New Twist on Time

We do a lot of reverse engineering here.  When something goes right, we try to figure out what we accidentally did right, so we can do it again intentionally.  We scored a big insight today, compliments of Holt.

What was going right was this window of reconciliation with our destiny.  It runs from December 10th to 30th each year.  More teaching about that can be found here.

The short version is that during this window of time there is extra grace to reconcile with those issues from our past that have held us back, as well as to move toward God’s destiny for us in the future.

Every year I sit back and watch God do fun stuff.  We just never know what amazing tool He will use to dissolve the knots from the past or to make a way for someone when there is no way to go forward.

But this year has been stellar.  More people than typical have had good lurches, and the things God has done have been stunningly complex and beautiful.

So we wondered!

What makes this year different?  Can we bottle this so next year we have another stellar year?

The answer came today from Holt’s wise perspective, but first a bit of background.

When I came to understand the Mercy Season, the markings were unmistakable.  What I saw shifting in many ministries back in February of 2004 fit the pattern I saw in Scripture quite precisely.

I became puzzled though when I saw that it remained a very small stream and never got traction in the culture.  I knew that the pattern was right and the fruit was very good for those who were embracing the Mercy Season, whether individually or corporately, but had no explanation for why it did not go mainstream.

This year, we noticed a dramatic shift beginning during the spring with many ministries getting traction with Mercy Season dynamics.  Again, the question was, “Why now?”

My hypothesis is that it has to do with the issue of firstfruits.  In an orchard, the firstfruits crop is usually smaller than the eventual harvests from the mature orchard, but the first crop is proof that the trees are viable.

God was very clear that the firstfruits of the field and the womb belong to Him.

What about the firstfruits of time?

It is my current theory that the first seven years of the Mercy Season were a firstfruits unto the Lord.  There was enough fruit visible to unequivocally prove the viability of the season, but it did not go mainstream because it was not supposed to — yet!

But in February of 2011 the first seven years of the Mercy Season were up and God began to push His agenda and widen the stream of individuals and institutions, religious or secular, who were shaped and propelled by the Mercy Season.

Holt suggested that the reason this window of reconciliation was so superlative is because it was the first one with the multiplier effect of the full Mercy Season stream.

If that is so, it then raises a very interesting question.  Was this year remarkable on a one time basis because it was the first one?  Or will every December window of reconciliation in the future be turbo charged?

Not sure.  Just lovin’ the dramatic shifts in this window.

Copyright December 2011 by Arthur Burk

From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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18 Responses to New Twist on Time

  1. Vincent says:

    Since yesterday, I have sensed in my spirit such a strong sense of getting back to my destiny, finding God’s will for my life, realigning my life with God’s marvelous plan, as you wrote, Arthur, “reconciling” with my destiny. This sense is really deep in my spirit, and I am amazed that it matches to this Dec 10-Dec 30 period. Before reading through this blog and reading the amazing teaching enclosed in PDF about the subject, I had just read somewhere on the Plumbline website that December was connected with destiny. But this year, starting on December 13 for me, right in the window of time (I’m just amazed about that!), God brough me back to this revelation about reconciliation you had, deeper this time. Having read the teaching and through your interesting comments, I want to be intentional this December 2012, and spare some blocks of time to wait for the Lord, hear His voice and align my emotions with His reality.
    Interesting, if I related to SLG’s values: this started with pain. Productive pain. On December 13, after a meeting filled with worldly psychology at my workplace, I felt so drained out, and my spirit was crying to God. My desire was to surrender all again to God, to give Him all, to take a fresh new start again. It was painful, but subsequently I started to sense these waves of calling and destiny in my spirit, deep calling unto deep… Today I want to be intentional, by the grace of God, and explore this amazing and beautiful window of time and reconciliation.

  2. Janis says:

    2011 was the first entire year that I was intentional about using the Time windows of Reconciliation. I enjoyed observing what Father was doing though those Times, and looked forward to what He would do in my life. As we are ready to enter the March 10, 2012 Window of Reconciliation, Reconciling with (my) Community, I am preparing within myself for the unknown but very good experience, I am excited!

  3. Zac Maré, Dana Bay, South Africa says:

    I just love it when I see there is a [New Post] on WordPress — I can even feel the stir of anticipation in my spirit! Thank you Arthur, the Team and ALL those lovely people that contribute in many ways to bring Glory to our King! Today was no different and suddenly the penny dropped why 3 “strained” and painful relationships just effortlesly came right during the last week of December 2011! Yesterday morning at the end of our service a son-in-law ask if he can wash his mother-in-laws feet! Well this flowed over to more feet washing especially the visiting children [on holiday]combined with spontaneous prophetic Word. So we experienced an awesome 1st Fruits service in the true sense of the Word!

  4. Brandee says:

    I totally get this last year of being pulled in a direction different from past years. Abba is showing me parts of myself I never knew. I feel like he is finally showing me who I am. He is making sense of my life in a awesome sort of way. I don’t know how to describe it. I read the things that are written on these blogs and I so resonate with them. I feel he is unveiling me, if that makes sense. I am a person who absolutely loves the beginning of a new year. I don’t know why. Its new and exciting.It could be because I am a prophet RG. I am waiting to see what he has for me. But I am puzzled about My Christmas time this year. I did not feel the same joy I feel every year. Unlike what I hear you guys talking about. I was so aware of it not being his real time of birth. I don’t understand why I felt that way. If anyone has insight on that, I would appreciate input.

  5. AlexWT3 says:

    How interesting! In February 2011, as a 63 year old, I attended a men’s gathering that was like none other. It was just a bunch of guys from around the country who had been to various retreats where we dealt with calling and who Father had made us to be, who just wanted to be together. We had simple gatherings where we watched a few film clips and then talked about the topic. In one of these, the facilitator for it mentioned in passing the idea of “redeeming your childhood.” Until this point, I had thought childhood and the wildness and intemperateness of the teenage years were BC years, something to forget and sweep under the carpet once one came to Christ and confessed them like I did in college.
    I was so captivated by the idea. I remember thinking, “You mean Abba can redeem those years and bring something of value out of them?” So began some of the deepest growth in my life as Abba took me, event by event, back through my childhood and father wounds, reframed them and gave me new perspective. Eight months later, I’m just beginning to wrap up my childhood years, and haven’t even begun my teenage years. What a downpayment on what is yet to come in the Mercy Season!

    • Trish says:

      Thankyou for the idea of God redeeming my childhood. My spirit gave a little jump with hope!

      • Lisa says:

        The issue of childhood redemption (going back to go forward) in this season for me has been huge and pondering in the context of this blog have noticed the shift continue dramatically – it’s like living life forward by going backward but accelerated. My sense is that the December window may have been a boomerang and that the shift will accelerate forward bringing even bigger exponential returns for those affected.

  6. Rosa says:

    That would explain the incredible reconciliation I experienced as I revisited the place where I grew up as a child, for the first time in years. It used to be a dark place…the whole time I was there, things were shifting..I kept saying, out loud..this is such a gift..the whole trip was like a gift I kept unwrapping. My 15 year old son was looking at pictures of me that a cousin took when I was there, and said, mom, you glow! And one of my cousins told me when he saw me at the airport, you were like a light bulb! Not what I expected from that trip, but I sure received a treasure, that is continueing to be unwrapped in renewed relationships.I can’t stop praising Him…I feel like a new person.

  7. Zachary Goodwin says:

    It’s interesting, reading this.
    I hadn’t really clued into just how much had happened this past year and why until I read this post. Thinking about it now, I’m rather blown away by the magnificence of the things God has done in my life, as it’s really been a year of absolutely incredible growth. As I’m now for the first time planning to give God the first fruits of the coming year, I have to say this makes me excited to see what’s coming next.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. Today has had one of those “God shoves” on it and I worship the way He moves me into position even when I’ve been too busy in retail work to ponder the redemptiveness of the season! I am so looking forward to what is to come. It feels like He has thrown open a door and is helping my eyes to adjust to what is visible in the Spirit. Thanks for the reminder, Arthur.

  9. Ruthie Young says:

    Does reconciliation of issues that have been troubling your spirit count? I’ve have major issues with celebrating Christmas as the birth of Jesus, when he was really born at Tabernacles. I Love Christmas!!! have always had great intimate time during this season spiritually plus I love to all out celebrate! decorate every nook and cranny! But many whom I respect criticize this as worship to the sun God, Osiris on his birthday, a major pagan holiday. While singing a carol on the first Sunday of advent, I felt the Lord downloaded to my spirit in a major way! He was not taken by surprise when the calendar was changed during the third century. He was allowing his church to redeem the time of this major pagan holiday by releasing major worship world wide to His Son, Jesus! Jesus came to redeem us, all of creation and all of time! On this day the church celebrates His birthday, not the sun god’s. Therefore I feel reconciled in my spirit for the first time in years (since becoming a ‘spiritual charismatic’) to free,to openly and extravagantly worship at Christmas AND during Tabernacles too! Love it!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Ruthie, I agree. At the end of the day, the discussion is not about Christmas or the sun god. It is about redemption. If the bad guys do something ugly somewhere, does that make it forever their domain? I think not. The whole message of the life of Christ is redemption, so our lives and our choices should be redeeming everything the enemy calls his.

      • Tracy says:

        Yes, I would like to second Ruthie’s sentiments here. For the first time in quite a few years I have had absolute peace about the timing of our modern day Christmas and the all-out celebration of it! Bring on the bells and whistles – let’s celebrate our King! In fact, I had the sense of being like one of the magi (in robes, finery and precious oils) coming to pay rich homage to the Saviour. The condemnation (particularly from my Messianic associations) that resulted in our family trying to play the whole thing down has finally up and left and I must say, I am delighted to see it go.

        • Alison says:

          You know I have wrestled over the years with the Christmas thing to, and now I am in a place of peace over it all [having sort the Lord a lot to over these years] I have in my mind Jesus birthday on Dec 25th like the King or Queen hear in the UK has an actual birthday of their birth [like Jesus in October/Tabernacles] and an official one which is when the trooping of the colour is done [Christmas]. Also in this [my mind] I have been able to separate the true Christmas from the winter festival as it seemed over the last few years to be called. Interestingly this year no such media battles. I wonder if people are looking to the real Subject of Christmas as we ponder the world in its current climate.

          Also in reply to the Magi, I have worn gold jewellery all month; I could not get and still cannot get in to wearing my silver. I realised it was the time and season to wear gold. Like the gifts they brought.

    • Mimi Turner says:

      Ruthie, I have struggled with that as well. We attended a church that built a sukkah and celebrated joyfully during the feasts, but Christmas was more low-key. For several years I did not put up a Christmas tree or feel like decorating much.

      However, I have come to believe being able to hear Christmas music in retail stores where you would never normally have the name of Jesus lifted up is reason alone to continue to celebrate this season. Can we even imagine a time when that could be normal everywhere we go?! :))

      And so this year, as I walk around my house with the soft golden glow of the tree lights twinkling (illuminating 25 years of beautiful memories), I feel very peaceful and full.

      I love the way Hanukkah and Christmas come so near one another. They both celebrate the Light, with candles and lights strung all around; and the miracles that God has given us to show Himself real to a world that is dark and deaf the rest of the year.

      I know it’s not perfect, and it is so difficult to fight the commercialism, but even in that it causes people to stop and think about what Christmas really means, because we all know in our spirits that it isn’t about ‘stuff’ ~ but a sinless Savior.

      Don’t you love that God is releasing a greater awareness of His magnificent, perfect, mysterious, glorious ways and plans to those who have ears to hear? Arthur says it so well ~ GOD was here FIRST!

    • AlexWT3 says:

      I’ve had similar experiences this year with Halloween and the full moon. In both situations I’ve had increased warfare and sleep disturbances in the past. I’ve specifically become aware that Father was there first. Though the enemy has hijacked these days, ultimately they are Father’s — He made them originally. So I have specifically asked Him to redeem those days and make clear what His original intention was for them.
      I noticed that this year, I experienced deep revelation on my “redeeming childhood journey,” especially during the Halloween time frame. How cool is that!

  10. LorieP says:

    Why would firstfruits of time be any different than firstfruits of the field? I haven’t thought of ‘time’ as a commodity to be harvested but I am beginning to think that way. I am just coming into understanding of the firstfruits of each month but I am finding that if I give ‘time’ at the beginning of each month as an offering, there is a blessing. I am reading, reading in Genesis and I find that God blesses first fruits more than just a regular offering that is given whenever. It just needs to be our first fruits. I have had the opportunity to give the firstfruits of even my attitude in a situation and each time I love the blessings He gives back. I wish I had caught the concept sooner. I am looking forward to where you take us with this – especially in relation to the seasons since I am just learning about that.

  11. Holt says:

    Thanks for the perspective on my perspective!

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