Wind Under Our Wings

This is a prayer request, not a teaching blog.

Now that the legally mandated full disclosure is out of the way, here is the story.

For many years we have been sowing in sundry slow growth areas, as well as working on some fast turn around topics.  Now we suddenly have a harvest beyond our expectations as several of the slow growth areas have come to maturity simultaneously.  We have a formidable amount of work in front of us right now.

Specifically, here are teachings we have ready to produce.  These are in order of priority.

-Fractal of Two:  Healing the Adrenals and Kidneys

-PTSD Healing Strategies

-Fathering Strategies for HR


-When Life is Hard.

These will all be audio albums.  In addition to these, we are currently in the middle of the Birthright series on YouTube which has been very well received.  We also have a new insight on the gender of time that will require some fancy editing from Megan when we record the video, but it will be a powerful new tool.

The series on the Adrenals and Kidneys has been in the works for a while.  We did a quick little version of our new insights and got measurable results.  Then we refined it and did a Beta test group with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome people and got great results.  We have started recording this one already.  What is fascinating is that covenants seem to attach here, so for people who have unresolved spiritual issues, this set might deal with both body and spirit in a big way.

The PTSD set is an integration of spirit, soul and body strategies.  It is designed for any believer to use at home, without a therapist, but with a partner, be it a family member or another buddy.  We are excited about getting this in the hands of those who need it.

The set on fathering is the first of an emerging set of tools for businessmen.  It is a How To training on doing an MRI of a prospective employee’s type A father wounds in the context of an interview, without violating laws or making them uncomfortable.  Also in this teaching are a lot of tips about how to place an imperfect employee in a team in such a way as to not do damage to him or the team.

The “AHS” teaching is a long step forward in our understanding of resistant deliverance issues.  We will share the meaning of the three letters when it is released.

The album on how to live life when things are tough is a surprise to me.  I received a testy e-mail from a friend this week, got testy in return, and all of a sudden, while I was lying on the couch trying to unwind, the whole teaching kind of accidentally leaped onto my ever-handy clipboard before I knew what was happening.

While it might be an unexpected teaching, it comes from a deep place in my study of the Lord’s ways with mankind.  This is well-aged wine.

What also surprised me is that God immediately assigned this one to Leah to produce.  She has never done anything like this before, so it will be a learning curve, but other than the content, and the album cover, she will do it all, from recording me to the finished product.  I wonder whether that is for her benefit, or whether this album needs her Ruler touch to make it sparkle.

In addition to all these teachings elbowing for room in the birth canal, we have a lot more going on.

We have hired Lacy as a part time researcher, dedicated to the fractals of the human body.  She is cranking out lovely stuff and about every week, her research spawns a whole series of utterly inviting new trails we could go down.  The siren call of discovery is playing havoc with my once vaunted self control and sense of priorities.

Gabi is researching the fractal of five in Genesis, as well as writing in German, translating, and getting ready to work on the Austrian website.

Leah is learning to love everything about SLG except YouTube which is her nemesis.  Nonetheless, she is gamely engaging in a grim wrestling match with it every other day.  She is also doing medical research for us, as befits someone who wants to be a doctor.  Her current project is the amygdala.

Once she figures out the fractal of the amygdala, we can then develop a protocol to experiment on some of our guinea pigs who have sticky memories.  We already have one very willing candidate who is utterly intimidated by the fact that the potato will be barely warm, much less half baked.

In addition to that (are you seeing a pattern yet) Megan is supposed to be developing the website for the Australian office. We have been shipping materials and hope to open the doors in April.

OK.  So we are busier than the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof.  Life is good.  Revelation is flowing.  The hard work of previous years is paying off.  We have a splendiferously delightful staff that works hard with joy and has tighter community than most Super Bowl teams.

Nonetheless, we very much need your prayers for a fluid operation with multiplied time and multiplied everything-else-that-is-good.

BUT the real prize is that we are in a season of breakthrough unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Old, resistant problems are yielding to the work of the Spirit like we have never seen before.  All five of us (counting Hanna in our Swiss office) are being released, rewired, renewed and retooled at a dramatic rate.

And as CEO, looking at the fierce competition for our time, I have decided that we are simply going to put intimacy with God ahead of making widgets!  That means that in addition to the run and gun style of ministry that takes place all the time around here, we are shutting down the office on Friday afternoons to do focused personal work with each other so we don’t miss a bit of the grace God has for rapid growth.

And there are other days when we know in advance God wants to meet with us, such as the 21st of this month, when we will simply close the door, turn off the phone and do God time.  Plus, on a random basis, if I sense that it is God time, we will do the same without notice. We synchronize to Him.  He does not need to wait for when the business culture says it is convenient to host Him.

So, humanly speaking we can’t press hard on taking advantage of the fresh grace for breakthrough and at the same time, press hard on harvesting the fruit of past years’ work.

But fortunately we do not operate under the constraints of “humanly speaking” so we are inviting you, our global family, to press in for miracles of fruitfulness on all fronts.

I plan to keep you updated on progress with our sundry projects, through this blog, so you can pray accordingly in an up-to-date manner.

In terms of personal work, one team member is beginning to look at a new area, never before considered.  Another is in the middle of a really sticky patch.  And a third is facing a challenging question.  We will be spending significant time on all three of those issues this week.

Also, Thursday the 21st is potentially an enormous day for our team.

There will be a significant early morning appointment off-site with a couple of people.  That one is tightly focused.

Then a different pair have an afternoon meeting, also off-site, which should be historic but will require third level synchronization since we are not quite sure what it should look like, only where.

Then three of our team will link up with a fourth member for an intense ten hour off-site project running into the late night, that should have an extraordinary impact on all the rest of SLG’s history, if we understand the strategy and implications correctly.

There are some logistical and technical (electronic) challenges to be sorted through before Thursday.

On the project side, Monday is wide open for recording (as of this writing)!  We don’t know how much we will get done, but that is (tentatively) the focus of the day.

Thanks for doing some heavy lifting here.  If you will invest in us on a significant level through focused prayer, it will benefit the Body of Christ around the world.  For those of you who do warfare, please specifically cancel witchcraft that is generated by our going public with our requests in this venue.  We are sure the dark side monitors this.

For now, I am going to bed to refresh my body and soul, while my spirit merrily accomplishes whatever it does during the night watches.

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to Wind Under Our Wings

  1. ruthiespage says:

    Now, want to hear about yesterday!!!!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Well, Ruthie, I got to bed at 2:30 and just made it to the office a little bit ago. It will probably late today before I post a new blog.

  2. Wendy says:

    There aren’t words to express how excited my spirit is about all the harvest and newness happening at the same time at SLG. Standing in agreement with you and anticipating all that the Lord is birthing in this season!

  3. lois says:

    i have my list of ‘newbies’ i have been praying for by name. i think i will keep that up as part of this prayer strategy. ‘for the team’ ..

  4. Kunle says:

    I have been praying and will continue to pray for increased ability and capacity. The lord bless you and your team Arthur!

  5. Ellen Cooke says:

    God is so good, to know all, prepare, bless and nourish, strengthen and love beyond imagination….to gift and give forth from His bounty! Prayers for and in the days ahead………….He so greatly honors your desire and obedience in making His agenda your agenda, instead of vice versa.

  6. Arthur, looking forward to the new material and what God does through it. We will be praying that the transference of revelation goes smoothly. Thanks for the heads up! –Andrea.

  7. Judy Willis says:

    Arthur, you and your team are such inspirations…will be praying…will be looking for the releases! Blessings to you all with great favor on wisdom, revelation, downloads of strategies…all that helps bring Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven…Thank you, Holy Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit!

  8. Rose Boon says:

    Sounds like SPRING! Yes, like everything down here in Florida there is wonderful new abundant evidence of transition full speed ahead.

  9. Sonia says:

    Woohoo, I am excited for the releases!
    I am also excited to do some serious heavy lifting for all of you.
    Blessings on you all!

  10. Lorna says:

    It will be an honour to pray for you during this important time.

  11. Anne Cochran says:

    Arthur, this is all SO exciting. Our Charlotte, NC prayer group blesses you and will intercede in the Spirit when we gather. Very thankful to be connected with you all in the Spirit and with all you are doing at SLG. Anne

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