Preparing for the Unknown

For those in the post WW II generation (like me), the level of instability in the world today is unprecedented.  Of course our forefathers would sniff in disdain at that statement, but the fact remains that my tribe has not been through the level of disruption that my parents and grandparents faced with a Great Depression bracketed by two world wars.

Today we look at the wobbly US economy, the unresolved questions about Obamacare, Japan’s mega catastrophes, the sudden domino effect in the Middle East, the European economic rumbles, demonstrations in England against the austerity measures, China’s hyper-reactivity to the threat of grass-roots insurgency, the Internet switch now controlled by a single individual, global terrorism by sundry groups and our marvelously scrambled political scene, both in the present Congress and in the pending elections.

Each of these issues is unresolved.  Each is volatile.  Each could take years to resolve.  Each could end up in a wide range of different configurations.  And most of these would have a very direct impact on your life and mine, depending on how they turn out.

Against that backdrop, we hear a cacophony of voices from the religious realm.  The American economy is on the verge of collapse so we need to stockpile three months worth of food for our family.  Terrorists will use biological warfare on us.  The one world government is about to take over and Christians will be sent to concentration camps.  The Big One is coming to California.  The millennial generation is going to redeem the arts in an unprecedented way, and Hollywood will become the next center for Kingdom enterprises.  The transfer of wealth from the sinners to the saints is going to happen at any time.  Revival is coming on an unprecedented level.

Frankly, that is a rather massive spread of options, with each proponent passionate about our need to synchronize to their world view and change our lifestyle to adapt to that scenario.

Who to believe?

Or more to the point, how do you plan for the future if you have no idea which future to plan for.

Even more to the point, if you have been living at the survival level in your relationships and your economy for years, what can you really do to prepare for anything?  If you had any social capital, or economic resources, you would use them to get out of your tight spot.  The idea of “reallocating your resources” is somewhere between a hoot and a farce since your paycheck is like the tide — comes in and goes out the same day.

However, Noble Subjects are not supposed to just sit around and let life happen to them.  Furthermore, 99% of the strategies out there are about self-preservation and that is not what a Noble Subject lives for.

We are to take raw materials, leverage them into strategic resources, and make them available to the King for His use in times of peace and war, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, while considering ourselves fully expendable at all times.

So whether the future holds good news or bad news for us and our community, our marching orders are the same.  When a huge move of God comes, we are to be an asset to the King, moving His agenda forward to the fullest extent possible, rather than defaulting into the taking mode, being first in line to get as much from Him as we can.

When bad times come, we are to be an asset to the King, moving His agenda forward to the fullest extent possible, rather than being needy, and demanding that He resource us.

Those are lofty goals when most of us are already not feeling overly well resourced.  Nonetheless, I do believe that it is possible for most of us to live in a far more strategic manner than we have been.  I also passionately believe that the goal is not to protect our lives and our possessions, but to forward the agenda of the King at all costs.

In succeeding posts, I am going to share my strategy for the future.  Like all the rest of you, I don’t know what the future holds so I look for strategies that will satisfy three scenarios.

I take the worst case scenario of a totalitarian anti-Christian regime taking over America, and my being in solitary confinement, with skilled mind control people trying to break me, somewhat like Dietrich Bonhoeffer experienced.

Then I take a middle of the road scenario of life going on approximately as it has gone on for the last three years, with some turbulence, and ever-changing rules, but with enough stability and civil liberties that I can run a business and communicate broadly.

Finally, I take the best case scenario of the long-awaited explosive new visitation from God which will be wildly different from anything we expect.  I put it on the number line at the opposite end of the prison scene.

Then I look for choices which will prepare me equally for all three scenarios.  My job is to have resources to offer to the King, while remaining expendable.  I have been working on this model for years and believe I have something which is highly transferable to others as well as applicable to my own scenario.

But before I start sharing that in a series of posts, there is a piece of work you need to do.

You need to do an inventory of resources you can invest in your future.  Before you push back emotionally, hear me out.

I receive all too many e-mails from people who work hard to convince me that they are absolutely powerless, they have exhausted all their own resources and therefore must have a transfusion of resources from me.

There are some cases where that is true, but most of the time it is a lack of perspective on their part not a lack of resources.  I am quick to agree that they do not have the resources other people have nor do they have the resources they would like to have, but I disagree that they have no useful resources.  My experience is almost everyone has more resources than they see, they simply don’t think in terms of how to leverage what they have.  They are conditioned to think about the resources they want, not the ones they have.

So do take the time to develop a thorough inventory.

Start with your most valuable resource:  time.  What time do you have that is not already mortgaged?  Could you use your drive time to work? Could you skip lunch with the guys at work and spend it in your car working on a meaningful project?  Could you skip the evening news once a week?

Be realistic.  There is a lot of time in most people’s lives where their body is busy, but their mind is not and you can multitask in that time.  There was a season of time when I kept my Bible memorization cards in the bathroom and did most of my memory work there.  I have done a lot of praying while mowing the lawn or vacuuming.

Next you need to make a list of the already available resources you have, just so you can actually see it and think of those things in terms of building strategies.  If you are reading this, you know how to read, you have Internet connectivity, a computer of some sort — or at least a smart phone — and probably an e-mail address.  All of these are assets that you could use to move forward in life.

Finally, you need a list of potential assets which would need some work before they could actually help you.  For example, you may have a bunch of stuff you could sell at a garage sale to turn into cash.  Or you may have a spare bedroom you could shovel out and use as a prophet’s chamber to invite spiritually dynamic people into your home.

To summarize:

1)   Make a list of discretionary time.

2)   Make a list of fully available resources.

3)   Make a list of potentially available resources.

Have these three lists available as you read the subsequent posts about how to position yourself for the future.

Copyright March 2011 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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22 Responses to Preparing for the Unknown

  1. Brenda Teski says:

    Good stuff AB, thanks.

  2. Joyful says:

    Thank you for speaking truth with clarity regarding the issue of preparedness, Arthur.

    My first thought is that every noble subject has the deep treasure house of interactive wisdom from our King. In my own life, this has been key for every initiative I have taken.

    After reading your prayer over Balmoral regarding repentance for disregarding the King’s chosen order for time, I have been pursuing increasing insight for taking action in my own life to align with His wonderful order. Especially in giving the first fruits of each new day (as it begins at sunset/evening) to intentional acts that deepen my relationship with Him. And now I read of how you have your “couch time” in the evenings. Interesting!

    In our case, we are sitting on the front step at sunset and make music with a wind instrument. This is pleasant in itself, but also seems to be changing the local birdsong.

    The first step was to create a rearranged “daytimer” page the starts each new sheet for the “day” around 4pm so that there is a period of building anticipation prior to our “date” with the King each evening. The actual moment of sunset is constantly shifting. This underscores the cost of synchronizing with our King’s good order. Allowing Him to lead the dance as He has arranged it and not as it pleases ourselves.

    My appreciation for the good resources from the hand of our King is ever growing.

    And my appreciation for how He has used what you (Arthur) share with all who care to listen continues to grow as well. Thank you again.

    • Rosa says:

      I LOVE this! A date with the King, that is shifting according to HIS timing,and syncronizing with Him…. Sweet!

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  4. Susan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks – you are the first spiritual father that I’ve heard speak into this issue in a way that brings stability and facilitates growth.

  5. Stephen Bundra says:

    Make some lists! Wow seems like you have a real handle on what is happening in the world. A real western cerebral response. Make a list! Wonder why God keeps messing up giving prophetic keys to teenagers, seems he has been doing that forever. Truth is everything that can be will be shaken so be ready for anything by being flexible before the Lord. Get ready for things not to go according to your list. Tune up your ability to be lead by the Spirit and thank God that all things work to the good of those who Love God and are called according to His purpose. We will need the right perspective no matter how it goes and this you can be sure: It is not going to be business as usual!

    • Rosa says:

      You know, I like this blog,and reading the different responses,and I am sure that different opinions are welcome to be discussed,since “iron sharpens iron”. I may not totally agree with everything, but I learn,and grow,because of the challenges set before me in this blog, and I happen to be a big fan of list making…it settles me to put things on paper. I believe I will, in fact, be better equipped ,in any scenario, because I have thought things out, and I have a calmness because of it.Just being trained to THINK is huge….your brain won’t turn to mush in an emergency.I just have a problem with people using this place as a means for expressing sarcasm and rudeness. It takes the joy right out of it. I have in fact,removed myself from Facebook for a time,for that reason…people expressing their biases with in-your-face attitudes.If you have a problem, I am sure the author of the blog wouldn’t mind if you sent him an email, and you can tell him privately.

  6. June Celik says:

    Thank you so much for this! This speaks so many of my thoughts-last Jan. (2010) God said the word leverage to me and I have been working thur that for over a year with at least the basic understanding that I have great leverage because of who I know(God)! I have been selling all the extra things that I have in many different ways! I have not had a garage sale yet. I have been allowing God to give me strateges for all my things and His plans for me and my business- I am a painter (walls,trim etc) and decorator. I have been doing this for years with God doing the creating of what color or theme to create the right atmosphere so I wish I had a spare room like your suggestion but what I have done is a few prayer rooms. God uses my time for His design! I have just recently(In the last year) gotten a lap top and will look in to your suggestions for that area also-just like being able to read your great message on this!!! I love to paint all day and listen to you on CD or just what ever God has for me or others. I take all this with me to Africa when I go to teach the church leaders-God has given them everything they need for their situation- we can not do it for them-we can just help them discover what God has put in them!!!

  7. Bruce Jacobs says:

    Arthur, what a wonderful and timely post. Our #1 resourse in life has always been the shear awe of the God we know. I find as I talk(prayer) and listen to him, as I submit my life to him . He has increased my resources. Not in a physical way but a spiritual way . As I have learned to fast and pray as He instructs, my food budget has decreased .But my body has been filled with something far more sustaining, HIS love and glory fills , refreshes and satisfies my very needs. Discovering the correct usage of my time for HIM , for the spread of HIS gospel leaves me with little need of the things I thought where needed for a good life. My desire to spend my life fully with HIM in constant adoration brings a new structure to how I live daily. I love the time I have in my garden ,praying to HIM as I marvel at all that He provides as I contribute the working of the soil, the planting of the seeds and the prayers that bless and cleanse both land and the food HE brings forth.What come around us ,in any form , be it the goverment , the corporations or even the false promises of misguided religions , I will always have the greatest freedom. The freedom one has when all you really care about is your relationship with our wonderful Creator. Fear of the future at this point is only a fear of not being all who my GOD ask me to be for the glory of HIS gospel. I can live very healthfully with that fear. GOD bless HIS noble subject with HIS presences.

  8. Sue Clohan says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear a prophetic voice speak in a way that does not engender fear. I’m getting very tired of the fear and destruction scenarios. I also am very concerned about the power of the words by those who speak the negative reports. It burdens me, that in some circles, it seems the prophetic voice is irresponsible in how they relates words/visions and the way they interpret what they see.

    God, please mature the prophetic and give the prophets Spirit-led sobriety in what and how they share what you are showing them. I am determined to believe that the Kingdom will advance, to partner with Him to make that happen and for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


    thx AB. good stuff.

  10. Cathy Bealer says:

    wonderful post! can’t wait for more……

  11. RuthAnn777 says:

    THANK YOU!! Off to count my sources for the Kingdom!! You put in words something that has been churning in me: that there are so many scenarios bringing different category of plans that fall beneath. I like how you broke it down into three sections, very helpful for me right now so I can get my head straight! Looking forward to your upcoming articles, I know they are going to be very helpful in this time.

  12. Amanda in South Africa says:

    Stunning! Look forward to new posts…will do list in the meantime!

  13. Lu-Ina says:

    Exactly, we just want to pass the buck, or want quick fixes. What stuck with me, is that we need to unpack our resources. It feels like christmas, I’m just so excited to see what God has packed into my “suitcase” when He send me to earth. I know now that we came prepared for this journey. My “suitcase” was lost, I just found it. Can’t wait!

  14. Rose Boon says:

    P.S. to what I just said…From Ron Sawka in Sendai, Japan:”…I felt the Lord gave me more insight into why He so quickly sends Christains to bring “relief.” It is not just food and blankets, but christains also carry the presence of the Lord. That is the main calling of all Christians everywhere–we carry the presence of God whereever we go. It’s His presence that changes things; that brings healing, hope, and new frames of mind. Let’s pray tha the presence of God gets stronger and stronger through the relief workers.”

  15. Rose Boon says:

    This is so right on, to begin to focus on the positive no matter what, I welcome it. Thank you Arthur. I’ll take this to our Thursday Morning group and we’ll begin to ponder, pray and work on this together yet separate. We are all in one kind of fast or another so this will provide further focus.

  16. Carol Brown says:

    Good meat! Off to do my homework!

  17. linzi roberts says:

    Good stuff Arthur! As one who has the Redemptive Gift of Prophet I have had very much the same train of thought as you have expressed and using it in terms of how I can assist my unsaved sister who is unable to keep up mortgage payements and is thinking of selling her home. We are looking at it in terms of what resources she has to assist her so she won’t be forced to sell.
    Looking forward to reading more as you enlarge on this. Of course this is also applicable to my life and all of us in terms of fulfilling our destiny and realising our potential. The Lord bless you. Linzi Qld Aust.

    • Betsy & Bill West says:

      We bless you Arthur and honor your insight. Our lists have been prepared and we stand ready to serve the King.

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