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Joel News International reported the following:

“After decades of decline, the church in Britain appears to be growing again, according to an international team of leading researchers at Cranmer Hall, Durham. Their report, ‘Church Growth in Britain from 1980 to the Present’, published in June, indicates that while the media focuses on the many churches which are sadly dying, it fails to recognize how many other churches are growing. For every congregation that shuts down in the UK, a new one is being opened, overflowing with new vision and faith.
The report shows that:- more than 5,000 churches have been planted in Britain since 1980;
– 500,000 Christians attend black-majority churches;
– the Anglican church in London has grown by 70% since 1990.”

I find this fascinating.  It takes me back to the Great Century of Missions where God used England’s redemptive gift to unleash the single largest missions thrust in the history of the church.

One wonders what the Master Strategist is getting ready for in the next round, as He is obviously investing with joy in a nation that has been strategic in the Kingdom on multiple occasions.
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  1. Carol Tattersall says:

    Some 90 miles west of the City of London lies an ancient stone structure dating from the time of the tower of Babel. It was the tap root from which the City of London (the Square Mile) drew its strength to maintain the false global covering of the false trinity of father/mother/son, and the twisting of the Ruler gift. Many groups of intercessors from many nations, have visited and prayed in both places. In April 2010, the tap root was severed and the plug pulled out. It was declared that the sign would be that of a new and different sort of government emerging. We got a coalition government, the first since WW2. One could note many things that have taken place subsequently. The celebrations and out pouring of love towards Her Majesty and recognition of her Christian faith ; the success of the Olympic games and the wonderful concerted effort of many churches to look after people and athletes familes, free of charge, and a growing desire of churches to work together in a community to reach folk with the gospel, are but a few examples.
    We are to have a new Archbishop of Canterbury. and we need prayer for the right one for these times.
    Arthur is right on the money. Possibly it will come through connections and relationships with each other, rather than structure in the church. Church as we know it might vanish. Circumstances may bring this about as global changes take place and power and resources move from west to east. We live in exciting times that the cloud of witnesses are viewing with great anticipation, and they will have a part in our day.

    • Judy Dalton says:

      In my town there is a Druid stone right in front of the entrance to one of the churches, right in plain view along with gravestones. You can’t miss it and the town is quite proud of it. Don’t even know where to begin to deal with it. I long to be joined with others who know how to pray as I am not a lone ranger type of intercessor – I prefer strong team ministry!

  2. Patricia Young says:

    Hello Arthur… could it be the band of committed prayer warriors calling out for His kingdom to come in this nation and that we (the nation) fulfill our birthright as a fathering ruller nation. Bless you… Trish from Henley

  3. Stuart Frank Hardman says:

    From a Christian in England, Manchester to be exact, I am encouraged in what you write. My own observations is that the church in England is at a at a point where decisions have to be made. The old established Church of England goes from a traditional and somewhat staid attitude to a more openly evangelical and relationship with the Lord ministry depending on individual clergy and that church. I have knowledge of churches in my area that range from outreach and seeking to serve the needs of the people and giving them an introduction to the love of Christ to other churches that are content to serve the same service to diminishing congregations week in and week out with an attitude if people want us (and rather ‘us’ than the Lord..) then they have to come to our service on a Sunday. For some it seems that ministry is a calling but for others it is a job.
    When you talk of ‘For every congregation that shuts down in the UK, a new one is being opened, overflowing with new vision and faith.’ it would seem to me it is the old and staid established churches that fall and the churches that open are more open to the movement of the Spirit and the love of God and our Salvation brought by Jesus Christ. The established C of E dithers on subjects of women leadership, gay relationships, gay marriage and even gay clergy instead of having firm biblically based decisions. Even when Christians are persecuted in the workplace the church is silent and in effective. This week 4 Christians have taken there case of losing their jobs because of their open faith to the European Court of Human Rights. The history of England has resulted in the higher ranking clergy of the Church of England having positions within the governmental structure.
    My request would be for prayers for the new churches coming through that have a driving force to make our Lord be known and famous throughout this land. For these churches to be lead by committed and spirit filled people that do not lose their way.
    I am saddened in the decline of some of our churches but this may be a time of pruning, as establishment churches fail there will be a clearer sign for those that remain to change and this will encourage and strengthen the clergy who remain and are spirit filled already to bring about change through a declining opposition.
    Not long ago I had not heard of many churches outside the traditional English church denominations, now it seems they are the growing churches.
    On the whole I am optimistic, God is moving in ways increasing week by week. But where there is growth the enemy will target. But our Lord will reign in this land, of this i am certain.
    May God Bless this nation

  4. Julian F says:

    Wow! Yea that’s great to hear!!! Surely he’s up to something grand.

    I’ll tack on my curiosity about what he may have up his sleeve with Germany for similar reasons. With their redemptive gift in mind, and their prior and current world influence, what is He up to???

  5. Thank you, Father! Amazing news. I often see the map of the England in my heart or on my computer and on my am thankful to hear this news. May the Lord multiply and continue this work.

  6. Christiane (from France) says:

    Personaly, I’m glad to read that fact. It seems to go in the same direction that what I heard this
    summer in a rather big convention (conference). It was said that Great Britain’s church, again as in past decades, will send people (missionaries or so) in foreign countries to spread the Gospel…

  7. Jim Alseth says:

    I wonder how much of that growth is due, in part, to the Alpha Course?

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