Report on Week of March 24th

Capital Projects:

-No progress on the Kidney and Adrenal project.  I did not even correct the two clips from last week that God gave us new insight on regarding why covenants attach to the adrenals.

-I did record a couple of weeks’ more clips for the Birthright series on You Tube.  We are almost through with the “how to get free” portion and then will get to the really good stuff which is how to actually, functionally possess your birthright, once we get all of the legal barriers out of the way.  This is where my juices are flowing.  I can hardly wait.  However, one of the clips will need to be recorded again, because later in the week I got some huge new insight about the role of marriage in the whole birthright question.  Fresh manna.

Possessing your birthright is such a vague, fluffy, spiritual concept for most people, so I am planning to give it the “Monday morning” treatment big time and make it earthy.  There are so many stories in Scripture that show what it takes to fight precisely and strategically to possess our birthright.

-It was a great week for research.  Lacy has been pounding away on a big project relating to organ transplants and turned in some stellar papers which absolutely disproves one of the premises on the table and wonderfully supported another.

Then today, an e-mail from a volunteer added another strategic piece.  I love that one because it was in the category of “you don’t know what you don’t know.”  I was not even close to asking the right question, and she gave me the question and the answer without even knowing what I was researching at the time.

I can’t fathom how challenging it must be to work in a “normal” research department.  With God doing so much of the heavy lifting here, we get results massively disproportionate to the skill set on staff.

-Megan made great progress on the Australia website.  The bulk of the invisible work is done, and now we get to start making all of the subjective decisions about the visible side — layout, colors, graphics, etc.  We need to move through that swiftly because adding text and products is labor intensive.

-And, last but not least, “Blessing Your Spirit” is back in stock — delivered yesterday, finally.  We should have a few hundred of those go out the door Monday, since there has been such a big demand while they were back ordered.  It is quite clear that our new printer is now our previous printer.  He is worse than the guy we left.  Sigh.

Personal Development

-I can’t say for sure, but it really feels as though God stirred the pot more than usual during this window of reconciliation.  We received so many glory stories from the field of people who did sundry things to reconcile with community — especially family — and saw disproportionate results.  It was exciting to track.

-In terms of our circle of staff and volunteers, I know for a fact that more of them were working on deep issues this year than the previous four.  Again, hope is strong for many as they have valiantly wrestled with big issues, using old and new tools.

-Megan took top honors for brilliant strategy.  Last weekend she was in Austin teaching her seminar on time.  It was excellent according to the people present.  Her plan was to teach it enough times this year to hone the word pictures that capture the abstract thoughts, and to experiment with the sequence of ideas.  Then she will write her book.

But this weekend, since the office was closed on Good Friday, she took off for her favorite Mercy piece of land.  There she is going to settle into a grove of trees in the forest and present the whole seminar to an audience of one — The Ancient of Days — to see what bubbles up and changes in her perspective.

I think it is sheer genius!  When we are teaching people, there is always an alertness to their push back, confusion, and conflict.  But with God as the audience, instead of the focus being on the people receiving well from her, she can focus on receiving from Him additional insight.  It sounds extraordinary to me.

It is so extraordinary that I am going to run off with the idea.  I am already pondering where to go to present one of my new teachings to Him.  There is the Mercy land where I usually am simply silent in His presence.  What would it be like to teach there?

Or there is the Prophet land where there is such deep vision for the future.  I wonder about doing it there.

Or I could splurge and go far to either the Teacher city or Exhorter region that moves me so deeply with a connection to history.  Choices, choices.

-Today marks the end of the window of reconciliation.  It is a bitter sweet feeling.  There were such triumphs in this window of exceptional grace.  And there is such unfinished business in our fractured and alienated world.

Next Week

Obviously it is just a guess, but it feels as though next week will be a high production week.  I have clustered my appointments into three windows of time so we have big blocks of time available the rest of the week for recording and writing.

Leah has been here a bit over a month and has a very good handle on lots of facets of the daily work load so that is freeing up Megan from spending time teaching her.  Leah gets two or three new things added to her plate every week, so it is still a learning curve but not quite so labor intensive for us at this point.

I am frustrated with the soft spots in my faith.  As I write this, I feel emotions rising over the possibility of being completely done with recording the Adrenal/Kidney project and laying out the next one.  It would be a hugely gratifying achievement for my soul, and I know I have the management skills to push hard and get it done.

But I also know that this is a season for letting the Lord lead, so my job is to listen to Him and sync to His priorities.  And that takes faith.

I was gone for three days last week – three days when I made no progress on my projects in the office.  I officially went on a very minor land project.  I began second guessing myself as soon as I made the commitment.  While there, I had occasion to be high up, looking down.  I discovered to my shock that God had healed the absolutely paralyzing fear of heights that has been my companion since I fell and crippled my hand.

I have no idea where or how He did it.  It certainly did not require my active participation.  But it is a deep, solid healing, massively tested by the experience I had on the trip.

So in the window of reconciliation to community, God wanted to show me that He had reconciled me to my body in ways I didn’t know had happened since I habitually avoid high places like the proverbial plague.

The religiously proper part of me is ready and willing to hold a celebration of the goodness of God.  This is a measurable, verifiable, SUSTAINED change that qualifies as a Sapphire glory story.

The businessman in my soul says, “Really?  Was it necessary to burn three days of valuable time just to show me THAT?  Aren’t there any high places in Orange County You could have used?  Do You have to be so horribly inefficient in your execution of good ideas?”

And my spirit pushes back in horror and says, “Stop that blasphemy this second!  Who knows how many dozens of other things God accomplished during your trip that you never noticed.  God could NEVER be ‘horribly inefficient.’  How dare you sit in judgment on The King’s plans and leadership.  That’s what Eve did and look at where it got us!”

Duly castigated, my soul crawls back in the dog house, looking longingly at the goal of GETTING CLOSURE on a new product, knowing that the spirit is going to do third level synchronization with the King in utter disregard of the deep drive of the soul to drive deep and hard on something, anything, instead of staying light on my feet, ready to change direction any minute!

And the spirit shakes its head in frustration over how many bazillion lessons there are in the course called Faith.  Why is trusting God with time and timing at work such a knuckle busting challenge when He proves Himself again and again?

Copyright March 2013 by Arthur Burk

From the Dog House, in Anaheim

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15 Responses to Report on Week of March 24th

  1. Mary Lynn G says:

    WOW!! So much to ponder and work out (or in)! Thank you, Arthur, for your transparency, your wordsmithing and your synchronizaton with our King!! It affirms that I am right on time and in the right place, even though my mind cannot figure it out.

  2. El-lizette says:

    A warm hello from South Africa. So excited about your revelations. Our group (we call ourselves the “God pod” ) are so privileged to be a part of your journey and honor you for your relentless persistence – we have experienced the Holy Spirit confirming your teachings in His Word to us countless times and are truly thankful for you. We would love to have you in SA by the way !

  3. Grace says:

    Thank you for that transparency regarding the argument between your soul and spirit over God’s inefficiency. It’s very relatable! And I too love Megan’s idea.

  4. lizbeaudry says:

    Hi Arthur, Thanks for the post. There’s usually ONE sentence that stands out to me and is so loaded with application for my journey. Love that. I’m also excited about the birthright series on YouTube especially how marriage plays into this and what Monday morning looks like. As always, it’s been downright determination that’s helped me make any progress in my birthright and I want to learn more.

  5. Julia Smith says:

    I’m excited-again! You just mentioned marriage and birthright Early last week trying to work out just what mine is when….hey what if it’s just to pave the way for my husband’s. His has been so bashed and to my shame part of that has been by me. I eagerly await more. Blessings to you

  6. Ellen Cooke says:

    I am always encouraged and more in awe of the goodness, love, mercy, and “out-of-the-box” doings of the Lord in your ministry and life….. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Hmmm…just got an e-mail saying that fear can attach in the kidneys so maybe God flushed the fear of heights while I was recording all those clips about the kidneys. If so, this new album could be a useful tool for those who are not suffering from any known kidney problem but do have fear issues.

      I am hoping to finish recording it on Tuesday of this week. We shall see. . .

  7. Barbara Kuczinski says:

    I love your sense of humor Arthur. Like you, the multi-tasking juggler in me has a hard time sitting quietly and soaking or worshiping. I can say I get some of my best work done when I’m in the dog house…

  8. Sonia says:

    Hahahaha, loved this posting Arthur! Will go chew on a few things myself.
    Yes this was an amazing window of reconciliation!
    Blessings on your week!

  9. Narola Grady says:

    Glad to hear about your release from a fear of heights! I have healed a lot from subconscious reactions following a head on collision. Total healing is on the way. An idea popped into my head. What if you went to more than one piece of land to voice your thoughts? Like Mercy AND Prophet land. Think of the various shades of revelation the Father might add to this teaching. Anyway, it sounds like fun to me.

  10. Rosa says:

    I think I too shall run off with Megans idea! I have a presentation that needs perfecting that has potentially huge payoff someday. Great post, I enjoyed it.

  11. Ronda says:

    Indeed, why is trusting God with anything so difficult when He proves himself time and time again… :o) Sometimes I think I just don’t pay attention! I carried a tremendous fear of water for my entire life, until we took our youth group white water rafting… The Lord delivered me in the first set of rapids. I didn’t even realize how bound I had been until I wasn’t!(20 years ago and I still marvel!) So I can rejoice greatly with you over the fear of heights being gone. Very exciting to hear all the great reports. Can’t wait for the fruit of Megan’s audience of One encounter. Woo Hoo!

  12. Hannah B says:

    Thank you for your continued transparency and insights into your process(es). So practically helpful! God BLESS you!

  13. Debora says:

    Thanks for sharing another time. It’ so life-giving to read and encourages me to closely move on with the King in what he’s doing in my world 🙂
    Joyful Easter from Switzerland!

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