The God of Theatrics

Only God could rig this one.

Sunday morning service at Unified . . . in the Palolo Valley.

Add Julia, a Russian Plumbliner who flew to Hawaii from New Jersey just to work the materials table for us (and to participate in a divine drama).

Add a woman from Finland who worships at Unified . . . in Hawaii.

Add her deep hatred of Russians because of the Russian invasion of Finland.  (Hmm…I must have had chicken pox the week they taught that one in school.  I can’t remember that particular bit of nastiness — but she apparently does.)

Add the presence of God and a bunch of teaching about the ethnos being beautiful in the sight of God and the Finn decided it was time to release her burden of hatred by asking Julia to extend forgiveness from the Russian people to the Finns for all the hatred from the Finns for the Russian invasion.

So far, it is just another identificational repentance meeting between two nationalities.  There have been thousands in the last few decades.  A bit of an interesting reach bringing a Finn and a Russian to Hawaii, but still — good stuff, but not a compelling drama yet.

Ah, but my King is the master of Central Casting.  Watch this.

The Finns are a noble Prophet tribe.  As such, they do bitterness well.  As such, they also do generosity extravagantly, and they love the underdog.

And Julia is a PK.

During the Cold War, her father smuggled Bibles into Russia.  And guess who graciously provided the Bibles for him?  Of course.  The Finns.

And when the Iron Curtain came down, the Finns, being a Prophet tribe, were swift to seize the moment and dramatically increase the flow of Bibles to her father and the people he was connected with.

And when Russia was in dire straights because the transition from a Communist economy to a free market economy was beyond messy, and there was no food for them, wouldn’t you know it, those generous Finns were there once again, providing survival food for the believers in Russia including Julia’s family.

And when Julia’s brother was born the Finns were aware of the dire poverty and they sent a bag of clothes so this struggling Russian pastor could care for his family.

Did I mention that Prophets keep score?  They do.  And Julia is a Prophet’s Prophet.  She, like so many Prophets, keeps real good score of those who have been life giving to her and to her family, and she doesn’t shirk from paying the debt of gratitude that is deep in a Prophet’s core.

And since there are not an over-abundance of Finns in Joisey right now, the Master of Theatrics calmly brought the deeply grateful Russian to Hawaii to meet a toxic Finn.

And when God lanced the boil of bitterness in the Finn’s heart, she didn’t just go to any old Russian to ask for forgiveness.  She came to Julia.

Central Casting had outdone itself.


Go God!!!

Copyright April 2012 by Arthur Burk

From Palolo Valley, Hawaii

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13 Responses to The God of Theatrics

  1. Les Lane says:

    Dear Arthur
    i am moved to tears of joy and mercy when I read these encounters and testimonies. just wonderful.
    thank you
    Les Lane

  2. Darla says:

    LOVE IT! This is a really cool and totally unique glory story. Who needs reality TV when we can be a part of and listen to glory stories of this magnitude!

  3. Marisa says:

    Mr. Burk,
    I am having the hardest time deciphering my gift. A friend of mine believes me to be an exhorter and I have been very adamantly against that from the first. There was a time I thought I was the giver but now I’m so confused. Any recommendations to help me hash this out? Would truly be thankful for your help. If you would like to respond to me directly my email is
    thank you very much

  4. Susan says:

    I remember Julia from Dr. Luke’s Office days! She helped me sort out that I am RG of Prophet, not Giver as I thought. She is definitely life giving and a joy! I am so happy for this tremendous gift for her! Love and abundant blessings, Julia!

    • julializ says:

      Thank you, Susan! I am so glad to hear you are walking in your design. Once upon a time I were thought to be a Giver myself, but a Prophet does a pretty sad imitation of a Giver and vice versa.

  5. Sue says:

    Awesome! Our God is THE conductor of the orchestra of life!

  6. dorisann says:

    Wow, what an uplifting story of how God is into the details. And a wonderful reminder of the nature of the Prophet. I really needed this story to release my own bitterness. Thank you. Hawaii will never be the same. And to think this happened in Palolo valley!

  7. Rose says:

    I love it. God orders the universe and all of us in it as we might in our neighborhood. Our world view is SO small. God’s order is in everything and we get so stuck in our limits over such little stuff.

  8. Janks K says:

    Mercy church, Servant Land, Exhorter City, all playing their part? The dramatic more dramatic on Exhorter Land, the victory more victorious, the celebration greater!

  9. Deborah says:

    Yes–GO GOD!!!

  10. Ellie says:

    To say this is 10, times awesome would still be an understatement!!!
    I agree, go GOD:);):)

  11. D'Arcy Young says:

    And humanly speaking, it would gone unnoticed but for you and the insight He’s given you.

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