Introduction to Fractals

If the concept of fractals is new to you, I suggest you stop reading this, go to YouTube and watch this video that describes it.  The visual presentation will lay a very good foundation for the more abstract teaching I will share in this blog.

(Not that I really expected anyone to stop reading, but still . . .).

The Science Dictionary describes a fractal as “a complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity  in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern.”

Knowledge of fractals is about fifty years old. Benoit Mandelbrot popularized and named the concept in the early 70s.  Mathematicians have called the discovery one of the greatest since Pythagoras (600 B.C.) which puts Mandelbrot in pretty heady company.

Clearly many ancient cultures knew something about fractals and there are hints of the idea in various writings from antiquity.  In modern times, Gaston Julia bumped up against the concept in 1918 and wrote a bit about it, but until the advent of the computer, we were not able to really grasp the infinity of the nested patterns, nor to see how nearly universal they are in living beings, from the micro field of human capillaries to the macro of forests.

So far, the bulk of what you will find presented in contemporary research is geometric fractals with the repeating patterns at various scales.

Long before I knew the term, we were inadvertently dealing with the fractals of numbers which is a science that is not being discussed yet, outside of Hebraic theology.

The number we began with (accidentally) is seven.  Initially we saw the seven redemptive gifts as simply a stand alone list.

Then God showed us that all the sevens in Scripture followed the same pattern.  There was “self-similarity” in those lists.

Eventually we saw applications in society.  Over time, we came to see that same pattern in the redemptive gifts of the soul, the spirit, land, communities, races, governments, businesses, every kind of social institution from sports teams to labor unions to denominations, then amazingly we saw it in time, and now, most recently in the human body.

Our new album “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts” provides an introduction to using a fractal approach to healing.  (Yes, that thing on the cover is a geometric fractal!)

Once we came to understand that a fractal can exist in numbers, as well as in geometry, it opened up a huge new world of research possibilities.  We were drawn into the fractal of seven by God, back before we knew a fractal from a fraction, faction, fiction or friction, but now that fractals have moved from the area of the pie chart of things “we don’t know what we don’t know” to things “we know we don’t know” we can research with intentionality.

At present we are exploring the fractals of tw0, three, four, five, ten and 12.  We have discovered that ten is a compound of three and seven.  If you look at the lists of ten in Scripture like the ten plagues and the Ten Commandments, you will see that they parallel the Trinity in the first three, plus the redemptive gifts in the later seven.

Similarly, 12 starts with the seven gifts and ends with the fractal of five.

Four is an interesting number in that it is two pairs of two, with each side following the fractal of two, but four seems to be a fractal in its own right, not just a compound of two.  We are not making much progress with this one yet, but we keep poking at it, hoping for a serendipitous moment when the Holy Spirit causes us to see what is right before our eyes that we can’t comprehend yet.

Most recently our research took a huge step forward in accuracy when we came to understand the concept of The Mother Fractal.  More on that soon.

This article is simply an introduction to the concept of fractals so that there is some foundation for understanding the subsequent articles I will be writing.

It is really unfair to you guys when I research something for ten years and then distill it down to a 723 word article and expect you to be right there with me in your comprehension.

Gotta start somewhere.

Copyright August 2012 by Arthur Burk

From room 327 in a Teacher/Giver/Prophet/Prophet hierarchy of land

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15 Responses to Introduction to Fractals

  1. Chris says:

    By the time I finished watching the documentary on fractals, my spirit was singing with joy. Not sure why–it felt like something that I have previously seen and admired privately had been discovered and displayed for everyone. Are there things in the spirit realm or the dimensions that would be recognized as fractals by their appearance?

    • eva says:

      I have recently developen a fasination for fractalsf 10 and 12 in the scriptures, i do not understand why, but i have been forging ahead, something about this has tapped something inside of me.

  2. Stephan says:

    Fractals are awesome. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Wendy says:

    Yea!!! Thank you! I was going to email about fractals so this is great. Lookng forward to the teachings especially on pairs, that is where I have been stuck. Woohoo!

    Wendy- Midlothian, TX

  4. Suzzanne Bangsil says:

    Amazing . Thank
    You for always sharing with us your discoveries. I love learning .

  5. Irina rivera says:

    I actually watched the video (wasn’t going to but then your parenthetical comment caused me to rethink blowing past it). The video is worth watching because of the connection between the beauty of the computer fractal with nature’s fractal. Awe inspiring. But then to think about what you’re saying with the numbers. It adds a new dimension you couldn’t even see without the math correlation. What you said about ten, for example and the Ten Commandments. Now I will read them in a new light and can’t wait to hear God in a new way. In thinking about all this I appreciate taking time to notice the details because it’s like the magnification process where you see new meaning. In that way the Bible is like a fractal isn’t it? You keep seeing new truths that relate but are variations. This opens a while new level of joy and wonder!

  6. Harald says:

    This is very interesting, putting the numbers in the bible info a scientific frame. I have known there must be more since I read about Ivan Panin and the number 7 in my youth. Go on!

  7. Rob Chepernich says:

    Something inside is jumping up and down in anticipation of what is to come.

  8. Joyful says:

    Awesome … God …

  9. Grace says:

    This makes my imagination explode with possibilities!

    I know you have no use for Facebook, but I have seen people sharing and talking about your new album on Health. 🙂

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Thanks for telling me Grace. I have wondered if any of our teachings would ever go “viral.” I love the fact that this one is producing discussion. Lots to discuss there, for sure. Tell a friend!

  10. carol says:

    In the Last Days God will release knowledge that was heretofore locked up … Arthur, you obviously have been chosen as a portal by which God may download information that is simply beyond imagination! Or are you making trips to Heaven! 🙂 2 Cor 12:2 It’s all very exciting … thanks for pioneering the rugged country and sharing in the bounty!

  11. Will Chen says:

    How about 9? Is it a compound of 4 and 5? Or is it three 3s? Wow this is mind-boggling! While I did stop to watch the video, I only got through half of that hour-long documentary and jumped back to your article. Now I need to finish the rest of that. Thank you Arthur for always taking us into new grounds!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Don’t know will. Our very tentative position is that it might be three threes, or it might be a fractal of its own, with no reference to three. Not sure. Haven’t spent more than a few minutes there.


  12. Janis K says:

    gotta run fast to keep up with you!

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