Report on Week of March 17th

In the push and shove between personal ministry and producing teaching, the production department took a definite second place, but we did get some capital work done.

Megan was the star this week.  She took time off work to go to Texas to start her series on The Ancient.  God’s grace was on her and twice during the session she was able to take the whole group across that threshold from time into eternity.  I wasn’t there, but the reports were over the top.

Obviously her primary focus is on reconciling people to their own time line, so doing the first fruits teaching in this window is a great fit and God graced it.  However, The Ancient, by definition, is the essence of reality before creation.  So I wonder what it would be like for her to teach it during the window of reconciliation with God, or reconciliation with our destiny?

I am sure it would have a very different flavor.

On the home front, we did succeed in recording another CD in the Adrenals series.  However, on Thursday night while sitting in a restaurant preparing for something else, God downloaded some fascinating new information on the connection between our adrenals and the whole issue of covenants.  We will have to go back next week and re-record a couple of the tracks with the new, exciting information.

Leah closed out her major technical project which was to reconfigure the meta tags on all the downloadable audio clips so they will naturally fit into iTunes in order when downloaded.  That was a triumph.  She was also introduced to printing album covers and CD labels, expanding her competence with the equipment in the production department.

Gabi made huge progress with her research on the fractals of five in Genesis.  I was quite surprised and delighted with some of her discoveries.  This is a wonderful lurch forward.

But by all measurements, the week was not about work but about life.

The nature and intensity of the personal ministry this week among different members of our staff as well as developing strategy by e-mail and phone for some of you was quite surprising.  Only one case was a crisis intervention.  The rest were people who were in the fullness of time.  Issues that had remained hidden or untouchable for years or even decades suddenly were accessible.

That was an interesting experience for me.  We tend to look at effective deliverance and inner healing as being a function of the authority or skill of the practitioner.  Now we need to factor in another variable and that is times and seasons.

It cannot possibly be a coincidence that the people involved were ready and able to face challenging issues all in the same window of time.  This had to be the hand of God, a flavor of life we have not considered before, but savored this week.

Equally fascinating was the amount of insight we gained through the processes.  Just the one topic of birthrights was significantly expanded this week.  Many other concepts we were familiar with were expanded or refined through the ways God touched people.

So we hold next week loosely not knowing what the flavor of that time will be.

Megan has done all of the external work on the Australia website and is poised to hammer out a big chunk of the basic framework next week — we think.

Leah has a new project with the download store making yet another change to every single individual file.  It should hold her a week or two.  In addition to that, she will keep uploading YouTube clips and keep production and shipping well oiled.

I hope to make progress with the Adrenals project next week, as well as doing a little work on a land project.  If possible, we will begin the video work for a new teaching on the gender of time.  It will require some fancy graphic work we have not done before, but Megan assures me she is up to it.

But we hold it all loosely, knowing we are still in the window of reconciliation, and we don’t know what the King really has in store for us as we try to synchronize with Him.

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

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6 Responses to Report on Week of March 17th

  1. Noeleen says:

    Rejoicing…some words from a hymn by Matthew Bridges come to mind:
    Crown him the Lord of years, the Potentate of time,
    Creator of the rolling spheres, ineffably sublime.

  2. Barbara Kuczinski says:

    I’m laughing to myself because some times I follow you and sometimes I sit here with my mouth hanging open. It is a joy to me either way. You’ve laid some important foundation work in my life when you taught a leadership meeting in Baltimore, MD in the early 2000’s! Sapphire sparkles my creative self and I love everyone that works with you! Blessing now and always!

  3. Go Leah! She is burning up the track. I will have plenty more to give her on Monday, so I hope she eats her Wheaties. And yes, I am pretty sure I am up for the graphics on the video. In fact, I might even get fancy, just to be fun! Somehow in the midst of all the activity and preparation I missed the fact that all of the personal work and events were happening in the midst of the window for community. Some of it I clued into, but it was a good refresher to step back and see it all again. God has been busy!

  4. Ellen Cooke says:

    I am always, always excited to hear of what God has been brewing and serving on a beautiful platter to the SLG/Noble Subjects……………..thank you for sharing…….and most importantly….thanks to God for His revelation to you and your trusted staff and everyone praying for you all.

  5. Carol Brown says:

    I love how you make plans and then let the Lord edit freely!

    Blessings, Carol Brown

  6. Daniel B. says:

    That’s all real NAAAS! (randomly lighting up the blog:) )

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