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Comments on the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings

From the beginning, the teaching “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals and Kidneys” has been an odd fish.  It was not something that we had researched extensively.  We have never had such a strange Beta test experience.  Nor have we had as … Continue reading

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Noah, Adrenals, Cave Time and the Redemptive Gifts of Ice Cream

In spite of my promo, the Noah video has received only modest viewing.  It did however bring conviction to some and comfort to others.  I am intrigued with the generally flat response.  Not sure what to make of it. The … Continue reading

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Who is the Mystery Person?

This morning we recorded a bunch of new clips for the YouTube series on birthright. Last time we were videotaping we stopped half way through the set I had prepped because one of the clips was just problematic.  I started … Continue reading

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The Mystery Restaurant

So I went in search of the divine appointment today.  I have never been to that restaurant or community before, but the GPS was flawless for a change. I parked a block away and walked around the area for a … Continue reading

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Clues, Fractals, Weeds, Graphics and A Mystery Restaurant

Thank you so much for investing in prayer for revelation.  Last night God brought a few stray ideas together and anchored them in Isaiah 19 a passage I have not visited for quite some time.  The result was a very … Continue reading

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Finding the Missing Piece

I have a side project that has been stuck for a couple of weeks.  I have a whole bunch of pieces of data and it looks as though I have everything I need to solve the riddle, but it isn’t … Continue reading

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Of Pony Packs and Lovin’ Daddies

-Today we recorded another set of video clips for the birthright series.  We are now at the fun part as we look at how different people possessed their birthright.  I so love reframing Bible stories around a bigger world view … Continue reading

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The Jesus App

The Egyptian Heresy puts down roots whenever we honor that which God considers an abomination.  By extension, we should see the Dynamic of Ezekiel manifesting in our lives as we learn to honor the things God honors.  With that in … Continue reading

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