Ready for a Rumble?

I have recently taken on a new land project and could use some help.

The name and location are undisclosed so we can be more forthright in our conversation about it.  Suffice it to say that it is a Giver community in a Prophet state in a Giver nation.

The litany of what is wrong with the community is broadcast from the radio daily and is the grist of a 100,000 conversations at home, at the bar, from the pulpit and in the halls of government.  There is no need to repeat it here.

Much more to the point is the issue of God being there first.  Obviously from the double Giver component, it was designed to have an immense birthing anointing and to be renown for beauty, motion, nurture and a generational impact.

On the Prophet side of the house we should see new technology and a willingness to embrace the impossible.

My team on the ground is not able to leverage this by themselves, nor am I.  The national and international impact of this community is significant and the spiritual strongholds are proportionally complex.

My plan is to run two teams.  I will periodically update everyone via this blog, but I would love to have a group of 50 people who would commit to more focused prayer for 14 months — from now to the end of 2013.

On the one hand I am asking you to give a lot of your time and effort in specific prayer strategies, some of which will need to be acted upon with speed, so you will need to be nimble.

On the other hand, it could be a very educational experience for you, as you see up close and personal what it looks like to maintain a fluid warfare strategy that is focused on original design, not on the enemy’s positioning.

If you would like to be considered for the “Navy Seal Unit,” please send an e-mail to me via and share the salient points of your resources.  What do you bring to the table in terms of original design — such as redemptive gifts or niche anointings — and what earned authority do you have as a result of your 100,000 wise choices in life?

I will form the group on Saturday the 10th, so all e-mail requests must be in before then.

The project — and community — is going to be called E Squared, in memory of Elijah and Elisha who were Prophet/Giver respectively and who did an amazing job of partnering in rebuilding a pretty messed up community.

For the general public, I invite you to join us in carpet bombing the mesmerizing spirit during this first phase of the battle.  If you need a refresher on that teaching, it is found in “Life, Dominion and Honor.”  Here is the link to download it.

It would be lovely to have a couple thousand people praying with us, asking God to shine His light wherever He wants to shine it in “E Squared,” and to hold the light there until whoever He wants to see something, is forced to see it and acknowledge it.

Remember, don’t coach God on where to shine it.  That is witchcraft.

Regardless of the redemptive gift of a community, or the nature of the enemy stronghold, the first step is to bring the light of God to bear on the enemy who thrives in darkness.  As God selects what He wants to reveal, we will synchronize with Him in addressing it.  In this way, God leads us through a strategy more complex than we could create with our limited perspective in the spiritual realm.

Thank you in advance for your partnering with me, both in the large aerial assault and with the Navy Seal teams!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Copyright November 2012 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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