The plan was to test Fred yesterday, then it got pushed to today.  The spiritual climate here today is pretty messy, probably due to Halloween last night, so Fred has requested postponing the test until tomorrow.

We will try again then.  Meanwhile, keep praying.  We are looking at sundry angles of this issue, examining each clue for additional clues.

By Arthur Burk, November 1, 2012

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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  1. Dana says:

    This morning God connected some dots for me and I think they might be applicable….
    Over the weekend God also leveraged a “perfect storm” in my life, bringing together 3 generational strands: vow of silence, women, and joylessness (see cutting edge 2005). These were all exposed through a legitimacy lie. The piece which came in this morning was the realization that not only am I dealing with “known” generational stuff, ie my parents – great grandparents, but one specific portion of my spirit is carrying the bulk of this generational baggage and it is at least partially attached to a Native American historical issue. Here is the piece that made me think of Fred…. The vow of silence I had made linked to the specific portion of my spirit which is wounded. There is a brain/ spirit link. The link is both with the vow as well as with the specific physical spot in my brain through which that portion of my spirit most functions (or at least occupies).
    What if that portion of my spirit was “outside the camp” and what if that was reinforced by inner vows?
    Being a Mercy, I am at home with this complexity; I suspect the answer may not be a clean-cut surgical strategy.
    I also am quite aware that there absolutely is an open window in which the strategy for this class of issue can be revealed! That is clear to me because of the link with the storm on the East Coast.

  2. desireewoody says:

    When I read thiis blog I thought immediately of the story you shared in the CD’s Nurturing Your Spirit Level III. It was the one where you had a body memory of “piano lessons” in your shoulder that was alleviated when the massage therapist asked you “What is stored in this muscle?” I am a Mercy. That’s all I got. 🙂 The other 6 portions of my spirit are asking “Why did you write that?” Maybe it will help Fred…and thus us all…somehow.

  3. Deborah says:


    • Virginia Gorney says:

      I believe Ellie made a point about “DNA”…I have learned that trauma DOES register in the DNA of a person…in the brain…so maybe ..there has to be “an overcoming” or deliverance of areas of the brain…I read from past literature from Chuck Pierce’s books, that trauma can be passed in the DNA of our babies…As they mature they can have a fear of the same thing grandpa did…

      Now, my mom was in WWII in England and she has had manly fears…Now that i am quite a bit older, I can see that some things I had previously feared, did not come from my personality, or my experience. They seemed to be there, and I had to do something to get rid of those “shadows” in my mind. They hindered my faith, and places where I could have overcome, without prayer for those specific things…in the “ancestry”..

      Maybe this is helpful???
      God Bless you all,
      Virginia Gorney

      • Keri-Lee says:

        Virginia, how did you get rid of “those shadows in (your) mind”, if you don’t mind me asking? Your post resonated deeply with me. I’ve gone for deliverance, and we, as a family bless each other, but I struggle with fears that are like leaches and plague me.

        Father bless you on your journey as an overcomer!

      • Cal says:

        Virginia, thanks for these comments. A reminder that many attitudes, strongholds, and demons that afflict us impact our spirits, our souls, and our bodies. We’re calling for the power of Jesus in FULL clearance of these things and the completeness of His Kingdom in us.

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