Aquifer Poll Results

I am reminded of a comment Sherlock Holmes once made.  It was something to the effect that a case where all the clues become useless is quite invigorating.

By that metric, we have a very invigorating riddle to solve.  The results of the polls are as follows:

-There is no significant pattern with the redemptive gifts.

-There is no significant pattern with gender.

-There is no significant pattern with when they started or stopped.

-There is no significant pattern regarding indoors or outdoors.

But there was one thing that did seem to emerge from the discussions.  While there are a few situations that “feel” as though someone pushed from behind, or some that might be attributed to lack of balance, there was a very strong pattern of ankles being implicated in the falls.

For some the ankle would just give out when they were standing still.  A lot reported a tweaking of their ankle when walking.  This is consistent with the smaller pool of info we had before.

And it is absolutely clear that there is a huge problem.  There are too many people who have had too many utterly unexplainable falls in their lives.

At present our model is that there are two problems.  There is an issue in the underground aquifers and there is a landing pad in the individual.  Many people live and walk on the contaminated land and have no issues ever, while others get knocked down with some degree of regularity.

Since there is not an easy pattern to follow from the poll, we shall have to do this the hard way which is through personal interviews by phone.  This is labor intensive in the extreme, but at the end of the day, I think I should be able to find a pattern.

So this is the pool of people I am looking for:  people who have fallen at least 15 times over more than 20 years, in more than one geographic location.  Let’s start with the more extreme cases because it might be easier to find the common denominator.

If you are willing to have a one hour phone call with me in the next couple of months, send me your name, e-mail address, phone number and a brief profile of your fall history.  I will get back to you by e-mail and we will figure out how to schedule.  This will take time, since it is not the only project on the table.

Send your info to and put Interview in the subject line, please.

Copyright February 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in Anaheim

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4 Responses to Aquifer Poll Results

  1. Beverly Holliwell says:

    Oh yes, it just occurred to me that probably my daughter and I also have a movement anointing, since we were both professional dancers. And the little granddaughter too, already at 2 she loves to run down the apartment hallways playing soccer daily, and has for the last year. Blessings, Beverly

  2. Beverly Holliwell says:

    Responding to your post: Noticing my own, my daughter’s and granddaughter’s new and unusual”trips and falls” in the last two years, I would like to add my two cents also: -The falls seem to happen in the apartment hallway outside the residence of a known atheist who moved out, then Muslim who moved in. Possible “Landing pads” for your future phone interviews: -Regarding ankles and feet: check background for freemasonry, shriner or mormon influence because of the ritualistic curses involving symbolic flaying of feet and slicing of certain joints. -I suspect another landing pad could be my(repented) and my daughter’s(unrepented) involvement with Kundalini yoga. -Another pattern of falls may have started with the trauma of being dragged off my feet by the leashed dog attacking another animal, while trying to keep the baby from falling out of the stroller… Blessings, Beverly

  3. desireewoody says:

    My two cents. Check for a corrupted/defiled niche motion annointing. If they are older, ask if they have fibromyalgia.

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