Finding the Mother Fractal

What is your reference point?

The metric you choose is absolutely critical for achieving a right process.

The Bible provides a good collection of reference points.

Faith?  Abraham is your man, along with the rest of the Hebrews 11 tribe.  (Please don’t use him as your reference point for marriage or parenting though.  Not so hot in those departments.)

The ultimate marriage?  A serial entrepreneur married to a man in politics is God’s gold standard for marriage.

Spiritual greatness?  Elijah and John the Baptist clearly get the nod here.

Knowing the mind of God?  Solomon.

Knowing His heart?  Solomon’s father.

Obedience in government?  Hezekiah took top honors in all of Scripture.

Integrity?  Nathaniel.

But not every reference point is that clear in Scripture.  When we don’t have a clear starting point, we have to be very careful what we choose.

I have a big issue with the amount of stuff we borrow from Judaism and automatically consider it to be a Biblical reference point.  Most of it comes from the culture around the time of Christ because we have so much written material describing that culture.

Take for example the idea of a bar mitzvah or of the Jewish wedding practices that our Christian ceremonies borrow much from.  Neither of those are from the God-given Mosaic Law.  They are additions to the Law by subsequent cultures.

Does that make them wrong?  No, it just makes them suspect as a reference point to build from.  To be blunt, the culture of Jesus’ day was massively corrupt.  He blasted it in sundry ways.  It ultimately put Jesus to death.

So to use something from that culture as a reference point for my pilgrimage needs to be considered carefully.  Using something from the Bible is much simpler.

All of that is introduction to the concept of the Mother Fractal.

It began with a discussion of the fractal of five.  As you well know, I think the current presentation of the Fivefold Ministry is pretty messed up, but I don’t know what right is.  Clearly the Fivefold will eventually be precisely defined, Biblically, not culturally, when we understand the fractal of five.

The only other major list of five I knew of was Lucifer’s five “I will” statements, but I couldn’t get much traction from that one either.

Out of that conundrum came the sense that somewhere in Scripture there has to be a RIGHT list of five that will define all the other fives after it.

Immediately I realized that each numerical fractal has to have its defining list in Scripture.  I coined the term, the Mother Fractal, and proceeded to wonder how I would find those lists.

The Holy Spirit replied with a smile:  “What is the Mother Fractal of three?”

OF COURSE!  It could be none other than the Holy Trinity.  We had bumped up against that with the material from the South African team who did the work on the Trinity and the three kinds of tissue, we just didn’t have language for fractals and Mother Fractals back then.

That was an exciting moment.  The concept of Mother Fractals was confirmed solidly in my mind.  Now I just had to figure out the rule for finding the rest of them!

My assumption is that they would be found early in Scripture, not late.  Using that logic, I tossed the Fivefold, assuming it could not be the Mother Fractal for five.  Something far earlier in Scripture would eventually define it.

I also rejected the redemptive gifts as the Mother Fractal of seven, although that is how we have been using them for years.  Pondering the whole picture, I settled on the seven days of creation as the Mother Fractal for seven.

I have been fascinated with Genesis 1 for years and have frequently joked that I could preach for a year from that one chapter and never exhaust it.  It has moved beyond a joke into a point of looking for the opportunity.

Shortly thereafter, I found what I think is the Mother Fractal for two, also in Genesis 1.  More about that later.

We are testing a list of five to see if it is the Mother Fractal.  So far, the list works, but it is not convincing.  Still experimenting.

But for being so new at thinking this way, I am excited about having the Mother Fractal for the numbers two, three and seven nailed down.

Once we have the reference point, it makes all the subsequent research so much faster.

Next up, some thoughts on the the fractal of two and your health.

Copyright August 2012 by Arthur Burk

In the afternoon of a day that began horribly, which the King redeemed marvelously

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22 Responses to Finding the Mother Fractal

  1. Barry Leisegang says:

    What is the fractal of one? By the way I do love fractals and I do have the answer in my head but. But. How do I test it? To me 1 is linear and all the other fractals are flat. 1 intersects the others on a right angle. Like the fractal of one is a total different fractal. Not sure if that makes sense.

  2. Beverly says:

    July 4, 2013,

    Dear Arthur,

    God bless you for your heart with your Dad, and for sharing it with us. It is very healing and honouring.

    I thought of you today and your call some time ago for more “sevens in the bible” info…

    Just came across this short little youtube clip on that topic.
    It’s called “THE AMAZING FIRST VERSE OF THE BIBLE – You MUST see this film!”

    Perhaps you and your staff have already come across it, but I really felt prompted to send it to you.

    in His Love,

  3. Barry says:

    Recently finished reading a book for one of my classes: “Conversion in the New Testament: Paul and the Twelve.” In this book it is argued that Mark’s gospel shows a progression of conversion (conversion as a process rather than an event like Paul’s conversion) that the disciples experience in six parts. Those six sections describe Jesus in progressively different titles—that of 1: Teacher (1:16-4:34); 2: Prophet (4:35-6:30); 3: Messiah (6:31-8:30); 4: Son of Man (8:31-10:45); 5: Son of David (10:46-13:37); 6: Son of God (14:1-15:39). There is a prologue and epilogue as well in the gospel. I just thought this might be a clue to a mother fractal-like pattern for the number 6 although it is not near the beginning of the Bible. Also since there is a prologue (1:1–15) and epilogue (15:40-16:8) to Mark, I don’t know if it is indeed for 6 or possibly eight (1 + 6 + 1).

    This might also or instead be a fractal of 3 repeated twice (chapters 1–8 and 9–16). If so then the fractal would be: 1) Teacher, 2) Prophet, 3) Messiah; and then showing the characteristics of who the Messiah is (possibly): 1) Son of Man, 2) Son of David, 3) Son of God.

  4. Could the mother fractal for five be the five women in the geneology of Jesus from Matthew 1?

  5. Lorena says:

    Wondering where the followup is – on the fractal of two and health ….

  6. Erina says:

    The fivefold ministry puzzled me for quite a while. Functionally it seems to be a list of 5 but linguistically it seems to be a list of 4. But Greek is Greek to me so I can’t figure out the grammar, neither have I studied teachings on the subject, so I haven’t arrive at an answer yet. I wonder if it is indeed a grammatical list of 4 and if so, how would it influence the mother fractal?

  7. Lori Wright says:

    I wonder if the thesis of working with healing people first with time, then land, then people issues should be expanded into following the seven days of creation?

    What that would look like, summary version:
    Day 1: time, light
    Day 2: Heaven
    Day 3: land
    Day 4: the natural spiritual structures that interconnect (“govern”) creation
    Day 5: Leviathan???
    Day 6: people issues
    Day 7: rest. Life flows?? Foundational well-anchored security in God?

    Longer version:
    Day 1: time
    Light: There are two light portals on the streets in my neighborhood. I asked one what a light portal does. The response seemed to be: it is a soft, warm, yellow light that woos people to see and receive God’s truth. It diffuses into previously dusky corners and allows people to see any nasties there, and so be able to make other choices.
    Sometimes I pray this light to be in the area that we are working in. Other times, I use a very bright white, high contrast light for more confrontational usage.
    Day 2: Heaven
    Spiritual doors: check for any ungodly spiritual doors that we can close. This has been coming up frequently recently.
    Salvation?: Double-check that the person really has accepted the work of the cross in their life in the Lordship of Jesus. Be baptized as needed. Ask if there are any areas in the person’s being that do not know Jesus or has an objection to his Lordship. ?
    Relationship with the Trinity???: Not sure if this belongs here, or on day six, (or both) – Sozo teaches healing relationships with natural father, siblings, and mother to address issues with Father, Son, HS. And vice versa.
    Day 3: land
    Day 4: Six years ago or so God worked with me for months going through the days of creation. He said that human organizations, communities, families etc. have like internal wires that connect disparate parts of the organization to one another. This is part of how the Lights govern. These internal structural guy wires both maintain the shape of the organization and transmit (information? energy? resources? attitudes? purposes/intentions?) across them from one end to the other. Such that what happens at one end can vary strongly affect an area that, to our eyes, seems to have no connection, yet is connected by these guy wires. These structures can be defiled into transmitting contaminated (whatever it is that they transmit-not quite clear on that).
    He said I was to learn to identify these structures and know how to cleanse them. I have had a few specific results with this.
    Day 5: Leviathan issues is my best guess, if I had to guess something.
    Day 6: people issues
    Day 7: ?? II Cor 4:12-18 “all things are for your sakes”. The foundational security that Paul had in knowing that God had already met his deepest personal (“infant level”/child) needs, so he was free to lose everything, knowing that he could not lose anything.

    I will be trying this out, in combo with the “Your Health…” seminar ideas, with some friends with chronic illnesses that we pray with regularly.

  8. Arthur Burk says:

    We have had a lot of speculation about the fractals of four and five. What we need you to do is to take a theory and test it against Scripture. The fractal of sevens tests out against the mother fractal of the week of creation.

    So when you have a theory about four, give me several passages of Scripture where your theory fits.

    We have buckets full of theories. What we need to do now is to begin testing the theories.

  9. carol says:

    I am researching structured water for health reasons. In my findings, I can’t help but contemplate the parallels and relationship between H20 water and the water of the Word. Hexagonal, alkaline, ionized water is the structure of pure water in the atmosphere which when frozen displays the beauty of a six-sided snow-flake in multifarious designs … would this be an example of a fractal of six in nature?

  10. carol says:

    My initial thought as well, Lu-ina! What is interesting to me is the reduction of this five fractal. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three in One. That’s now One plus Adam & Eve. The Word says that when man and woman join in marriage, they become one. So now we have One plus one equaling two. This makes me thinks of the dream of God’s heart that He should conceive and give birth to man made in His own Image — supporting the concept of two being in unity. And finally, I think of Christ’s prayer in John 17 that Father would make us one. The final reduction down to The One which is always the beginning and ending and everything in bewtween … it is all about God. We are simply a mirror of His beauty and brilliance. Anything and everything we have that is worth anything has come from Him. So all of life reflects His glory!

    Uuuummmmmmm, exciting and interesting to consider the possibilities of what Father was contemplating in His grand design of creation. This is the season for revelation from on-high! Mind boggling! 🙂

  11. Keri-Lee says:

    Wracking my brains to figure out who “A serial entrepreneur married to a man in politics” is! Please enlighten me!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Keri-Lee, the serial entrepreneur was the virtuous woman in Pro. 31. She had a textile business, a food importing business, a real estate investment business, multiple farms, a wholesale fashion design business, an interior design business, and she was a life coach. And she did all that without skimping on her husband, her children and the household duties.

      Her husband sat in the city gate, which means he was on the equivalent of the city council — a career politician. No indications that he generated income.

  12. Joyful says:

    Mother Fractal. A smile from Holy Spirit. Beautiful picture-words.

    p.s., you wrote… “In the afternoon of a day that began horribly, which the King redeemed marvelously” … I think I am going to make a new version of that for my grave stone (if I get one): “In the afternoon of a life that began horribly, which the King redeemed marvelously.” :- )

    • Virginia Gorney says:

      This is a little above where I am…I will need to study this up on your site..However, it was important for me to comment on one of the “Cutting Edge” CD’s I was re visiting yesterday. It was on the last topic, where Arthur spoke of Eph. 3:10 as “his passion” . I listened and re listened, because Eph. 3:10 is exactly what the Lord has had me focused on, and drawing on for some of my daily adventures of Faith. Such an wasesome role the church does have, so much we need to get hold off about the power Jesus did give to us to bring the world into HIS subjection…and dwonplay the forces of evil…wow…

      Off topic…but so good..
      Virginia Gorney

  13. Deborah says:

    Amazing–I loved this Redemption!!!

  14. Jeanne says:

    This is really interesting. And thanks for your thoughts on the “Fivefold ministry”. Where I come from, it has been sorely misused.

  15. Sharon says:

    What about the first five books of the Bible?

  16. Jana says:

    I am truly fascinated!!

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