Jezebel’s Forgotten Partner

Just when you think a topic has been run into the ground and there is nothing new to say, a different angle pops up.  This has happened with the issue of Jezebel, but we have a half baked potato and need some help from you.

Here is a story line that frames it.

Fred and Sally lived in a community with a strong spirit of Jezebel.  They worked on it in various ways and generally had a measure of success in pushing back specific attacks.

Eventually there was a huge storm that came into the region, threatening to hammer half the nation.  One of the intercessors discerned that there was a strong man over the ocean in a particular region contributing to the storm.  They went to war against the strong man and the storm dissipated with vastly less damage than should have happened.

Fred and Sally emerged from that situation pretty badly shaken.

It was quite a contrast of two weeks.  One week they were personally handling the weather over half a nation, saving possibly as many as 100,000 houses from being destroyed.  The next week, even though they lived and their home was not destroyed, their emotional and financial vitality was badly damaged.

They continued to walk out the path the Lord put before them, but there was no traction, huge losses and broadly no joy or intimacy with the Lord.  (That is the sanitized religious version.  In street language, it got really UGLY).

Recently they were working on the four time lines we all have:  spirit, soul, body, birthright.

It became clear that their birthright had been attacked in that window and was still controlled by the enemy.  Prior to that, they had made progress in life.  There were bumps in the road and battles to be fought, but there was traction.  After that . . .

As Sally read through the story of Ahab and Jezebel again, she noticed that there was a third party – the sons of Belial – who actually executed the strategy of lying to start the process  of executing Naboth.

AND, the reason Naboth did not want to part ways with the land was that it wasn’t a mere economic asset – it was his children’s inheritance.  In other words, it was their legacy.

So she warred against the spirit of the sons of Belial that seeks to devour birthright and legacy.  After a battle that was far more exciting than she was expecting, there was breakthrough.  Almost immediately, their lives have begun to turn around.  Spiritually, emotionally and financially things are moving forward measurably, very soon after that battle.

The questions on the table are the following:

-What do the sons of Belial look like today in our environment?  We can easily ID the Ahabs and Jezebels in our circle, but who are these other characters?

-What is it about them that makes the Jezebel encounters they are a part of so “sticky?”

-Or is it not so much the sons of Belial as it is the issue of birthright and legacy?  When Jezebel comes after what we have now, particularly our position and authority, is that less of a sticky assault than when she comes after our birthright and legacy?

-And suppose we do manage to identify an attack from the sons of Belial, what do we do to counter it?

It seems as though we are very close to a deep insight but are missing a piece. That is why we are floating it to you.  Please don’t rehash every teaching you have heard on Ahab and Jezebel.  The question on the table is, “Who are the sons of Belial in a modern day Jezebelian encounter?”

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m fighting this but am leery of posting since my first (and sincere) comment was deleted.

  2. E. Vivienne Anderson says:

    I am battling that issue myself as we speak. I believe that one part of the issue has to do with the spirit of religious bondage, and unclean sprits such as betrayal. What I am noticing is that there are those who do not want to pay the price for their birthright, but thay also do not want others to have their birthright. It is sticky as you have said. sons of Beliah are those individuals in our churches who link themselves to do the bidding of that spirit. That spirit would not have succedded if those sons of Beliah did not wear their titles and position as a badge of identity and legitimace. Without them Jezebel and Ahab would not have succeded. I see Ahab and Jezebel as a different side to the same coin with different characteristics which they switch as the need arises.
    Both Jezebel and Ahab want to kill those who stand for their birhtright, whom they are not able to control, thus stealing the birthright. If they control, and threten the authority in you they will succeed in stealing the birthright. I dont know if what I have said adds or makes sense, but I am in the middle of this fight right now.

  3. Barry Leisegang says:

    sometimes fighting and standing up for our rights and what is our s is the right thing. but somehow i don’t think so in this case. Even though we have so much in Christ and we are threatened with so much , and we may even be scorched by fire this may not be the appropriate answer with the sons of belial. There are times when satan claims you just after you have come to recieve Jesus as Lord because he knows you are going to be a threat to his kingdom, there are times when he threatens to take everything you love and hold dear just to put fear in your heart or have you turn from Jesus. There are times when we are just to realize that what we have is in HIM and that even if it is taken HE will restore it , that what is ours is ours. and cannot be taken even by threat or rreality. In life or in death we are the Lord’s . There is a time to let the Lord fight for us. When we just stand , and let HIM deliver us. It may be just me but sometimes no matter what you do can be the wrong thing and only standing and waiting on God’s justice is the answer. This is because the traps of belial are trigger hair traps that respond to you and want to kake you off where you are standing into the darkness. They are vile and stickey and like trapdoor spiders and vipers they are faster than the eye deadly. The only think to do is not to move from the spot you are standing on. Don’t be moved. don’t be swayed. Stay the course , it is a distraction because you are being effective in what you were doing. …So what were you doing. focus on Christ and finish the course. Be encouraged . He is the author and finisher.
    This arthur is just the begining. Lots will be taken out by this … Ok yes it’s frustrating. but not unforseen. these are good questions…..

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Barry, I agree in principle that sometimes we fight and sometimes the Lord fights for us. However, I am going to push back and say we need something for Monday morning, not generalizations. What is your criteria for determining when the King wants you to gird up your loins and engage and when He wants you to allow Him to watch your back.

      There are two positions. I very much agree. But I also see that most people default to one or the other 95% of the time, and Scripture shows an ample amount of both. So how do YOU decide when to fight and when to wait? What are the criteria for each?

      • Barry Leisegang says:

        ok. so Good question again. if they come looking for you it is one thin and if you run into them and discover them in a plot it is another thing totaly… that would be my criteria . you need to inquire .. of the Lord … I think that if you find them coming to you you need to let the Lord fight for you. mainly because they are there to take you off your course becuase you are being effective and even giving them time and responding to them takes you away from worshiping and focusing on whatever god has for you at tthat moment. Now if you stumble upon them like Jonathan and his armor bearer and you find them in the midst of doing evil …then an attack is within your realm of responses since they are in your jurisdiction. and as for the hair driger and the vipers I mentioned that because I did have a dream about it and it was prettty scary…. this is all good stuff.. and I know that what we want to to is not always what we should do….

    • Arthur
      These people are not easy to see; as Barry said its like a trigger hair trap. My wife described them like a rose, we have a particularly prickly one in our garden; its a beautiful red rose and has a mass of flowers. Its hooked her so many times she wants to pull it out.
      Maybe its how to recognize the sons of belial that we really need know better, before we put our hand where the thorns are!
      In 2 Samuel 23:7 it says you need Iron and a spear. the armour of God and the word of truth may be its doing more prayer about the people we are dealing with and getting God to show us the sons of belial before we get to close in which case we can stand back.

      Once the trap has gone off, its a whole different thing, because its got you hooked. Obviously David had sons of Belial in his army just like the church, he just asserted is authority, from that I can see we need to walk in dominion over the sons of belial.
      No doubt the weak and tired appealed to David as the higher authority who stepped in to unhook them.
      I can see that my wife and I have been attacked by the sons of belial on a yearly basis and 3 years ago we got dragged into the fire it made our lives living hell.

  4. I think these are people who will pretend to be your friends, but then sell you out when the time suits them, instead of standing up for what is right !
    A short testimony in 2001 God called me to go and do ministry in Ukraine. At the time I had worked sub contract for an Ag machinery dealer in central N.S.W Australia for six years. I booked a round world ticket taking in Toronto on my travels. Six weeks before I left the boss called me into his office and said I have employed someone to do your job! no ‘sorry’; no ‘thank you’; no anything; just stop coming ! As I was sub contract there was nothing I could do . I had run the airseeder section for four years building it up from nothing. I was sold down the river without a qualm, the boss knew I was going on a round world trip, also that I was going preaching the Gospel. Oh well that’s your problem, not exactly what he said but what he meant. it was a direct attack to stop me from going to Ukraine. I had never been able to put a name to his spiritual problem, as I knew he was not Jezebel; but today, studying about the sons of Belial it all fell into place, and I can name a considerable number of others, who I have helped and then been turned on or sold down the river.
    I bet as a plumber you can think of customers. I am now a wheat harvesting contractor and agricultural engineer and I can name farmers and managers who are sons of Belial, in fact big business is run a lot by sons of Belial they will sell you out for 20 cents, not even a dollar, and they would sell their grandmother if there was something in it for them – not necessarily financially, but just for kudos!

  5. Zac Maré, Dana Bay, South Africa says:

    Arthur, I want to offer another take on the Jezebel Forgotten Partner blog. The root issue here does not firstly lies with Jezebel but with Ahab the king! When reading the Ahab/Naboth Scripture it reminds me [remez in Hebrew thinking] of another transaction that took place between a king and a subject detailed in 2 Sam 24:18—24. Let’s compare the two transactions:

    1. When Araunah the Jebusite [not an Israeli] saw king David and his servants come he showed respect for the king! In 1 Kings 21 there is no record of Naboth [an Israeli] showing respect for Ahab!
    2. David told Araunah that he came to buy his threshing floor. Ahab offered to give Naboth a vineyard that’s even better than his, or give him its worth in money! That’s even better terms than what David offered Araunah!
    3. Araunah offered the threshing floor as well as oxen and yokes for free to David! Naboth replied that YHVH forbids that he will give his inheritance to Ahab the king! Naboth stood on his rights [selfish] while Araunah out of respect for King David was willing to give away his property [unselfish].
    4. Araunah lives on and could buy another threshing floor where Naboth ends up being killed and no inheritance!

    The root issue here lies in do we show respect to our King [as His noble subjects] by first asking Him what to do [e.g. should we intercede or go to war] when our property, etc. may be in jeopardy OR stand on our rights and just war on!!! If we fail to show respect for Him we then open a door and become target practice for satan and his helpers be it Jezebel, etc.

  6. Cathie says:

    Monday morning sons or daughters of Belial that are part of the structure of the church would call to see what ‘YOU thought of what happened at church’. My experience is they are two very strong willed people who seemingly are close friends, but the phrase, ‘keep your enemies closer’ was designed for them.
    ~They really are very envious of each other, even to the point of hatred, but outsiders think they are best friends, or even close family members.
    ~They want to be key players but lack the legitimacy, whether authority or holiness or recognition of gifting as prophet, intercessor, etc.
    ~They want to control, but do not need/want the responsibility of being the party in charge, hence they go behind the scenes
    ~They cast suspicion upon those who Walk Worthy. Minor character flaws are magnified so to be seen as obstacles that will damage the reputation of the church or ministry.
    ~They’ve developed real talent in finding a ‘dupe’ who has the authority/legitimacy but naive enough to do their biding
    ~They cast suspicion on leadership under the guise of concern, stirring the dupe to approach the leadership to correct what is seemingly wrong
    ~My experience in the church is that while they might not be in overt sexual sin, they have deeply rooted areas that manifest in the off-colored joke—only around certain people—the questionable reading material or tv show, etc. While they might not be actively involved in the sexual sin, they spend a lot of time looking at ‘how awful it is.’
    ~Crudities in fleshly matters; they DO stop at accident scenes to gawp, but will cover it up with “I just wanted to be able to pray right…” but their insatiable appetite for these types of subjects and the driven-ness in their demeanor is a beginning clue.
    This would be my description of the human agents cultivated by Belial.
    Once Holy Spirit ‘outs’ them to you, you have a plethora of memories and clues to their character that leave you writhing in your own naivete. But I guess the Word is true. Our love in union with Jesus DOES cover a multitude of sins……

  7. Christie says:

    In my experience, the sons of Belial use the old intimidation-by-numbers-trick. It’s not their position (like Jezebel’s) that scares us, it’s their thuggery and the fact that they have company. I have found it easy to say, ‘no’ to the Jezebel’s in my life but often don’t realise an attack by the sons of Belial because they are so often part of the crowd. They don’t stand out as a threat but just wear people down by consistently enforcing a wrong view or taking people out emotionally so that they are blind to the reality of what is really happening. These are the type of people who want to be utilised and wish they had more power but don’t have enough vision or imagination to build their own identity/work toward their birthright. In short, the sons of Belial are similar in concept to middle management; there are always too many of them and they can make life pretty difficult even though they don’t wield ultimate power. Okay, I guess these analogies don’t really help with strategy. If Jezebel is hiding behind these lackeys (and yet empowering them) would one be better off squarely highlighting/exposing Jezebel for employing others to do her dirty work as soon as the sons of Belial begin their attack?

    My apologies if I have only confused things. I didn’t want to re-hash what others have said nor did I want to expose people from my own life situation so perhaps this is a bit vague.

  8. Olivia says:

    Lets look at this with our friend, “Sally.” Sally lacked legitimacy and has never walked in her design, because she believed she lacked the ability to communicate with God personally and she trusted those she believed had a strong revelatory gift to help her in that regard. Sally’s grandmother, Frederica, was a walking Jezebel if there ever was one, with sisters and cousins and aunts who all walked in that way. Sally became a wimp, bowing to everyone’s demands, not having a voice, and unable to trust her ability to hear from God herself.

    Sally is 50, never married and never been pursued. Ever.

    Men rarely approach Sally on any level. If they do, they react to her as if they are dealing with Frederica – as eunuchs. Even though Sally is in no way operating with a Jezebel spirit, something has linked her to Frederica to hinder her birthright and generational blessing. In this case, there is a generational link to Jezebel (grandmother), empowered by the lie (and remember, sons of Belial lied…) that Sally believed that kept her linked to the control of Jezebels within (and outside of) her family.

  9. Catherine says:

    There seem to be several patterns in scripture for what the children of Belial look like, greatly simplified:

    Active disloyalty to the King in order to retain resources for one’s own power (I Sam 10,25,30; II Sam 16,20), those who take what is God’s for selfish gain before it can be given to Him by those who intend to give it (II Sam 2), and those in alliance with Jezebel who corrupt due process to get hold of what God intended as legacy when intimidation fails (II Kings 2). Also, those who purpose to seek idol gods are identified as sons of Belial in Deut 13, and in Judges 19 the man who went to get back the adulterous/idolatrous woman somehow drew the sons of Belial to come after him.

    Interestingly, in every one of these instances community with God and man is warped and/or used wrongly by those described as children of Belial.

    I wonder if the sons of Belial are only “needed” when intimidation/manipulation fail? In Fred and Sally’s case, with a known spirit of Jezebel in play that they had dealt with on many levels, when the giant storm failed to make them duck and run into survival mode, and their lives and basic needs could not be undone in the here and now, were the sons of Belial employed to go after vitality, intimacy, finances in a way that causes a living death of futility? Jezebel and futility seem to be close counterparts.

    In every case of warring against the sons of Belial in scripture, the battle is ugly and ultimately it is fire that takes them down (Deut 13, Judges 19,20 and II Sam 23).

    So would the sons of Belial look like those who come alongside Jezebel when the first attempt on authority or positions fails and turn community against, or isolate from community, displacing people from personal birthright/legacy or preventing participation in the community birthright of the Body of Christ?

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Catherine, let me try saying it a different way — rephrasing your past paragraph. I wonder if people who are severely lacking in legitimacy and their own designed-based identity will become lackeys of a strong Jezebel.

      • Katie says:

        Yes,I have found this to be so.It seems through our life processes,one can be prepared to be an Ahab through victimization,lack of stability and safety,etc and lack of parenting or bad parenting,thus leaving a person open to control-seeking stability in a person.The only solution,I am finding, is seeing reality,letting go,and allowing the Lord to parent you and heal and give you what is missing,so there is no place in you for the Jezebel spirit to access.
        As I read through the other responses,what I am finding is that spirit wants your gift and calling.I have had to rise up and say “no”.I value you and your gifting,and honor it in Christ,but you cannot have my portion,given to me by Christ purchased through His blood for “me”.
        I studied the sons of Belial in the word,2 Sam 23:6&7,going back to the Hebrew,and .I agree with the person that they must be consumed with fire(could this not be God’s glorious presnce?)-“in the place of their habitation”vs 7 and in the natural, David said one must be fenced with iron(as our armor Eph6?)and the staff or a spear(reminded me of the Tares in Matt13:25-30.David seemed to be saying in verse 5 that his house had been infected but through covenant was saved.
        I believe this came through not driving out the Amorites in the land of Canaan.(Ahab followed after the idols of the Amorites1Kings21:26 and the Gibeonites were Amorites2Samuel 21:2-God had told Israel to wipe out all of the Amorites,so I agree with the person who said rebellion was an issue-evan as with Eli’s son1 Sam 2:12-22-36-sons of Belial,God removed.Num 22&23God wouldnot allow Moab-from Lot’s children of incest birthed from daughters raised in Sodom-to curse Israel until,Num25:1 whoredoms with Moabites,defiled Israel.and vs 2,the Israelites joined themselves to Baalpeor.
        7 And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand;
        8 And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and “thrust both of them” through,(2Sam 23:7) the man of Israel, and the woman through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel.
        We know Jezebel”s Father was the king of Zidon1 Kings 16:31 who worshipped Baal.
        My impression is that Belial was under Baal,but that requires more research.I know Baal is a false god of fertility,and Belial is linked with sodomy.
        Judges 19 links the sons of Beliel to sodomy,and took place in Gibeah land of the Benjamites.It was only certain people,but when they used and abused and killed a woman,her husband sent her body to all Israel to clean up the infestation.Benjamin chose(Judges 20:13) to side with the sin,and was basically wiped out to clean up the camp.This led me back to the Gibeonites,that Joshua and the elders made covenant with without seeking God first.(Josh 9:14-27)

      • Catherine says:

        Okay, so using the rephrase, a person who is not anchored in legitimacy, identity, birthright or legacy will anchor to the strongest thing they see-plays out in the negative in the world in gangs, cults, the mafia etc all the time-and in the absence of their own they have mercenary loyalty to protect the interest of the powerful.

        In scripture we see at least once someone classified as a son of Belial who proclaimed that they had no inheritance in the root of Jesse. So I wonder if generational rejection of birthright makes a person more susceptible to the spiritual dynamic of sons of Belial?

        As far as how to war, does the standard protocol need to expand to assume that if plan A is standard Jezebel then plan B is sons of Belial and so going in there is also focus on fortifying and on fire…or refusing hand to hand combat?…

        Hmm, not sure that any of this is hitting center mass though.

        That not being able to overtake by natural means kind of reminds me of Leviathan.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Let’s go back to the story with Naboth. The land was his birthright and his legacy for his kids. And Jezebel took it by slandering him via the sons of Belial.

          Most of the time we associate Jezebel with a power struggle. She wants to retain power and will seek to crush anyone who tries to gain parity or superiority.

          I would classify that as the Jezebel Plan A that we all know about and there are a bazillion books written about.

          Beth wrote me today with a different angle. She said that possessing your birthright is a lot like the prophetic — you have to see it by faith and move toward it. It feels to me as though this generates a far more lethal reaction from Jezebel. When we are moving toward our birthright, it generates a Plan B reaction from Jezebel which recruits people who do not have an identity and birthright, to assault your identity and calling. This can happen through the realm of a flood of prophetic words telling you where you have to go and what you have to do to be qualified, or it can be a full on character assault.

          I think this might be the sons of Belial — those who are devoid of understanding design, identity, calling, legitimacy and birthright. And the counter strategy is to not second guess all the above. I think of the worst assault I had from Jezebel and the sons of Belial and it was successful against me because I tried to soft pedal my position and where I was going with it, and that just unleashed a firestorm.

          So the Plan B strategy is to refuse to accept any statement from man that contradicts what God has said about who we are and what we are to do.

          How does that land, Catherine? Are we any closer to the nub of the matter?

          • I don’t think that the sons of Belial need a Jezebel spirit to invite them to the party. In most of the biblical references, they show up without invitation. When you start to move towards possessing your birthright, it’s a bit like putting your intention to have a party on facebook! All the undesirables turn up to gatecrash and bring ruination and destruction instead of joy and celebration. Still not answering the question of what do they look like!

            • Katie says:

              I agree with your plan B but the issue here would be our rising up and choosing to overcoming legitimacy issues,which you have given us tools to do, and true prophets speaking the truth of our birthright into us(or however God chooses to do this) where natural fathers have failed.Not allowing ourself to be isolated,but being connected with those God has called to stand with and encourage us.But it comes down to each of us accepting our birthright and determining to fufill it.God has promised to bring us through till the end!(Phil 1:6)(Heb 13:5)

          • Dana says:

            I’m not Cathrine, but Arthur what you have described here is very much in line with what I’ve been formulating all day. A couple additional smoke trails:

            In Naboth’s situation there were 2 “witnesses”. That seems significant to me because 2 were required for the accusations to have any legal standing. Both the fast and the accusation from 2 “witnesses” gave the strategy the appearance of legitimacy. Because at the heart of birthright is the issue of legitimacy, this seems an important piece. Naboth had legitimacy; the land was his familial birthright. The sons had to somehow at least appear to have more legitimacy than he did. (And even Jezebel borrowed Ahab’s legitimacy to bolster her directive) Is that perhaps what makes this “sticky”? When someone competes with us to trump our legitimacy? If we have a soft spot in terms of our legitimacy, I suspect that would make us significantly vulnerable. That is obvious. But, even if we don’t have a soft spot, if the enemy can craft two voices with apparent legitimacy he can wreck some havoc.

            Second smoke trail. This is purely anecdotal. We walked through a situation which obviously fits this dynamic. At the time, I had clearly connected our situation with Leviathan. Today I’ve been asking if the “sons” are a link between Jezebel and Leviathan. The Father had me aggressively pursuing understanding and implementing the teaching on Leviathan going into the above situation. And I could clearly see at the time where I was better navigating the crisis because I’d already been earning some authority. Is that something that could be retro-fitted as a strategy for earning authority over this type of assault?

          • Catherine says:

            Ah, a variation on the “crabs in a basket” theme. Maybe that’s just a southern saying, but when you are harvesting crabs, as long as there are two or more you don’t need a lid for the basket. Any that try to climb out will be pulled back down by the others…

            I think this language for identification and counter strategy hits pretty close. I suspect that in addition to the realm of words that hit the spirit and character assault on the soul, there is also a brand of assault on bodily resources, be it through overt attack of bizarre accident or siphoning off energy needed to move forward in birthright.

            Perhaps the anticipation helps prevent needless casualties of the firestorm. Naboth made the right declaration when Ahab hit him up the first time, so Jezebel went around the back way through the sons of Belial’s lies and used a governmental device to get him killed, then Ahab went down to possess Naboth’s inheritance, presumably while his children were still there.

            If we are ironclad with God’s command and truth, we can call down fire to deal with all that is ungodly and withstand what is still likely to be an ugly battle. And you are right. There is no room for one thought, one act of soft-pedaling in that kind of battle.

          • Catherine says:

            Okay. So, if we are fortified by knowing the voice of God and our birthright and legacy and going toward it with single focus (three big categories of personal responsibility), and not accepting anything man says that is in contradiction to what God has said about who we are or what we are to do, that answers half the question.

            How do we SEE the carriers of the dynamic before we get hit? They are likely those without an idea of legitimacy, identity, birthright. They are therefore willing and available to support the mafia boss (whether they know it or not). Through…being “yes men”? peer pressure? affirming what is generally accepted or seen by the world about a person? exalting what is visible now over essence? That may be close.

            This is still bugging me.

      • I can definitely recognize this pattern, especially in one particular season of our lives when we were isolated from community in exactly this way.

        • Katie says:

          this was what was coming to me also.Although Israel is suppose to be one,and stewards of the land,who stood with Naboth?The sons of Belial,which are tied in with sodomy
          Judges19:22 Now as they were making their hearts merry, behold, the men of the city, certain sons of Belial, beset the house round about, and beat at the door, and spake to the master of the house, the old man, saying, Bring forth the man that came into thine house, that we may know him.
          Genesis 19:5
          And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.
          Here to the man whose concubine died, assumed he was safe by stopping overnight in a city of Israel(this could represent the church).To bring justice,(this was clearly against the law)he contacted all of Israel with an unforgettable in your face confrontation,they responded.Notice,the sons of Belial were few,yet as God had warned them,get rid of the leven and do it My(God’s)way.Since they allowed some to remain,the few men in sin,caused the turning of the hearts of the whole tribe of Benjamin and their destruction to rid of the few.The sons of Belial had infected,so to speak, the whole tribe,and Israel knew from Ai and other times that they all could be destroyed if they allowed sin in the camp.
          As Balaam said,I cannot curse what God has blessed,but cause them to sin and the door is open,
          The church needs the true goverment of God,(with His Power-2 Cor where all are operating in their God chosen birthright.This will be where they will truly prosper-Belial has to do with worthlessness and being unprofitable,(in the Hebrew)-monetarily?not necessarily,but doing and being what God,created you to do.Not burying your talent(some need help to come out of the place like Sally-fear,lacking affirmation,lack of self worth,etc.restoration of what was lost or twisted so that they can see themselves as God says they are and what He intended, and help to realize it isn’t lost or hopelss)
          The other thing was “Injustice” was allowed because leadership used their authority wrongly.The check and balance of two or three witnesses was perverted and Israel was no where to be seen to —its the judges that are missing,and discerners of truth operatin”by the spirit of God”Derrick Princes book on judging, links the “ruler” with the judges-the right tool or vessel for the job.They are not in proper alignment,and accountability-perversion.2 Cor 2:4.We have to accept our God given birthright,and not allow illegitimacy to cause us to covet what we want (Heb13:5)Covetousness is linked with illegitimacy.Father never leaves and always provides.And we have to stand together because we need each other.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hi Arthur ,I’ve had a recent similar encounter. The sons of Belial are bullies and only retreated when I refused to give up my birthright. I had to go vertical as was focusing on the battle with them – which was a decoy. By battling them I was legitimising their ‘claim’. The question of MY birthright is not a question: it is already decided/given by God. So I simply stopped trying to ‘fix’ the situation as there was nothing to fix. I then went to the courtroom repented etc and asked for justice and the situation opened up.

    Like David and Goliath: WHO IS this uncircumcised Phillistine that HE DEFIES the armies of the LIVING GOD??? Answer: that dog won’t hunt. Goliath was only indefeatable when they thought he was a legitimate enemy. He was a usurper and his claim was bogus. A boy and his slingshot proved the point.

    This principle applies with dog packs: when top dog is on the scene – there is no debate unless the challenger has a legitimate right to fight. The return of the wolves to Yosemite has shown the same: they are the apex preditor so there presence keeps the others inline – they are rarely challenged.


    • Arthur Burk says:

      I guess I need to clarify the issue. The standard protocol has been to fight Jezebel and ignore the rest. However, the reality is that a lot of people have gotten badly hurt focusing on Jezebel and we are seeing significant success when we deal with the sons of Belial. The question is how to do that more effectively.

  11. This is very personal to us as we have certainly been targeted by the sons of Belial! We have recently been warring against them and have been using Sandy Freed’s guidance in Destiny Thieves. However, studying all the scriptures that mention them (having to dig out my old King James version), I was particularly drawn to 2 Sa 23:6,7 (In the last words of David) But the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away, because they cannot be taken with hands. But the man that shall touch them must be fenced with iron and the staff of a spear. And they shall be utterly burned with fire in the same place.
    As you said, they are ‘sticky’, much as thorns are sticky, if you try to manhandle them you just get more caught and more ‘bloody’. As has already been said, the meaning is ‘worthless, wicked, ungodly’, coming from the root for failure, for lack of, without’. If we are looking for today’s sons of Belial and how to recognize them we have to see what is darkness, perhaps in things that have become so commonplace that we think they are light. Maybe looking at things like TV, films, churches that ‘worship’ in a world – pleasing way. 2 Cor 6:18 ‘Therefore come out from them and be separate, touch no unclean thing and I will be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters.’ Need to do a lot more looking and praying about this one but still feeling the Samuel verse is a key.

  12. Barry Leisegang says:

    VERY GOOD QUESTION. tell me if this rings true in your spirit. You tell 100 people in a room that you have fifty million dollars to give away that day and that only five of them will share the fifty million and the 95 will share fifty dollars and to get the millions you have to sell everyone else in the room out and keep yourself number one. Then watch what happens. This i think is asked in corporate america everyday. If you want your bonus you must sacrifice everything you know on the altar. there is no sharing there is no nobility, no community, only greed and destruction. The sons of belial are in corpoate america saying if you want to be succesful you MUST DO THIS… YOU MUST KILL YOUR BROTHER. YOUR MOTHER , YOUR SISTER, EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR AND THEN WE WILL GIVE YOU THE BRASS RING. BY THEN YOU ARE A MURDERING MONSTER WITH BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.
    Belial is the carrot of milion dolar bonuses given to corporate managers to gut thier own best workers. etc. for thier own paycheck …

  13. Michael says:

    As I prayed, I heard jealous intercessors

  14. Jim says:

    Here is a look at it from the Hebrew text. The word Belial is a proper noun form of a primary Hebrew verb, which literally means “to fail.” The several extensions of that verb are rendered, “wear out, consume and waste.” If you overlay this into the story, there appears to be a correlation. The spirit of Belial consumes and wastes resources. It also wears down energy levels and causes forward efforts to appear to fail. Or perhaps in the emotions of those who were in the battle, to feel that the battle was not worth the counter-attack. Something more in-depth could still be done on this if needed.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Agreed Jim, but the question is, what does it look like today? In other words, is there a Jezebel attack without the sons of Belial, and a different kind with them? How would I be able to pick out this human carrier of the demonic entity in the course of a hoe down with Jezebel?

      • Jim says:

        Can’t speak from the strategic level you are addressing, Arthur. So I won’t draw more attention to my ignorance. My arm-chair conjecture would only be drawn from the Hebrew pictures which reveal their root purposes and nature. If my guess is remotely acurate, you would not recognize the attack until the damage is already done. It would take tactical level discernment to know it is coming and build a quick fortress to prevent it.

  15. I do remember hearing John Eckhardt say in a sermon that Jezebel is connected to the water…and it seems like in some fashion that Belial is connected to water as well (2 Sam.22:5 in various versions have ungodliness translated as Belial/also in Psalm 18:4 so the “flood” would be of Belial)…which might account for the inability to “take them with the hands” (2Sam.23:6)…so who are the sources where you really cannot get a handle on bringing it into some kind of solid defined relationship? Where are we harmonizing (2Cor.6) with those who might perhaps seem like places where we can sit and eat (fellowship/commune) but in truth they have an agenda to bring us under an accusation for their own profit?

    The fact that the issue started because of a spiritual battle that took place over water makes me want to pursue this further…is our birth-right somehow connected to water?

    Sorry more questions than answers at this point.

  16. Ryan says:

    Part 2 of John Eckhardt’s book, prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses deals with Belial.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      So work with us Ryan and give us some info please.

      • Ryan says:

        Here are some notes from the book:
        – Belial’s work is to draw a nation into abominable sins that will bring the curse and judgment of God
        – Belial {B) is a world ruler of wickedness
        – Children of B attempt to lead God’s people away from Him into idolatry (Deut. 13:13)
        – Spirits under B inflict those who have been drawn away from God with curses and bondages that lead to destruction
        – B works with Jezebel to seduce God’s people into fornication and idolatry
        – Spirits of whoredom, prostitution and debauchery work under B
        – B works with Jezebel to draw people into abominable sins
        – B cauterizes the conscience to accept sin
        – B has spirits of infirmity and sickness operating under him
        – B attacks ministry gifts
        – B operates through alcohol and drunkenness to break down resistance to other sins
        – Spirits relating to sexual perversion and abuse operate under B
        – Spirit of B wants us to tolerate sexual perversion
        – Ultimate goal of B is to cast off restraint
        – B uses ungodly soul ties to influence those he does not control
        – B is responsible for the ungodly flood of wickedness in the media
        – B is an End Time spirit who is an enemy of the church
        – Because B is a thorny spirit we need to be wearing the armor of God to combat him
        – B causes men to plot evil (Ps 37:12)

        Source: Prayers that Break Curses, John Eckhardt

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Thanks Ryan. That represents a lot of work. I appreciate it.

        • cheri says:

          I was just working on the same list from Eckhardts book. I would just add Eckhardt also states that not only is B one of the most wicked and vile spirits in the kingdom of darkness he is a ruling spirit of wickedness with a host of demons that operate under his command, cursing the lives of people. B’s work is to curse man and women causing them to commit sins that are vile and contemptible and because there are different degrees of sin these are promoted by the different degrees of demonic forces under this ruling spirit of wickedness which is why they are hard to isolate.
          B is a strongman in America as well as other nations of the world because he is a world ruler of wickedness but his primary goal is to draw a nation into such abominable sins that it will bring the curse and judgment of God. He has his own battle plan and agenda that gets intensified when hooked with Jezebel who often sears the conscience so the work of Belial is accomplished.
          Just more notes from Eckhardt – it is a great book

          • Arthur Burk says:

            OK Cheri, but we are trying to get past the esoteric of demonic activity and drill down to the human level. ON Monday morning, in Anaheim, how would I determine if a person is a “son of Belial” and what would I do strategically about that?

        • Barb Wall says:

          Thank you so much Ryan. Of special interest to me in this list is that B uses ungodly soul ties to influence those he does not control (thus controlling more than he would normally have access to–a true networker of evil; bringing the unsuspecting community power into his possession; I find it interesting that you are throwing out this question Arthur during the time where we have a window towards reconciliation of this sort. Chuck Wale says we might be able to possess our birthright alone, but we cannot be a person of destiny outside of community. To my knowledge how you are describing Naboth’s and our birthright and legacy fits in here).
          The Lord brought up this aspect of the issue Ryan shared as a question to me last week through a dream. I believe B has been able to access our family and city and we are in the ugly stages right now. (In my dream the question came in the word of “structures” and not soul ties but I’m thinking it applies here). Long before and since this post, I have been pondering the possible in-road for the successful personal attack we have experienced along with so many others. I’m wondering if the deliberate exploitation of the “time” of a fast (a time designed by God for repentance, restoration of intimacy and of hearing His voice again–a “time” when our position and authority are never more clear to us; yet was abused in this instance) leveraged power (stole it out of our treasure chest?) or drastically increased the odds of being able to have the birthright and the legacy attached to the position and authority we carry removed or at least damaged. In my dream I was interestingly in the middle of a fast and was brought to some celebratory food and tasted it…ate it. Even though in the remainder of the dream I was literally blocked by someone, I was able to bypass the issue by going low (humility). In other words it was an irritation to me, but I was able to continue forwards. I looked up the verses that applied to my dream experience. “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” Psa 34:8 I have been prophesying and declaring all of Psalms 33:10-end of Psalm 37 over our household today. I felt like the Spirit was directing so much fresh manna to me through those verses in terms of strategy. But, hedging at this point is not an option. Playing small does not serve, but being humble does. It’ s full out agreement with what God has said and my lips are declaring these scriptures as testimony to that fact even before the breakthrough comes. Thank you for putting this out to ponder Arthur. I don’t know if this is the entire strategy but for today, I know this much. One of the key components was to “give thanks in the great assembly (like during a fast-with community) among throngs of people I will praise you.” Psa 35:18. If for nothing else, I celebrate and give testimony here that the Lord is indeed everything he says he is and so much more.

  17. Hopefully this will not seem off track but the very first thing that came to my mind was Athaliah, (2Chron.22:2) since she might retaliate for her mother, generally, where I have seen her activity in the past it seemed to be localized to finances, but i will be revisiting that now…since her issue might be birth-right heritage…I have made it a general practice to prepare for responses from the seed of Jezebel/Ahab and where i have seen Athaliah at work most has been in ministry type financial attacks.

    Sons of Beliah (which I recognize as the primary question) I have no insight on…hopefully my response does not add noise to the issue.

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