Sons of Belial

After pondering the concepts of the sons of Belial, I have come down to a simple descriptor:  these are people who are profoundly unable to hear and come into agreement with the heart of God.

This definition is broad enough to take in people who are committed to encouraging occult activities (Deut. 13:13), those who are sexually perverse (1 Sam. 2:12), those who are social predators (1 Sam. 25), those who will intentionally pervert justice in the culture (1 Kings 21:13) and those who are involved in cutting edge ministries of God but do not share His heart (1 Sam. 30:22).

It is easy to spot some of them because they are openly debauched or are vociferously touting a blatantly anti-God agenda.

Of more concern to me, however, is the demonic spirit that works through other people to get to me.  Let me build a bridge from the theology in “Trauma Bonds to Time.”

The question there is, “What makes a trauma sticky?”  Suppose you and I are in separate car accidents during the same week.  Two years later you are completely over it, and 20 years later I am still emotionally affected by it.  That would be an example of a trauma being sticky.  It is clearly not an issue of the nature or size of the trauma.  Something else defines whether it sticks to me or not.

A trauma becomes sticky when we sit in judgment on God and arrive at a wrong conclusion.  But the real problem was deciding to decide whether God is good.

Think of Eve.  She had abundant evidence of the goodness of God.  When the devil invited her to decide whether God was really all that good, she should have said, “Snake, this conversation is SOOOO over.  I do not have to think about whether God is good.  This subject is not open to discussion.”

Instead, she decided to decide.  And her conclusions were lamentable.

I believe we are looking at the same issue in terms of whether we have heard God or not, and our choices are right or wrong.

When people who do not know God’s heart sit in judgment on our choices, it is one thing.  BUT, when we decide to revisit those choices because someone does not agree or approve, it is dangerous.  When we decide to decide whether what we heard is right, we might be under the influence of the spirit of the sons of Belial.

Let’s walk through two scenarios.  With my friends who brought the subject up, they had a huge victory — turning back a storm that was half a nation in size.  They walked in formidable dominion because they had a history of dealing with weather issues and knew that they were called and authorized to do it.

However, they were in transition at the time.  After a number of years of fairly “proper” economic strategies, they felt they heard from God to ditch the asset protection path their culture accepts as normative and go do something really “crazy.”

This was unrelated to the storm, merely happening at the same time.

The people around them resisted vigorously.  Family members protested investing their capital in a non-sustainable way.  Religious people protested their going a non-traditional path in their pursuit of God.

And the noise level got so high from the human sons of Belial (some of who follow God but could not hear His heart in this situation), they decided to decide whether or not they had REALLY heard from God.  When they began to revisit what they had heard from God the spirit of the sons of Belial took over their journey, and they had a miserable two years.

We marveled at how dramatic the change was.  They were at an extraordinary level of dominion one day.  Two weeks later they had fallen off the edge of the table.  All because of deciding to decide whether they had heard God.

After two years of profound failure to get traction, the wife noticed these rascals in the story of Jezebel and began to work with the issue.  The day she began to repent for deciding to decide whether they had actually heard, there was such a violent demonic reaction around her she called her husband (who was at work) and me in a panic for some backup prayer.

After the initial reaction settled out, she realized that this was a big deal.  She and her husband set out to walk through their life and identify every place where they heard from God, people rejected it, they walked it out and were proven right.

As they retroactively rejected the wrong advice from many sectors, and repented for where they decided to revisit what had already been settled, and celebrated their vindication in many areas, the cloud has lifted.  Their intimacy with God has returned, their financial situation has changed and their health has improved.

In a single sentence, the spirit of the sons of Belial will control you when you allow other people to vote on what you have heard from God.  Conversely you break free when you appropriately celebrate the rightness of your choices.

Look at a Biblical example.  Elijah spent three years alone with the Lord and was pretty dialed into the heart of God.  He was at the top of his game on Mount Carmel.  A day later, he was in suicidal depression under the juniper tree.   Why?

Based on his discussion with God at Mount Horeb, it was because he had decided he was not good enough for the game.  Something about the spirit of Belial partnering with Jezebel managed to get him to decide to decide whether he had heard from God.  And when he did, he fell off the edge of the table, as abruptly as my friends did.

But notice God’s approach to the problem.  Elijah resigned, with an attitude and extreme finality.  He had examined the evidence and He was definitely not the man for the job.  Period.

Notice that God did not bother to discuss much of that nonsense.  He did, in passing, ding Elijah for his pitiful accounting skills, but the main point of the discussion was that Elijah needed a cheerleader to keep him out of the grips of Belial.

Elisha the Giver was assigned to walk alongside the wild prophet Elijah and to buffer his mood swings, keeping him from unhealthy self-talk.  Givers can make some impressive cheerleaders for people they believe in.  Furthermore, that Giver with his formidable birthing anointing, soon produced a cluster of schools of prophets who would celebrate their great and awesome prophet with a high degree of regularity and fervor.

Elijah never had another round with the sons of Belial, or Jezebel either, once he had a cheerleader.

Now another word for a cheerleader is community.  It is faithless community that kills us with their sitting in judgment on us, and I think when community can look at the vindication of our choices, it is an even more powerful thing.

Now I know I am on wobbly ground here.  I get so many e-mails from people saying “Thus sayeth the Lord” about their life and it is a mess.  I look at their preposterous stories and really doubt whether it was my Lord who told them to do this or that.  So in the heat of the moment, it is tough to know whether God has spoken or not.  I know that I know that I have felt strongly that I heard from the Lord, at certain times, and in fact, had not.

However, there are those other times when we are far enough downstream that there is vindication.  Here we are safe coming into agreement with someone that what they heard was indeed the Lord.

So our team is going to merge the issue of the sons of Belial with the window of reconciliation.  (Ignore the instructions I gave a week ago.  They are old manna by now — terribly out of date!!)  What we are NOW going to do around our lunch table is to share stories of where we were right and were vindicated by God when others could not see it at the time.  This is a celebration of the past.

I will start on Monday with the story of my passion for healing land.  It was not celebrated at the time.  I was seen as eccentric.  I remember a friend of my parents fussing at me for the time and effort I expended in making compost.  In a patronizing manner, he explained that chemical fertilizer was the key to excellence and that compost and all that stuff was so yesterday.

Well, at the time I did not know that I had an anointing for healing land spiritually.  We had no such theology as we have today.  I just “knew” I had to do it.  Today I have certainly been vindicated.  Compost is cool again, and there is a vibrant global theology of land.  I was right in what I heard and acted on back then, even if significant people in my life could not go there with me.

We will take turns around the table sharing stories of where we were right, where we were opposed (minimal info there — just a passing comment on the judgments of others) and where we decided NOT to decide if we were right, but plowed ahead with our original decision.

I think celebrating this in a community of people who CAN hear the heart of God ought to massively inconvenience the spirit of the sons of Belial.

How about a big cheer for Elisha — the cheerleader who was needed to keep Elijah out of the grips of Jezebel’s thugs?!

Why not join me?  So many of you have heard from God from time to time and been opposed by those in and out of the church who simply could not come into agreement with God’s heart.  Find a buddy and share some stories where you have been vindicated.  This is not an exercise in pride.  It is an exercise in building a fortress of righteousness using truth as a weapon.

What would this next year be like if you were to form a community of at least one other person who knows God’s heart, and you celebrate those past events where you have been vindicated, as well as repenting for the times you decided to decide whether you had heard or not?

It would be worth carving out some prime time hours every week from now until the end of the window on March 30th.

There is one added component to this story.  Gratitude is a scarce commodity in Sapphire.  Over the years, I probably average one thank you e-mail a month.  So, for the most part, it is a walk of faith for me.  I record stuff.  It goes out the door.  I assume the reason it keeps on selling is because one customer tells a friend that it worked for them, and that person buys it and tells another friend.  If the principles were not working, we should not be getting repeat sales.

So, I assume there is value and fruit in what I teach, but it is broadly an assumption.  I have little vindication.

Over the years, I have also averaged about ten attack e-mails a month.  At least.  I respond to most of them and move on, although there are a half a dozen relentless critics I have ceased to acknowledge.

Something changed about six months ago.  The e-mails with glory stories began to climb steadily.  I am currently receiving an average of around five a day!  Quite a shift.  But what is remarkable is that God has been bringing people out of every sector of my past to celebrate the fruit of my teachings in their lives.

At first, it was just an interesting shift.  Then it became very obvious that God was going to HUGE lengths to bring people out of my past who I had not connected with for a long time, if at all.   I knew it was not just about glory stories because there have to be some current ones as well for Him to draw from!

I wondered whether I was supposed to be reconnecting in some ongoing way, building community, but there was no grace for it.  People just bipped in, told me I had made a major impact in their lives with this teaching or that, and then kept on going.  I have discussed it with my team repeatedly and been mystified.  God was investing a LOT of effort to do something, and I felt like I was fumbling the ball badly because I didn’t understand the play.

Now it makes sense.

God has given me a new revelation that is more radical than working with the human spirit.  There are so many people out there who have been through every kind of deliverance we know so far and there is still “something” we are missing.

Well, I am sure there are several dozen “somethings” we do not know about yet in the cleansing and repair department of heaven, but I have learned about a new one recently.

I wasn’t happy when God showed it to me.  In fact, I was so unhappy with the idea, it took five years for Him to get me to buy into it because it is so far outside my frame of reference.  But I have worked with it effectively enough times to know that it is reality and is transformational.

And God knew that when I release this teaching, the boo birds (also known as sons of Belial) would be up and running with gusto.  So in preparation for that, He has been working on my spiritual covering.

First of all, He removed the two poison pen websites that have been bashing me for years.  Then He ordered a search of heaven’s database for all the people in SLG who have an Elisha anointing for cheerleading.  You wonderful people who had your ears on have generated the mass of celebratory e-mails I have been receiving for months now.

Obviously, God is building a huge fortress of righteousness against the sons of Belial so that I don’t do anything dumb like decide to decide whether I have heard the Lord or not, when the boo birds unload on me.

So this is an announcement:  I will be teaching on the concept of an “AHS” later this year.  I have three albums to record ahead of that one, but it is now officially on the production board as of today.

And when I release it, I will put on my heavenly noise canceling headset and will NOT revisit the decision I have made today.  No juniper trees for me.  Been there, done that.  Don’t need to go there again.

Two last notes:  I suggest you celebrate the Elishas in your life who have kept you from deciding to decide at critical moments.  And I welcome your prayers for continued revelation regarding the “AHS” topic and the production of the three teachings before that.

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

From The Hub, in Anaheim

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36 Responses to Sons of Belial

  1. Catherine Croker says:

    Arthur it is good to touch base with you again, I have purchased your work over the years but lost touch. I was listening to one of your cd’s on sound 2005 and thought it might be helpful to have this info went updating the doctrine. Getting Leviathan attack you can edit to suit
    1) Juniper – I kept hearing this in the Spirit many years ago and finally I found out the source of this by the Holy Spirit leading – Literally it was the location of a Bikie Gang Member to the farthest side of the North who was targeting christians – to plunder, to obstruct and even bring demonic attacks and even to demonise people by their sound – ie their bikes – The Spirit of Lawlessness. One had a wilderness night monster described in the book of Isaiah – also in the doctrines of Islam – the sexual pleasure demons who such the life out of their enemies – predator – like nymphs and the like – Homosexual Demons. They are also bring soul keepers by creating a loop in the hands to transfer the righteous to the wicked – very nasty type. This generally comes by a Host of Wickedness and must be opposed by the CAPTION OF THE HOSTS CHRIST JESUS.
    Theses people would go out against Intercessors with demonic – “The Spirit of Error – empowered by Doctrines of Demons in the local area” “The Spirit of Stupor – or call it apostacy due to not listening to the warnings when GOD gave them” “False Prophecy – answer is to LOVE THE TRUTH over the LIE”
    A certain bikie would hack the computer, have satelite links to defraud across every platform he could and establish themselves in the local area. The sky would reveal their activities and their image in the form of vapors – refer to the book of Jude. It would appear that they had hacked the Telsa Wire in Greenland and their street location was Juniper Street.
    Key to overcoming the sons of Beliel – is to break the power of their sounds of Lawlessness, bind and break the power of Hell and Death – also Hades as it can also be hidden in an image somewhere in the local area which the Demon tries to gain strength from.
    Finding their empowerments is very important – to take them out of the way – wear the full armor of GOD. The Spirit of Lawless must be taken out of the way – Book of 1 Thess
    The three area’s a blood oaths to Satan – therefore you must address all three to bring the Strongman down by the STRONGMAN CHRIST JESUS.
    1) Satanist uses blood baths – cut off heads of goats and leave them for new churches in their car parks – THE CLEANSING POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE SPRINKLING OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD OVER HIS MINISTERS FOR PROTECTION.
    2) The Sons of Beliel are sons of lawlessness and the Priests of the Lawless ones are Buddist who pray for the souls of the dead who practise evil.
    I did some research into sounds – The Hebrew vowel sounds have the power to heal in the language – the other language that could change healing issues is based in Serpent worship in the Indus Valley. The GOD Tongue verses the counterfeit the Serpent or Dragon Tongue…
    True Priesthood after the order of Melchizadek – Book of Hebrews, 10 Kings Abraham Genesis.
    Doctines of Demons – Serpent Worship, Worship of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

    defeated by our position in CHRIST – HIGH ABOVE – Eph and Gal

    As the main area of the works of Satan are heirarchy – these refer to Powers – It can get a bit complex but by the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT He reveals the Source and it then looses power and finally gives up. These are the spirits who get cast out and bring 7 worse than themselves –
    ie. Local Anglican church rents out hall for yoga – The Church is called the Church of the HOLY SPIRIT….
    In the local area is a Pizza Shop and it’s name is Hell – An image of the demon is on the wall that faces the Street. The demons attempt to take a stronghold of the area, attacking cars and people in the local area – TRADE, ISA 14 & Ezekiel 28 – TAKE UP A TAUNT AGAINST THE PRINCE OF TYRE – wiped out by tsunami Hell and Death by various names including Yama
    I went to the local Baptist church and saw in the spirit a demon standing in the walk way such a demon like this…. After investigating this matter I found that the local pastor had a Egyptian Witchcraft Demon stalking him which led to hot flushes – Anubus his grandfather was a Freemason and His Father was a Pastor. As Jesus said in the time of the end it would be like Egypt and Sodom binding and breaking the power of both is a strong point when revealed by the HOLY SPIRIT.
    After driving the demon out there was improvements but seeing in the spirit showed that the demons had been speaking with people as if they were the Holy Spirit and false and misleading was interferring in direction and purpose – no church growth and the same old retoric.
    The bottom line is that a network of issues had to be addressed:-
    Once they were addressed the drug trafficing was dealt a hard blow and yet a residual continued with occultic accidents in the area’s where they were dealing. To get more detailed is to reveal that there were demons employed to attack the christians as this was the only way they could escape the law. I saw these dark and shifting shadows outside the Police Station who also blocked justice and the ultimate capture of the criminals.
    Trying not to write a book about it – Fallen Angels – Cut them off from their earth gate ie Hells Posts – Noah – ancient gates – Job 38 -40.
    Satan uses the letter of the law – Jesus used The Book of Moses, The Psalms and the Prophets – Jesus being obedient to the word became the LIVING WORD made flesh – as opposed to the beasts of Daniel 7 -8.
    Lot more to say but enough for now – can give more insight if interested.
    Arthur I agreed with the 2005 Earth gates comment about in 3 places – We want to see streams of Living Water fresh from the Throne room of GOD and not streams of death and hell. I have much detailed research on the matter might be able to answer some of the missing bits from an Australian point of view – A land that was in the beginning and kept till last.
    Kind Regards
    Catherine Croker

    • Kim says:

      We have recently began to ponder also if there is a generational curse from Idolatry that removes the capacity to love God wholeheartedly? Like the phillistines to see how great the God of Abraham, Isaac was greater than Dagon yet believe in him but would not serve their God, what an abomination…could keep Jesus from being enthroned in their hearts, lack the ability to love like that..lukewarm..forever…looks like mesmerizing spirit but…is an inability to love…sons of belial???

  2. Natania says:

    Dear Arthur
    Thank you for this post. I found it when I was looking for anything relating to spiritual and emotional trauma and a specific place. I will tell you why. My husband and I are going through a time of extreme testing at the moment after the Senior Pastor of our church decided he wanted to divorce his ill and institutionalized wife. We felt called to stand for marriage and righteousness, and took a beating for it.

    Yesterday 10 Feb 2016 I prayed for my husband, who had a particularly bad day and was a little down (he is not a depressed type at all, so it was bad). I was expecting a word/healing/anything! for my husband. Well, God started to heal all MY emotional and spiritual trauma (not just from the difficult time period in our church, but from my whole life, even from time periods when I would not have been aware of anything).

    What was strange is that he showed me that the trauma attaches itself or is attached to a specific PLACE, and traces of the trauma remain in that PLACE. In my case, the Devil was using the information he saw/found in these traces to plot/plan/create a strategy to cause further trauma.

    I started praying for God to send Angelic “CSI” teams to physical places where I had trauma. Places God reminded me of as I prayed. Places where I cried, where I got bad news, places where I cried to God for help, the parking lot of my kids school, hospital rooms, etc. These places will differ for everyone. I sent Godly teams to “clean up” the traces of trauma that happened there.. I had a real sense that the traces contained information about me, on how to “get to me”, how to get into my spirit and cause trauma.

    I have no teaching to refer to for this. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

  3. Barry Leisegang says:

    Thanks. Just had to leave a note…when I looked back I realized God had sent great people with wisdom at the right moment for the very difficult people I was dealing with….. All of which is vey applicable at this juncture…..


  4. Janis says:

    Ok, I get it. I don’t move as fast as others. Tail again. But thinking a lot….

    Peter speaking in the spirit of sons of Belial when Jesus had to rebuke him ‘get behind me satan!’ Peter couldn’t hear God’s heart about His Son’s future, so couldn’t come into agreement with Jesus’ own words.

    Using the patterns of prayer we know, crafting generational-line cleansing prayer re: ancestors living & dead acting in the spirit of sons of Belial. I imagine this ties in with the loss of birthrights also.

    I think this is huge. And very very common.

  5. Janis says:

    Dear Arthur,.
    I am one of the fairly isolated ones during this Window, fully and intentionally engaged in the process, trying to absorb life at the same time. Thus, I am finally able to sit down and process your current blogs, your videos, all at the same time.

    This morning I re-read your original (free) article on the March Window of Reconciliation, and finally saw the update to it. I print everything because I just cannot process a computer screen as well as print.

    The Sons of Belial, while not new news, had never risen to any level of consciousness until ‘Sally’ discovered this spirit’s character in Scripture and you reported it.

    I also have dear friends who follow your teaching through me (responsibility). Currently they are engaged in a public political struggle that has been going on for years, with all of the attendant evil. At this moment they are in a recall election, with open threats of (more) lawsuits if they are not recalled.

    As we are dealing with these spirits in our Nation, our World, at every social level, every organizational level, it is extremely important to be able to ‘stand’ (Eph), because the assault is not only public, it is physical (illness or injury to our self or loved ones), it brings financial destruction, and wears one out.
    (Daniel 7:25 amp ~ ‘And he shall speak words against the Most High [God] and shall wear (NASB-‘down’) out the saints of the Most High …’

    The Sons of Belial do, as I see it, ASSIST the spirit of jezebel/ahab whenever they appear. The person or organization manifesting as jezebel has been given authority by an ahab (passive reliance on her for personal legitimacy issues) and resources, requires the Sons of Belial to enforce her illegal (at every level) claims of authority & power, resulting in murder, whether physical or reputation.

    Jezebel alone, even with Ahab’s authority & wealth, could only succeed because the People (acting as Sons of Belial) agreed with her lies about the Authority of God Most High of Israel, as the temple priests she appointed and the citizens of Samaria worshipped the false god with her, each of them getting SOMETHING out of it for themselves, victimizing others. Lying for her was merely one further step that helped them attain her approval, status, power and profit. Jezebel surely already knew whom she could rely on for this particular event, no questions.

    Once this kind of battle reaches this level, I am still waiting to see it’s power broken. The question you have asked, now say you have found an answer to, is ‘how could Naboth have averted or aborted this assault that was guaranteed to lose his personal Birthright, generational inheritance and family reputation for his children?’.

    We never hear about Naboth or his family again (?). Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    You wrote: “After pondering the concepts of the sons of Belial, I have come down to a simple descriptor:  these are people who are profoundly unable to hear and come into agreement with the heart of God. “

    As you wrote in the March Window: Update 2013, under ‘Remembering’, there is power in retelling, to ourselves if no others, the Times God had us build personal markers, alters, to His interventions, deliverances and salvations.

    If I could be brought to the point, last night, of even thinking to myself the thoughts of questioning God’s voice clearly directing me so many many years ago, His clear and obvious Presence throughout these years of pain and hardship, forgetting for that brief time the Scripture telling us to ‘forget not His Benefits’, then WEARING OUT is a huge tool of our enemy.

    I merely add this to the already wonderful comments, every edifying. I look forward to your new concepts. I will share this exposure of the spirit of the Sons of Belial with my friends who have resisted so valiantly the intense, public, financial and personal assaults of the jezebel. It will refresh them also.
    Thank you,

  6. ruthiespage says:

    Just getting an opportunity to really read this. good stuff! so accurate and right on! I love that you are like the Star Trek series-Going where other have not been, the edge of the universe! One of our daughters is under the Juniper tree right now, and I realize I have the opportunity to be the cheerleader! Thanks!

  7. Oh My Goodness!! Did we get a blast from Christian friends after this!! We have been warned off ‘following a cult’ and are now labelled ‘wacky’ and deceived. All I know is that we have seen fruit in both our own lives and others since we started the blessings and hearing your teachings. I must admit to feeling a bit shell shocked though, haven’t received a punch like that since the early days of the Toronto outpouring – must be doing something right, that’s all I can say.

  8. Kim Forman says:

    My Mind has been stirred this morning as I read both recent articles on the Sons of Belial. We have been in the trenches recently dealing with Jezebel and her troops. Something came to mind this morning is that I live in the south and celebration of Mardi Gras begins in January and ends in February. I am well aware that New Orleans, here in Orange, Port Arthur celebrate with fervency..This is a huge time defilement that opens the door for the wicked sons of Belial. All these cities which are just a few are port cities by water…?So right before the time of fasting, reconciliation, feast of purim the gates of hell are open for drunken, rebellious, demonic celebration hmmm?Jezebel the Great Whore who rides on water, the celebration of babylon. Could all these Port Cities and other cities celebrating Mardi Gras unleash Hells wickedness upon the earth to rob us and our families from our birthright and season of reconciliation?

  9. Christie says:

    Good stuff. It just so happens that my husband and I (along with others we know) are dealing with the very issues you’re working on. Great timing.

  10. Suzzanne Bangsil says:

    Keep it coming please.. Thank u for being our weird teacher .. Perfect for weird christians like myself who are always on a spiritual csi path to keep knowing more bout Father God so that we can be loved , love Him more and others. 🙂 eagerly awaiting as always what He reveals thru u

  11. Kim Forman says:

    I want to just tell you the impact that you have had on a group of Intercessors in Orange, Texas. Since Jan 2012 we have grown leaps and bounds. I want you to know we pray for you and bless you on a continual basis…You seem to always have just what we need when we need it. I had been questioning the Lord about the sons of Belial then your article last week and now….I will be sharing this at Thursdays meeting…We will sit around the round table and discuss this in great length. Thank You so much for your continual revelation I continue to get keys and clean up my mess and help others to do the same. You and Sapphire are priceless to the Body of Christ.

  12. kjersten says:

    Wow, Thank you, Arthur. I bless God for pulling the covering off this enemy strategy. I am in a season of immense transition and have been hassled by what feels like the voice of sirens enticing me to second-guess that I have heard God about leaving conventional means to take his hand and enter a new adventure. At this point, I have about as much as Abraham did… Leave “x” and follow me… Now I know that in the waiting, I have a task – to sit with a dear friend and recount the times I (and she) have heard Father’s heart in the past. Again, thank you! It is as if my hands have been held up as Father fights this battle for me.

  13. dorisann says:

    I can see this spirit very directly in a very recent experience. I was considering who the sons of Belial were when you supplied the answer. A newly spirit filled lady asked me to come alongside her and assist in a teaching on the holy Spirit and with true Prophet style, I jumped in. My “style” was apparently offensive to some and the lady eventually asked me to stop leading with her and in fact to stop coming!! While I was hurt and felt betrayed, I also saw the enemy at work to destroy something good. there was a very strong Jezebel spirit in one of the members of the group. So i bowed out. within weeks the group appeared to have folded, and she was ready to give up thinking she had not heard the Lord. We talked and she asked my forgiveness, She didn’t know what had come over her, but knew she had let the opinions of man interfere with the truth of her call. I was again asked to return to the group. I did when the time of the class changed, and there is a fresh new spirit of openness over the group now. She realized she had allowed the naysayers to cause her to second guess her call to start the group. The Lord is so good in giving us both grace to let go of the mistakes and head back in. I am no longer co-leading but a definite contributor and her cheerleader and she is growing in her leadership and hearing the Lord. Thank you for putting a picture to this very difficult experience.

  14. thanks, Arthur! so much has become clearer now. Like Mike above, I have done the same things because of people in the church who were convinced I could not have heard from God. Lots for me to pray about, repent for and begin going forward.

  15. Donna Hall says:

    Great post Arthur. My life changed dramatically after listening to your teachings on the redemptive gifts of the spirit many years ago. I suddenly understood my identity in Christ. This message is timely for me and I will no longer let one shred of doubt from the scoffers bother me, I am deciding to decide and will keep talking with my community who understand God’s heart in this with me!

  16. Catherine says:

    Thank you, Arthur, for continuing to wrestle with another one until it comes down to two sentences available to change the trajectory of the Body on Monday morning.

    And thanks to your friends who were able to flag this one after two years of struggle.

    I am grateful that this dynamic has a name and language, and for this framework through which to see, repent, appreciate, celebrate, and be positioned differently going forward.

    I rejoice in your announcement, and praise the God Who Goes Before for building you a fortress of iron and going out ahead with His fire.

  17. Jim Alseth says:

    Thank you Arthur. I share the gratitude of the community here, more than I can say.

    I’ve only had it happen once since the inception of the Internet, but my life has never been the same since that day years ago when I was surfing the web and “happened” to stumble upon a lonely little site called Plumbline Ministries; and the Spirit said to me, “Slow down, you’re going to be spending some time here.”

    Profoundly thankful to be part of this community. Bless you Arthur.

    • Arthur Burk says:

      I rarely push my own stuff, but I think this article on the Sons of Belial will help a whole lot of people who are pinned down. You all may wish to send the link to your friends who need it but would not necessarily go there.

  18. Barb Wall says:

    Yes. yes. yes! What you are speaking is true and I can see it for what it is even before it gets down the pipe somewhere in the future for evaluation. Of interesting note, your words about Elisha really blessed me and healed something deep within. Time to celebrate! NO time to waste!

  19. Debora says:

    Thank you so much for your prayer and time you spend in sharing what the Lord has given you to teach HIS sheep. I have learned a great deal from you teachings. God Bless

  20. Pat says:

    Arthur, this came at a kairos moment for me, as do many of your teachings. It gave me one more clue to a miry pit I’m trying to find my way out of. Of course, I’m going to have to chew on it for awhile to see just how and where it fits, even as I know it does. Although I’m Irish, I’ve never been a potato fan. But since at least 2004, I’ve grown quite fond of half-baked potatoes, as well as the fully cooked and delightfully “loaded” ones. Thanks for continuing to serve up a feast for us.

  21. Dana says:

    Arthur, I am profoundly moved. I am deeply grateful for the exposure of this tactic of the enemy, and for the insight and how to inoculate our communities against it! But at the moment I am even more grateful to be a part of the Sapphire community. You give and give and give, and we receive so much life from you. But here you are pointing out how you are receiving life from us, such as those “Elishas” who have generated the recent out pouring of celebratory communiques. The synergistic flow of our intercession being life-giving to you as well as the obvious (to us!) flow of life from you is magnificent. It is such a privilege and an honor to link arms and work together. Gratitude and appreciation can deeply, deeply water those dry places. Thank you for the many ways you extend appreciation to us. I’m drinking deeply and savoring this community today!!

  22. Shirley says:

    Thanks Arthur for never giving up. If you ever or have ever had the thought (Word from the Lord)of using short wave radio to reach the world with your teachings I would be interested to hear if you have decide to decide. Blessings, Shirley

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Shirley, it had actually never crossed my mind to use shortwave. I grew up with that in the jungles of Brazil, so am intimately acquainted with the medium, but in the English speaking world, I had assumed that the computer had trumped short wave radio. What are you seeing that I am missing?

      • Shirley says:

        Just seeing another adventure! I met you in Azle years ago and now I work with WRNO SW and can send you info you may not be aware of since your days in Brazil. God is still using short wave and just had to let you know.

        • Arthur Burk says:

          Sure. Bring me up to speed. I am 40 years out of date, for sure. Thanks Shirley.

          • Shirley says:

            You are very welcome and I will get the info to you. God is so good and always right in time.

            • Shirley says:

              Info in mail yesterday. Kept it short for now. Offered beginning trial run via our WRNO APP and on-line streaming to see what feed back you receive. I offer you 1- 3 hrs for 3 months. No strings attached. A gift if God oks it on your end. We can just download what programs you want to broadcast and see what God will do.

  23. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this post, Arthur. You definitely come up with some weird stuff, but it’s good weird stuff. You have definitely helped my family e.g. your approach for healing DID. About 6 months after blessing my daughter’s spirit I asked if I could speak to one of her alters and she said. “Oh I don’t really hear those voices any more.” Praise God and thank you for sharing your half-baked potatoes! Looking forward to more wonderfully awkward blessings in the coming year.

  24. Alison Brown says:

    Well I have thoroughly enjoyed the teaching I have received from your last post Jezebel’s Forgotten Partner and all the people who wrote in to it also. Holy Spirit has taken me on a learning journey, and I am still in it. Thank you Arthur and everyone who has contributed.

  25. Vickie Mahler says:

    Just want you yo know I’m one of your favorite fans!! Don’t understand a lot of what your saying with my mind!! My spirit so bears witness to it!! I am praying and lifting you up daily!! God bless you!! I have read and still reading & listening to your teachings!! I know in time it all will click together for me!! I’m new with your teachings:)

  26. Paula W. says:

    Have been sitting under that juniper tree for some time now …this hits the spot. Also got a call “out of the blue” from a seasoned cheerleader yesterday. It all fits…thank you thank you for forging ahead of us. Looking forward to AHS.

  27. Mary-Anne Simpson says:

    YAY! That is SO cool!
    I get really excited when I hear that there is going to be new material recorded, thank-you for your perseverance!
    So much of what is released from Sapphire (and Go Beyond the Horizon) as given me a quantum leap forward in my walk with God.
    Just reflecting on the fairly recent past is a reminder of a time when I did not know my Redemptive Gift and did not understand why I felt so frustrated and unable to be me, or a time when I cared about land in a way that actually made me profoundly sad (but helpless) when I saw erosion or derelict communities.
    To be able to understand my Redemptive Gift and know that I am called to heal land has released in me the essence of who the Creator made me to be. Words cannot articulate what that means or how I have changed.
    Thank-you to all at Sapphire who make it possible for people on the other side of the world to grow their Spirit. I stand in awe of a God who orchestrates the dynamics involved and gives the resources needed to do this.

  28. MIke Clarke says:

    Arthur, You have just smacked me out of the park! A level of insight and understanding that I have been wrestling to get for twenty years. The insidious evil of doubt has caused every venture I have embarked on to abort either just as it was ready to fly or as it took off. Almost always because of people IN THE CHURCH who questioned whether I had heard God or not. I am off to my cave to seek The Kings disclosure on how deep and how broad I need to go. THANK YOU!

  29. Hi Arthur: Thanks for the post. This explains so many things; the issues around ‘deciding to decide if you have heard from God or not’ and ‘the Elishas in our lives’. This gives me lots to explore, pray, repent, and celebrate. Thanks!

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