Thoughts on the Pattern

As I ponder what I am hearing, I am reminded of Hannah Hurnard’s book “Hinds’ Feet on High Places.”  It has been decades since I read it, so my recall of the details might be fuzzy, but here is the basic story line.

She climbed the mountain with a long series of painful, productive growth experiences.  Then, she found herself in a very pleasant garden.  When asked what this was for, the Shepherd replied that it was where He prepared people for death.

Shortly thereafter, she went to the altar and the priest removed her heart of self-will and was elated that he got every single rootlet.  Then of course there was the resurrection and new life.

I wonder if we are seeing something like that here.  The theme that has the most consistency is that people have worked hard for a long time and made a lot of progress.  Then they find themselves abruptly isolated from those who have traveled through the most difficult parts of the journey with them.

I wonder if this is a picture of that garden before death, where our spirits disconnect us from the soul dynamics with other people, in order to be very still, very centered and very focused on what is coming next.

Some people already know that  God is getting ready to deal with something large and painful within them.  The initial reaction is grief and frustration over having to go down that road again.  Is there ever any end to the junk in our lives?

However, on the heels of that emotion comes the realization that God is focusing on something very close to the core of our essence and that this one surgery will make an enormous difference for the rest of our lives.

So back to the isolation.  I wonder if another picture could be like a baby in the birth canal. The mother and child have been tightly connected for a long time, but the intensity of this process causes them to each retreat into their own world.  The bond between them is emotionally abandoned during birth, as well as being surgically ended.

Then, when the baby is on the outside, there is a process of mother and child getting reacquainted and reconnected in a whole different way — a way that has so much more potential than the way we once had.

That would suggest that our emotional isolation from people as we go through the normal stuff of life is just a temporary dynamic.

All that to say that many of you are in a similar but different place and these principles would not apply.  However, for those of you where it does apply, know it is just a season and when you come out the other side after this big surgery, you will be a very different person.

One suggestion:  in physical birthing we have learned to take the Egyptian curse very seriously.  When Pharaoh called the midwives in to scold them, their defense was that Hebrew women had their babies easily and swiftly, unlike the Egyptians.  Said another way, the Hebrews had babies the way God intended and the Egyptians were under a curse on the birthing process which made it challenging for them.

We have seen that this curse on child birth is still operant today.  When a woman is physically pregnant, we reject the Egyptian curse from the child birth process and call forth the design of  God for it to be short and non-violent.  This has radically changed the birthing process for many moms.

So here, whether our process is seen as a surgery, or a healing, or a birthing, it might be wise to push back against the enemy’s involvement.  Reject anything from the dark side that would make the process longer, more painful, or more twisted than God designed.

We will receive from the hand of God the productive pain He brings into our lives, but not accept any hitchhikers that the enemy tries to send along.

Copyright August 2011 by Arthur Burk

Written from home

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  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you Arthur, I am gaining understanding to something the Lord told me over the weekend when I decided to step into my pain that being alone brings me and explore where it is coming from. He told me that it is very, very deep and used the analogy of coal mining. He told me that only He can heal it, no one else can, and certainly business can’t heal it. He told me that the pain is like a seam of coal deep down in a dark tunnel and that He would remove it. He also said that because He is there, in the darkness, it won’t be dark anymore because He is light, and there can’t be any darkness. To add interest to all of this, my 91 year old father worked in the coal mines and when I asked him what it was it was like, he was able to describe down to the dimensions of the tunnel. I am excited to read this blog and see that I am not the only one going through this experience and more excited to read that it is a very good thing, that my prayer for healing keeps getting answered.

  2. Kate says:

    I read the first line and everything in me exploded!
    As soon as I saw the words “Hannah Hurnard” I thought, “This is it!” and knew what the rest of your post would entail.
    I will be rejecting the Egyptian curse tonight . .. thank you.

  3. Carla says:

    Your words here have brought me great comfort. And I read every comment, drinking in every word, as if I’ve been lost at sea in the midst of salt water. Plenty of water, but nothing that will quench my need, my thirst.

    I too am isolated from all of my tribe that has been with me on my long journey. I am caring for a mother suddenly so over-ridden with cancer, that I don’t know what to do. My tribe is only here by email and phone, and while covered by their prayers, I have longed for their presence. I have felt so alone.

    And then your words came and helped me feel what I already knew, that God is right here, with both of us. It helped me remember that before this started, before I knew what to pray for, He told me that he was restoring both mother and I to His paths of righteousness.

    I have been successfully working on an issue that is tied to the servant gift and moabite curse, where I chose as a child to build a platform of success under my mom, when she couldn’t do that for me. While there has been no real movement in my earthly world, I KNOW I’ve made progress and for some reason, in the face of watching and caring for my mom, I know He is doing something major that brings our relationship completely out of it’s twisted path to a righteous path.

    Thank you for this confirming word. I am back to looking unto Jesus.

  4. Mike Clarke says:

    Thanks Arthur. Identify completely with this blog! My sense is that the process is all about bringing about the fullness of the complete chapter of Romans 12. I see Romans 12 as a repetitive cycle/spiral of going from glory to glory. We start be presenting ourselves a living sacrifice. We do this because we get to the place (again) where we are out of control, vulnerable to the opinions of others or have fallen in to the trap of “thinking more highly of ourselves….” Father isolates us so we become desperate for His presence and intimacy. Renewing of the mind through deeper revelation starts to happen. We surrender to the deep pain of self death, He heals us in response to our faith, we are now better equipped to operate according to design, we move back into relationship with the body of Christ better able to DO verses 9 onwards….
    The thought that keeps recurring is that there is a global ‘something’ that is under way or about to happen that is going to make what has been happening to so many of us strategically relevant. May Father bless you with even greater insight into his plans and purposes in Jesus name!

  5. Olivia says:

    I recently re-read Hinds Feet in High Places. It absolutely wrecked me. I wept through so much of the book. I must say it did not affect me this way when I read it before. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment.

    All to Jesus, I surrender
    All to Him I freely give
    I will ever love and trust Him
    In His presence daily live

    • Linda Alexander says:

      I have over the past several months recognized that I have no friends or like minded people in the new area that I have lived for just under 2 years. I work long hours and because I am a manager I can not form personal relationships with my staff, because I am administrative I do not have much in common with the clinicial side, except paperwork, so at work as well as at home I am pretty much alone. During this time the Lord has shown me many things like my judgments against Him and I also began to realize that the horrible thoughts in my mind really were not me. So along with a 10 plus hour a day job and no friends, I am pretty much still trying to grow and make great strides for deliverance for my family and myself. I think it is workig because I am seeing so much more than I did before. In the mix is the daily blessings, seminars, and CD teachings from Sapphire Leadership that help me see. Many Blessings!

  6. Donna says:

    Can I just give you an electronic hug for this? I can relate to pretty much all of it. This window of time has felt to me as though everything truly important about my existence is on the line. And like you said, I do believe the outcome will make an enormous difference for the rest of my life. I’ve never been in a place like this. Yet, in the mix of it all, I also have a confidence that this is a particular process that need never be revisited. Whatever the results, it will the be final and trustworthy conclusion on these issues for all of eternity. Hence the process is taking more time than I’d prefer.

    The one thing I’ve been living without is the large, dynamic prophetic community I was in where I could get a report on spirit realm activity just by asking around for 5 minutes. I can handle a great deal of difficulty when I believe it is something God’s taking all of the willing through, rather than when I believe it is the pain of my individual fumbles. Considering what’s in front of me to be a privileged road reserved for the truly courageous helps tremendously. So thanks again. I really appreciate it.

  7. Joyce says:

    I was sharing with a friend about feeling a detachment from relationships and she steered me to this article. I am relieved to know that I am not alone, although I do feel very lonely. I cannot find friendship complete in anyone but my Lord. It is a comforting feeling that I have been called apart for such a time as this. I am worshiping at God’s feet and listening to Him and everything else takes a back seat. Now I understand it is not loneliness as much as it is alone-ness with just the Lord and I. I’m soaking in it!

  8. Florence Kerlegan says:

    Thank you Arthur. This post seems very acurate in this season. These two word pictures lend a comforting reminder of the joy set before us and a warning of tagalongs or hitchhikers.
    Thank you for the life-giving blessing you are, even when articulation of gratitude is strained to express and progress seems questionable.
    ~For His Glory

  9. Shirley says:

    I am reading this as I started my day today after a night of dying like I have not died before, in the same areas where I have experienced much dying. It was good in that I knew it needed to be and I totally yielded to the Holy Spirit and did not let the enemy add his tagalongs. I am very raw from the surgery as it was major and cannot form my thoughts well yet but I am receiving healing today, from Jesus. My others sources of comfort have all been cut off this last year but I do know this is a season, a transition, and I have cried out to the Lord often for what I have seen as glimpses of the future. Just wanted to say you were right on for my life. Than
    ks for being a confirmation for me.

  10. Tracy says:

    The birthing analogy you give is really amazingly accurate for me. It resonated immediately with my spirit. Thank you again for the wonderful insight. Blessings to you!

  11. Merry says:

    Since the first of the this year we’ve been stepping back in several ways. Since the end of May we’ve been very quiet. The stepping back has intensified this month and been very important to God. He has been generous with His word, but especially Himself. There is definitely pain and fatigue. The core of our beings is God’s attention as well as very personal to Him and us. Your post is confirmation.

  12. Sonia says:

    Thank you Arthur for two excellent pictures. I was going to comment on the previous post but my story was very much being told in snippets in most of the comments.
    Then I saw this post this morning.
    As I was preparing to write, I looked for the diamonds sparkling in the dust of the blowups in my life in the last couple of months. I saw them. I saw Jesus dusting some of them and Father polishing others. I saw angels standing over them. The greatest thing that I can celebrate from all of the pain is INTIMACY! I have had incredible intimacy with the Trinity. I have been loved on by all three at the same time. I have been walking in alignment with all three working through the pain. Megan’s tools from the teleconference have been sharpened from use in mining those diamonds, tearing away the rocky mountains they were buried in and Father has been absolutely stunning to watch bulldozing the structures He does not want!
    Yes I agree Arthur it is a season and what is on the other end is incredible!
    Thank you for watching spirit, thank you for culminating the data soul and allowing us to tell our stories. Thank you for encouraging us to greater intimacy and freedom.
    Bless you!

  13. Debbie G. says:

    Yesterday out gardening with Hubby, noticed a Monarch Catterpillar, he had attached hmself to a flower stem, preparatory to Chryslising. This morning I brought it into the house, he had shed his skin,was now a Chrysalis.The butterfly can be seen forming inside.
    It is speaking to me about my life, my marriage and my family.Transition time.
    Lately there has been an odd detachment in me. I want space and lots of it, I want Father and his word.
    Almost finished the Spiritual Warfare album, its been exactly what I needed for this point in my life. Putting it to good use.

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