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Report on Week of March 24th

Capital Projects: -No progress on the Kidney and Adrenal project.  I did not even correct the two clips from last week that God gave us new insight on regarding why covenants attach to the adrenals. -I did record a couple … Continue reading

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Report on Week of March 17th

In the push and shove between personal ministry and producing teaching, the production department took a definite second place, but we did get some capital work done. Megan was the star this week.  She took time off work to go … Continue reading

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Report on the 21st

Thanks much for all your prayers for yesterday’s activities. The day started at 5:20 with Megan leaving for the airport, headed to Texas for the first in her series of ground breaking seminars. Also while it was still dark, Team … Continue reading

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Sons of Belial

After pondering the concepts of the sons of Belial, I have come down to a simple descriptor:  these are people who are profoundly unable to hear and come into agreement with the heart of God. This definition is broad enough … Continue reading

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Wind Under Our Wings

This is a prayer request, not a teaching blog. Now that the legally mandated full disclosure is out of the way, here is the story. For many years we have been sowing in sundry slow growth areas, as well as … Continue reading

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Jezebel’s Forgotten Partner

Just when you think a topic has been run into the ground and there is nothing new to say, a different angle pops up.  This has happened with the issue of Jezebel, but we have a half baked potato and … Continue reading

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Window of Reconciliation

Today, March 10th, begins the 20 day window of reconciliation for community.  If this is a new concept to you, you can catch up in the Spiritual Warfare section of Articles on our website. As I have pondered what strategy … Continue reading

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Family News March 2013

For my December time away with the Lord, He took me to a fascinating Teacher city that is the hub of medical tourism for two continents.  While there, He spoke to me at length about the medical insights He wanted … Continue reading

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