Second Priority

At the center of our invisible set of concentric circles about planning for the future, is anything that is totally portable.  I invest my best resources in my spirit, soul and body.

The next circle out consists of things that are durable.  Durable means they have SOME staying power but could be destroyed if enough pressure is placed on them.

What do I mean by durable?  Essentially I am referring to anything that can absorb and retain spiritual power.

Created things are batteries.  They can absorb and retain good spiritual power or bad spiritual power, even though the object itself is not a spiritual object.  All through the Old Testament God warned against bringing home idols after a conquest.  Even the gold and silver covering the object had absorbed demonic power and they did not need that in their homes.

On the flip side Paul’s handkerchief was a battery that carried healing power to the next town until it discharged.  Elijah’s mantle was a battery which was charged long enough to part the Jordan and Elisha’s bones didn’t fully discharge their divine power until the dead man was placed in his tomb.

The general rule is that anything created can be a battery, but the evidence in Scripture and in real life is that some things are better batteries than others.  Clothing certainly is mentioned often in the absorptive context.  I don’t know if it is because it absorbs better because of its essence or because it tends to be next to our bodies.

Gold appears to be on the high end of the scale, both for holding a godly or an evil charge.

Broadly speaking, I focus mostly on sanctifying time and land, with much less attention to buildings, furniture and such easily broken items.


Time is the first thing God made holy.  In the Mosaic Law, a huge amount of attention is paid to the issue of sanctifying particular days.  The cumulative impact of holy or unholy time is significant.

You see, each day that comes to us is brand new in one sense, but it is a day that has been lived before in another sense.  Think of Halloween.  It brings the cumulative defilement of all the previous Halloweens.  Even if nothing new happened on that day this year, the old junk would cause us to have a somewhat defiled experience.

Likewise, on the holy side of the spectrum, when Yom Kippur comes around each year, it is not a blank page.  It brings with it a profound positive imprint from thousands of years and millions of people walking in deep reverence on that day.

So I take the issue of sanctifying time quite seriously.  Last year our team began asking God in February to cleanse time in our family lines.  Most days as we had our corporate prayer time, we would add this request.

Frankly, it was mind numbing.  There are a limited number of different ways you can ask that.  We were not impeccable, but we did bring some level of consistency.  I guess that out of 365 days, we may have cleansed 275 of them.

This year when February rolled around, our company took a lurch forward that was quite unexpected.  Most days, things flow amazingly well.  We were a pretty productive company before that, and were used to those supernaturally fluid days, but we got those days about three times a month, and rarely had them back to back.  This year has been astounding as we have more fluid days than the kinds of days we used to consider normal.

Fluid and hugely productive is our new normal.

It feels as though we are at +63 because all we have known in the past is living with days that have been defiled by thousands of years of our ancestors’ shenanigans. I suspect that in reality we are only at +3.  So we have committed to spending time this year at the beginning of each prayer time, just celebrating what God has done for us on the previous day.

We feel that this celebration will help sanctify the time, moving it from +3 to +10 for next year.

Are the changes permanent?  Not at all.  Something like 9/11 can wipe out the cumulative gains on a given day quite catastrophically.  But the impact on time is broadly DURABLE.  It would take the enemy a significant amount of effort to pull the numbers back down.

Or to put it in other terms, in the past, if a demon wanted to mess with me, he had a huge supply of defiled time, a decent supply of defiled people and a lot of defiled land.  He could weave together a combination of those three very easily in order to harass me.

If he does not have defiled time or land to work with, it certainly makes his job harder.  If the time that I am walking in on a given day is in significant positive numbers, then it will be much more expensive for him to try to breach that barrier and get to me.


And speaking of land, that is another area where the deposit is durable but not permanent.  Suppose I go to prison.  Who will God move into my apartment or my office space?  Both of those have a significant deposit in the land which will draw people to do good, not evil.

Would God place someone very evil here in this office so that they would be quite impaired in pursuing evil plans?  Or would God bring someone here who is ripe for a God-encounter but doesn’t know it?  Either way, the deposit I have placed in the land here, with hundreds of thousands of actions and words, is a treasure that the King can use in any way He likes.

What about the streets and freeways around my house?  There is a high correlation between defilement and accidents.  When we clean up the demonic defilement, there are fewer accidents.

I am accustomed to driving to and from work on Orangethorpe.  It is a nice, wide, comfortable street.  I turn down Brookhurst to get to the office.  However, twice since I have been here, they have done major road work on Orangethorpe.  So I take La Palma and drop down on either Harbor or Euclid.

That particular patch of Euclid was pretty defiled when I moved our office to Anaheim.  So, I avoided it.  Not a good action for a Noble Subject.  While the road was torn up, I worked on cleansing that land as I drove to and from work.  Even after the road repair was completed, I have made it a point to drive on Euclid at least a couple of times a week to keep the clean up process going.

It has only been a few months, but the road rage has decreased by about 90%.  The traffic signals are not synchronized on that patch, but people wait calmly now, instead of being obnoxious like they used to be.

All around the world there are hotel rooms, highways, open fields and airports that are to some degree different because I was there and invested in some clean up operations.  Sometimes I only manage to move the land from -50 to -20 in the brief time I am there.  When I have a longer term presence, I can move it into serious positive numbers.

So let’s make the application and see if it works.

I end up in prison and an anti-God totalitarian regime is hard at work establishing strongholds for the devil everywhere.  Every time the devil has to start with serious positive numbers and tear down the fortress of righteousness I left behind, it slows him down.

Just one case in point.  The TSA checkpoint at Terminal 7 in LAX is one hurting place.  The TSA checkpoint in Terminal 4 where I fly out of is remarkably better!  It is not a coincidence.

In addition to the holy land inconveniencing the enemy, it also is an asset for the King. The King knows every bit of sanctified time and land where He can leverage something for one of His people.

(I often wonder who He brings into the hotel rooms I cleanse, the day after I am there! Betcha some people have gotten a hug from God that they were not expecting because of the specific room God assigned to them!)

Those are resources in His hand, and whether He is helping someone escape, or is encouraging someone who has been traumatized, they are assets that can advance the Kingdom in a time of crisis.  The anointing in the land is not portable, but it is moderately durable and of value to the King.

Furthermore, my investment does not stop when my freedom is revoked.  There is still land!  Although I may be a prisoner, I will be a very dangerous prisoner as I sanctify all the land where I am placed, so the King can put the prisoners of His choice in those cells after I leave.

So yes, it would benefit the King if I left behind some time and land that He could use for His purposes while the world is in tumultuous transition.

How about business as usual?  I am experiencing more and more communication from God on the drive to and from work.  Land that used to be negative became neutral and now is a positive factor in my hearing from God.  Good stuff.  The more time is sanctified, the more I get done, at a higher quality, using the same effort.  Again, revelation is coming more fluidly than before because of sanctified land.

What about a move of God?  Again, He can always leverage sanctified time and land.  These would be great gifts to give to the King.  Whatever His great breakthrough is, it will happen in time and will happen on land.  I don’t know whether my cleansing time and land will significantly enhance what He is going to do anyway, but it certainly will not impair the God-explosion we all hope to see.

I have talked all around one issue, but let me close by hammering it home so there is no ambiguity.  The durable things I invest in — sanctifying time and land — won’t necessarily help me if I end up in a prison camp.  The sanctified time would continue to benefit me to a degree, but not the land and buildings I leave behind.

However, I invest in those things to prepare for the future for the Kingdom, not for me.  My passion is for the Kingdom of God to advance. That is the vision of a Noble Subject.  So I gladly invest in sanctifying land and buildings, knowing full well that in at least one of the three options, these things will do me no good whatsoever.

And that is fine.

Copyright April 2011 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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  1. Rosa says:

    This post made me realize that for some reason, I have started to take a different route home because I dread this one section of highway. The route I now take actually takes me over the state line, into the next state that borders our property,for a little stretch.I wonder what that means?? Hmm..I think I need to push through that,and do some cleansing as I go.

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