A Surprise Fragrance Portal

A friend of mine recently moved.  When she arrived at her new place it was evident that there were issues, but she does issues with a vengeance, so the spiritual climate began to improve fairly quickly.

Eventually, though, she hit a plateau and called me.  And she knew better than to just say there was a problem.  She went down the checklist of all the things that she had prayed and done and then added research into the history of the home and the condition of the neighborhood.

I like her style.  It is easy to resource someone when they are that organized.

I listened attentively, mentally checking things off.  She was a great student and had methodically covered all the bases.

It was in her final comment that I found a loose thread I could pull.

The landscaping in the neighborhood was a bit unusual, and when there was heavy rain, the debris from the area would end up being deposited in her front yard.  The properties above and below her on the hill were immaculate — not affected.

Now on the surface, this could be written off as simply some negligence in the layout and landscaping of the housing tract — just human error.

However, I wondered if there is a fragrance portal there.  One of the marks of a fragrance portal is that trash accumulates there.  It is quite supernatural how many ways there are for junk to end up on a defiled portal, whether it is indoors or outdoors.  It is such a magnet for junk that this one dynamic becomes a dependable clue for helping to identify one.

So, without telling her what I thought, I asked about her problem solving ability at home.  When a fragrance portal is doing its job, it releases revelation.  I know that she is in a very demanding work situation where problem solving is what she does all day long.  I also know she is very committed to her family and has worked hard to establish good boundaries at work so that work stays at work as much as possible.

She thought about three seconds and then replied with confidence and surprise that yes, there was a consistent flow of creative insight into all kinds of problems when she was at home, even when she was not consciously looking for those solutions.

She added that there had been a dearth of hunger for the Word for a season before this home, but recently the Word had come alive to her again.

All of that pointed to her having a fragrance portal on her property.

That said, she needed a strategy to cleanse it.  I suggested she focus on the issue of revelation.  There is no telling how many people groups in the last few thousand years have been drawn to that portal to either seek knowledge they were not supposed to have or to seek it from wrong sources or in the wrong ways.

Then she will bless it with the purposes of God.  Our sense is that each portal has a designated flavor of truth to be revealed.  By blessing it with coming into alignment with God’s original purposes, we can be sure we are on target.

It will be interesting to see what her home feels like in about 90 days and what kind of a reputation she develops at work as she comes in each day with remarkable insights into how they could thrive in what they are doing.

Knowing her high sense of responsibility, I won’t have to remember to ask her for an update, and when it comes, we will post it.

Copyright July 2012 by Arthur Burk

Airborne over Arizona, westbound (toward home!  Yay!)

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19 Responses to A Surprise Fragrance Portal

  1. Peter taljaard says:

    Hi..I have just started smelling a strong smell of flowers over the bed where I sleep…is there any relatiodnship to portals?

    • SLG says:

      Peter, it is possible. Go to GoBeyondTheHorizon.com and download the teaching on portals and see if there are any other corroborating markers.

  2. Marge Furman says:

    Very informative, I have learnt something with understanding of why rubbish collects in certain places.

  3. Laurie says:

    Does this mean that the places chosen by the world to be landfills are possible portals or is it just another example of land being used and abused? Can’t help but remember an old commercial from when I was a child that showed a Native American chief overlooking a landfill with a single tear running down his cheek.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      I would hesitate to say that all landfills are, but some might be. I have mostly seen it in the unexplainable manner. Why does the wind blow trash up against a particular tree in the yard and it stops there, when it could just as easily have blown by it.

      • Joyful says:

        Thank you for highlighting this specific aspect of “odd trash”. This confirms our fragrance portal’s location solidly for me. I have often marveled at the strange types of trash that make it specifically to this location … and no where else in either our yard, or our neighbor’s. A bit frustrated that it’s been going on for as long as it has been. Time to press in on this one!

  4. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    Thank-you for give a solution to a problem that has been driving us nuts since we moved here 18 months ago! The property was pretty defiled, it had been owned by people with alternate lifestyles who lived and ran a Psychology practice here, so the house was FULL of other people’s junk. But I worked for the fist 4 months cleaning it up, cleansing the land, playing the word in all the rooms that had been used as consulting rooms and bit by bit we saw the changes. First all the birds came back, but no bird sounds, so I cleansed a sound portal and they started singing, then everything in the garden started to flourish in a different and better way than before, then people started commenting on “what a lovely feel” there was to our home. But Still every day every stray bit of rubbish on our street ends up against our gate! So I better get Megan’s teaching out and listen to them again, last time I was focused of getting the birds to sing 🙂

  5. Barry says:

    Great insight , But what if the revelation has come no matter where you are but you don’t seem to be able to complete the steps or get the favor of anyone around you because to them it does not look right yet? I seem to have to have the product built or have been to the moon before anyone will listen .It is only after you are a success that others start to some around and clamor to hear you… That is not what I want. I have all these things in my head just dying to get out and to be given away but no one wants to listen.. Or should I say no door has opened to be heard. Men’s bible study is going well but I am very weak and tired luckily I took some time off I am feeling like I am in the valley of the shadow of death again. I think this is because the men are starting to have momentum and to realize they have weapons in high places. I am their coach and the answers to prayers have been amazing. Right now i’m just very tired. Barry

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Barry, when someone has significant wisdom about any topic, but no one wants to hear it, the problem is usually a legitimacy issue. Occasionally it is a social legitimacy issue — not having a credential — but most of the time it is a spiritual legitimacy issue. People are reacting to something in your spirit that causes them to not want to listen, follow or engage in any action that originates with you.

      These things can be either from our life or from the generations.

      • Adrienne D. says:

        Arthur, I think I need to investigate a spiritual legitimacy issue in my own life. Can you recommend resources for me to learn about this?

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Adrienne, the core teaching we have on legitimacy is in the Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar. We touch on the seven basic legitimacy lies the enemy uses to trip us up in the Seven Curses set. I don’t have a teaching dedicated to just that subject.

      • Barry says:

        that may be the very strategy ….. that Satan wants…. to de-legitimize the messenger, I realized early that I am the message….. it is not separate from me , it never will be. The gospel is an extension of me. If it never went inside me all I repeating is nice platitudes and platitudes don’t saves people , they want Jesus. Now I have some homework to do on legitimacy. Thanks. Barry

  6. Christy Douma says:

    I’m just reeling after reading this! You quite deftly took your needle and scooped up several loose threads and neatly tied them together. I’m downloading the portals teaching from BTH now. I can’t wait to delve into this!

  7. Bobbie says:

    Interesting point about garbage collecting…..this is a strange phenomenon at the home I purchased 1yr ago. There is an ongoing flow of creative insight, much needed as I parent special needs foster children. I knew the house was a gift to me from the Lord. But will now be praying into the larger picture of God’s gift and plans.

  8. Linda Martin says:

    This is new to me, but I do believe just from this posting, I have a fragrance portal issue on my property. Can you reccommend further reading/information for me.
    Linda Martin, Madison, Mississippi

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Linda, you should go to http://www.GoBeyondTheHorizon.com and download the teaching on portals. That is the authority on the subject. I am just poking around the edges.

      • linda says:

        I went to this site, purchased the material as an audio download (that was all that was available)…the “funny” thing, which has confirmed I have a fragerance portal (now corrupt) is that the download was brokenup and incomplete. I think I got enough of the material to “clean” things up…will start praying then go to work on the restoration as HE directs. thank you!

  9. Joyful says:

    I think ours straddles a fence between us and our next door neighbor’s house. Still working out strategies for the constant empowerment of the wrong things from the other side of the fence.

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