Reconciliation to Land

It is now June 10th, the beginning of the 20 day window when there is unusual grace for being reconciled to the land.

This theme has been well developed in the church for the last 40 years.  Many of you who follow this blog are deeply vested in the process of cleansing land.

Why don’t you contribute some stories of process.  Share with others what you started with, what you did with the damaged land, and where you are today in your walk.

Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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  1. Alexander says:


    could you explain what this 20 day period is that allows a greater than normal reconcilation of land?
    What forms it, what book marks it and why now?
    Thanks so much,


    • Hi, Alexander. Have you read all four articles on reconciliation windows in the library on our main site? That would frame it better for you. Since we have been following this for a few years, some of the presuppositons are laid out in the earlier articles.

  2. karen ford says:

    Thank you for the thought-provoking posts.
    I am presently packing up to leave a county that I have lived in for more than 29 years. I have prayed over each piece of property that I have lived on, but one highway has been my home, on and off, for 3 separate times. The last time I moved on this highway, the Lord made me realize that I had a definite assignment here. That was over 5 years ago, and I did all that i knew to do… and learned more with each day that I was not at all knowledgable or aware about land and its possibilities at all. Even my leaving seems to be totally out of my control, and I have been so aware of God’s timing and asked Him for it. I am glad that I read this post today becuase I am beginning to ask what needs to be done as i leave the county,especially this highway.

  3. Michele says:

    Four years ago I moved back to my hometown to possess my inheritance — my grandparents house. Of course, I was also looking forward to unpacking more of my spiritual inheritance as well since I knew that God was sovereignly moving me back. My husband and I cleansed the land and the atmosphere greatly improved, as you would expect.
    Here’s the part I didn’t expect. God started dealing with my resentment toward my hometown. I always despised it there and couldn’t wait to leave. I never felt like I fit in in my town, and a 24 year hiatus didn’t change that. I realized that I STILL had bitterness and resentment, yet God had brought me back.

    I knew this season of reconciliation with land was coming up, so last month I started repenting for my attitude toward the place that God brought me (my family arrived here in 1897) and I started thanking God for His plans in putting us here. I started to BLESS the land. Then one day God said something kind of weird: “you haven’t even scratched the surface of the treasures I have deposited in this land”. When I asked “what treasure?”, He said “time”.

    I’ve been trying to figure this puzzle out and understand the relationship between time and my land, and how it’s supposed to work. Since God told me that, I have noticed an amazing improvement in the flow of my life. Just yesterday the highway was completely backed up in the direction I was going. Somehow I not only got through but made it in LESS than the usual time. My husband called to ask if I was stuck in traffic and I was already at my destination. Parking spaces have been opening up just as pull onto my street. All of my projects have had an ease and flow to them. Etc.

    Today, God said “your land is Giver land, and you are now experiencing the treasure of My timing”. How cool is that?!

    YAY GOD!

  4. Holt says:

    My story started seven years ago with two acres of commercial land I have owned since 1985. It was so defiled that no amount of prayer for the land seemed to make a dent. It was empty, abandoned, no business worked here, and I was ready to give it away! Many people prayed on site and from afar as a strike force, and little by little things began to change. The land itself was DID – it had a defiled stream in the land and a godly stream parallel but not attached. In 2004 we began to redesign the site as a small retail center, just ten tenant spaces, and construction was completed in August 2005. The goal was to express the fingerprint of God in the land through the design of the buildings and landscaping. Today there is life here, both in land and in the people on it. We have amazing flower beds, not what was originally planted in 2005, but richly trextured perennial beds that sing to me how much happier and healthier the land is. The flowers are outdoing themselves, blooming outrageously! The tenant mix likewise has changed. Now our tenants are a community of neighbors. The newest business here is a start-up, opened in November 2010, and the owner already needs to grow to a second location in town. His comment says it all, “I knew this was a good location, but I didn’t know it was THIS good!” This land is now yielding its stength to us, as well as being, I believe, a platform for the blessing of God’s Presence. It truly is amazing! Only God could redeem like this. The process of working through this transformation has been one of the most spiritual and holy things I have ever participated in. Six years on the mission field was no comparison.

  5. Lu-Ina says:

    I came to this land about three months ago. When I decided it is time to move and uproot myself where I’ve lived
    for my whole life. I trusted God to take me to a place of rest and restoration. This place is nestled between a mountain and the sea. Elements that I love. God knew that. I know that now. All alone with a lot of time on my hands I worked through all the balmoral prayers, blessing the land. Every time I leave this place and return it stirs in me the feeling of home, my home, my balmoral. A safe and peaceful place. I celebrate again the timing which have been like a theme through out this experience. I need to decide if I am go to stay maybe buy a house or move. It is in God hands but this place will always be my balmoral. There is something here that is not there.

  6. Lisa says:

    I resonate with what Crystal has said. I am on a piece of Mercy land with a long history of defilement, yet God has broken my heart for the area and given me a passion to see the breach between the land and its people healed and has shown me the beauty of this union for the area. There is a huge sound element to this as well, specifically with the moon. The pivotal work is being done at night. And while the stars are speaking – it is the moon which is SHOUTING a booming broadcast from the heavenlies to the city. And when the moon is full it positively dominates the atmosphere and the moonlight creates a veil of LOVE over the whole city, its land and all of its inhabitants. I’ve never seen another moonscape create this level of resonance with the land – it is truly awesome. The beauty and sensitivity of the Mercy sequencing is so amazing to see as well. And the land is responding to this love with many tangible signs in the natural of change focused around better treatment of its people and care for the land.

    • Crystal says:

      That is a beautiful picture. God told my friend, “When time and sound are aligned, JOY is released.” It is interesting to note that the Biblical months begin on New Moons (total darkness) and the Biblical feasts fall on the Full Moon (full light). In the presence of all that Moon Light, there was a lot of celebration and JOY. As you said, that “work” (family meal and celebration) took place at night, too. Very interesting.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you that is a wonderful link. And it is interesting as well to note that this Mercy land which has been so defiled **at night** … is now being blessed **at night** to glorify God with it’s true beauty and grace. God is going right to the places where so much darkness occurred and saying: ‘I love you, you are mine, my precious child, my bride’. The first vision I had of this land when God moved me to it was of a prostitute that God was reclaiming for himself – like Hosea. I prayed: ‘God what do you want me to do here?’ and He said: ‘Listen to the land, bless the land and it will tell you it’s secrets.’ And so it has been for the last couple of years .. and my heart has cleaved to the land as it’s told me of its pain. I don’t know how land does that – but it is like an orphaned child that clung to my knees and I could not walk away. I committed to it. ISAIAH 62:4 – “No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married.”

    • Jim Alseth says:

      Lisa, your speaking of the moon and sound strikes a chord with me regarding our city. I would really appreciate the opportunity to ask you more about this…

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Jim, just picked up this post. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, of course, happy to dialogue more about the moon and sound and how that is unfolding here. Did you have specific questions?

  7. Jacq Wallace says:

    Yes, I had a similiar situation here renting this property. I found the more I blessed the land, the more I was pleasantly surprised with the revelation that was released. It really is like gold mining…you get rewarded when you least expect it. For me it’s the joy that comes with a land and atmosphere that feels right and in order and preparing a space for my family that is safe and secure. Without writing it all out again I hope you don’t mind Arthur if I share a post from my blog on process here:

  8. Sharon says:

    I absolutely love the timing of the Lord! We just signed a lease yesterday, June 10th, on a new location for our ministry. We talked about getting the Intercessors in there to pray over it for cleansing and blessing. Now I know this will be a definite goal plan. Questions: 1.) Do you think we should have people at various times on sight to pray throughout the full 20 days? We will be physically moving in by July 10th. 2.) Are the Balmoral prayers a guide for this? Thank you Arthur!

    • There is no one right way to do it. I would ask the Lord first of all what the nature of the defilement is on the land. The nature of the problem (if there is a problem) will determine the kind of people you need there to deal with it. And yes, the early Balmoral prayers were about cleaning land. You could sort through those and see what fits.

  9. Nerina Fourie says:

    Dear Arthur,
    This is WAY exciting. My huband rarely gets to travel for work and about three weeks ago a big boss in his company asked him to come down to Chillie to give trainging for a week. We both felt it right for him to go and have been asking God if he should be imparting or receiving from the land. He is on the land today! I knew about this season coming up, but did not put the pieces toghether with him being in Chillie now! Will keep you posted!

  10. Crystal says:

    Six years ago in June, we lived in a rent house on land that was filled with rage and the like. It negatively impacted our family, and our peace. We desperately wanted to restore that piece of land/building for the next family–because we’d been on both sides of the coin ourselves. God revealed pieces by prayer and we cycled the Bible through numerous times to cleanse the air and to saturate the walls/ground. The next renters came along and were able to live there, peaceably, for a lengthy period of time, in stability. The renters prior to our 11 months there came and went in a matter of a couple months. What we didn’t expect was the key revelation that God released to us in that time, in that place, which we have been broadcasting ever since. The revelation, looking back, was released to us through the sound/land/time and the efforts we made. That piece of revelation has circled the globe–and impacted land in nations. Only today did we realize that the key revelation was tied to our investment in that defiled land which had a hidden great blessing. We were just trying to bloom where we were planted! Recently I saw a picture of us living at the previous home where everything was beautiful and orderly and happy. The next home, the rent house, was not any of those. BUT. . .the YIELD from the rent house/land was eternal. Buried treasure in unlikely places is what comes from investing in land, time, and people!

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