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Spiritual AIDS

Stop me if you have heard this story before. Fred is a walking tall Christian.  He has victory in forty-eleven different areas of his life, is powerfully life giving in his sphere of influence and always has fresh cause to … Continue reading

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Conflicting Reports

We recently moved all of our audio downloads to a new platform.  We have gotten a couple of reports that the downloads to a Mac do not work.  We think possibly some of the meta data attached to the files … Continue reading

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The Cost of Information

Finding needed data is the stuff of life here at SLG.  It is the bread and butter of a think tank.  You need some raw data before you can think about it and reassemble it.  Thus Firefox, The Theological Wordbook … Continue reading

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Which Verb Do You Use?

Holy Communion is our means of reaffirming our covenant with the King.  It is my most treasured symbol in Christianity. There are so many layers of meaning, so many rich facets to the message that 2,000 years after the Lord … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Jubilee

Uganda just celebrated their 50th anniversary of independence from the British Empire. While there were the usual parades, speeches, decorations and promises, their Jubilee celebrations were marked by a very premeditated spiritual focus, with engagement from the First Family all … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Tension

As we look at creation, there is an odd factor in the picture and that is time.  Many things have consumptive limits but not time. For some things, the limits are fairly pressing.  Depending on which doomsday report you read, … Continue reading

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