Family News March 2013

For my December time away with the Lord, He took me to a fascinating Teacher city that is the hub of medical tourism for two continents.  While there, He spoke to me at length about the medical insights He wanted to release in this next two years.

In the initial discussion with the Lord, He merely made the point that I needed to stay home for a couple of years to get that done.  I pruned my schedule drastically, and even took the “Events” button off the website since I will not be doing seminars or church events for a while.

What I did not know, was how much wind He was planning to put in my sails.

In January, I was away at my Mercy land retreat, when I received an e-mail from a doctor I knew.  On a whim, I asked if he would be willing to meet with me for a day, to explore the fractal of the brain.  He said yes, and surprisingly another doctor was also able to join us on very short notice.

The day was extraordinary in that we not only discovered the fractals of two, three, five and seven in the brain, we learned the meaning of the fractals of three, five and seven for all other applications.

Big lurch.  Those insights will have a significant impact on all future research in fractals.  This was a rather large payoff for one team, one day, plus a whole lot of miles on the road to get there.

Then in February, I had a gathering that had been on the books for a while, where I visited a medical practice that is using the fractal approach and we experimented with some interesting clients.

Again, the payoff was quite large.  First of all, we learned that the fourth position of our fractal of five was birthright.  This is a significant correction in our previously used sequence.  Then we learned that some fractals in the body have gender, meaning one fractal of five might be male, while another might be female, which of course changes how we approach that system.

Another huge insight — mostly in the category of enlarging our ignorance — was the spiritual dynamics of the disks in our spine.  We have been working on the vertebra for a long time and have quite a bit of data, but in reality, the nerves come out of the spaces between the vertebra, and those have their own characteristics that do not appear to follow the rules of any of the fractals we have seen so far.

We know that the space between L5/S1 is where Jezebel with jealousy lands with violence.  Old news.  But what became the focus of our attention this time was the space between T7/T8.

That seems to be the site of a huge breech in our spiritual dynamic that is usually generational.  Not sure where to go with this yet, but if there are any chiropractors tracking this, I would love to brainstorm with you.

Out of this event also came some initial understanding of the fractal of the 12 cranial nerves.  We have actually only bumped up against them enough to know there is a system there.  We have nothing of utilitarian value yet, but know that this is a vein of ore that will yield much.

Things settled down for a week or two, then personnel began to click into place.  Gabi brought her elegant Mercy gift to grace the Sapphire Europe team.  She will be developing the Austria distribution center some time later this year.  At present, she is learning our culture from Hanna in Switzerland, as well as translating some materials into German for the new website.

Since no one can translate effectively for eight hours a day, she is also working on the fractal of five in Genesis for me.  In terms of research, finding the granular data is very expensive.  Once I have that, I can search for patterns, develop protocols and test them.  But the initial pass is labor intensive and I don’t have the time to invest in that research at present.

Anyone who finds a list of five in Genesis should send it to for her to add to her master file.

Because five is the fractal that provides connectivity for us, it is of consummate importance to our health and I am looking forward to a year of extraordinary insights as the data comes in.

Then, four days later Leah started working for us.  She has been in the pipeline for a few months, but finally made it from Massachusetts to California.  (Some comments were made today about the fact that her family back home was not wearing short sleeve shirts, while she basked in 78 degree California sun).

She is a Ruler by gift and is looking at a career in medicine.  She will be doing some general work in the office building on my systems and adding some of her own.  As soon as she knows the ropes and has discretionary time, I will put her in charge of a couple or three facets of medical research.

It will be great to have someone in house who can collect and bird dog the many random questions I come up with in the course of a day.

On the same day, I hired Lacy. She came to me out of the blue, with negligible knowledge of SLG.  She has never researched, but thought she might enjoy it more than what she had been doing.  We pondered and discussed for a month.  To research for us when she doesn’t know the basic paradigms seemed daunting.

Finally, I decided to take the plunge.  She is working part time, off site, looking for the fractal of five in Exodus, as well as spearheading the research into organ systems.  One of our desired achievements for this year is to find the fractal of our organs.  We are at the very tip of the beginning of what bodes well to be a large project.

After a mere week, I can say she has exceeded my expectations and is producing good data from the beginning.  I am ready to go on record and say emphatically that the liver fits the fractal of Giver very comprehensively.

Knowing that, it means that the organ system is either a fractal of seven, ten or twelve.  There is much more to do, but we have a solid starting point.

Running in the background to this was our beta test of the kidney/adrenal protocol we developed late last year.  It was quite remarkable in its effects.  This is a series of about 45 blessings based on Scriptures about the kidneys and adrenals.

We did a test of an early version on the general population — only about a dozen people — but the impact was so great I revised them and tested them on about 25 people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The results were dramatic.  About 75 percent of the people got quite sick in two days — usually either raging sinus infections or digestive track disruptions.

That wasn’t exactly what we were anticipating.  Our theory is that the kidneys and adrenals were packing a lot of toxins and when we began giving them a hand, they overloaded the immune system by dumping too much, too fast into the blood stream. That is just a theory at this point, but the data was undeniable.

The second thing that happened was that anyone who had unresolved unholy covenants had them activated in a fairly unattractive way.  It varied a lot from person to person, but we sure did get some intense reactions.

Out of that came some theories that covenants might attach in some way to the kidneys which might explain why God required that the kidneys of the sacrificial animals be put on the altar.

In the end, a significant proportion of the people got measurable relief in spirit, soul and body, so that was highly encouraging.  We plan to release that as a CD set this month, although we are pondering what kind of a disclaimer and warning label we need to add to them!

Now here is the back story.  In late January, I got ambushed pretty badly and I have been running on about two cylinders since then.  In spite of being barely functional, God has done all of this.  It shows what a deep commitment He has to the medical project.

I feel like I am fully back now.  I look forward to the next few months, using all these resources of researchers that God has provided.  It should be a rollicking time with so much good data coming to the table.

On a completely different note, our wonderful Ruler friend, Elaine, has finished all of the horribly labor intensive conversion of endless files from our old website.  The YouTube and Free Audio pages are largely her workmanship.

Having finished the backlog, she too has transitioned to research and is focusing on the social DNA of businesses.  This will be a multi-year project, but she is made for it and is thriving.  We need some solid documentation for the things I have been sharing.  It will be great to run with her this year, since we have such a comfortable, easy chemistry.

And then, of course, there is Megan.  She has just successfully produced our latest website — a wonderfully streamlined download store.  She needs to build the websites for Australia and Austria, then later this year will begin to produce mobile apps for some material on diagnostics and deliverance I have developed.

But since she has such a very high capacity hard drive in her over-sized Mercy spirit, all that work cannot possibly keep her synapses adequately occupied, so with the abundant surplus, she has been rapidly unpacking “The Ancient” which is the essence of reality before creation, as well as understanding the cadence of time and the spiritual dynamics of that cadence.

Let me just say, all time is not created equal!

Her research is scintillating and has already resulted in some rather pronounced changes in our prayer times and how we approach the business of research these days.

I am amused and mildly sympathetic as I watch her scrambling to prepare for the seminars that are schedule to begin this month!  She thought she had a solid package of material several months ago, but God keeps adding more and more.

As fast as she incorporates a new insight into her already crowded lecture, God gives her two more ideas.  The Mercy’s ideal of having a well rounded ecosystem is not playing out for her.  She is more likely to show up at her events with some very fresh manna.

So that is SLG in 2013 — it is harvest time.  The foundation laid in the past 18 years seems to be quite solid and now God is multiplying the resources to put a lot of puzzle pieces together at once.

A fun season indeed.

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

From home on a Friday night

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30 Responses to Family News March 2013

  1. Deborah says:

    Interesting reading. Lots of food for thought… I’m interested in the findings yet to be revealed about the importance of the space between T7/8. I have an inkling there might be a connecting point between the upper body and lower body in the spine as it is a central key point in core stability of the trunk. Also an area that is close in proximity to the location of the heart in the physical body… perhaps an attack in that area to prevent connection from the rational head and the experience of the heart? I look forward to what the Lord reveals to you in this area.

  2. skypampratt says:

    Yea God! I am so glad you are fine and your team is steaming ahead! I am excited to see what creator will do with healing this year!

  3. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    What an amazing journey! This is so inspirational and shows the importance of perseverance. Personally I am really looking forward to the release of the teaching on getting rid of toxicity as I have issues with my adrenals and I am prone to kidney infections.

    As an aside I have had a slipped disc in just the place you mention L5/S1 and still have twinges from time to time, always on the left side. An interesting discovery was that when I started to implement some of your teaching on alignment and to call myself, Spirit, soul, body and birthright all into alignment with Divine time and Divine design on a daily basis I found that I have far fewer problems in that area. Where previously I was always going to physio to correct the alignment (it would actually be visibly out of alignment) I seldom need to go for this.

    Thank-you for taking the time to document this, when I saw the heading “family news” I was really excited to see what was happening back at the coal face 🙂

  4. Linda Alexander says:

    Arthur, I have enjoyed learning about fractals which gave me the word for God’s word going forward. I could see it but did not the a word to describe it. This brings me to your update on body fractals and the spine. I have curvature of the spine and had a spinal fusion in 1965/67. I have always known this was related to a childhood trauma. In the 60s they said it would not get worse but now I have a 47% curve on the top and 50% on the bottom. I will be interested in hearing more on the spine and how it affects the spirit. Although I have never been in pain, but this is where I hold my stress and it has been a source of humiliation because of the deformity of my back. I continue to ask for healing. Looking forward to more from you and the team. Thank you for the research and work. Linda

  5. Tracy H says:

    I am so excited about this. Studying reflexology and meridian therapy and this info has some bearing on the interactive spine pages that one of my fellow students sent me a week ago – so I am dashing off now to pull out my books and revisit that section!

  6. Debra says:

    Thanks for the info you shared with Elise. That has really got me thinking about connections with land. Hubby has random flare ups with his right hip and pain down the outside of his thigh. It started twenty three years ago at a former job.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Well, Debra, the random is probably not random. It might be that there is a mechanical issue such as his bending or twisting a particular way that causes a flare up, or it could be that there is someone in the current chapter of his life that is jealous of something he has or does, or it could be land that is setting it off. Look around and see if you can find the clues to the pattern.

      You might also do a little clean up prayer, disconnecting him from that situation 23 years ago, just to be sure nothing is following him from there. Ask God to sit in judgment on everything that was said, written and thought about him and his gifts, and anything that is not true, and right and just should be rendered powerless. We do not want the lies and accusations of others about us to have enduring power.

      See if any of those techniques produce freedom for him.

  7. Robert says:

    Is there any more info on Elaine’s work on the social DNA of businesses? Is there a way to see some of her work? Thanks.

  8. Oh wow! This part about Jezebel makes so much sense to me now. Thank you so much. Now I understand better why I have been having the spinal problems and sciatica. I have been attacked with plantar fasciitis as well. I had this happen to me when I began to prayer walk and praying about the attacks of Jezebel on my life and our city. It has been resolved now after a visit to a healing room and an injection in my heels. Now i am wondering if it is all connected too. All of you amaze me and bless me with your commitment, your kindness, and your insight. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes…thank you. I look forward to all the new things God will release through you .

  9. Frances Clower says:

    For this one, I am interested in chiropractic adjustments & Jezebel. It was at the very botom of the article where a lady commented. Then Arthur went on to state about whether it is right or left (I think) and inside or outside the leg . I have had both in the last 3 weeks. Too strange to be happen-stance.


    • Arthur Burk says:

      Frances, I don’t think I have anything for you in terms of the chiropractic component. Once the damage is done, we have to use mechanical means to restore right alignment, whether that is just rest and ice, or exercise, or chiropractic or surgery.

      Of course it does help to deal with the demonic component first. You may wish to listen to the Sound of Light teaching in the Free Audio section. I take a quite different view on Jezebel. Then in the Spiritual Warfare album, there is a whole teaching on the spirit of jealousy and where it gets it power. We did a follow up to that a few years later in the album “Life, Dominion and Honor.”

      So get a solid handle on the nature of the spiritual force, deal with the incoming rounds, and then you should be able to get stabilized physically.

  10. T. Abner says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for sharing this update. I am very interested in the work going on. What really piqued my interest today is the theories that covenants might attach in some way to the kidneys. I would like more info on types of unholy covenants and their possible relationships to physical systems in the body.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      On our YouTube channel, under the Deliverance heading, are a number of clips discussing covenants and how they are formed. It is not directly in line with your question, but might net you some worthwhile information.

      What was intriguing to us when we studied what the Hebrew actually said about the kidneys was the verse which said God purchased the kidneys in the womb. The Hebrew word emphatically means a commercial, financial exchange for the sake of ownership. We found that quite incomprehensible until we began to get these reports back. Now it makes sense, that if this is the point of some covenant attachment, God wanted to preempt the enemy in ownership of them. I still don’t really know what that means, but the fact that there is a connection is shoutingly clear.

      • T. Abner says:

        Wow! I was unaware of that scripture. That explains a lot and why the emphasis on the kidneys (spiritually and physically). The dots are connecting regarding the external/internal forces that affect the kidneys. For 2 generations (known), I’ve had family members die from kidney issues. Hmmm…

        • Arthur Burk says:

          If you are up for some experimenting, why not get my set, “Trauma Bonds to Time.” We taught that from the grid of the soul having a trauma bond to a past event, but there is a trickle of evidence that our bodies might also have this kind of a trauma bond. If you have a generational issue, why not explore whether the principles I covered in that album are portable to generational physical issues?

          Not sure it would work, but might be worth the try.

          • T. Abner says:

            Will do. I already have the teaching “Trauma Bonds to Time”. It is one of my all time favorites! Thanks!

  11. This is wildly exciting.!
    Can hardly wait for the info release.
    To see the connections & how cool God is.

  12. ruthiespage says:

    Very excited about Megan’s insight on time. I know that the Lord has been speaking to me about time, divine alignment. I know that there is MUCH there floating around in my Mercy mind, but I can’t pull it down and connect the dots. Megan does that so well! Looking forward to hearing what she has to release!

  13. Shirley says:

    This is so exciting to me. As a nurse who sees that we really know so little about the wonderful bodies God gave us I am excited to watch and hear what He will reveal. Would so love to be working with you in some of this research, how cool! May God richly bless your work and I will be praying for you!

  14. Kay Kalda says:

    Wish I could be part of the medical research or the plant for health research. It all sounded so good. Can’t wait to see what your given.

  15. paulakirwan83 says:

    Wow! Amazed and astounded! can’t wait to get my hands on some of this material and start using it 🙂

  16. Pat says:

    Arthur, this is amazing and so exciting. Have you written about fractals before? I feel as if I’ve jumped into the middle of a conversation and would loved to get caught up. Thanks, and blessings as you proceed.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Yes, Pat. The CD set “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts” is our foundational teaching on fractals in medicine. For the broader topic of what a fractal is, you should go to YouTube and watch “Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension.” It is a great overview of how the concept was discovered and what the implications are in a geometric expression. This was put out by PBS some time ago and is available for free.

      After you understand the geometric fractals which are easier to wrap your head around because they are visible, then download our CD album and see what the next generation of medicine looks like.

  17. Elise says:

    This is totally cool! Where can I find more information about the old news regarding the L5-S1 Jezebel connection?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Hi Elise. Long time since I heard from you. Glad to know you are still out there somewhere.

      I don’t have any material published on L5/S1. What we know is that it is the most common disk to blow in America, and I have never found someone with a blown disk there who had not been in the presence of Jezebel for a prolonged period before that. It could be a boss, church member, neighbor, bridge club partner or whatever, and the Jezebel did not have to be present when the actual disk damage happened, but there was high exposure to the jealousy of Jezebel in the weeks before the physical incident.

      Once a person is stabilized — with or without surgery — that disk tends to be highly sensitive to the presence of Jezebel, whether it is aimed at you or not. So you are feeling just fine and are in the grocery store, looking at the frozen broccoli, trying to decide whether to buy the eight oz. bag or the one pound bag. Suddenly you feel “that pain” down the outside of your leg when you have not moved or done anything that should cause you problems. Just turn around and see who walked in the aisle behind you.

      Even if they are not targeting you — they are just another stranger in the frozen food section — your body’s spiritual discernment will probably react to their presence because of the critters they are packing.

      At times the sensitivity is so high you will react to land that has been impregnated with the Jezebel spirit even when that person is long gone. People with discernment in that disk will report that there are certain sections of the church that they simply cannot sit in, because it will cause a flare up of their pain, whereas they can sit in an identical pew ten feet away and be fine.

      One other detail. There seems to be some laterality involved too. If the sciatic pain is down the outside of your right leg, it usually means that the Jezebel spirit was in a position of dominion over you. If it is left leg, that means it is probably a peer or someone under you who is jealous of where you are.

      Hope that helps.

      • Elise says:

        That is absolutely true! And, absolutely how it was! Thanks for the explanation. So, is it possible for the Jezebel spirit to imbed in the L5-S1? Is it that penetration that causes the physical pain and damage?

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Elise, we don’t know the mechanics. My current theory is that each disk holds something holy from God. It is a core part of our spiritual design for positive good. It isn’t just a bag of jelly that keeps the vertebra from rubbing. What that virtue is, we have no clue yet.

          So when darkness in some form or another opposes God’s design, stuff gets broken.

          Now post-injury, I don’t think Jezebel is embedded in that disk. I think it is highly sensitive to the kind of invasion that messed with it before. It is kind of like being hit by a red pickup in a car accident. Every time you see a different red pick up after that, there is a slight “alert” that goes on in your brain.

          Obviously at this point we don’t have much actionable data. We know there is an effect, and in the case of one disk have traced the effect back to the cause, but the mechanism between the cause and the effect is still a bit of a mystery. Some day . . .

          • Arthur, how i missed these comments you are making is a mystery… huge rivers of gratitude springing up within me to you and your team!! you have precisely described so much i needed…thank you and may the Lord continue to encourage you in this…

  18. Adrienne D. says:

    This is awesome! I’m very excited to see what God will reveal to you and the SLG team in the next couple of years and how it will impact humanity.

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