Mercy Season Mystery

I am stuck!

In today’s newsletter I shared about a piece of land I am working on that is a mystery to me.  I can’t get revelation and the principles are not flowing for me.  Quite unusual.

From my current perspective, I think God wants to show us something brand new about how to deal with certain land problems in this season but I can’t seem to get to that insight by myself.  Therefore I have asked for seven days of corporate prayer from the Sapphire family to get whatever revelation God has for us.

When I ponder the immense amount of earned authority you have as a group, it is quite exciting.  So very many of you have had to branch out from the standard sources of answers.  You have sought God for new wisdom to address unusual problems and been able to find a way forward.

This represents a formidable amount of in-the-trenches earned authority.  While many people out there have authority over darkness in all its many forms, I think our tribe has uncommon spiritual authority to find new insight about principles for highly resistant problems.

We have never done this kind of exercise before (at least I don’t remember mobilizing you all for a single focus on revelation) but I am on tip toe with expectation.  I think God has carefully maneuvered me into a corner so that I needed your help so that He could give us a revelation much larger than what I already have or was looking for.

So let the battle begin!

Often God does not give the revelation in a single package to a single person.  So if you have a hunch or an idea, write a comment and let’s see what the corporate revelation turns out to be.

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

August 5th

Hey, Friends.  We are not communicating here.  I am very clear on one thing: God wants so show us a new thing.  Therefore the prayer request in the newsletter was to ask God to reveal what He wants to reveal.

I am a little disappointed in a lot of the comments about yesterdays tools.  This is not what we need.  Been there, done that. We need new tools for a new season.

I appreciate your prayer support, and overtly asked for it, but I would like us to dial back in to the target:  seven days of prayer for God to reveal whatever it is that He wants to reveal to us about the new strategy for dealing with stronghold in the Mercy season.

Thanks for synchronizing with us and keeping a tight focus.


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  1. Joyful says:

    Great to read of the initial fruit of our experiment in teamwork-via-blog in today’s newsletter Arthur. What a privilege and honor to be part of the both/and dynamic of receiving/giving … even if we can do better next time!

  2. theresa says:

    God is planning a surprise party. Invitations are being prepared. Make preparations to celebrate. He’s keeping this one close to His chest. Formula: A constant state of (awareness of) brokeness + surrender = continuous connection to God. Sum Intention: He wants His people to know Him in the romance of the Gospel. His strategy is to bring justice in the mercy season to unify His people. He wants His beloved people to remain steadfast in the hope, for the days yet to come, that His mercy triumphs over judgment. <3

  3. Virginia Gorney says:

    OK…I had another thought…is there a political decision made in the present or the past that was evil…that would bring harm..?? That would need to be repented for. Such things do bring a curse on the land as in the OT when the kings made ungodly decisions regarding Israel.

    For example.. some tapes are being released NOW…by Caroline Kennedy..this is in the news..not secret information…the tapes reveal that Jackie Onassis states she thought LBJ and some Texas business tycooons hired OSwald and were behind John Kennedy’s assassination. LBJ politically brought on some damaging legislation with a “good front” upon America…look at Texas drought now…maybe this and some “globalist” agenda on the part of only “some” in high places need to be actually stated in a form of a setting the Lord directs…of course that would back the demon spirits down…behind these things…I am sure the Aug. 6 rally did help Texas…and I did pray here too…but I have learned through your teachings how thorough and direct…though discreet..the land strategy deliverance must occurr.

    Not to exuse the rest of the USA for the lukewarmness allowing all of this to be perpetuated…just sticking with the issue of delivering the parched land…and the issue of the huge gap of non-communication…

    Blesssings in this search

  4. Debbie F. says:

    Hi Arthur. The Lord has shown me something new recently while praying for the land around our house. We were told our house sits on an ancient path/lay line and that we are in the middle of a portal about 2 miles wide. Without giving you all of my personal details I just wanted to point out a few things I’ve seen.

    There was a definite cleansing that went on initially. Then we noticed a huge rebuilding of a commercial area not far from us to the north. Yea! Fruit! To the south of us God allowed me to meet a certain family. A little while later, God allowed Roger to meet the same family. They had their house up for sale for a long time and couldn’t sell it. They were also very messed up in the spirit. They would see the dead in their house and all kinds of stuff. In my heart I thought that the cleansing went just so far and that the land was still defiled and these people were tapping into that. Needless to say we started praying for them to move and that their house and land would be cleansed.

    Recently, the Lord told me the land wasn’t the problem – it was them on the land that was the problem. They were the ones that needed to go. They brought that junk on the land. To confirm that when I drove down the block I saw a dumpster outside their house, the real estate shingle was gone and a moving truck was there a few days later. All of this happened within a year.

    A few points to share:
    1. Sometimes God is silent when He’s working on His part. He’s heard our prayers and He’s answering – He’s just not talking about it but soon we’ll know. It’s a faith thing.

    2. There is probably a birthing period between what’s been prayed and seeing the answer.

    3. Like in my story above. Maybe there are some people or businesses that have got to go.
    Relocate to another town. Maybe the place you’re praying for has a special call. It has to be set aside and holier than another place for His ultimate purposes to come to pass.

    I will continue to pray about this. I know we will see His answer soon. Blessings to you.

  5. Narola Grady says:

    What has come up in my spirit ties in with what Terri said earlier. When I have a call to prayer, I often go to the piano and play out my intercession. I just let the Holy Spirit guide me as to what to play. Have you thought about contacting some intercessor musicians and record what God is bringing up in them? Then take that music onsite and see if it will open up your vision and hearing as to what the land wants to say? Several times I have gone to my husband’s workplace (a grocery store), and walked the aisles either humming music or playing my MP3 player (with earplugs!). I have often seen answers within a 24-48 hour period.

    • Narola, what am I missing? “Have you thought about contacting some intercessor musicians and record what God is bringing up in them?” Uh, yes! I have contacted all the intercessors reading this and asked them to seek the Lord! Why don’t you get some music going and see what God says to you?

      • Narola Grady says:

        Arthur, I’m already on it. I’ve been drilling down into a little chorus about mercy falling on us. I saw a picture of very parched, cracked earth just waiting to receive whatever it can to make a recovery. I’ll stay with it to prepare the ground for you and other intercessors to receive what God has for us. If I get anything else, I will pass it on.

  6. Terri says:

    Just read about your request. Not sure if this is helpful, but this is what came to mind as i read some comments on the land. Friday my family was in the Finger Lakes region of New York, enjoying vacation at an outdoor adventure center. As I was being pulled up the mountain on a cable car i was telling the Lord how much i appreciated His creation, how glorious it is. With a rush, He expanded my heart & He shared a bit of His heart with me for the land, how He loves it. It was exhilarating to feel His heart on this matter as i have always loved creation but to share this communion with Him was almost too much to handle. I wanted to hop out of the cable car & kiss the ferns & the birch trees & fungus & the ground! I thrilled in His perfect plan so carefully orchestrated, no detail left to chance.

    Another time, about a year ago, i was worshiping the Creator specifically (not my normal focus), singing a new song, with my hands raised to Him. I was sitting in our sunroom with my back to a huge window that butts up to a peaceful, stately pine forest. I was caught up in glory when my spirit saw several huge spirits rise up out of the land right behind me & join me in worshiping the Creator. At first it so startled me that i stopped in alarm, seeking to discern if they were good or evil. But Holy Spirit pointed out that they joined me in raising their hands to my Creator God so i went back to worshiping the Lord & directed my focus away from them, just realizing that they had joined in my worship.

    Another thought coming to mind: as we drove to New York we had been discussing a dream my husband, who doesn’t normally consider his dreams, had had that very morning. It was an end times dream & it really impacted him. I was then quietly reflecting on an experience i had earlier in the week where i felt momentary panic as i saw a vision of an army marching across the land, bringing devastation to our nation. As i considered that incident i had a sense of sorrow of the destruction of the land that the Lord feels & how one of the intentions of His heart is to restore the land when He returns. I could feel His eagerness to redeem not only mankind, but also the land.

    In the past year i have increasingly been feeling His heart & His love for the land. Last year, in praying & preparing for any outdoor healing meeting in a valley in my beloved area, i was stretched out on the land, feeling God’s heart for the land & then for the people He had planted there, the Natives who originally occupied the land, & then for the settlers that had come after. Again i could feel things rising up out of the ground. Water was also an issue springing up from the ground, & a vision came forth from someone on the team with Jesus walking in the stream that ran thru the property on which we were meeting.

    I wonder if, as you pray & worship on the land, the land itself will speak to you? I once heard the cry of flowers as they were being uprooted prematurely, so i believe that creation has a voice that we can hear if we attune ourselves. I have Native blood in my ancestry & wonder if that gives me a propensity to hear these things. ??

    Grace for your quest. I eagerly await the results of the mysteries God will reveal. : )

  7. Maritia says:

    Hanging with you family til breakthrough ,, NEW ,, is our key to help !! Do something different , new place to hear , new tears , new mysteries!! Mercy gifting is never about status quo !! Saw that at The Voice tryouts with my son in Atlanta with all creative people !! Let’s Rejoice for the new song on the land that is yet to be song !!! Let’s write , sing , dance an expression to push back our old patterns !! God ‘s teaching through SLG has brought us too far!!!! New , Freshness from The Rose , The Morning Star

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