a very different perspective.  She was raised in Swaziland and is now living in the States so she has a bigger world view.

She wrote:  “Your South African presentation could be/become very important in America’s future as so many Christians are acting powerless in our society. Whether we are feeling hopeless, fearing retaliation or simply lack knowledge on how to ‘fight the good fight,’ too many of us are ‘powerless’ against the wrecking ball tearing down America.”

Powerlessness is one of the themes I touched on repeatedly there.  For many years the Black South Africans felt powerless in the face of the laws of Apartheid while the White South Africans felt powerless in the face of the international sanctions.

Now the White South Africans often feel powerless in the face of the Black majority and the laws which give them greater rights in the marketplace than the Whites have.

My constant message while I was there was that the spiritual dynamics trump the political, economic and social dynamics.  We do not deny the presence of very strong forces, but the Christian who is knowledgeable in the use of principles can change the environment around them.

The range of powerlessness which I explored was immense.

People in Cape Town are accustomed to feeling powerless about the storms which have caused hundreds of ships to flounder on the coast.  I pointed to the Servant tribe which God had brought to the area and the authority which they could unpack to stop the storms.

The murder rate in the Teacher city of Pretoria is rising.  I explained the root issues and gave them strategies for using the gift of the community in their favor.

We talked about the pervasive inability of many to get justice from government institutions and took them to the mesmerizing spirit and the Aramean curse.

We talked about the incomparable gold mines in the city of Johannesburg and explored the vast damage done by the European miners of yesteryear and developed strategies for healing the city.  Even that mess is smaller than the power of God to redeem!

We talked about the high rate of caesarean section births, and how that can be dramatically reduced.

We explored the special kids and walked through new strategies to use the treasures in their spirit to ameliorate the deficits in their brains.

Powerlessness is optional.  God designed us for dominion, and we get there through proper application of principles.

If your world is hammering on you with a message of futility, these teachings are an antidote to the relentless sandblasting of your soul by a message that is false.

As you explore the various albums from South Africa, do one pass listening to the obvious content.  Then do it again listening for the teachings on how to overcome powerlessness.  Immerse your spirit and soul in the defiant message of dominion to restore your fighting spirit.

The following have already been released as downloads.  Two more are in the pipeline.

A Redemptive View of South Africa

The Gifts and the King

South Africa:  Causing and Effect

Tools for Cleansing Land and Time 

Copyright March 2011 by Arthur Burk

On the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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6 Responses to Powerlessness

  1. Ken says:

    For still another take on powerlessness, check out The Power of the Powerless by Christopher de Vrink. It’s the story of his brother (4 years older than himself) who lived his whole life bedridden, yet powerfully impacted the course of his family’s life and his own, even in his choice of marriage partner.

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you Arthur was deciding to make the SA teaching available for those of us that were not at the seminars. I moved to North Carolina a few months ago and I was asking the Holy Spirit to show me how I can have some time when I can pray and worship. I am currently living just with my little daughter and we have to be together every time other than when she is at day care and I am at work. I had a desire to spend at least 2 hours with Father God. The Holy Spirit told me to wake up at 4.00 and pray, so I went ahead and began to do it. The only issue I had was that I did not want to wake my daughter up so early in the morning so 4.00 am was good for me. However I found that each day right after I had worshiped in singing, my daughter woke up. I was ablet to continye and prayed in the Holy Spirt for some, after that but I it was not very convenient for me to continue the rest of my prayers in understanding, and I felt that it was ok for me to go back to bed so that my daughter would go back to God. As I asked Father what was going on and as I listened to the teachings on Redemptive Gifts, God showed me that I was in North Carolina and since it is about Father God and not about me, what I need to do is give Father God worship in spirit and truth as that is what He wanted from me.
    Thanks again Arthur for that teaching

  3. Darla says:

    That is good stuff!
    Bless you for going to South Africa and sharing the valuable tools that Father has given you. I rejoice for the believers there who are walking in these overcoming principals and look forward to hearing the great things He will accomplish!
    Thank you for that mini report on S.A. To God be All the Glory – Great things He has done and IS doing!

  4. Marlise Zuercher says:

    I would desperately like to know in which album you talk about caeserean section births. It goes from bad to worse in Switzerland!

    • This is the set on Nurture in the Womb which we are due to release in the near future. I had a delivery room nurse there and we had some good conversation on the subject, in the Q & A section as well, if I remember correctly.

  5. Jana de Jager says:

    I live by the verse saying “We are not given a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (1Tim1:7 NKJ) With your tools I develop the sound mind and learn to grow in love – all that add to the power I am given. Thanks!!

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