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Was THAT Honorable?

I had occasion to be in a new hardware store recently looking for an unusual faucet configuration.  I was assisted by Ruth.  She was quite young, diminutive and demure – not the stereotypical plumbing expert. She did however, manage to … Continue reading

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What About Genesis?

Our new podcast platform is exceptionally economical.  It does have a downside though, which is that the analytics are not very helpful. Lacking granular data, I am turning to anecdotal reports. If any one out there is listening to the … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Prayers

A couple of weeks ago we requested prayer for getting through the gatekeepers to talk to people who had salient information for one of our primary projects. The initial response was more blockage as Sandy shut down the East Coast … Continue reading

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Ready for a Rumble?

I have recently taken on a new land project and could use some help. The name and location are undisclosed so we can be more forthright in our conversation about it.  Suffice it to say that it is a Giver … Continue reading

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The plan was to test Fred yesterday, then it got pushed to today.  The spiritual climate here today is pretty messy, probably due to Halloween last night, so Fred has requested postponing the test until tomorrow. We will try again … Continue reading

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