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The last 40 years have been among the most spectacular in the Body of Christ in terms of new revelation.  It has been a season for taking sound doctrine and making practical application in almost every sector of the culture.

We are immensely blessed to have lived in this season and to experience first hand the explosion of new methodologies for applying the truths of the Word of God to our world.

One area which has been massively impacted is our relationship with land.  In a season when there is much discussion of the most recent revelations, it is well worth our time to go back to some of the early pioneers in this area.  One who I personally admire very much for the quality of his life is Steve Hawthorne.

Steve and Graham Kendrick wrote the book “Prayer Walking: Praying on site with insight.”  It is the well aged fruit of a life lived in the trenches.  I have heard him share some of the stories of his beginning and have savored the beauty of a man who walked through a process, rather than receiving a sudden, full blown revelation.

Much of our praying tends to be like throwing mud on the wall, while hoping some of it sticks. Steve is a man after my own heart.  He is a listening pray-er who knows what it means to be strategic.  He has measurable, verifiable, sustained results to report.

If you have a call to land and are not familiar with this gem, I suggest you add it to your library.  It is available through  Click here to read more.

Copyright June 2011 by Arthur Burk

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  1. September says:

    I ordered a copy of the book on your recommendation. It starts out simply enough and suggests beginning to prayerwalk as you read through the book, so I grabbed a friend and got started this week.
    It’s been interesting.
    The prayers come from different sources. For example, use your senses. We see a cop car, which triggers us to pray for law enforcement and the judicial system in our town. (I live in what’s been called the drug and gang capital of Canada). We also pray for the officer personally. We see a Sold sign on a piece of property, so we pray for the new residents to come.
    Or, you use existing knowledge. We see a home where the previous owner was a prominent business leader who was targeted several years ago with violence and required on site security for some time. A spirit of fear seems to linger on the land, so we deal with that and pray for the business, which is again in a worrisome situation that could impact 2500+ people.
    Or, you receive knowledge from the Holy Spirit.
    It’s been interesting. We walk at 6 am in the morning and for the first four days, didn’t see any people (except in their vehicles driving past.) This morning – at the exact same time of day in the same walkway, we were within ten feet of 8-10 different people and were able to greet them and bless them as we walked away. I wonder what changed that suddenly a bunch of people were out?
    We always finish our prayerwalk by saying the Lord’s Prayer aloud together. Can’t wait to see how this will make a difference in our neighbourhood, which we encircle with our walks.
    Thanks Arthur for the recommendation.
    🙂 September

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