Being Placed in Your Office Part 1

Now that we have surfaced the pain, let’s dig into the hard work of finding out how to resolve this situation.

As we look at Scripture there are a few clear pictures of someone being put in an office.  Let’s start with the office of priest.  It was clean, simple and boring.  You were born into the priestly line and were destined to the office.  You turned 30 and had the same old, same old ordination service that God instituted on Mount Sinai.

Nothing shouts to me of takeaway value there.

Prophets next.  Only a few record the details of their being placed in the office of prophet.  In the classic model, God called someone to the office of prophet and that was that.  Ezekiel probably had the most exotic ordination service of all time.  There was no doubt that man was installed in the office with intensity!!!

On the other hand, Elisha probably had the most chintzy ordination service.  It was somewhat along the lines of “Tag, you’re it!”  Gotta admire the prophet’s capacity to occasionally cut to the chase.

On the other hand, did Elisha actually enter the office of prophet then, in the field, or not until after Elijah’s promotion?  Not sure about that one.

I am also not sure about the guys in the schools of prophets.  There is no record of their ordination into the office.  Did God put them in the office and then they went to school, or did they go to school and then some human plugged them into the office when they finished the course, whether the course “took” or not.

And if that happened, were they really in the office of prophet?  Judging from the current crop of American prophets, I would say . . .



Kings are an interesting pickle.  As far as I can remember without rereading all of the history, God only picked four kings:  Saul, David, Jeroboam and Jehu.  The rest took the office by succession in a dynasty or by coup.

So . . . if God decrees that a dynasty is terminated by His judicial decree, and I kill the king and enthrone myself, am I “in” that office or am I an impostor?


I am not sure.

Try this one.  Suppose I take the throne by coup, and I am NOT in the office of king, but you are my son and you inherit the throne upon my death from old age.  Are YOU legitimately in the office?

Not sure about that one either.

My point is simply that there is a wide range of scenarios from the cookie cutter priests’ office to the unequivocal, occasional kings and prophets who were placed in their offices in a dramatic way, to the enigmas who had the task, but may or may not have been in the office.

With that wide open playing field, let’s revisit Hagar.  I think there are some principles there.

Fourteen years after Hagar got sent back by God, He decided her time was up.  He initiated and told Abraham to send her away.  Abraham did.

Here is my take on that.  First, I find it very significant that God initiated.  Second, it is interesting that for this step, He used a man to do the deed.  When Abraham sent her away, he was emancipating her.  I believe at that moment she entered into the office of personhood which was denied her from the time she was born into slavery.

Then I believe God put her in the office of mother when He gave her the water that she was able to give to her son to save his life.  In my mind, the proof that she was in the office of mother is that she could put him in the office of son and man after that, when she went back to Egypt and got him a wife.

It seems that you have to be in a legitimate office to put someone else in a legitimate office and because she was in the office of mother, she could promote him along the way, whereas she could not as a slave.

My tentative hypothesis is that in the first round, people who are in an office are supposed to put us in each office at the appropriate times.  When that fails, then God puts us in the office at the right time, sometimes through human involvement and sometimes directly by His own hand.

The million dollar question is, “Who has the ball?”  Is this totally an issue of the sovereignty of God?  Or do we have to do something so that God will then respond and put us in the office?  And if so, what do we do?

My belief is that we have to do a lot.  I think God puts us in the situations where we CAN progress to the point where we are fit for the office, and then He does it or has someone do it.

The problem arises when we take our calling and confuse it with being in the office.

Take David.  We know he was called to be king when he was anointed.  But I think he was not in the office for a long time. Everything that took place in Saul’s administration was a classic case of a man not in the office.

He WAS in the office of warrior, and he was placed there by the king, but he was not yet in the office of king, even though he was called to the office of king.

I think David was illegitimate.  All of the evidence says he was not in the office of son in his own home.  He was definitely a second rate kid.  In the palace, he was superb in military leadership, but his fruitfulness was used to cover the king’s barrenness in that department and eventually jealousy ensued in a big way.

So going back to my hypothesis, God sent Hagar back to Sarai and sent David back to Judea to position them to learn and achieve the necessary things so they could then, eventually be put in the office.  He created an opportunity.  They had to walk it out.

I think Hagar had some things to learn at the University of Sarai and that David learned some things on the backside of the desert.  Then, when each was ready, they were put in the office by God, with man’s help.

With that hypothesis, I will be looking at some of the things that I see God requiring before a girl child enters the office of woman.  It is my feeling as I look at this topic in a new way that a lot of grown up girls out there are one class away from “graduating.”

To use a high school illustration, it is as though you need one more credit hour of science to finish the requirements, but you or the devil keep signing you up for more math or history.  You end up with way more credit hours than you need to graduate (hence the massive frustration) but you don’t have the specific classes you need.

So keep praying for my processing, since this is a very new subject for me, not one I have walked 50 people through successfully.

Next blog to follow in a few days.

Copyright September 2011 by Arthur Burk

From home, on a balmy evening.

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9 Responses to Being Placed in Your Office Part 1

  1. Frankly I agree with you Arthur and ponder your revelation of the office of personhood that it truly is a Curator for the new season God is preparng for the bride……

  2. D'Arcy Young says:

    Ever begin to read something and you ‘scent’ water?
    I had always read the story of Abraham sending Hagar away with pain. But as you pointed out, she was not only being sent away, she was being freed. As a free person, she could grow and become the one her Creator had designed her to be.
    Thank you so much for your work on this subject.


  3. J. David Muray says:

    “I think David was illegitimate. All of the evidence says he was not in the office of son in his own home. He was definitely a second rate kid. In the palace, he was superb in military leadership, but his fruitfulness was used to cover the king’s barrenness in that department and eventually jealousy ensued in a big way.”
    I’m not sure if this is simply a side bar or not. For some time I also believed that David was an illegitimate child. Then I noted that neither an illegitimate child nor his seed for ten generations could enter the temple. I do not believe that as much as God loved David that was special dispensation for him alone. While on this next point I am relying on memory alone, it seems that I figured out that it was the reverse was the case here because that David was the tenth from an illegitimate birth and hence the first for many generations to be able to enter the temple.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Interesting point, J David. You may well be right, but allow me to throw in the discussion the fact that David was astoundingly cavalier about the Law. He was the guy who brought the Ark up without checking on protocol and then got miffed at God for spanking him.

      And he is also the guy who separated the Ark from the Tabernacle and there is no Mosaic Law precedent for that. One wonders if David did that because he was not too comfortable with the Tabernacle.

      Still, for all his sloppy theology and practice, God rewarded him for wanting to build a temple, so that would be more support for your theory.

  4. I found in my life that although i had been called and others recognized the calling.My gifts could take me,where my character couldnt keep me.The first place that elijah took elisha was to Gilgal,the place where God removed the reproach of Egypt from Israel,by the removing of the “flesh” foreskin.The choosing or appointing comes or should come in many cases.When the leadership recognizes “proven” character off the person who has allowed God to remove the flesh.A word study of the others places that elijah took elisha could prove to bring a greater understanding of the calling and the choosing

  5. Doris says:

    So as always it is back to choices. Am I so intent and focused on what I think I need to be placed in the office of woman ( a husband, children, etc) that I am missing my graduation by just a hair because I am looking at the wrong facet of my existence,the ONE THING that confirms my womanhood? I cry for the blogger who suffers from never having been a mother herself, though she operated as one in so many ways. I know others like that and I don’t know the healing balm for them. It has been too easy for me to find a husband and to have children, so I really don’t relate but I do cry because it really does seem unfair. And yet i know it isn’t, that God in His infinite wisdom and love is filtering all of this into our lives for our individual need to fulfill our office as woman! Accepting and rejoicing in my being a daughter of the king resonates to me as a key here. When I truly accept my office of daughter, I am woman seems to just drop into my spirit as truth. I will ponder this.

  6. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    I think you are good at messy! I think that there was a reason God got you to be a plumber, you spent times cleaning drains in the physical and now you do it in the Spiritual, it’s not a fun job and I’m grateful it’s not mine! But you’re REALLY good at it!!! Thank-you!

  7. D E E P B R E A T H and here I go. I have been like a sponge soaking up what you write for some time now, not sure myself, how long. Each time I think, “I am going to respond to this . . . . But . . . .
    Something/one? resist me and I think, “what do I know of Holy?” But today even the different perspective from Kim in her response motivates me to take this, in what for me is, “a leap of faith”

    I am stirred in the recesses of my being to respond. . . .feeling maybe like Abraham might have felt in Gen.18:32 when he said “do not be angry with me but suppose?”

    You Arthur started out with “As we look at Scripture there are a few clear pictures of someone being put in an office. Let’s start with the office of priest. It was clean, simple and boring. You were born into the priestly line and were destined to the office. You turned 30 and had the same old, same old ordination service that God instituted on Mount Sinai.
    Nothing shouts to me of takeaway value there.” . . . .And it was like a “LIGHT” came on for me . . . .a crowning place . . . .a place of movement from one place into a larger space with more freedom to “see” – A different perspective that helps me make sense of my own beginnings from the natural womb in a troubled, painful life, through process of accepting Jesus as Savior (from myself and my bent to destroy me) into the beauty of repentance and returning and releasing my impossible life without fully understanding but learning how to Trust Him with my outcome . . . .

    “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose” Jim Elliott

    I believe and see the whole earth as a womb . . . . going through the stages of birth . . . .with the result of the kingdom of God being birthed into these earthen vessels individually, first and then being added or positioned to His Body, where Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth is The Head and whosoever is willing will get their impulses from the Head and be motivated as we begin to learn and feel love like He does from His heart . . . .But just now, we are in the final stages of birthing and those contractions are coiming hared and faster and many are screeming thinking they are going to die (and indeed we have to : ) but really now all we can do to endure is B R E A T H E ! and that baby Is Going To Be Born!

  8. Kim says:

    I love where God is taking you with this one. I have been pondering this same subject, yet in a little different way. More from the approach of growing up from a little girl into a woman – putting childish things, thoughts and attitudes away (which are really going through forgiveness and letting God heal past wounds). I have found that God has taken me back to failed situations, allowing me “do overs” and I’m hoping these will be the credits I need to graduate!

    Blessings to you and the SLG crew!

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