Smallness that Erodes

Most of us nurse the fantasy that we are the influencers in our relationships.  We know that some of the people around us have values we don’t share, but we believe they make little or no impact on us.

At the end of the day, it is nearly impossible to measure exactly what erodes our values, but looking at the big picture, the mountains of evidence show that few people maintain their values as assiduously or effectively as they would like to.

In the midst of all the other commonly identified pressures on our values, I would like to add the seemingly innocuous issue of smallness.

Simply put, some of us are involuntarily exposed to small thinking and small living day after day.  I believe it takes a toll on our ability to think in God-sized terms and to live our lives based on vision and passion, instead of caution and reaction.

In light of that, we are launching a new product.  Beginning on Monday, September 24th, we will offer a podcast, five days a week, on the immensity of God.  You can download it or stream it.  There is no charge.

It is my prayer that by spending five minutes a day, focusing on sundry aspects of the beauty of God as portrayed in the book of Genesis, it will grow your spirit in spite of the culture.

Copyright September 2012, by Arthur Burk

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33 Responses to Smallness that Erodes

  1. Eden says:

    That’s my God,

  2. In this morning’s podcast my spirit responded eagerly to looking at God’s focus of attention. I thought of the question in the Psalm “What is Man, that You are mindful of him?” and here is another moment taken where I stop and consider God. The thought that He celebrates the heavens, but comes back to His focus on earth and humanity is so beautiful and awesome at the same time. It’s like I want to synchronize with Him in this area!

  3. Diona says:

    I am trying to find this podcast and am very excited about it, but don’t know where it is. Can you help?

  4. Andrea says:

    Today is 10/4/12 and I have been waking up to rush to my computer to listen to the podcast. My Spirit leaps. However I am caught “off guard” (lack of words to describe it) at the emotion that has been coming out. I have been crying, ALOT! I have felt stuck and God is showing me that this is shaking me up and clearing our my well and living water is springing forth. My viewpoint and perspective was in desperate need of an overhaul, Seeing God for HOW BIG… He truly is. That He was here first and how he cares about the very tiniest details. It’s amazing how my mind and heart ponder what is said for the entire day. My heart sings the song Lord I’m amazed by you. This is a missing piece I have been searching for even in my physical healing. I am so excited.

  5. Esme says:

    Yeah God, and yeah Arthur… need this really badly

  6. I can SOOOOO relate to the message of God creating from abundance. What an awesome picture to think of. In my life I repeatedly run up against the limitations of my own skill, maturity and capacity to change. I KNOW the frustration of seeing something so clearly in my mind, but having to whittle it down until I can actually do it, or worse still, whittle down someone else’s idea because I don’t have the skill to do what they want done. Not so for God, EVER. Not when He created, not when He deals with all the vicissitudes of His wayward creation. This is a thought I could seriously think on!

    Have you ever noticed how often an experience of awe is very quickly followed by one of gratitude?

    • Yes, Megan – awe leads to gratitude, you’re right! Great use of the word “vicissitude” – had to look it up. But I totally see how our problems are SO not able to thwart His plans because He’s got unlimited creative ways of creating forward momentum.

  7. Irina Rivera says:

    Tuesday as I was chewing on the fact that God was under no pressure to create, I thought about how good His creation is. Sheer goodness on the first seven days. Not sure what the correlation is. I guess we’re motivated by so many things, pressure being a great deal of why we do things. But my respect and awe grows as I consider His sheer goodness without pressure. That’s as close as I can get to describing 🙂

  8. Rosa says:

    (Likely some people don’t maintain their values effectively,and probably not as well as they tell themselves that they do,either.) I used to think so small that I didn’t believe I had any influence to offer in relationships, now I realize that I do, but also see how much I have allowed people to influence me . Erosion is a good description. Grateful for the reminder to do a realistic check, and then be given something to grow on,thank you. Always a positive solution with you, Arthur. I can’t wait to see what changes ,even with five minutes a day.

  9. Barb Smith says:

    Love it! Thanks.

  10. Lu-Ina says:

    Thank you for this seemingly small thing you doing. It takes only one droplet to break a damwall.
    If one droplet can find its way all the others will follow. Thank you !

  11. Darla says:

    Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to it! Thank you very much, Arthur!

  12. Rose says:

    So needed in this time at this place in our world and especially our country. Thank you so much.

  13. Tanya T. says:

    I love the beautiful photo of the lake, mist, and dock. Is this photo one that your daughter has taken? A thought comes to mind while looking at the photo, which end of the dock do I truly regularly stand at? How much more of the Majesty of God would be seen and understood if I stood at the other end regularly? What I mean by that is, do I only walk down the roads, paths, docks, etc, that I already know are leading to the next thing or place? The dock in this photo does seem to have a physical end, but by standing at the end in the water past the trees a person has a broader view of the water and would be in the mist. How often do I miss the Majesty of God being orchestrating because at times I stand at the wrong end of the dock? Due to a fear of being too emotionally overwhelmed and undone, not wanting to truly surrender. But why…… is it because I fear that I might walk out to the end of the dock and God will not be there to reveal His Majesty and Awesomeness to me. I so want to see the King on His Sapphire Throne, and the River flowing down with His Glory reflecting back from the water! Although I always seem to hold back so that in my mind I’m the reason for the lack of intimacy, not the King. After all what would I do if He said no? But…… then again what if He said “Come and step in water”?

  14. Debora says:

    wow. thank you. i think the timing is “great”…

  15. Ellen Cooke says:

    Oh my, a birthday gift! For new birth and change and growth!

  16. anthonytanjoco says:

    I’m eager to see the immensity of God erode “smallness” in my life.

  17. Shea G says:

    This sounds wonderful – thank you for producing this for us and making it so easily accessible! May you enjoy the production process!

  18. Irina Rivera says:

    I too have been considering this in relation to my calling. I believe God is answering our prayers spoken or unspoken. Thank you.

  19. Alison says:

    Yummy can’t wait! Thank you.

  20. Janis says:

    As usual, perfect timing. I woke up this morning, after weeks of warfare on all fronts, feeling ‘small’ yet again. I wonder how much of this feeling is simply fatigue, and forgetting who He is and who we are. Thank you for helping us to remember.

  21. I am on tiptoes with anticipation over this new series, which is another tool for us to expand our perspective of God and bump up against the walls of our own comfortable worldview. I absolutely agree about the erosion of the smallness, and I think it causes us to sink in upon ourselves until we become narrower than we began. I so resonate with the concept of “In the beginning GOD …” YES!! In all things, God was there first. My spirit is eager for continuation of this stream of awe from Genesis, as you unpack things we have never imagined before.

  22. Joyful says:

    May these blessings not only beat back the insidious creep of smallness into our lives. May your LARGE act of generosity release GREATNESS across the whole earth for the sake of our KING.

  23. Pat says:

    Thanks Arthur. Need this! I feel as if I spend way too much time battling this smallness in my home and extended family. I feel like a little mouse with a sword — not very effective.

  24. Mary-Ann Levy says:

    You’re addressing a subject many, many of us are living without understanding…and challenges US not to perpetuate!

  25. Brandee says:

    Thank you so much Arthur.My spirit is leaping. My spirit longs for that. And its nice to see I am not alone.

  26. Carol Brown says:

    Most definitely! Feelings of smallness definitely erode my “can do” attitude and detract from the bigness of the call.

  27. Mary Lynn says:

    Thank you, Arthur!!!! A partial answer to “How did I get here!?” and a way out!

  28. Woohoooo! Thanks!

  29. Jeanne says:

    Could not agree more. Though I did not have the language to express it, I have been mulling over this concept for the last week or so. Thanks so much for the post.

  30. Jane says:

    Thank you Soooo MUCH!

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