Answers to Your Prayers

A couple of weeks ago we requested prayer for getting through the gatekeepers to talk to people who had salient information for one of our primary projects.

The initial response was more blockage as Sandy shut down the East Coast where our contacts were.  However, we were able to find some people in the west who have helped us in a very specific, generous manner.

As of yesterday, we were back on track with the project and very pleased with the new relationship that has emerged from the search.  This gentleman may be a long term partner with us.

Thanks for praying with us.

Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to Answers to Your Prayers

  1. Barb Wall says:

    Yeah! It’s always exciting when you can go bowling with God and knock down some pins; even if from where you stand it appears like the ball is wonky and definitely not going where you sent it after it left your hands. In busy times I was reminded intermittently (kind of like a sputtering vehicle) to just pray about “that one again”; it was like short bursts here and there which may have seemed like they didn’t pack a lot of punch. Obviously watching for the strike long enough and asking obediently to whatever level of intercession was potent at the time brought results. I don’t bowl and I haven’t for over 20 years. That’s the metaphor that just came when I saw your comments. Thanks for the update. I have been very aware in recent days to look for more than what is normally seen from the apparent blockages in life. Interestingly ,as I “sputtered” on and off for your need, I had the fruit of a breakthrough of my own materialize that I had not yet touched in nineteen years. It is completely unrelated, but there it was. It’ s also encouraging to me to see what can happen when many join together bursting here and there from wherever we may be bringing change to a particular climate. Too good. Woo-hoo to God for taking our “bowling” to new heights!

  2. So happy to hear that.

  3. Rebekah Scott says:

    Fantastic ……. Yeah God!

  4. Ellen Cooke says:

    Good morning,

    I read a little less than a week ago that you wanted some help. I know I want to help. Here is what I don’t know: my exact redemptive gift. I also knowthat I don’t know a whole big lot. I know there are others who understand have their redemptive gift sewn down and are ready to go. As I am wrestling with that “unknowing”, I, nevertheless, know this:

    The Lord has been generous and given me a thirst for revelation of His ways in bringing light, love, and truth in seeing people and people groups become free from the lies, contracts, assignments(etc.) of the enemy against them. He has blessed me with some revelatory/discernment/prophetic gifting to see, feel, and just know things relevant to bringing freedom to His people. He has provided me with much training and opportunity to serve others in bringing inner healing and freedom. He has also brought me healing and freedom from many many things in my life. He continues to do so, as He brings more revelation and truth. He has given me an overwhelming desire to see His Kingdom come to displace the darkness and wiles of the enemy. He also has shown me that it takes team work to do this and a multiplicity of giftings to see this happen.

    Foremost and most importantly, The Lord has also shown me that the insights He has given you are much needed information/strategy/tools that are mighty and powerful in bringing the enemy to ruin. I know I want to learn from your ministry and deep wisdom and powerful teachings and gifting.

    Know this, that I will be praying for you and the team selected. You have my prayer support, no matter where my spot may be, on the walls in the gap, or in working on the temple repair.

    Blessings always,

    Ellen Cooke


  5. Carol Brown says:

    So we give thanks for Sandy since as a result you have a new and lasting west coast connection!

  6. Jasper Williams III says:

    So excited to hear! It’s always a joy to lend my authority with other Noble Subjects and exciting to see the answer(s) show up!

  7. Daniel Berghian says:


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