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Social Entrepreneurs

While in England last week, I had a chance to meet a group of social entrepreneurs.  It was great fun to compare stories and strategies.  They are definitely my kind of people! One program stood out above the rest in … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 9

The third straw man has to address the principle for the Servant, because no discussion of a redemptive gift scenario is complete without exploring the application or neglect of the governing principle. The principle for the Servant is that of … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 8

Let’s build a totally different straw man now. Compare these two story lines.  First we have the prophet confronting Saul. “What have you done?” asked Samuel. Saul replied, “When I saw that the men were scattering, and that you did … Continue reading

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Mercy Season Mystery

I am stuck! In today’s newsletter I shared about a piece of land I am working on that is a mystery to me.  I can’t get revelation and the principles are not flowing for me.  Quite unusual. From my current … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 7

Soooo…………….what happened?! How could the Servant king who had the deck so utterly stacked in his favor, botch the play? The short version:  I don’t know for sure. The long version:  Here are some possible rocks to look under. There … Continue reading

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