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A Staggering Wound

My heroes are people who refuse to allow the injustices of life to define them. Benjamin is one of them. He started off rocky.  His father had just made the biggest mistake of his whole life by leaving Bethel when … Continue reading

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Perspective on Giving

During the first couple of weeks of May we posted a link where people could donate to Sapphire on the web, via credit card.  It generated a lot of tension between me and you.  I have received a wide range … Continue reading

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The Fulness of Time

“But when the fulness of time was come, God sent forth his Son . . .” Galatians 4:4 KJV This is a familiar verse to me, but somewhere, somehow, it got associated in my mind with Daniel’s 70 weeks. I … Continue reading

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Life During Judgment

There are about 30 verses in Scripture commanding us to love, seek or obey God with all our heart. That is rather difficult since our emotions are not particularly cooperative all the time.   Now a command to obey God is … Continue reading

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Life after Sin

The story is in 1 Samuel 12.  Israel did one of those “wrong response to pain” things and asked for a king just because Nahash the Ammonite was on a rampage. This started a messy process which culminated in Samuel … Continue reading

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I marvel at how swiftly the world can be rearranged. A volcano in Iceland erupts.  Thousands of flights are cancelled.  Billions of dollars are lost to the airlines and all of the businesses associated with them.  Untold numbers of social events … Continue reading

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