The Mercy and the Exhorter

Guess what?!  After digging more deeply into Cirque du Soleil, it appears that one of the three founders, Guy Laliberte,  is an Exhorter.  And clearly, there is much of the organization that suggests an Exhorter company.

What has me going though is that the other significant partner, Daniel Gauthier, is almost invisible.  I looked at dozens of web pages from sundry sources and learned almost nothing about him except that he existed, was a partner for years, and was bought out by  Laliberte.  Even Wikipedia has purged his bio.

What’s up with that?  Even if someone wanted to be invisible, how could you be one of the founding partners of an organization as high profile as Cirque du Soleil and avoid having even an incidental presence on the web other than the droning mention of the partnership?

And how could you, or your enemy, manage to purge you so thoroughly from the web if there ever had been articles about you?  Persistence paid off.  On page 21 of a Yahoo search, I found this description of his new venture which spells out what I had suspected — M. Gauthier is most certainly a Mercy.  Read this article to see the values of a Mercy with a lot of money and a huge amount of vision for an experience that allows you to begin envisioning.

Once I had the name of his new enterprise, I did more searching and found this splendid interview with the “media-shy yet articulate man of only 53 — (who) delivered some measured, thoughtful answers.”

And in the process of that, I ran across another article in which Laliberte admitted that he was much more of a businessman than an artist.

So it all comes together.  The Exhorter ran the business and made it nearly universally appealing with his God-given gifting for ubiquity.

But behind the scenes, the Mercy, M. Daniel Gauthier provided some deeper tones which colored the whole significantly, without competing with the more readily visible Exhorter sound and sight.

One wonders whether the pundits and critics will look back in twenty years and ask why the older productions had “a certain something” that the more modern ones seem to lack.   If they do, it is highly unlikely that they will point the finger at the decision to remove the media-shy man from involvement in the company.

Copyright June 2012 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Andre Lefebvre says:

    Discovering some treasures… fascinating take on Laliberte and Gauthier, love Gauthier’s new venture. I was born in Quebec and lived there for 40 years before moving west, still in Canada. It’s true that there is something quite unique with these people as success in Quebec has been a tough sell for decades, lots of judgments and jealousy, and if you dared moving out into the English world, well you were a traitor to your culture (French). Thankfully things seem to have changed… Celine and Le Cirque are two of the main reasons I believe…

  2. Wonderful research
    I wonder as well how such a large portion of land was given to unesco? Only a well chosen person would have been given the go ahead for any type of project, and most of it maybe drowned in paperwork if not 100% supported by the politicians. This is like how would you say in terms of miraacle status like ,,,man discovering the BIG BANG AND REPRODUCING IT.. OR INVENTING HYPERDRIVE …..ITS A MIRACLE ESPECIALLY IN QUEBEC.
    Wonder of wonders, there is more here than meets the eye. because in Canada Quebec is a large cynical, nut to crack. Success in that environment, is an act of God especially if all the money is non goverment . Maybe I’m wrong and they just see the dollar sign from tourists… but I think there is more here because of the history of Quebec.

  3. Carita says:

    AMAZING! You as well as the info!

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