Spiritual AIDS

Stop me if you have heard this story before.

Fred is a walking tall Christian.  He has victory in forty-eleven different areas of his life, is powerfully life giving in his sphere of influence and always has fresh cause to celebrate His King.

However . . . there are a few people in his life who effortlessly shred his “spiritual immune system.”  They are not evil people.  In fact they are Christians who simply have some seriously unresolved issues of their own.

The mystery is why 2% of all the people Fred knows can come into his home and render all of his spiritual authority null and void.

He occasionally deals in deliverance and is successful with rather large issues many times, and is not commonly defiled by going into the enemy’s camp, but still, in his own home, with non-confrontational Christians who are on a slightly messy journey, he gets taken down as though he had no spiritual defenses at all.

Fred and I have tracked this for years.  We dubbed it “spiritual AIDS.”  It is as though he has no immune system for those particular germs.

Yet . . . he clearly has a powerful immune system against the big stuff.

Imagine Superman coming back from a grand adventure and being bedridden for two weeks with a bad cold.

Fred is a gifted guinea pig and has willingly and ferociously tried every single strategy I have thrown his way over the years, and so far, we have had exactly zero effectiveness in keeping the 2% from being contagious.

Today he is being hit again and we are going to try again, because Fred is not the only one with this issue.  When we crack the code on this one, there will be a LOT of people eager to field test our hypothesis!

I have exactly no new ideas.  None.  I have played every card in my hand already several times.

However, yesterday the Word of the Lord came to me and said, “It is time to gear up for war.”  So I did.

And yesterday we had two powerful phone calls where long term problems yielded to new assaults.

So today I am walking in high anticipation of revelation and intervention by the Most High God.  Hence, I am inviting the entire Sapphire family to press in for revelation on this one issue.  What allows some spiritual viruses to sail right through our anti-virus system?

Surely if we got a different perspective on the problem, we would see God’s clear and effective solution.

* * * *

10:00 a.m. update:

We have a strategy.  (Obviously your prayers are kicking in).  It is a long shot, but hey, when all else fails, go long!  This is Sapphire after all.

On the Brain Renewal Blog we talked about the fact that certain traumas cause the spirit to be blocked from certain areas of the brain.

Our theory is that possibly spiritual authority necessitates the spirit being present and in dominion in all areas of the brain.  If the spirit cannot move in a specific area of the brain, then it cannot walk in dominion relative to that area.

While it is a wild leap of theology to say that brain function can limit our spirit’s function, it is the best idea we have.  It would explain the partial spiritual authority reality we are dealing with.  So, we will try something.

Fred is local and can make himself available later today.  We have an intern here at the office today who can serve as the “control” for our experiment.

The plan is to do two EEGs, one on each guy.  We will develop a new protocol designed to test certain areas of the brain and certain portions of the spirit in both guys to see if there are any differences in how the spirit operates in the brain.

Stand by for an update this afternoon.  This might be a total bust, or might be the start of a new wild ride.

Of course, if the brain/spirit interaction is implicated, the million dollar question after that is what happens in the brain to cause a lock-out of the spirit, and what can we do to reverse that process.

But for now, I need to get off the blog and make up a protocol to test for spiritual AIDS.

Pray big.

4:00 p.m. report

The guy for the third test asked to reschedule for tomorrow, so we will.

Meanwhile, for the two we did today, there were some interesting but not conclusive results.

Both individuals were very imbalanced in their brain activity.  One did most of his significant thinking over the right ear and the other over the left ear.  That obviously is an issue of their history, not the protocol.

Also, one had a lot of activity at the base of the skull and the other had nearly none.

Those were interesting things to note in terms of how different the volunteers were, but it offered us nothing in terms of the questions of the day.

The possible pay dirt came with the differentiation on parent questions.

The right brain thinker had a good relationship with his father and when we asked father questions, he thought in the same place as all the other thoughts.  However, when we asked about his mother, who has a challenging relationship with most people, he switched to the back of the left hemisphere.  It was the only time he thought from there all day.

Now!  I happen to know that Fred who is coming tomorrow had a rough relationship with his dad and a good one with his mom, so it will be hugely interesting to put those two tests along side each other.

Will they both think about dad on the right and mom on the left, or will they both think about the comfortable parent on the right and the awkward relationship on the left?

Time will tell.

Since this has moved beyond a prayer request to a live experiment, we will switch tomorrow to the Brain Renewal Blog for the follow-up to this experiment.

The short version is that we are far from solving the problem.  The initial results were much less clear than we had hoped, but still offered some possibilities.

And, we have only looked at the data as it is coming in.  We still need to edit out the artifacts and do the quantitative analysis to see which frequencies were being used where.  That too could be indicative.

For now, I am going to call it a day.  Thanks for your prayer, and don’t stop now.   The problem is still out there.

Copyright October 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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25 Responses to Spiritual AIDS

  1. Christie says:

    I know it’s just an analogy but I think this spiritual AIDS thing is more of a cancer. Cancer cells feed and feed when defences are down and although small ( in comparison to total body mass) they can knock a person out for years once they spread. People don’t really know how sick they are until they’re on death’s doorstep. Could the 2% who leave Fred shattered be over-fed spiritually? (As in, are these people ‘spiritual’ without the holy spirit?) Could it be that Fred makes for a good meal? Why is Fred easy to feed off? Do these people have some sort of latent predatory spirit? The element of the hidden/hard-to-detect would indicate some sort of witchcraft but that seems too obvious. Incidentally, both AIDS and cancer lie dormant/hard to detect for quite a long time. When did the problem start?
    My apologies if I have just confused things or made them needlessly complex.

  2. Adrienne Fay says:

    Could it be an allergic reaction to these particular people?

  3. Lu-Ina says:

    May I ask why you named it AIDS ? For me that imply corrupted intemacy.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      AIDS is the most universally recognized picture of an immune system that does not work. That’s all.

      • Arthur, Just reading your test results of the two men you were questioning and the left to right question you were posing. In massage we learned that if a person had a issue with a female in their life it would result in tension on their left side and tension on the right if the problem originated with a male. Interesting in view of what you said.

  4. carol says:

    I wonder if Adam had the same experience with Eve at The Fall … Eve was deceived but Adam was not. Did he lose his “spiritual authority” with Eve’s offer? UUUmmm, similar dynamics??

    You write: “He occasionally deals in deliverance and is successful with rather large issues many times, and is not commonly defiled by going into the enemy’s camp, but still, in his own home, with non-confrontational Christians who are on a slightly messy journey, he gets taken down as though he had no spiritual defenses at all.” Several things jump out at me —
    1) “is successful … by going into the enemy’s camp” — Fred is very likely fully armored and primed for battle if he initiates or chooses to enter enemy territory
    2) “in his own home” — is Fred’s guard down during these times? Home tends to be a safe sanctuary where we relax more with regard to spiritual warfare and often expect to find a respite from the artillery
    3) “non-confrontational Christians” — first, if someone puts up their dukes, we get ready to do battle but it is the ones with whom we fellowship in the house of the Lord that seem to blindside and gauge so deeply. Secondly, could there be an issue of personal familiarity that all too often leads to dishonor and contempt (think of Jesus not able to perform many miracles in His home town)

    Of the 2% of the people Fred knows who shreds his immune system — could it be that Fred holds these people in the position of “god” over him in terms of judging him and/or his activities? Only God has a right to set value on that which He made with His Own hands. If however we exalt another to that level, then maybe we are not dealing with spiritual authority but maybe it is idolatry or some sort of unholy alliance at best (like co-dependency?). Does Fred measure his success or failure by another man’s opinion?

    Could there be some sort of twisted payoff for the 2%? Given that we have authrotiy over our own junk and not anothers (without agreement), could it be that the course correction needed is a little benign neglect or a re-establishing of godly borders? If the 2% are repeatedly dumping toxic waste in Fred’s home then perhaps Fred needs to reconsider opening his sanctuary to these individuals??? Is this redemptive pain or elective stress?

    Finally, a last thought references “Life, Dominion and Honor” Album CD#1 tract 6 & 7 — “the first deception is that we receive from other people … one of the greatest barriers to community is the [false] expectation we put on other people … so much of the pain, anguish and conflict in our lives is that we are looking to people to meet our needs instead of looking to God. To the degree we look to someone else to meet our needs, we are two steps away from disillutionment, disappointment, bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred” [and I might add “spiritual AIDS” or hopeless dispair and defeat]. This probably not the normal stance for a spiritual giant like Fred but in a relaxed atmosphere at home where Fred may be looking for honor from a “safe”, non-confrontational familiar friend and instead receives junk and possible hishonor could surely disable an otherwise healthy spiritual immune system.

    Father, your ways are so much higher than our thoughts and we need revelation for a fresh, new strategy and some new tools to add to our toolkit. Given that all is Father-filtered, please speak Your Name here and bring fresh insight, IJNA.

  5. jpuddy says:

    Arthur, you wrote: “Our theory is that possibly spiritual authority necessitates the spirit being present and in dominion in all areas of the brain. If the spirit cannot move in a specific area of the brain, then it cannot walk in dominion relative to that area. While it is a wild leap of theology to say that brain function can limit our spirit’s function, it is the best idea we have.”

    I believe there is significant truth to this concept, and it needs to be further fleshed out (no pun intended… also this is obviously what you’re doing). Both Dr Grant Mullen and Dr Larry Crabb have drawn direct links between mental health and spiritual issues, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find further links between brain function and brain chemistry, and the spiritual.

    Anecdotally, I have seen so many cases of the “battle of the mind” being necessary (putting on the mind of Christ, moving away from stress, anxiety, and irrational though) before spiritual breakthrough occurs. My wife and I were discussing this topic JUST today.

  6. Carla says:

    As I asked God for the revelation for you, I also asked him to show me how this was happening in my life. Soon He brought a recent situation to the forefront. I just met this new Fred, who I’m interviewing for a possible project. He’s smart, detailed, honest, capable. He also has some some obvious unresolved issues, though he is not unpleasant. Because of his need, (or so I thought) I gave him a little more of my time, a little more of a listening ear.

    Then, over a few days, I realized that I had been taken out of my authority, as a hazy sort of cloud of condemnation came over me. It was sneaky, subtle. And I was slowly being neutralized until I just shut down. Ugh. It was miserable. Despite the pain, I got kind of excited about God pointing this out as perhaps related to your issue here. I’ve been going after condemnation, seeing it as way more than guilt and shame, and I feel like I’m about to get a new awareness and strategy.

    So, I am asking God about the dynamic in play that this new Fred brought in. It feels like this guy had been given a map to some hidden button I have. It does not feel like an inner healing or a deliverance issue. It feels like a trigger. I’m pretty even when it comes to the right-brain, left-brain activity and I’ve heard that trauma can land on that connecting portion in the center on the top. Is it possible that some sort of trauma scar is right there on the brain, like a button waiting to be pushed to put someone like me in shut down mode?

    I’m smiling right now. There are not too many places I can ask questions like this without feeling sheepish…

  7. Kerrie says:

    So, I noticed this weekend (2nd observance) that spending Time with family exhausts me. This was a party very mellow, nonconfrontational, enjoyable, pleasant, nice conversation, but was exhausted after????

  8. anthonytanjoco says:

    Go long…Hail Christ Jesus!

  9. Rebekah Scott says:

    Perhaps this is of no consequence, but I thought I’d share just in case you find it useful. Fred’s situation closely resembles my own and although I have tried many different Saphire strategies to no avail I have managed to abide in the midst of the disconnect. I’m usually able to embrace the tension without experiencing serious emotional distress. However…….. In the last 24-36 hours I have been bombarded with every imaginable flavor of shame and condemnation over my inability to rectify the situation.

    Your post makes me wonder if perhaps there is a grace on this time window for a new level of revelation to emerge……….?

    I am praying!

  10. Ellie says:

    The access of the spirit to certain brain areas sounds awesome. But if turns out not to be that, maybe it is because his “spiritual immune system”, encoded by his “spiritual DNA” is constructed by “spiritual genes” that are common to him and to people in his household, which make him susceptible to the same “spiritual pathogens”, to which he has not yet developed, or simply is not able to inherently develop, his own “spiritual defenses”.
    He probably has not developed the defense because something in his “spiritual immune system” is deficient in the same substrate that the other person is deficient. It brings another question (to The Father): what can be brought, “exogenously”, correct or curb/palliate the common deficiency, so that both him and the other(s) can benefit from. If The Father reveals, I need that medicine too. (Please remember me!).
    God bless y’all 🙂

  11. Barry says:

    This is now new to me, from those close to me a word of rejection or discouragement, that shows that they don’t believe in me is very difficult. When I know that my Father in heaven believes in my abilities and knows what I am doing. Critical words from loved ones can drain you and depress you. you have to build yourself up again afterward. If there is a major wound of rejection or inferiority that will have to be healed. I am not saying I am the expert here just that satans best strategy for me is using those closest to me for critical words.

    Some of that may be something you need to overcome as if left undone it may lead to a greater wound or opening for the enemy in the future that the lord is preparing you for. These little foxes that steal or victories when we are in our own vineyards we cant leave alone. They must be dealt with . I think you need to look at systems of belief that are empowering the enemy. For if we are paralleled to the enemy we cannot overcome him. sometimes what we have believed or been taught has to be taken down and replaced and rebuilt to hold the glory and grace god has for us.If we believe we have no victory in this area we will have no victory in this area. We must know we are the authority here and that what we empower whether good or bad will in charge. We can empower the enemy whom Christ defeated at the cross , or we empower what God”s truth is doing in our lives. This is Something I’m sorry to say it has taken me a long time to get and that i am finally understanding now. God Gave authority to Adam in this world. You by your belief systems either empower what god is doing in your life or let the enemy have power over your life by believing a lie and not challenging it . Satan does not Rule here .YOU DO. This is your Dominion. This earth was given to man by God to rule. The spirits overstepped their bounds and left their places and we can send them back before God to be dealt with. I hope this is not to controversial but i have been fighting for a long time and looking for the keys to authority, dominion and Power in Christ . Jesus died to give it to us.

  12. Kathy says:

    VERY interested in this personally as just three days ago it came to my remembrance as I was seeking answers in this very issue presently, and have done all I know to do, that I had experienced seizures from nine months old to twelve years old occasionally and they stopped as suddenly as they began so I was wondering…………..

  13. Glenn says:

    Thank you for the priviledge and honor to stand with you in pursuing Father’s revelation and perfect will. I can relate totally, only different people and circumstances. Though the process is painful and very costly in every area of my humanity, intimacy with my FATHER is growing exponentially. I am learning to choose quickly to “fall in the ground and die” and “choosing to walk in the light as HE is in the light.”

  14. Linda Dale says:

    I, too, identify greatly with this scenario, and will be praying into this along with you. I know God wants to reveal His solution to us even more than we want it. Blessings, Linda

  15. Becki Taylor says:

    I sincerely would love to join WITH the team in finding a ‘remedy’ for this sneaky virus. That post could have been written for me and a few other dear ‘powerfully effective in God’ friends that I know. I will be passing this particular blog on to others that I know will pray into this!!

  16. Bobbie Maybee says:

    Does Fred have similar issues or pain buried in his past? Does he believe some lies about himself that are triggered by these people? Have you tired some thing like Dr. Karl Lehman’s Immanuel Healing?

  17. Could it possibly be because of a soul wound that has not been healed. It could be one that is not even remembered. God recently reminded me of a wound I have that at the time was a large trauma and yet I had forgotten all about it. Remembering it helped me realize why I have certain patterns in my life. Because of that event I had made inner decisions (not really vows) about how life was for me and that has played out over and over as a result.

  18. Chuck Wale says:

    One question for clarification. Are the 2% of the people that cause Fred this problem always the same people?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, Chuck.

      • Greg says:

        Would there be anything to do with familiar spirits? Shared or similar trauma situations or wounds which would leave doors open to neutralizing that part of the spirit, soul and body being affected?

        • cindyjane9 says:

          Soul ties? Trauma bonds to those people? I assume they are relatives? Wouldnt that matter in terms of their level of authority in his life? or the level of authority he has given to them at some point? i also wonder about “regions of captivity” where there may be principality attachments (as I’m learning in Andy Miller’s Heart Sync)?

          • Arthur Burk says:

            Nope, not relatives.

            • Jayne in Alberta says:

              Sometimes an analogy can be over-used, but sometimes the use of it can reveal deeper truth if it continues to be applied to finer degrees. So I’ll bank on the latter, for the sake of exploration.
              POINT #1 AIDS results from the loss of ability of Helper T cells (one of the six different types of white blood cells) to DISCERN foreign organisms and REPORT the presence of an enemy, and stimulate the body to mobilize its resources and fight.
              Exploring this topic has caused me to look at my discernment in a very different way. What I had considered to be good discernment I now see as removed by a few degrees from actually perceiving the essence of an enemy.
              I realize that my discernment is significantly based on: A) receiving good “military intelligence” (i.e. the Holy Spirit informing me “Sally has a spirit [demon] of [X]”; and B) intuitively sizing up the salient features of the situation (how the characters act, how they treat/react to me, the environmental setting, and so on and so on). Occasionally, I have been able to identify a demon in its essence, by way of the spiritual senses of smell, or emotion (i.e. sensing a palpable evil presence).
              So what would we consider the higher levels of discernment, perceiving the enemy with acute accuracy (in terms of type, power, etc.) without allowing the enemy any stage on which to glorify or parade itself – even if only for fleeting seconds in our minds?
              I have been stumped as to why I’ve warred and overcome in many dreams, yet, in others, acted like an unwary tourist, in some sort of dimension that I only later discern as demonic — after waking from sleep.
              POINT # 2 The entertainment industry ….. aptly illustrates this point #2. I’m not talking so much about horror, but general mainline worldly TV. Fashion TV. Entertainment discourses about other entertainers, ad nauseum. Demons and unholy entities relish attention, and enjoy boasting about themselves. However, if they were experienced in their reality as dangerous and evil, they would be given no stage by the general populace. So, I believe they cloak themselves in “palatability”, or perhaps overlie our environment in a cloak or superimpose a dimension … is this what “WORLDLINESS” is? It doesn’t feel evil … It doesn’t feel dark… but it’s certainly not the atmosphere of Heaven! BUT… it’s what we’re used to.
              POINT # 3 What we’re used to ….. On October 30 or 31, I had been scrolling through my PL/SLG iPod and listened to “Maternal Rejection” and “Paternal Rejection” and “Ambivalence”. This was BEFORE reading the Spiritual AIDS blog. So I want to study these in greater depth.
              POINT # 4 Is “Spiritual AIDS” a) “Helper T cell” issue [i.e. mis-function of one component] OR is it a reactionary DEFAULT to an entire alternate line of defense? A reactionary soul-based Defense Mechanism, established to manage parental rejection issues, that is triggered while under a cloak – or legally DRAWN into a dimension – that mutes the demon’s true essence???

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