Interns, Exhorters and A New Toy

The Kidney/Adrenal project is still not done.  However, we made progress.

Saturday to Monday, I was in hibernation mode as God restructured the whole teaching around a completely different anchor point than I had seen before.  It is exciting, and the teaching grew by three CDs over the weekend, so the album will now be a set of seven.

We re-did CD two, and recorded three and four.  I think the material is really great.  Only three to go.  Megan will do the audio editing next week and make masters of those four.

Hanna and Sandy have done their part s0 the graphics for the CD labels are on this side of the pond as well as in South Africa, waiting to be moved to the CD printers.

Gabi will learn how to download them all from the FTP site and load them onto the towers.  This will be a first for her.  She will then print a 100 each of the CDs, since that is the slow part and burn the first four when Megan gets the masters done.

As soon as I get the barcode to Hanna, she will finish the album cover, and send it to Leah who is in charge of printing them in house and getting them trimmed elsewhere.

While all of this progress is happening, I will be out of town for the week, which — of course — is why everyone else can make progress on their projects.

Leah has joyously handed off all things related to YouTube to Gabi.  Gabi took over with remarkable aplomb.  This was clearly one of my better management decisions.

On Sunday afternoon, God dropped a bomb shell.  He said we would be having interns more or less permanently going forward, so we should go ahead and get an apartment for the two we have now, instead of the current less than ideal arrangements they had been enduring graciously in the name of character development.

So, Monday morning Megan probed three complexes and we decided to go with one in La Habra.  By Thursday morning I signed the lease and Saturday they moved in.  We have a certain amount of odds and ends of furniture and furnishings left over from various interns in the past, so we were able to set them up a little better than camping indoors, but they will need to spend some time and money to make it home.

It will be interesting to see who God sends when one of these finishes her time with us. Obviously He has some duckings in the pipeline.

Two things about the move were fascinating to me.  First is that the apartment complex is an Exhorter outfit with all of the strengths and weaknesses of the aforementioned social DNA.  One of our interns has a bit of a soft spot in the Exhorter portion of her spirit.  We haven’t resolved that issue yet, so in the mean time, God is doubling up — not only California with its Exhorter gift, but the apartment complex too.

I so love watching God play chess.  He has limitless moves He can make to accelerate His kingdom plans for His children.

The second thing that stood out was the flow.  Personally I find moving to be one of life’s lesser pleasures.  Even though I have moved over 30 times in my life — mostly intercontinental moves — I tend to find the experience about as fulfilling as fishing for Marlin in Arizona.

The apartment itself is a gift.  I wanted two bedrooms, downstairs.  I was told there were none available.  After the process started, management suddenly had one available — two bedrooms, two baths, downstairs.  A dream.

Furthermore, it was built in the ’70s which means the bedrooms are large and the closets are humongous.  (If we have to stack interns like cord wood, the closets will be adequate).  Recently built apartments in California are minuscule by comparison.

Further more, there is a remarkably large back yard, west facing, so Gabi’s legendary ability to heal land and produce beauty will get to flourish.  Gift cards from Home Depot (one block away) would be most appropriate.  Send them to Gabi Fleck at 2367 W. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92801.  There is a lot of land, but it hasn’t had love for a long time, so she has job security for sure and is eager to lean into it.

My housewarming gift to them was a bunch of my old shovels, a pick, rake, hose, and assorted gardening essentials — and a rough doormat to clean the garden off their shoes at the back door.

What was special, though, is the feel of the apartment.  I was quite taken aback when I did the walk through before signing papers.  I don’t know who was there before, but they were good people, and most recently the apartment complex had been using this unit as a model unit for prospective tenants, according to Lace, the manager.

Most apartment complexes are defined by agitation.  This unit is one of the most calm, settled apartments I have ever been in.  God the Ultimate Chess Player has been at work again.  I wonder how many years ago He started micromanaging the tenants there to make the bouquet of spiritual flavor the girls will be savoring for a while.

I scheduled the moving truck pickup at 9:00 a.m.  Usually rental yards are populated by Neanderthals and there is a line at the counter any time on Saturday.  When I showed up, there were zero people in line, three highly intelligent people behind the counter plus one in the yard, led by an upbeat Exhorter who had great teamwork with her crew.  A line formed behind me, but I was out of there in no time.

The same thing happened when I took it back.  Four people were available to serve me.  No one at all was in line.  I commented and they said I had just missed the crowd.  People came in behind me.  Love it.

Another flow piece was Megan’s being available.  She was out of town but specifically asked me to book a flight back early on Saturday morning — and this was before we knew about the move.  She flew into John Wayne Airport and was at the office before 10:00 to join us in the heavy lifting.

I was all done with the project by 2:30.  Amazing.  Wonder if this is another example of what life is like after getting rid of the alien birthright in my life. 

Speaking of Megan, she had a stellar adventure this week.  We got funding for the new piece of electronics we have been waiting to use in the Brain Renewal Project, so she went for two days of training.

I was a little concerned about how she would fare since this is a medical machine, and she does not have a background in biology, anatomy or medicine in general.  And it is one-on-one training so there was no place to hide in the anonymity of a class.  I wondered if she would look bad on the intellectual level.

Silly me.

She impressed him with her professionalism before she even arrived and a few hours into the training he stopped abruptly to ask her about her background.  Her answer clearly was not satisfactory to him, so she asked what he really wanted to know.

The bottom line is that he was totally amazed with how she thinks and how she is able to extend concepts and ask questions about things he was not going to cover.  (What would you expect from someone who works in a think tank!)

By the second day, she had the bit in her teeth and ran off with the training, making him teach her what she wanted to learn, not his set sausage factory routine.  We are not going to be using the machine the way he uses it, and she was bound and determined not to leave that place without all of the skills she needed to be able to improvise for all of the lovely, outrageous things we are going to make that little box of silicone do!

So our next step is to get some funds, find some guinea pigs who have discretionary time, and then build the new software configurations that will allow us to do wonderfully productive things with uncommon accuracy and speed!

OK.  So much for trivia.  Now the good stuff.

Thursday morning, God ran a bunch of videos during our team prayer time and it became evident that we had gotten ambushed with a bad case of the Egyptian curse.  It was not across the board but had targeted one specific facet of the business quite effectively.  We wondered where and how, and what to do to go forward.

Friday morning, God woke me up at 3:00 a.m. to take me on a romp through Matthew 23, teaching me about the root cause of the Egyptian heresy.  In a nutshell, the open door comes when we honor something that God considers an abomination.  That is old news.

What was dramatically new was the nature of our particular open door.  Basically I got slimmed when I was overseas last year.  The attack came because I am an American and a Christian.  Both America as a nation and Western Christianity have opened the door wide to the Egyptian heresy by the things they have chosen to honor in the past decades so the enemy worked through those associations.

We corrected that fairly simply by proclamations to the effect that our covenant with Christ is preeminent and all other associations had to be subordinate to that.  And that Christ never honored what Father abhorred.

But then as we dug deeper, we realized we have only approached this topic from the negative point of view.  We don’t even have language for what the righteous opposite of the Edomite, Babylonian and Egyptians heresies is about.

When I turned the question to an issue of positive numbers, it would be, “What DID Jesus honor?”  To my absolutely horror, I could only think of two things.  He honored the Father, and He honored people who had faith.

Obviously, I have a ghastly hole in my theology.

So we will fix that with our usual and customary fierce intentionality.  I will cease these navel gazing blogs forthwith, and immerse myself in the gospels from a totally different point of view.

I anticipate producing a series of short blogs about the new discoveries of who and what Christ overtly honored in His walk here on earth.

Copyright April 2013 by Arthur  Burk

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4 Responses to Interns, Exhorters and A New Toy

  1. Cal says:


    You are into the mother lode with what Christ honored. Bonanza. Interesting that he loved the rich young ruler which is a form of respect. Respect for the Holy Spirit who is better able to carry out the mission on earth after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

    And respect for the works of God on earth: testifying about God, preaching the Gospel, breaking demonic and other chains off people, healing the spiritually sick, emotionally diseased, and physically ill. As well as His own works of redemption in all their uncountable forms.

    Looking forward to your report!


  2. Zac Maré, Dana Bay, South Africa says:

    Wow Arthur when I read the paragraph of whom Y’shua honoured, my spirit soured in the heavenlies. Obviously Father has revealed to you an aspect that is very close to His heart! I am going to immerse myself in the Word to savor this truth. Blessings, Zac

  3. Barry Leisegang says:

    so what is the brain project about? My daughter has been in a brain study at Stanford Univ because her brain is totally different than others. My wife is a nurse and I work at the hospital as well as being a pastor. I know that what you are doing is going to be important. I don’t know other than I witness with the truth in your ministry and Paul Cox(Aslans Place).

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