Spotting a Pattern

I think something is up.  I have a pattern going and a guess as to the meaning.  I am fishing for more data so we can figure out the “so what.”

This window began around August 4th, so we are a couple of weeks into it.  It is affecting only a small number of people, but they are all people who have been fiercely intentional about working on their core issues for the past couple of years.

The surface manifestation is an emotional withdrawal from those closest to them.  There is no conflict, and they continue to do the stuff of life, but there is simply no desire to connect horizontally with others in the usual manner.

When I see a pattern, I look for additional facets of the pattern.  I have a hunch what this is about, but before I share my thoughts, I would like a bit more data.

If you are one of these who has mysteriously disconnected from your long time, tried and true relationships and are holding everything comfortably internal, why not make a comment and let me know if there is anything else going on in your life that might be a clue to what is up.

Arthur Burk

Written from home

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  1. Irene says:

    Wow, as I read the comments, I can so identify. I have been meeting with some friends for five or six years. We know each other intimately . In the last year or so, I have a sense that it is time to move on. The dynamics have definitely changed when we get together. I won’t go into all of it but I don’t know what to do with that. I am much more aware of the Spirit world then I used to be. I’m so ready to go deeper. There is a lot of mistrust of God in the group. I yearn to know more of God. How can I move on without it seeming like “I’m better because I want more?” I know that as I pursue God, “lean back against His breast, hear His heartbeat” (song by Kari Jobe) it will be ok. I just don’t like it! I long for companionship but at the same time, I know I need to allow my current relationships to change.

  2. Joyce says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I am experiencing all of this, its been so curiou to me.

  3. Beth Jones says:

    Been following your work for years here in Ft Worth, Texas. Have used and loved the revelations you put out there on CDs. To be perfectly frank, my expectations for the Church body, the Bride of Christ, have crashed to the ground. Everyone seems to be persuing their own vision, fitting it into the word of God instead of measuring it against the word of God. I have just stepped back from all who say they love God and His word but do not seek His presence. I desire to see His power and His glory right here, right now. Forget my wants, what is it God wants?

    • Irene says:

      I hear you Sister. I know what you are saying. But, (yes, there is a but!) if we have the Holy Spirit in us, the Holy Spirit knows the mind of Christ and reveals that to us, we are daily walking with God and communing with Him, can not our wants and what God wants be the same thing? Are those wants not placed in us by God through His gift, the Holy Spirit?

      I think there can be a danger in thinking that if I want it, therefore it can’t be from God. I believe all our desires need to be brought before our Holy God, put in His hands. More often then not, He put those desires in my heart. As I walk with my God, I’m anticipating our desires being one and the same. I will not completely reach that goal until I see Him face to face. Hallelujah! But in the meantime? I’m excited for my desire and God’s desire to be more and more spontaneous. One and the same.

  4. Debra Howard says:

    I have been having this pattern in my life. I have noticed that I have almost no wish to even fellowship with my church family and It isn’t because of issues or anything that I am upset about. I just prefer to be with the Lord alone. This is direct contrast to my usual longing to be “in one accord”. I have also noticed that I do not want to confide in my closest friends. Again, not because of issues or any reason that I can name. I just desire to be alone with Him and it seems that it gets difficult at times to steal away with Him uninterrupted unless it happens in the night watch. I read a word just a bit ago about a rancher who had a rock that turned over on his ranch and what God had shown him about what it meant. That God has a remnant that He is drawing away from going to and fro and drawing them instead to go up and be more focused on Him. That is the sense that I have been having. I feel God has been calling me to come be alone with Him into a deeper intimacy than ever before. A place where He can cleanse from me the roots of things that are not of Him. Things like subtle jealousy, and pride, places where I find it difficult to lay down for Him.

  5. Doris says:

    I am way behind on your blog but this request jumped at me. Oh my can I say yes, there has been a huge sense of separation from what was for a season a very huge place of life giving for me with seven other ladies. Suddenly, around june, they all went a different way and one which i could not follow, so I withdrew as the leader to pursue your course on the Redemptive gifts. that was the reason I gave them, to give more time to this course. the truth was, I felt so dishonored by the course they took which was diametrically opposed to all that we have been learning about the human spirit and God, that I was heart broken at the lack of growth in the spirit after I had poured in so much. I know now that it was time to end that group, but clearly I realized that I had put a great deal of stock in that group as somehow legitimizing me ( I have repented and cleaned that up) but that there was clearly something new He wanted to birth in me. the course on the gifts was a huge tool to discovering this. But over riding all of that, I feel like it is a waiting time, and that living from day to day without a vision is ok for now. I pursue what I love to do when I can and meet the needs of my loved ones as needed, but there is no fire, no big vision I can put my finger on right now and relationships have diminished to less than a handful that I feel I can be safe with. The saving grace is one old and dear friend who is meeting with me regularly now to pray thru this strange season.I am always amazed when I see myself in your blogs!!

  6. Joyful says:

    August 6th was the solemn assembly in Houston, TX. I joined over the internet from my home here and while it was very real, it felt like a very private experience at the time. Since then I have been experiencing a season of God “opening the books” or “removing the veils” for my life.
    Multiple shifts in activities and focus have taken place including diet, travel, connections. Very interesting times.
    And yes. Similar experience of less horizontal, more vertical. But also hungering for stronger vertical connection. Sensing that my love for God, husband, others is almost feeling “muffled” or muted right now. Yet there are moments of intense joy in unexpected venues. Making a baby smile while shopping in a store. Singing over a piece of land. Recalling funny things God has done in my life over the years and just grinning to myself.

  7. Mike Clarke says:

    It is so good to receive unsolicited confirmation that one is not alone in experiencing what appears to be a counter intuitive move of the HS! It was only when I read your date of 4 aug that I was able to see the significance. For the last three weeks or so I have experienced being in a space where I have almost been compelled to disengage from people normally close to me in ministry even when i am in their company. It is as if we are seeing everything through different telescopes. They are seeing the moon and God is showing me the galaxy! As to what do I think is happening…..
    For some years I have been expecting God to move me into a significant dimension of influence in our country. This expectation has been my obsession (exhorter modelling himself on Moses, Jeremiah, Paul and William Wilberforce) and has informed every decision I have made for 25 years. Suddenly (during the last month) I have moved into a place of complete detachment from the dream and no longer care whether it happens or not. AND YET….. I have a tranquil certainty that I am being transitioned into that which THE KING has determined is significant and that this short season of separation is actually preparation for a reconstituting of prior relationships??

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