Aquifers and Falls

My rather intense peregrinations the last three months have rather drastically cut into my scribbling — I mean erudite blogging — but now that I am back home, settled and have officially — as of ten minutes ago — dug out of the formidable backlog, I think it is time to see if I can make your synapses snappy again.

The issue on the table is underground aquifers.  We are on the front end of what will probably be a long process of trying to build a theological model for the spiritual dynamics of aquifers.

The beginning point is the issue of falls.  There is a mountain of evidence linking mysterious falls to spiritual dynamics in the water under the land.  I wrote a query in a newsletter last year and got a rather substantial number of e-mails back documenting the high number of utterly unexplainable falls some people have had.

In our research model we begin with some very loose questions to begin to fill the big end of the funnel with data.  Our skill is in finding patterns, but we have to have data before we can find patterns to the data.

Here is the current state of our perspective, subject to change as more data comes in.

-There definitely is a real dynamic of people falling down for no apparent reason.  It is so pervasive in some nations that the national medical organizations track the dynamic as a non-medical cause.

-Many secular authorities agree that it is connected to the aquifers.  The majority of the opinions out there revolve around an electromagnetic field created by certain geological formations.  We agree with the electromagnetic field component but feel it is spiritual, not geological in cause.

-It is apparent that whatever this force is, it affects people selectively.  Some are untouched by it, and others are harassed badly across decades.

-The bulk of the unsorted evidence we have also points to it being a very uneven phenomenon meaning not all aquifers impact vulnerable people the same.

The obvious questions on the table are what makes some water/land more toxic than others and what makes some people more susceptible than others.

In addition to these two, we wonder whether the condition in people is static.  In other words, has anyone grown out of it?  Or can anyone define the point in their life where they began to be vulnerable when they were not before?

We also have theories about redemptive gifts of land and people, as well as portals and time.  Lots of fun variables.

For now, we are inviting you to help with the riddle by taking part in a poll if you have any history with mysterious falls.  This will probably be the first of a series of them if we get enough responses to make them productive.

I will close it in about a week.

Copyright January 2013 by Arthur Burk

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20 Responses to Aquifers and Falls

  1. Many falls during teenage years involved falling down stairs( in the rain) , off horses, rollerskating, snowskiing, injuries always to the spinal area. In general I am not a clumsy person either. Love water very attracted to it as place of peace. Competive swimmer when young lIved on the ocean in Australia for some years.
    Later in life 45+ after moving to Italy, I began having falls due to ‘ tripping’ on something. I fell from a tram after tripping on a door stop while it was raining , tearing all ligaments in both feet, from that time on I would trip and fall on almost nothing on the sidewalk, especially if it was raining.
    Milan, the city where I live, has a high water table and high humidity. There have been 2 times I have felt ‘pushed’, in both instances I had to be taken to emergency by ambulance. I have had a lot of prayer as it has been very debilitating over the last 13 years, with sprained ankles, knees and shoulder injuries.
    One thing I found was my grandmother ( she was in a wheel chair) recieved a miracle healing after Smith Wigglesworth prayed for her in 1923? in Australia, but tripped and fell,when she arrived home and ‘lost’ her healing. My grandfather from that time cursed God and became an agnostic. After prayer breaking the generational curse my tripping became almost non existant for about 3 years. Now It happens rarely. The Holy Spirit’s wisdom has taught me to be prayerful especially before and after a ministry trips. I have learned not to walk in fear but also to be wise.
    My redemptive gifting is prophet and one of the manifestations of a mandated journey, is often torrential rain, and even flooding, especially where this is not ‘normal’ weather to that region. I travel extensively so it becomes quite obvious. (This happens too often to be a coincidence and was confirmed through a word given to me many years ago that, these signs would follow, one as an indication of opening old spiritual wells)
    Looking forward to your further insight

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Don, I agree that Eve was deceived, but I would draw your attention to the sin and guilt offerings. There was one for deliberate, knowing sin and one for sin you did not know you were doing, but you were help responsible for anyway.

      Yes, clearly the major burden was on Adam. Sin came into the world through him, even though Eve’s actions preceded his. However, God just as clearly judged her with expulsion from the garden, so He did not completely let her off the hook.

  2. Debbie G. says:

    I was a Tomboy, and was always hurting myself. There was one very nasty fall I remember having however, when I was about 16 or 17. I lived close the my Highschool, and had come home for lunch. On my way back, I was going to leap over a ditch, when I somehow fell forwards. I don’t remember my foot slipping. I just fell. I was jumping over a sewer ditch. The grate was set in across the ditch. Concrete and large stones. I came to on my knees, with a dull pounding in my forehead. Fortunately my sister’s friend was behind me and she helped me up. She got me back to my neighbourhood, not too far away, and friend’s of my parents got me to the hospital. I got 16 stitches and two very black eyes out of it, I had a pretty bad gash on my forehead. This came back to my mind after I read your post about falls and underground aquifers. There was no water on the stones, and I know I didn’t slip, I just fell forwards. If it was a slip I’d have just skinned my knees.

  3. Sue Taylor says:

    The first fall I can remember was from a tree at age 12. When asked – I could not tell the adults how it happened because I honestly didn’t know. Ligaments were torn and I have fallen and injured my ankles many times since then. I love swimming and have no consciously known fear of swimming – but large bodies of water are intimidating. It seems like I can trip over my own feet. I can remember times when I have sensed that I was tripping over something – but when I looked – nothing was there. I don’t fall very much anymore – but look at the ground (presumably for hazards) and walk cautiously to prevent falls at 56. I can completely relate to wild side to side movements in trying to stop myself from falling. (Someone else mentioned this and said they learned to stop fighting the fall and fall well. I understand that). It will be interesting to hear more about what you’re exploring. Thanks!

  4. Andrea Brown says:

    I have heard of the fall about age 2 when I fell down just one step. Neighbors across the street heard sound like a watermelon pop open. Couldn’t really see anything wrong, other than my neck was red & I was fussy for 3 days. As a teenager I was told my collarbone was broken & never set.
    Never caused me trouble.
    I remember a fall from a wire fence about 5 ft. tall. I was trying to get my sister’s attention by pretending I was a bird. She would not look so I flapped my wings (arms) & fell. Then she was afraid & ran for Mother.
    I did have some arch problems & was a little clumsy through childhood.
    My real problems started after a really bad bout with mono at age 17. I would also run into things, but fell often for years. Usually not knowing why. Not tripping, not dizzy. I never got hurt but it was embarrassing. I quickly learned that when I started to fall, not to fight it. Just go down. Otherwise I would end up staggering from one wall to another & cause quite a scene. A couple of times someone told me they wished they could fall as gracefully as me, but I knew that was because I didn’t fight it.
    Two years ago at age 61, I hurt my back (under the waist) by falling in the house because of a footstool I had already tripped over several times & should have thrown away.This day I don’t know what happened as I didn’t feel a tripping sensation. I tried not to spill my coffee & I tried to keep my head from going through a glass bookcase. My back (under my waist) took the brunt & it was terrible pain & numbness. It’s been 2 years & I’ve not entirely healed yet. Then about 6 months later I tripped over something that I didn’t know was there in a semi-dark room. I was so afraid I was going to really hurt my healing back that I just screamed all the way down. I hit on my left hip & felt something leave the socket — painlessly—as I bounced off the floor & hit the floor again. It went back in—painlessly. I had some trouble with it for awhile — very mild compared to the back problem. Since age 33 to 63 today, I have been afflicted by & gradually recovering from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. I know there is some neurological impairment that causes balance problems. But the worst falling was the years following mono. I must climb a flight of stairs often in our house & for years I have clung to the rail which has saved me many times.

  5. Nanette says:

    My first thought is that it’s water spirits at play, but that could be an Africa situation because water rituals are prevalent here.
    My family moved to a new town when I was starting to crawl & stayed until I was about 5,5 years old. During the entire stay in that town, I was extremely clumsy – eventually, I was known by all in the family as ‘an accident looking for a place to happen’, falling over my own feet regularly with numerous scars to show for it.

    In addition, I was afraid of the water. I’m told I even ran next to the public swimming pool calling my mom’s name when she went in, seems I was worried about what would happen to her in there. I have no idea if we had underground water in the town, but what is intriguing is that I nearly drowned twice during our stay there; ironically, once because I tripped into a hole in the garden that had filled with rainwater.

    However, within 6-12 months of leaving this town, all my clumsiness had disappeared & despite my drowning experiences, I never manifested fear of water again. Quite the reverse, I have loved all forms of water since the move, enjoy being close to it & in it. It could be that I have never been on a piece of land with underground water again, but considering the large variety of places I’ve been over the decades, that seems unlikely.

    I suspect people who have an affinity to water ‘notice’ the desecration/corruption of it more than people who have connections with other parts of creation. & that God therefore needs to take them through a process of gaining the appropriate authority to resist the negative effects & presumably, sanctify water. Thanks for raising this, it has made me revisit my functionality from a new viewpoint.

    Makes one wonder if people with other affinities are hit by odd phenomena when they’re on a corrupted section of the relevant part of creation.

    I have added my feedback to your online poll.

  6. Lila says:

    I was probably younger than five when I broke my collarbone (I don’t remember the incident, nor does my elderly mother, so I don’t know if it was actually related to a fall, but evidence of the break is obvious.) I was clumsy as a child, and glad my parents forbid dancing because I knew I wouldn’t be coordinated enough. There were other falls where I broke a leg (x2 – one inside, one outside) and the most recent in the summer of ’06. I was building a pond and have no clue why I fell – it’s a blank. I just remember prior to hitting the ground the horror of falling, then finding my wrist badly skewed. It never healed properly. At that time we lived next to a cemetery; the house apparently had ley lines through it and I felt my health was deteriorating. A friend who had keen discernment told us we needed to move; that something was on the land that was very bad, very deep and like mold. There may have been some kind of portal? (In fact, Arthur, I corresponded with you about it. We did move, much to my relief.)
    I have pondered all this over the years, and wonder if it is connected to an attempted abortion (my mother relayed this information to me; she also said my dad was very upset at the timing of the pregnancy.) I have always been afraid of water when it comes to water sports. Even going through adult swimming lessons as an attempt to cure it didn’t help. I pray like crazy when flying over bodies of water and think I am closer to peace and rest, but the fear is there ready to jump on me. I am electro-sensitive and some have suggested that I have reverse polarity. I don’t know that for sure, but do tend to be dyslexic when typing and have to correct it frequently. I can often sense (physically feel) cell towers and high voltage transmission lines before I see them or as I pass by.
    Hope this helps – I would love to see further discussion on this topic.

  7. Have had several falls when younger but especially during the ages of 30 and 45. Once I was 9 months pregnant (huge) and fell and slid under my car between the curb and the car (no idea how I even fit) right into a huge puddle of ice water. Landed on my back. Have had several falls where I was stepping down and an ankle was suddenly sprained and there was no reason for the fall really. (This started when I was about 15.) Several times I fell for no apparent reason and would land on my back or fall between 2 objects that were so close together that it was a wonder I even fit between. Would have to get help to get out. I don’t notice this happening so much in the past 5 years or so. I have nearly fallen but will land on my feet without harm or catch myself before I fall. I am 48 now and not nearly in as good shape as the times when I would be hurt. I now spend lots of time interceding for creation. I feel very drawn to helping creation be freed of defilement and curse. Not really sure what my redemptive gift is. I live near a spring fed pond and there are aquifers under our property. Only 1/2 mile to Brazos River and a Creek runs through our property. I have prayed using the 7 curses prayers on behalf of the land. If Intercede for myself or others then I will also ask that creation be healed and cleansed of all defilement and curse. I have asked that the waters above be cut off from the waters below, etc. Since doing this I have seem the difference.

  8. Cathie Sheldon says:

    My very first memory was a very traumatic family event involving water. Have gotten over my fear of water, thank You Lord! enough to learn to swim and go boating. Don’t get apprehensive flying over the ocean…but I do know there is still an issue with it.
    We are half timing in another home along a river, and all three falls I have experienced immediately hit my spirit with the understanding that something was wrong here. After the second going IN the house in the garage interior stairs, I prayed and cut off any access the enemy would have to make me fall. A spate of time went by before I fell, this time going IN via the deck stairs. Both times I felt that going in was a significant part of the puzzle. (My house in town has 13 stairs I am on constantly with no falls.)
    The house/land has an incredible anointing of Peace upon it otherwise. All falls happened after age 55.

  9. cheri says:

    We have lived in the same house in the mountains of Colorado for 22 years and never had a problem with falls until about 5 years ago when I turned 65. Since then I have had a number of serious and painful falls, forward and backward, some in conditions like snow and ice that never were a problem in the past, others just pointless and out of the blue. I just assumed it was age related. Now I am over reactive about my footing and stability

  10. Colleen A. Billen says:

    Another diviation – I always thought myself clumsy (am 57 now) – falling down many times since I was little. My husband and I were responsible for the water quality monitoring for our small town (he was Mayor, I was Clerk/Treas – both of us Water Operators – authorities of the land). The Lord gave me a strategy to heal our water source of high nitrate levels. The Dept. of Environmental Quality confirmed and are baffled how we were able to reduce toxic levels at 14 parts per billion to 7-8 (ppb) within 2 years without conventional methods. Since that time (2008-2010) I had noticed the lack of my falls – particularly down our stairs. (We have lived in our home for 19yrs – had fallen down at least 3-6 stairs every 2-3 yrs).
    Other noted facts: I usually fall on my seat. Relating to the survey: I LOVE water, think/hear from the Lord very clearly in water, am soothed by sound of water, am affected somehow by large bodies of water, the feel of water triggers my spirit. Have dreams of heavenly places where water is always a distinct part. Was told by the Lord, I am as a large forceful waterfall, flowing down an immense mountain into an ocean of humanity, which enables others to be sustained, grow and further develop their lives. Was prophetically told that I am very gifted with my hands – have healing in them. Felt my direction more to heal land issues than people. If the land is healed – the people can respond to the Lord.
    We live close to a river – the land very sandy, desolate – hard to sustain plants and vegetation. Overall, has shown to be difficult for us and others to move into, sustain and improve our surroundings. Still-after 19yrs, hard to stay with struggles to be able to adequately water our landscape – even with the full knowledge of being planted here by the Lord.
    We live in Oklahoma – know to have more surface area in lakes, rivers, and streams than any other state. Our governing water board has done extensive work to map existing aquifers and enact measures to preserve the quality of the water available in the state.
    Sorry for the long discourse – I never connected the two before. Don’t feel like I have adequately dealt with the land/water issues – but have observed much about them.

    • Margie Baumeister says:

      I strongly identify with the way you identify with God through water elements you experience, I too have had many falls and two of my friends who really love Jesus both fell on consecutive days after i fell most recently for no reason on flat ground on our properties. Please could you send me the specific prayers you prayed so that my beautiful feet can no longer twist and I can continue to move and proclaim the good News of Jesus without giving way under me. God bless you Margie

      • Arthur Burk says:

        Margie, we are still working on this and are far away from a protocol yet. One of the aggravating things in my story is that I have no idea what I accidentally did right to stop the problem from happening, but I so clearly see the difference between my childhood and the present!

  11. Jim Alseth says:

    In the hospital I have noticed a significant increase in the number of falls, in the winter, due to slippery and icy conditions. It’s just my impression; no hard data.

  12. Taylor says:

    Does walking into trees and poles a lot as a child count?

  13. Shari says:

    The falls happened in 2 tme periods in my life. 1) between the ages of 11-16. All of these were falls backward. I lived in Colorado at the time. Then they stopped. 2) These falls started age 34-37. These were forward falls & I lived in Florida and Oregon. Then they stopped & none for the past 20 plus years.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Wow. That is a new detail. I never thought to ask about the nature or direction of the falls! We will pursue that in the future.

      • Shari says:

        Oh, I forgot to mention that all the falls in both time periods were either related to stairs or a step up or down to a different level.

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