What About Genesis?

Our new podcast platform is exceptionally economical.  It does have a downside though, which is that the analytics are not very helpful.

Lacking granular data, I am turning to anecdotal reports.

If any one out there is listening to the daily podcasts from Genesis, I would appreciate knowing what lands for you.

By Arthur Burk

From the Hub

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18 Responses to What About Genesis?

  1. amymichelle1 says:

    Today I listened to the podcast on the topic of God revealing facets of his nature through each animal. As a teacher, I am excited to implement this in my curriculum. I am looking forward to seeing how God will direct this process and how he will instill us with more fear and awe of Himself as he guides these lessons.

  2. Noeleen says:

    Today’s (God experienced) reminded me of something I noticed in Psalm 115 – comparing the idols of the nations with our God who is in heaven and does whatever pleases him: ‘they have hands but cannot feel’ not, in this instance, create or do, but feel.

  3. Rebekah Scott says:

    I could get addicted to awe!…….. Shear exhilaration is released from my spirit as I considers how deep the great deep would have to be for God to call it DEEP!
    Arthur, you do awe majestically!……… Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!

  4. Anthony Tanjoco says:

    I started listening a couple of weeks ago -and I’m still musing on some concepts with the feeling that He is sooo big I may never get my head around any of it.
    I like the bite-size delivery too.

  5. Christine says:

    Dear Arthur,

    I don’t listen daily, but I download them all to my iTunes then a couple of times a week I soak in all of them. I am amazed at how much more awe of God I have now than when the podcasts began. You paint beautiful word pictures of concepts about God that I have never thought about, then my spirit and my soul soak in those pictures.

    It is unfortunate that as human beings we tend to see all things from the perspective of who we are, and so our God becomes too small in our eyes. I appreciate the way you start with the human perspective then show how far above us our God is — how immense, how above the restrictions of matter, how one of a kind, how far above His creation He is. This moves me to wonder and awe.

    Thanks for your time and effort for this project.


  6. Susan says:

    Where do I subscribe to the podcast?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Susan, there is no subscription, no cost. Just go to the home page of our main website and click anywhere on the big graphic and it will take you to the page where they are. Bookmark it and go back each day. There is a fresh teaching five days a week, and the old ones are in the archives at the bottom of the page.

  7. ruthann777 says:

    Here is my feedback: I am always so disappointed, as I cannot get it to neither play nor download. I have tried in Firefox browser, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Here is what it says when I try to click on the download:
    “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Ruthie, you may need to find a geek who can identify the setting on your computer that is not letting it through.

    • Dick Smith says:

      RuthAnn, I have a similar problem. I go to the Main Website http://www.thesig.com, click on the big graphic as Arthur said, and get a page headed “AWE” with dated items such as “36. Monday, November 12th”. I’m running Safari in Mac OSX. It looks like I could click on the “Play” “right arrow icon” and hear something, but no joy. Nothing happens. The only “live” location appears to be the “Download” link, and when I click there, I get AccessDeniedAccess Denied23863F1C072A2E03axCQErMEEqSepT6Elx9cDE+zQLbxjaDZIMvgIhiC2n07d2/T+sq02EUvVzf7mZbv
      as a message from s3.amazonaws.com. This is a message from the server. It does not appear to be a message from my computer which could be fixed by adjusting some local setting, as Arthur suggests.

      So Arthur, how can I hear these messages?

      • Arthur Burk says:

        Dick, for starters look at the dates. You are getting those messages because those are next week’s clips and are not live yet. We swap them out on Friday afternoon, so the early birds on Monday will have a live one before Megan comes into work. Try going to the archives and see what you get.

  8. Julia Smith says:

    Loving it and learning patience to wait for it Aussie time. Too much to ask to be a day behind! Thanks Arthur

  9. Well, since you asked! The other morning I was driving my son to school and he reported that the new building where his school is now located has a bit of a problem: windows break because the balls from PE go through them! (It’s not a very big site and there are a LOT of windows). So the school is having bars put to protect the windows and the kids. (No one has been hurt). Here was an opportunity to share how when God created the world, He didn’t have to go back and “fix” problems He couldn’t foresee. Mhmm, my son thought about this. I gave the example of the atmosphere and how we don’t blow up because we have just the right amount of oxygen to sustain us. He understands how oxygen is needed, but never thought about God calibrating it perfectly to sustain life. Another pause and he said, “I’ll never understand that.” So true!
    As a mom, I’m so aware of not wanting to make the kids roll their eyes when “mom talks about God”. I value that the podcasts are profound and spiritual, but not “out there” – they can be applied to reality here and now.

  10. Amy Hansen says:

    I LOVE the podcast. As my young son discovers the world, I have a whole new appreciation for how to teach him about God’s nature as he discovers the world God created. As my son is in awe of new textures, sights, and sounds, I am too as I think about how God created them all. Focusing on the immensity of God is refreshing. I’m with Leonie – it’s stirred up a new awe for God in me too. I also like the fact that they are short concrete clips. I am planning on encouraging others to listen to them.

  11. Pearlann says:

    We listen each morning to start our day and then I listen on the week-ends to the whole week. They stir in us such wonder and gratitude to our Awesome God and are a wonderful way to prepare us for whatever special our loving Father has for us each day.

  12. dorisann says:

    After your “nudge” I caught up on this week as I had begun to listen last week. I always love your insights and enjoy the facets of God you present most of the time. I actually don’t get the “offense” suggestion. If God created it, and you agree in verse 1 that he did a complete job of creation, how would it follow that He would be offended by his own creation? I can see where he might have not been finished and I love the analogy of God being light and the darkness unacceptable, but offended? I don’t get that. Perhaps it is me. I usually find other people’s behavior offensive, not my own creation, Help me here.

  13. Leonie du Bruyn says:

    Dear Arthur, I listen to each one every day – and I love it – it has stirred up a new Awe for God and His Greatness and Goodness! It also stirs up a renewed love, commitment and faith – how can you not stand amazed for the wonders of our Almighty God and to think: HE IS MY FATHER! Imagine that! I can personally not wait for the next one every day!

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