A Dynamic Tension

As we look at creation, there is an odd factor in the picture and that is time.  Many things have consumptive limits but not time.

For some things, the limits are fairly pressing.  Depending on which doomsday report you read, our grandchildren or great grandchildren will not have any fossil fuel left to drive their lifestyle.

For others, the limit is close enough to be debated but not generate much concern.  How many people can the earth sustain?  Ten billion?  Fifty billion?  Who knows.  But we all know that in theory there has to be a saturation point somewhere.

But time, on the other hand, can be consumed endlessly without being maxed out.  If we have seven billion people on earth, there is no scarcity of time.  If we had 70 billion, there will still be no stress on time.  If we could theoretically put a trillion quadrillion people on planet earth, even that impossible number would not consume time and necessitate rationing.

In the midst of a very finite world, with limits of consumption, God gloriously places one piece of God-sized unlimitedness which interfaces perfectly with the limited world around it.  It is our reminder of the infinity of God.  One piece of Him in our face, daily.

The same is true of our spiritual walk.  We win some battles and lose some.  We are not where we were 20 years ago for the most part.  There are growth issues and healing issues and demonic issues that we now address with aplomb and have victory consistently.

Unfortunately, there are also the areas where we are pleased to hit 50%.  Worst of all, running in the background in most of our lives is that aggravating area that has not moved at all in 20 years.  We still suffer regular defeat.

Against that backdrop of the daily reminder of my finiteness, I keep the following poem in my Bible.  I have worn out three Bibles since I first clipped this out of a magazine but have not come close to exhausting the comfort this thought brings to me.  Again and again I return to the poem because it grasps that one aspect of total victory, all the time, everywhere.

A Daughter’s Cry

“Our Father . . .,”

we begin.

“. . . Your Kingdom come . . . ”

the murmur continues.

But I whisper through the longing

that has melted me yet again,

“. . . Your Kingdom come . . .”

Flames so few and faint,

Stifled by ritual,

Flickering in ignorance,

Huddled under bushels —

While the mists rise and swirl,

And darkness laughs:

“. . . Your Kingdom come . . . ?”

Against this night

Your promise comes:

“The Light shines

and the darkness

has not overcome it.”

I rise renewed

To fight again.

Susanna Shastri,


The Light shines. . .

100% of the time.

And darkness NEVER overcomes it.

In our world of partial victory, there is one point that is absolute.

The Light shines. . .

Copyright October 2012 by Arthur Burk

From my new office:  The Hub

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9 Responses to A Dynamic Tension

  1. Beth says:

    When I often felt overwhelmed with the despair and discouragement in facing the issue of poverty and the injustices in society, a mentor of mine (a first nations leader) always told me that every person everywhere on earth, regardless of the circumstances they were born into, was equal, simply because every human being has been given exactly the same limitless resource of time as every other human being by God. And it was what each human being chose to do with the resource of time that would determine the substance and quality of their life. I have tried to live by that principle since then and there is profound truth in it. I wonder how much more wisdom and understanding of the concept of time resides in our first nations and indigenous peoples of the earth as they have stewarded and nurtured the treasures and mysteries of time and land for us so diligently for thousands of years?

  2. Lorry Gordon says:

    ahhhh, marvelous

  3. I still am enthralled and amazed by the concept of time being limitless in its capacity sustain humanity. In one way, it makes absolute sense. There is something of eternity present, which is equally limitless. I wonder if this is a part of the eternity that God puts into our souls. The time that runs through us, that has one more branch for every new life (not just humans) is capable of such things because it is eternal. I remember a friend many years ago used to cheer me up when I would get panicky about something by saying that everything works out in the end because God wins. In this way I wonder if the two pictures of light and time are connected. The light may seem dim to us for some time, but it is never extinguished and at the right time, it breaks forth to overcome the darkness completely.

    • Absolutely connected! The Light is just as eternal and limitless as time. (I was just thinking that we even connect light and time to measure unfathomable distances- “light years”) I like what you said about time “running through” us. I think that is the most true way of expressing this concept. We see time as short or long but in reality it is as limitless as the river that flows from the throne and it flows through us. And like a river you cannot stop it, but we have a choice as to ‘going with the flow’ or trying to build dams and divert it, or waste our energy trying to paddle back upstream. I think that He and I shall have to have a chat on this one….

  4. My mom is 88 and facing a rather difficult surgery in about a week. She would say that time is running out quick. I would say, Mom, if God still has assignments for you, you will survive and keep right on chugging on. Seriously though…. Great post Arthur. – Heidi Colquhoun

  5. Susan says:

    Yes. I too often focus on the fight. Father, give me eyes to see the Light. Amen. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Love it, exactly what I needed to hear today!

  7. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Arthur. I KNOW this is TRUTH. I needed to hear it again, afresh, anew today, at the end of this week. The Lord bless you with His Great Light to pierce the dark places you go into.

  8. ~AnnA~ says:

    That’s beautiful.

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